grateful to be alive..
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What Happened To Us
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Time to Change.
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They Cut Me Out Of Bad Boys...
Finally... WILL SMITH!
Arsalan Abbasia
Arsalan Abbasia 10 timmar sedan
Please visit northern areas of Pakistan🇵🇰🇵🇰, come tp Pakistan men
The Soviet Agent
The Soviet Agent 10 timmar sedan
In honor of those people who was shot and killed during that tragedy in 2002
J-Sala 10 timmar sedan
Trump 2020
Mason Stringer
Mason Stringer 10 timmar sedan Thought this was super cool and wanna make sure it’s on your radar. I have no idea who this guy is but I know y’all like saying yes so 🤷‍♂️. I say go for it
My Tech Garage
My Tech Garage 10 timmar sedan
I would do the same but i don't wanna end up somewhere with a girl that i wont be able to get along and pay that much for it lol, I did the same once but to go to the beach in a different state for 4 days and I was lucky that the girl was actually outgoing and nice
Daniel Myers
Daniel Myers 10 timmar sedan
It was a sham then, it’s a sham now. Sham-Wow.
Heather Bromiley
Heather Bromiley 10 timmar sedan
Thank you for your open heart felt emotional story . I follow you my young adult children follow you - you’ve made a huge difference in our family !!! Threw the crazy year of 2020 I feel we all need to look up to young people like this - being themselves and showing us How beautiful Human Can Be 🤍 Peace be your Journey 🤍
Wagoo Hud
Wagoo Hud 10 timmar sedan
Jesus Christ. Enough ads? Fuck me
The Right Angle
The Right Angle 10 timmar sedan
8:00 this kid has a phone...
Balkaran Singh
Balkaran Singh 10 timmar sedan
Wtf he could eat burito however he wants.
L'imparfaite qui a son mot à dire
L'imparfaite qui a son mot à dire 10 timmar sedan
How were you able to do that? You are superhuman. I see no other explanation! lollll
Torben Rudgaard
Torben Rudgaard 11 timmar sedan
Respect to you guys to go there - RESPECT!!!
MalaxStride 11 timmar sedan
You should come back and go to the north shops
You is wrong Me right
You is wrong Me right 11 timmar sedan
Thomas hjertelig hilsen fra Norge!
Ethan Woods
Ethan Woods 11 timmar sedan
These guys prove that men can make friends with anyone.
Royce Vera
Royce Vera 11 timmar sedan
The cia/west funded groups that fucked up the middle east
Kyle Frederick
Kyle Frederick 11 timmar sedan
Im getting some pauly shore vibes
Anonymous 11 timmar sedan
As a Pakistani, its so refreshing to see this side of Afghanistan. They need peace more than any country in the world and it will come inshaAllah
Furkan Tekinay
Furkan Tekinay 11 timmar sedan
Tory Walker
Tory Walker 11 timmar sedan
Damn i had chills all throughout watching this. Major props to you guys. This is much needed in the world we are living in today.
Emiliano Galaz
Emiliano Galaz 11 timmar sedan
The editing tho🔥🔥🔥
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amit arora
amit arora 11 timmar sedan
Is there a part 2 if not please do make that
melaurie 11 timmar sedan
not me smiling the whole video ;) this is literally one of the most beautiful country I've ever seen. the people are just so nice and I hate how much stigma the media puts around such nice culture. this is why yes theory videos are so nice.
Xitlali E
Xitlali E 11 timmar sedan
aw 🥺
Alok Sankhe
Alok Sankhe 11 timmar sedan
As human beings, human are the only thing we have to love, hate, get angry with, fight and everything and anything. So it doesn't matter if you love someone or hate someone. It's going to be a part of life. But the most important things is, while you do what you have to do, do it with your heart, fully... Live this beautiful life as a gift. :) To everyone reading, don't worry so much about loving or hating. Just be! 100%
Geoffrey Kidder
Geoffrey Kidder 11 timmar sedan
So, not forgotten at all. Dumb title
Arnold Amanya
Arnold Amanya 11 timmar sedan
Anyone seen Bio Dome? Didn’t know they actually did it
L'imparfaite qui a son mot à dire
L'imparfaite qui a son mot à dire 11 timmar sedan
This is so beautiful! Hope someday, I'll be able to go visit this magnificent place!
