Today, we lost someone special
Schroeder 9 timmar sedan
Yikes rockshox domains, I had those on my giant glory. Horror stories. 😬
FOOTBALL MY LIFE 9 timmar sedan
I just wanna ask i would buy a kona lava dome thats a cca 500€ bike its trail bike can i jump with it?
SteelKing 9 timmar sedan
Just how did this get in my youtube recommondations.
Jhong Jaucian
Jhong Jaucian 9 timmar sedan
Todd Windham
Todd Windham 10 timmar sedan
Anyone know how he got the angle of the jump. Trying to make this for my son could use some help. Thanks
Jason Carraaco
Jason Carraaco 10 timmar sedan
I have an old-school Cannondale from 1990's Maybe a little older than that like to update it
Yesh uwah
Yesh uwah 10 timmar sedan
“There’s a fine line between life and death”. Adrenaline Junkies: Let’s ride it!
Scooter Tracy
Scooter Tracy 10 timmar sedan
I will miss drama
harry christie
harry christie 10 timmar sedan
is a cannondale trail7 a good bike
MargeSimpson 11 timmar sedan
Hey! Im 11 years old and my dad is going to buy me that bike on the nail
Jonathan Wolinski
Jonathan Wolinski 12 timmar sedan
Get well soon
JAlstatt 34
JAlstatt 34 12 timmar sedan
You have a TickTock
Braden Ong
Braden Ong 12 timmar sedan
This is basically 5 minute crafts for mountain bikes. It’s fricken awesome
Praveen Konda
Praveen Konda 13 timmar sedan
Seth became magneto for a moment
FL3X 13 timmar sedan
I miss him
Nathan Wilson
Nathan Wilson 13 timmar sedan
I’m pretty sure he’s part cat he always lands on his wheels
Frybancee149 F4rt
Frybancee149 F4rt 13 timmar sedan
I think it should have been dan instead of Ike
Eli Denning
Eli Denning 14 timmar sedan
I have a labradoodle, the only reason she won't chase me is that she won't leave the house without my mom cause she's so attached to her. If I go on a ride with her, she'll chase us though.
Jakes Long Island fishing
Jakes Long Island fishing 14 timmar sedan
6:35 I just tried this This is so good
Gray Filtered
Gray Filtered 14 timmar sedan
I got the same Altus derailleur, I adjusted it accordingly but still jumps , not it doesn’t like shifting on the 5-8 sprockets
Sai Krishna NATESAN
Sai Krishna NATESAN 15 timmar sedan
What are the lengths to cut the plywood? I have to bring the pieces back in an suv and it would help if I could get it cut in the store.
Racing Ryan Network
Racing Ryan Network 15 timmar sedan
CoolEvan14 15 timmar sedan
I loved the grunting / weird seth sounds on repeat
Skrilli 15 timmar sedan
I’m 13 and I just got a Merida one sixty 700 for $3,600 on special and I’m stoked!
Mirza Gaming
Mirza Gaming 15 timmar sedan
Hahahhahaahahahahahah hes covered in slime
Hagan Frey
Hagan Frey 15 timmar sedan
I think you, Seth, need to make a video showcasing every single part of the trials or riding them all completely with a GoPro
Rusty Rail Rippers
Rusty Rail Rippers 15 timmar sedan
Who else hates seeing the long stem
Harel Katz
Harel Katz 16 timmar sedan
that was deep and very heart touching.... thank you seth.
Robert Wilson
Robert Wilson 16 timmar sedan
It’s never easy, sorry for your loss
Flintandstone 16 timmar sedan
Made me cry 😭
Humphrey Rebutazo
Humphrey Rebutazo 16 timmar sedan
Can you make a video how to make your hubs very loud. Plssssss Thank you
an ausse
an ausse 16 timmar sedan
I've never seen a ram mount held on with zip ties Ram mounts are generally very reliable
Fox 17 timmar sedan
On to nonísknul!
Crochime3 17 timmar sedan
you gotra be high to ride it..
Phil Taylor
Phil Taylor 18 timmar sedan
Clavicle here currently in 6 pieces. Please send baby oil...and Fat bike...
Hi Hello
Hi Hello 19 timmar sedan
What happened to Seth? On his Instagram he had a knee wheel chair did he hurt himself?
Unpopular Opinion
Unpopular Opinion 19 timmar sedan
But dry lube is only good if its dry. Pretty pants in the wet cause it washes off quickly, that's what wet lube is for.
Yelsin Chacon
Yelsin Chacon 20 timmar sedan
Man, you look like 40 but your voice sounds like a 14 year old that’s just out of puberty, however tho, I love this great content of yours.
Sebastian 20 timmar sedan
Bruh I can’t 😂🤦‍♂️ my man eats grass!!😂😂😂 you will be missed!
fortnite boi4
fortnite boi4 21 timme sedan
that tamp is a go cart engine
Wofford Wolf
Wofford Wolf 21 timme sedan
These bikes are actually meant for the street.
