Andre Barham
Andre Barham 11 timmar sedan
Sarah Paulson is literally my hero
nikola poyukov
nikola poyukov 11 timmar sedan
a real dissapointment. it had a few funny moments but most of the screen time was dedicated to getting various political messeges across instead of being funny. the first movie was a comedy masterpiece and this one is nothing like it
Jorge Orquera
Jorge Orquera 11 timmar sedan
titan .. es en realidad u nreptiliano? iluninati)?
Leo Dunnam
Leo Dunnam 11 timmar sedan
WTF, have you ever put a baby in your daughter!WOW!!
Go Sports
Go Sports 11 timmar sedan
Movie about killing a baby
M Sufi
M Sufi 11 timmar sedan
Denzel is a producer?? Wow
Wilston Khoo
Wilston Khoo 11 timmar sedan
Hari Raya
Esoteric Veritas
Esoteric Veritas 11 timmar sedan
Funniest movie of the year
Manly hairy fucking balls
Manly hairy fucking balls 11 timmar sedan
That's cool
Satya Patra
Satya Patra 11 timmar sedan
Lol the karen in the end
BklynBryan 11 timmar sedan
André Benites
André Benites 11 timmar sedan
0:50 Is that a hidden mickey? The circle door and 2 "ears"
WithThisFace by Austin
WithThisFace by Austin 11 timmar sedan
I watched this yesterday. It’s weird. And very different from the original story. It ends different too. So....yeah
Perry Widhalm
Perry Widhalm 11 timmar sedan
Aaaaargh! .... more Feminist PC nonsense.
[REDACTED] 11 timmar sedan
No one: ATLA fans: *its free real state*
Galaxycraft Galaxycraft
Galaxycraft Galaxycraft 11 timmar sedan
How can i play this game?
Rockerchik1983 11 timmar sedan
Hollywood fucking up movies, trying remake classics this & now The Craft. Hollyweird need to come up w/something original. Seeing all the comments I guess people don't know about he original movie WITCHES came out in the late 80s/90s
Royale.High.vids.parlour 11 timmar sedan
I swear if they kill off Harley I’m finna be mad
Izzar K.A Compacion
Izzar K.A Compacion 11 timmar sedan
Is that Iroh II inheriting his Father's Blue Spirit Ma─? Oh sorry.... wrong fandom..
mastnejsalam 11 timmar sedan
So racist stereotyping of Kazakhs is okay in the current year? Asking for a friend.
referral madness
referral madness 11 timmar sedan
@mastnejsalam it's not racist unless you're blind or stupid. It could definitely be seen as xenophobic though.
TYLER DURDEN 11 timmar sedan
Did Borat make fun of Democrats or is that illegal?
Ronald Biswas
Ronald Biswas 11 timmar sedan
cant wait
sclogse1 11 timmar sedan
Finally, a good reason to wear a survive long enough to see this.
can deniz gumus
can deniz gumus 11 timmar sedan
This is the dumbest thing i have ever seen.
Monlet Ruiz
Monlet Ruiz 11 timmar sedan
Plot twist: Mushu´s the Last Dragon.
UCSPanther20 11 timmar sedan
"If this movie is not success, I will be executed!"
cookie monster
cookie monster 11 timmar sedan
hermione is here
Ludwig von Me • 89 years ago
Ludwig von Me • 89 years ago 11 timmar sedan
And remember. It's all improvised
Ludwig von Me • 89 years ago
Ludwig von Me • 89 years ago 11 timmar sedan
Bolsonaro no filme kkkk
referral madness
referral madness 11 timmar sedan
I hope this movie is funny AF because it will because very outdated in the future 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
sclogse1 11 timmar sedan
Bad Ass Santa.
Amaro 11 timmar sedan
1:55 song?
Jon D
Jon D 11 timmar sedan
Was NOT expecting that...but YES...I will watch...and YES...I will love again.
Oghogho Odubanjo
Oghogho Odubanjo 11 timmar sedan
Money is not everything her husband really did not fight to get her back, even though she was asking for a divorce, she did a lot in her marriage, the guy should have found a way to get her back, she didn't deserve the way she was treated. She didn't just spend money, she Made a whole lot of sacrifices in the marriage, I know many will blame her for her actions, though she went too far, she should have just moved on.
