I watched all of Nostalgia Critic's awful films so you don't have to..
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For this video, I've decided to make myself suffer by watching 8 whole hours of movies made by Doug Walker, a.k.a The Nostalgia ...
What Happened To The Man Who Sold Himself To China? (Bart Baker)
visningar 511tn 3 månader sedan
Do not boo hoo! Place your bids now!! *some person brought up the price of the drawing in the bidding war and then cancelled ...
Butch Hartman's awful, forgotten streaming service
visningar 188tn 6 månader sedan
In this video I, Pinely, will be talking about the great Butch Hartman! The creator of all of our childhoods (and also fairly odd ...
Shane Dawson's Insanely DISGUSTING Short Films
visningar 289tn 5 månader sedan
After watching all of Shane Dawson's feature films (Smiley, Not Cool & Internet famous), I've decided that I haven't suffered ...
The Terrifying RISE Of The Dream CLONE COMMUNITY
visningar 125tn 3 månader sedan
Today I'll be talking about the Dream clone community, how they copy the great Dream, and how massive this community really is.
Trisha Paytas' Insanely STUPID Horror Films
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Trisha Paytas! A SEpost star! But also, a lot of other things. This women has done it all, youtuber, singer, author, actress, and ...
I watched every Shane Dawson film so you don't have to
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For this video I've watched every single shane dawson movie ever: Not Cool (2014), Internet Famous (2016) and Smiley (2012).
Shane Dawson's DISGUSTING (and now deleted) Christmas Specials
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Shane Dawson's christmas specials are not too good (surprisingly enough). -My Twitter: Pinelyy -My Instagram: ...
Inside The BORING Mind Of Shane Dawson
visningar 227tn År sedan
- Gonna give a whole bunch of my opinions about Mr Shane Dawson in this video, it'll be wild! - MUSIC: Intro & Outro Song ...
The Very Weird (and lovely) World Of Travel Vloggers
visningar 39tn 2 månader sedan
In this video I talk about my newest obsession: Travel Vloggers! During these pretty rough times, I've been getting into watching a ...
The Most Messed Up Story Time Animation Channel - Share My Story
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In this video I'll be taking a deep dive into the channel "Share My Story", which is in my opinion the most messed up story time ...
The Youtuber Who Sold Himself To China - Bart Baker
visningar 1,6mn År sedan
- A brand new video about bart baker the ex parody youtuber, and his china adventures- MUSIC: Intro & Outro Song: "The Yeezus ...
Guava Juice's Descent Into Insanity (ft. @KneeCaps )
visningar 354tn 4 månader sedan
As the years go by Guava Juice grows more and more insane, watching his videos makes me feel like I'm losing my sanity with ...
Real Awful Animated Horror Stories with James Marriott
visningar 110tn År sedan
In this video we shall be taking a look at one of the oddest animated horror channels on youtube, epic! James Marriott: ...
KSI And Casper Lee's HORRIBLE Ripoff Movie | Laid In America (2016)
visningar 73tn Månad sedan
All the way back in 2016, big boy youtubers KSI and Caspar Lee starred in a really really bad movie, in the name of "Laid In ...
Will Smith And His Insane Chinese Tik Toks
visningar 232tn År sedan
In this video I'll be talking about sir Will Smith and his pretty wild chinese tiktoks, is this bart baker pt 2? Probably not lol ...
What Happened To Lilly Singh's Late-Night Talk Show? 1 Year Later..
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Lilly Singh is back… she's back with another season of her talk show a "little late with lily singh" and it kind of feels like I'm the only ...
What Happened To GradeAUnderA?
visningar 461tn År sedan
- what happened to gradeaundera?? wow who knows.. guess I gotta watch this video to find out! MUSIC: Intro & Outro Song: "The ...
How Has The Annoying Orange Channel Mutated?
visningar 194tn År sedan
Hey Apple! Big thanks to Kneecaps for voicing Orange: PINELY ...
The Pathetic World Of Online Pick Up Artists
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Pick up artists/ dating gurus SUCK!!!!!!! -My Twitter: Pinelyy -My Instagram: Pinelybox -My ...