Amazon Prime Day is Right NOW
This is NOT an Apple Watch...
Unboxing the Apple Mask
LG Wing Live Launch Event
OnePlus Nord Unboxing
3 månader sedan
OnePlus Nord Early Giveaway
Have You Heard of Soundcore?
Bet Your Laptop Can't Do This...
This is the iPhone 12
5 månader sedan
Goodbye Samsung...
5 månader sedan
You Should Buy The New iPhone SE
DON'T Buy The New iPhone SE
Unboxing All The Masks...
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Dear Apple
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This is the iPhone SE 2
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This is a Smartphone cable...
Renz Christian Bitas
Renz Christian Bitas 16 timmar sedan
The thing is even if its a weird shape or ish, I just want to play roblox every game to be 240 fps thats legit all i want For real
bluebull2006 16 timmar sedan
Surprised theres no apple logo
fordfiveohh 16 timmar sedan
That camera is BOSSY
Christian Butera
Christian Butera 16 timmar sedan
The Mini! I want a small phone!
GODFATHER LIVE 16 timmar sedan
Waiting for ulta pro max mask🎭🎭
Sohag Hossain
Sohag Hossain 16 timmar sedan
Bexx _
Bexx _ 16 timmar sedan
I’m just imagining playing minecraft on that...damn that would be good
Madhavi Kulkarni
Madhavi Kulkarni 16 timmar sedan
Unboxing starts at 2:27
Srinivasan Krishnan
Srinivasan Krishnan 16 timmar sedan
Here's an idea... Why not u just charge ur phone the regular way rather than sticking the magsafe on my phone.. ? Am not understanding the innovation here
xXJaMaL9Xx 16 timmar sedan
This is Apples most powerful mask ever.
jobbyjaws 16 timmar sedan
The binaural audio that the first half of the video is about will factor in the acoustic effect the human head and outer ear has on the sound. So in ear earphones are actually more suited for this than over ear earphones because then it’d be going through 2 sets of outer ears (one digitally filtered and one naturally filtered by your actual ear)
Dhrubajyoti Maji
Dhrubajyoti Maji 16 timmar sedan
Tjo_ 2009
Tjo_ 2009 16 timmar sedan
I never thought apple would make that...
FRANK 16 timmar sedan
Imagine spending a box for this apple product and go got covid lol jk stay safe yall always and always wear ur mask ppl and ur face shields.
bannedfahim thugrapper
bannedfahim thugrapper 16 timmar sedan
I still have iPhone she old gen
Vysakh AK
Vysakh AK 16 timmar sedan
So.......does it come with charger....
Ahmet Baki
Ahmet Baki 16 timmar sedan
I think it's just made for people who wants to use their phones portrait or landscape and besides that the cable do not discomfort them. If you want your charger just stays in your desk and whenever you want you take your phone and go away, just buy an existing other branded wireless chargers. They do their job regularly
bluebull2006 16 timmar sedan
Only $20.99!
Commotion 17 timmar sedan
That desk chair looks fantastic! Been looking for a good one for a while... what is the name of this one?
Joseph Leonard
Joseph Leonard 17 timmar sedan
It’s just a mask ye prick
# CokeSusu
# CokeSusu 17 timmar sedan
The string were included guys. It is a surprise.
Stephen Hanula
Stephen Hanula 17 timmar sedan
Love that you included Howard Stern on Sirius. Nice
Joey May
Joey May 17 timmar sedan
You sold me on the A51. Will be the perfect addition to my Galaxy Tab S7+
Princesa Cuento Infinito
Princesa Cuento Infinito 17 timmar sedan
love yourself
리엄이 17 timmar sedan
Where did u get ur hoodie?
Slick Trademarc
Slick Trademarc 17 timmar sedan
Bro, I haven't watched UnboxTherapy in a while and I come back to see this guy has 10 million views in a mask unboxing.
tony tech
tony tech 17 timmar sedan
i just bought mine unlocked it awesome deice
bodoy euir
bodoy euir 17 timmar sedan
Puts charger on his palm “I AM IRONMAN”
Aryan Chakradhari
Aryan Chakradhari 17 timmar sedan
*Me: Finally I sold my kidney to buy iPhone 11 pro max* *Apple: Presenting iPhone 12 pro max* *Me: 😵😵*
Super Jahziah King Brown-Hall
Super Jahziah King Brown-Hall 17 timmar sedan
Blue or black
weerobot 17 timmar sedan
Android Then........No Brainer...
Hibiscus Boy
Hibiscus Boy 17 timmar sedan
A phone cover of $20000
Red Raven
Red Raven 17 timmar sedan
Imagine buying an IPhone just to fit in with the crowd only to find out its a laughing stock. Story of my life 😔
Skiadro 17 timmar sedan
Budget phones: *gives an entire zombie Survival kit with the phone* Apple: HAHA, charger go brrrr
C45P3R 17 timmar sedan
Wrong, strongest glass on any phone was the HTC U Ultra sapphire edition it featured an entirely pure sapphire screen and camera lens so you can chuck it in a box full of hardened steel knives freshly sharpened and shake it about as hard as you want and wouldnt even be a scratch on either the screen or the camera lens id like to see any production of gorilla glass do that.