No One
No One 11 timmar sedan
This show is not made for people that can’t ignore their phone for the duration of an episode
soul searcher
soul searcher 11 timmar sedan
Pence looked so d o n e😂
tristen crank
tristen crank 11 timmar sedan
I thought this was avatar for a sec
star cruiser
star cruiser 11 timmar sedan
Thats racist towards khazaks. The left should deplatform him and force him to apilogize.
Robert 11 timmar sedan
Ansel Adarna
Ansel Adarna 11 timmar sedan
Some of the scenes are not in the movie
T Ngu
T Ngu 11 timmar sedan
Avatar should sue them....
Sneaker64BIT 11 timmar sedan
What a disappointing film. NICE, NOT!
Alejandro Morales
Alejandro Morales 11 timmar sedan
smith david
smith david 11 timmar sedan
Notice ya didn't pick the left to pic on ya weirdo.
Ciaran lefebvre05
Ciaran lefebvre05 11 timmar sedan
Pls tell me juaqin felix is in it.
Blacky 11 timmar sedan
brandon is perfect for this role... he's handsome
christian romero
christian romero 11 timmar sedan
How is it the mice look better from the original.... Like wtf
MECA MAB 11 timmar sedan
Disgusting movie🤮🤮
Angelo Antoniolli
Angelo Antoniolli 11 timmar sedan
YEAH!! China kill people with covid-19 on many country, is right due something with chinese style... Thanks (FU..-... disney!! :(
Roméz Nasir
Roméz Nasir 11 timmar sedan
The masked person at 1:05 is also similar to Zuko in Avatar...
Umesh Janardhanan
Umesh Janardhanan 11 timmar sedan
Now that's a trailer...
Charly -PMY
Charly -PMY 11 timmar sedan
A la mierda !!! Esto se ve prometedor carajoooo !!
GodHatesEveryoneWhoDoesn'tReadTheBible 11 timmar sedan
So a bunch of privileged kids get superpowers just because they were born? How does this make a good story? How is anyone going to relate or sympathize with this storyline? If the idea is well executed, it might still be a fun movie. But from the looks of the trailer, this one is just going to be cringy.
sudeep bhati
sudeep bhati 11 timmar sedan
I love this background music
Farhanah Arrifin
Farhanah Arrifin 11 timmar sedan
Szzzz i really want to watch thisss
Polina Lee
Polina Lee 11 timmar sedan
Is it ... new ... idea? No remake? Ok, i'm gonna go check if sky is upside down cause i'm clearly in the wrong universe
TMJ 12 timmar sedan
Borat was kind of funny 15 years ago. However, running around making fun of ethnic groups isn't funny anymore.
kaas is lekker
kaas is lekker 12 timmar sedan borat 2 story first 5 min
RumpleD Skin
RumpleD Skin 12 timmar sedan
September 18, 2020 has passed by. Now wait for February 12, 2021.
Tracy Graber
Tracy Graber 12 timmar sedan
I'de NEVER recognize Simon Pegg in a million years. DANG!
Daniel_81 12 timmar sedan
he is definitely cute!
Hadi Didi
Hadi Didi 12 timmar sedan
So is it Raya Aidilfitri or Raya Aidiladha ?
Atanas Angeliev
Atanas Angeliev 12 timmar sedan
Never knew using Cyrillic to spell in English is so trippy, like your brain can't decide how to read it. HE'S БДСК АИД ИОТ ДЛОИЕ
J NotinNYCanymore
J NotinNYCanymore 12 timmar sedan
Does Ang Lee get residuals every time a character jumps from roof to roof?? @2:13
YeahRIght 12 timmar sedan
dance scene with red stain was hysterical
Kamote Kon Leche
Kamote Kon Leche 12 timmar sedan
Anže Rus
Anže Rus 12 timmar sedan
is this a prequel or a sequel?
MT tsaka
MT tsaka 12 timmar sedan
Omg this is so original
Wolves mlp
Wolves mlp 12 timmar sedan
She sound like rapunzel voice actor
Mr Lee
Mr Lee 12 timmar sedan
Santa kicking some butt..This i got to see. Way to go Mel.
Jon Uran
Jon Uran 12 timmar sedan
Yes and it’s not woke !
Ali Reza
Ali Reza 12 timmar sedan
how many movies played this twat in 2020?
Garnet Garnet
Garnet Garnet 12 timmar sedan enjoy watching about Kazakhstan.
Robert Bullard
Robert Bullard 12 timmar sedan
Ok, it's almost the end of October. Is it coming out or not?
Consortium 12 timmar sedan
I love Chloe Bennet, but what the hell is this!?!?