Monke Oprah
Monke Oprah 11 timmar sedan
I want to travel the world but the Middle East nah
azhurelwarrior 11 timmar sedan
Weirdly pro-war & pro-USA perspective in this video. Other middle eastern countries want the U.S. out ASAP as their attacks & coup d’etats are the reason extremism is as big in the Middle East as it is.
chauncyboi 11 timmar sedan
im proud of you for putting the hash part in there. shouldent have been a big deal like with wine but hey good job still
Brady Stengel
Brady Stengel 11 timmar sedan
this is one of my favorite videos you guys have posted. a beautiful eye opening experience to watch
Ritwik b
Ritwik b 11 timmar sedan
I teared up, damn not again. Love from india for my Afghani brother
Ted Girma
Ted Girma 11 timmar sedan
this is amazing definately opened my mind and any thoughts in coming to Ethiopia
CMB 11 timmar sedan
I was going to make a joke, but I’ll just say WOW what an amazing act of kindness.
Gam 11 timmar sedan
Eugene Keselman
Eugene Keselman 11 timmar sedan
people with nothing are willing to give the most, i wish more americans ventured out in to the world!
Doc MC
Doc MC 11 timmar sedan
I remember commenting how underrated this channel was and now they’re partnering with big companies??? Whaaattt? I appreciate you guys
AYMan Yusuf
AYMan Yusuf 11 timmar sedan
Wow I’m really touched by this journey . Defined an experience for me when I watched this and by far this is the best video I have ever watched on SEpost
Torben Rudgaard
Torben Rudgaard 11 timmar sedan
Waaaoouuuu!!! BUCKET LIST!!!!!
cowsrock1q 11 timmar sedan
Women are extremely poorly treated with no freedom at all. I would never choose to go here to support this country honestly.
Katrin Haase
Katrin Haase 11 timmar sedan
why arent they wearing a mask?
mehrdad rastgaran
mehrdad rastgaran 11 timmar sedan
As a point to think about, Persian Gulf -not dubai but nearby lands -already had dozens and dozens of NATURAL islands most of em uninhabited and not much happening.
Awaljan Taniwal
Awaljan Taniwal 11 timmar sedan
Hospitality is an Afghan Culture. Most of the bad guys and terrorists tried to take advantage of this culture. How Hospitalities works, these people are most of them farmers, so it means even if there is war going on, or lockdowns, they will have something to survive, and if a guest visited that guest getting free breakfast, lunch, dinner for three days, and in these three days if someone even hurts the guest, the host got the privilege to kill the other person and protect the guest, we have thousands of stories that people went into revenge and enmity, killed dozen of people due to the personal issues the guest brought to that family, that's how they are strict about the hospitality. United States Asked Taliban in 2000 to hand Osama over to America and since Osama was sheltered under guest and friendship to locals, Taliban denied to hand him over to USA and it caused the war, Because Osama was bad guy, and he took advantage of the Hospitality the Afghan culture, Osama was later moved to Pakistan and got killed by US forces in Pakistan. Look at the lone survivor movie, its true story, If an Afghan took you home, you are protected, No one can hurts you.
Saumil Patel
Saumil Patel 11 timmar sedan
cowsrock1q 11 timmar sedan
Thomas' voice sounds tired and different. Get some sleep!
giorgi oselotkin
giorgi oselotkin 11 timmar sedan
👉Make sure to wear masks in Afghanistan just to be safe 🤣🤣🤣
cowsrock1q 11 timmar sedan
Song at 5:15??
Bastien Laflamme
Bastien Laflamme 11 timmar sedan
Timothy Edegran Gren
Timothy Edegran Gren 11 timmar sedan
This is a negative comment but I feel like it has to be said. I don't like the lightingbolts on Seek Discomfort clothes. Can someone pleeease change my mind.
Madad Ahmadi
Madad Ahmadi 12 timmar sedan
Good luck.
Jan Michael
Jan Michael 12 timmar sedan
Anyone realize it's just white people here Nobody: White people:let's climb a mountain of ice in our Speedos it'll be fun
leonleonleon1313 12 timmar sedan
Moustache basically is a Mexican thing, and nope Colombia does not have the most beautiful places ever.. I mean no one like them they are too cocky.
hend altalea
hend altalea 12 timmar sedan
This makes my heart happy.