Lal chand Bana
Lal chand Bana 17 timmar sedan
*Me - Watching this in S20 ultra* Be like - 😐🤨🤨
Red Raven
Red Raven 17 timmar sedan
"Smallest 5g phone in the world" 🤣😂 Great innovation Apple
NBD &__MR_SilentBear
NBD &__MR_SilentBear 17 timmar sedan
Why everyone says C00L SO MUCH:/ lol
mandarin125 17 timmar sedan
Hey, I still have this somewhere. I might get another OS on it since the wifi stopped working
Lona Lunek
Lona Lunek 18 timmar sedan
That soundtrack in the end guys please tell me the title🥺
Seth Renegade
Seth Renegade 18 timmar sedan
Isn't that just air cooler not a portable ac?
Меруерт Умешова
Меруерт Умешова 18 timmar sedan
Levi Mitchell
Levi Mitchell 18 timmar sedan
I'm so happy because *M0NK3Y_hacker* on Instagram recovered my account for me successfully when I thought I couldn't get it back his 100% legit
bodoy euir
bodoy euir 17 timmar sedan
Apple is wrong saying wireless charger, it is just a charger
orlie dionela
orlie dionela 18 timmar sedan
Samsung N95 is much better
Mr.Ed 18 timmar sedan
I hear that the pro max will have Bluetooth.
Carl Baldoz
Carl Baldoz 18 timmar sedan
lil josue
lil josue 18 timmar sedan
This phone looks nicer than mine
Another One
Another One 18 timmar sedan
How stupid is this...
AZiZ Cell
AZiZ Cell 18 timmar sedan
I like sony but hard to buy it in my country.
BENJAMIN NARTEY 18 timmar sedan
Hope the iphone 12 unboxing is cooking up😋😋🍿💥
Naman 18 timmar sedan
Wired chargers forced to use 2 hands Wireless charing made it easier to do with one hand for the lazy ass people out there Then came apple’s take
Mitchell Konings
Mitchell Konings 18 timmar sedan
that will be $99 sir
Sukhvir Mann Production
Sukhvir Mann Production 18 timmar sedan
Apple Mask Pro Max! 😂Prize - 50,000😆
B 52
B 52 18 timmar sedan
Mate 40 pro with only 8 gb ram beat him already
Mr YouTube
Mr YouTube 18 timmar sedan
Who else thort it would be a high tech mask
Michael Taroy
Michael Taroy 18 timmar sedan
Good phone....
Vinod Kumar
Vinod Kumar 18 timmar sedan
“Entry”, “Done” I need this phone because my old phone is in very bad condition
ypvs6 18 timmar sedan
Now there's that one kid who's just "brb for 5 mins imma charge my phone rq"
Vinay G
Vinay G 18 timmar sedan
Not worth
Syahmi Haziq
Syahmi Haziq 19 timmar sedan
One plus 8t or samsung s20 FE?
ayman u202u
ayman u202u 19 timmar sedan
Good for pubg
Sel Narcis
Sel Narcis 19 timmar sedan
Why using so much ‘tremendous’ in this video vocabulary?
adib afiq
adib afiq 19 timmar sedan
Lol one would care unless if it was made by apple ..... fken isheeps
Ninja Beast
Ninja Beast 19 timmar sedan
Who is here from "1000 dollar apple stand" ?!
MrTweety 19 timmar sedan
I'm super annoyed that this isn't coming to Canada at launch like come on I actually really want this I have so many uses for this
London_transport_ Spotter
London_transport_ Spotter 19 timmar sedan
Unbox therapy is depressing
Pratham Vibes
Pratham Vibes 19 timmar sedan
Put a double tape under the charger lol
Pranav Athrey
Pranav Athrey 19 timmar sedan
Whole fucking comment section is a beg ffs
Sanjay Panara
Sanjay Panara 19 timmar sedan
You should have tried getting down under the table dude.
Nikolaos Christopoulos
Nikolaos Christopoulos 19 timmar sedan
Can you please do a comparison video of X1 Extreme Gen 3 vs. the slim 7i from Lenovo ? I’m especially interested in gaming performances, fan noise and overall robustness over time
Jacob Gravers
Jacob Gravers 19 timmar sedan
I stopped at 6s and I will never buy another iPhone...
Kory 19 timmar sedan
Still not impressed I’ll stick to my iPhone xr for now. She’s cute but not a $1,000 cute
Vthky Rgrhr
Vthky Rgrhr 19 timmar sedan
Tx xx
Silent Newton
Silent Newton 19 timmar sedan
What are you doing to that bundle of phones. Can I have a one of them?