Ryan Andry
Ryan Andry 21 timme sedan
Tie fighter incoming!!!!!!!!
Bbbm Gghb
Bbbm Gghb 22 timmar sedan
I had a dream at like almost this place but pretty different
Bbbm Gghb
Bbbm Gghb 21 timme sedan
Actually nevermind it was pretty different, I don't even think it was rock, I think it was dirt
Greenleaf Biking
Greenleaf Biking 22 timmar sedan
video idea: get Curtis to start/try mountain biking and go to a bike park or something
Peter Chen
Peter Chen 22 timmar sedan
LOL increased capabilities buy adding a fkn flask of whiskey
lou santiago
lou santiago 22 timmar sedan
PNW Native, love seeing spots up here I've never been. Thanks!
micah 22 timmar sedan
who’s here after alex actually named it dora evan though seth meant it as a joke
yaxhab vexx
yaxhab vexx 23 timmar sedan
U can put the bottle cap side down and can strap down the curve
mountaintruth1 deeds
mountaintruth1 deeds 23 timmar sedan
I want your money back😬
mountaintruth1 deeds
mountaintruth1 deeds 23 timmar sedan
Well hopefully the testicles survived🐨
Haykal Zami
Haykal Zami 23 timmar sedan
n Indonesia there are also many high bicycles like that
Lucca Barry
Lucca Barry 23 timmar sedan
Ik this is like a year ago but bike check?
S o u p
S o u p 23 timmar sedan
Word of the day is die.
Nathan Wilson
Nathan Wilson 23 timmar sedan
The last one is the most useful
Masterboogwai 23 timmar sedan
Why did seth change his channel name ? cause i miss Seths Bike Hacks
dcoog anml
dcoog anml 11 timmar sedan
Can make more rc car videos
_Climber tbone_
_Climber tbone_ Dag sedan
Ahh this video made me so anxious, but it was so fun to watch. You guys were so brave for doing this trail and even braver for doing it while it was wet. Love your videos! 🤙
Raising 3 Boys
Raising 3 Boys Dag sedan
Seth: "5 years down the road these will cost a fraction of the money" 2020: Hold my beer
alastair Dag sedan
I’ve done plenty of white lines before I’m pretty much an expert now but I don’t think they’re as risky as this
Dawson Lane
Dawson Lane Dag sedan
I’m just getting back into mountain bikes and I never learned how to bunny hop but I think I can figure it out with this great tutorial
howisosijboiy21 Goswell
howisosijboiy21 Goswell Dag sedan
I love hearing him swearrrrrr
Mr. Bacon boi
Mr. Bacon boi Dag sedan
your lucky i dislocated my wrist and broke my radius
the ones that pres thumbs down they hate drama
Hernaez Echostrix Enrico
Hernaez Echostrix Enrico Dag sedan
That chain guide diy thing is helpful mate
Timofei Gerasimov
Timofei Gerasimov Dag sedan
"This is a no fall zone. We're 100% over cliffs." "[Upbeat] Ok!" That would not have been my reaction...
GNARLY TEK Dag sedan
Wpl power🤙
Henry Donatello
Henry Donatello Dag sedan
Hey Seth. Did you get hurt? Is that why you have the one knee bike?
qt DRIZY Dag sedan
I just got back from whisler and it was fun
Rock girl
Rock girl Dag sedan
an old house and is setting it up as a vacation rental for mountain bikers. 5. Future plans to buy Whistler, and transform A-Line into a series of sketchy wood features.
Johnny Economopoulos
Johnny Economopoulos Dag sedan
Alex is a real homie! Safety first!
MindSET Dag sedan
99 dollars. I swear some people hire cartoon villains for their marketing department.
Jan Tuts
Jan Tuts Dag sedan
Trail bikers: please don't come here if you're inexperienced, it's _way_ more gnarly than it looks on video. Everyone else: dude, I already almost died just watching this..
Nettles Family
Nettles Family Dag sedan
Let’s GO!!!!!
dcoog anml
dcoog anml Dag sedan
“Today we’re gonna be doing something different but kinda the same” - Seth 2020
dcoog anml
dcoog anml 11 timmar sedan
You need an fpv drone racer to chase you... I know a guy
You guys are just copying each other about dramas death most of you guys are just looking for attention you probably dont even care about the dog, you just want attention
Brice Hall
Brice Hall Dag sedan
Whatever happened to Seth’s bike hacks
Nettles Family
Nettles Family Dag sedan
Did he shave his beard? 😱
RC 77
RC 77 Dag sedan
I love these rc car vids keep doing them please 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
nathan hoover
nathan hoover Dag sedan
I ended up installing one of those axs drivetrains today on a customer's bike. My first one. I was pretty intimidated at first, but it ended up being super easy and it shifts better than anything I've ever seen. It's pretty amazing
Craig Lawson
Craig Lawson Dag sedan
Awsome bike Seth and Awsome upgrades 👌
Jrzart5 Dag sedan
Why does it take you so long to post videos