Honey Rothert
Honey Rothert 12 timmar sedan
I'm in complete aw. A couple years ago I was able to go to Israel and Egypt while there I fell in love with the culture, religion, and just the countries as a whole. Both of these places were absolutely amazing, but what shocked me the most was how they are portrayed online/in the news and how different the reality was. But you seemed to do quite the opposite having never been to Afghanistan I feel a deep connection with it just from this video. I hope someday I can go and I wanted to thank you for showing a brighter more positive side of a country that is viewed often as such a negative place.
Dwight K. Schrute
Dwight K. Schrute 12 timmar sedan
No homo but ammar is daddy bruh
50 Fils Entertainment
50 Fils Entertainment 12 timmar sedan
That is helicopter tour, they are other tourists just like you bro don't worry, thanks for the love to my country and good job with that Ashish
Matt Sneaker
Matt Sneaker 12 timmar sedan
Lol imagine being the guy that walked past them and didn’t answer, missed out on a dope room
ks t
ks t 12 timmar sedan
I am gona totally support this!
Thomas is bored
Thomas is bored 12 timmar sedan
I've never ordered something that quickly in my life. This was so incredibly touching and I hope I can do my part in helping this school get a reality. It would be great if you would give some updates on the project in the future
YourHolyExistence 12 timmar sedan
29:30 that vase tho
Bodie Thorpe
Bodie Thorpe 12 timmar sedan
YES THEORY shows the best of what we are all capable of. Thank you all for the inspiration.
Red Forest
Red Forest 12 timmar sedan
Make a go fund me for him, I'd love to donate some money and contribute directly!
D.I.J 12 timmar sedan
This video just brings me to tears. I can't even explain why. Its a mash of the production, the Afghans, and the whole wonder of the city. I really wish....that just one day....people will be more receptive...less judgemental...more equipped with knowledge....above Islam and Muslims.
Diamond Doggo
Diamond Doggo 12 timmar sedan
Afgan is a great place when its not in the Taliban controlled areas.
Yuri jode969
Yuri jode969 12 timmar sedan
Fuck, they were here n i didnt even knew, damn
Lidia Räisänen
Lidia Räisänen 12 timmar sedan
This Hannah has such a big heart❤️
Demonoce 12 timmar sedan
Wtf first SEpost comments on this Chanel then not luc who’s next
Antony-_-3 12 timmar sedan
we dont deserve hassan
Gabriella F
Gabriella F 12 timmar sedan
I can't tell that you had me at "hello", but you surely did at "hash"
will16320 12 timmar sedan
I see your nice Juwel aquarium :P
Brandon Diaz
Brandon Diaz 12 timmar sedan
96 hours inside of Mexico in 2020?
Asiha-Chan 12 timmar sedan
I would like to visit locals in Japan. (And/or go to a maid café with them)
Princeomid 12 timmar sedan
Where my afghans at ❤️🇦🇫
PersoPolish 12 timmar sedan
If anyone would like to see how Afghanistan looks like from perspective of a very low budget traveller, plz check out my instagram account, i've been a month in the country, loved it and planning to go back, probably next year :)
Crowbar44 12 timmar sedan
Maybe if they put as much effort into the rest of the city and utilities as they do their mosque they might live better and have nice places.....
Jensen Howell
Jensen Howell 12 timmar sedan
Yes theory: we have lots of fun while you watch and wish you were there
King Genti Shkoder Austria
King Genti Shkoder Austria 12 timmar sedan
I tried once,, not eating for 5 days .. just some water , the 6 th day I was eating nuts 🌰,,, but I was climbing from 1 mountain to the other one , and sleeping outside,,,,, in the beginning is very hard ,, the third day , your body start shaking,,,, but believe me ,, after 5 days ,, your immune system is very high, you feel like a machine!!!! 👍👍👍👍👍🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️
Lidia Räisänen
Lidia Räisänen 12 timmar sedan
It is such a tragedy that a country so rich in culture is in a situation without safety and education being offered - this culture must be preserved, and this country’s future is in the hands of its young. I hope that soon the young can all receive the tools they need to learn and grow to introduce and speak on behalf of their country to the world.