giant M&M in hospital
Ann's Amazing Cakes
What's Inside this Egg?
sauda khatun
sauda khatun 12 timmar sedan
Please make more sarcastic videos
Kat Griffiths
Kat Griffiths 12 timmar sedan
Honestly, that fork would have helped me when I broke my arms. I had both arms in casts from my palms to my armpits, so I couldn’t reach my mouth with a fork. I ended up eating with a fondu fork because I refused to be fed.
Abdulrahim Bhonhariya
Abdulrahim Bhonhariya 12 timmar sedan
Try to make Tasty things
Masa F
Masa F 13 timmar sedan
For me the oreo cake worked, you have to put it for less minutes. (1minute to be exact)
James A
James A 13 timmar sedan
Five minute craft is just promoting modern day natural selection.
Hannah hannaH
Hannah hannaH 13 timmar sedan
I really want to watch those ones with the click bait because research but I don’t want to give them any views
This Guy
This Guy 13 timmar sedan
I feel sorry for her microwave n Dave 😭
WillOfTheWorm 13 timmar sedan
I’ve heard that the yoghurt bread would be good to make fried flatbread/wraps with, do we think that would work?
Yung Euro Official
Yung Euro Official 13 timmar sedan
Whipped to a foam *autotunely*
toria r
toria r 13 timmar sedan
when doing the soda one you're not supposed to just put them straight up and soda you're supposed to add a little bit of soda to the water
MARIA ADHIAMBO 13 timmar sedan
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 i actually find it hilarious
TacDyne 13 timmar sedan
Alcohol does not explode. Don't sensationalize it. The flame followed the trail to the bottle and the girl panicked, flinging the bottle. It is the most common panic reflex when a flammable material container ignites in one's hands. I've witnessed it many, many times in my life.
• Cookie Girl • Roblox • & More •
• Cookie Girl • Roblox • & More • 13 timmar sedan
Ann intertaining herself was hilarious! So cute with that duck mitt and the carrot!
TacticalDraws 13 timmar sedan
I have actually noticed Google doing this, especially this year. I don't personally think it's fair for them to pool information from sites like that when looking from the creators' perspective. I'm sure they are making it very enticing for consumers to view media in this kind of way so I don't know whether anything can be done about it. It is certainly wrong and unfair for them to "bump" the websites down that disagree to this type of format. Thank you once again Anne for a great debunking video, and have a great day!
Kiddelsstudios 13 timmar sedan
I know, brown recluses SUCK
ケルシーKels 13 timmar sedan
The last one with the apple I could actually see someone using like if they need to peel 100 apples to make a crisp for lots of people
A A 13 timmar sedan
4:05 she looks possessed
2131Rachel 13 timmar sedan
You’re such a cool mom! Love the egg hunt puzzle for your boys.
This Guy
This Guy 13 timmar sedan
SEpost didn't care about how many people will die coz all those fake video, they only care if those video viral or not n can bring money for them or not
maple sryup123
maple sryup123 13 timmar sedan
Me: *I feel bad for David to be honest*
ganmerlad 13 timmar sedan
When I was a kid, my friend's mother used to make grilled cheese with a clothes iron. I think she had spent several years in one of those cheap apartments where you aren't allowed to cook and that's one of the ways you get around the "NO HOTPLATES!" rule, and she just stuck with doing it that way for the rest of her life. For simplicity, I think making 'grilled' cheese in a frying pan is the easiest way to do it. You melt the butter in the pan and plonk the sandwich in instead of putting melted butter on the bread first. Sauteed cheese sandwich?
WillOfTheWorm 13 timmar sedan
Any programmers out there... is it possible to make a bunch of bots that can mass report these content farms for spam and dislike videos? Surely mass reports could get youtubes attention..
EAS South Carolina
EAS South Carolina 13 timmar sedan
The thumbnail was awesome
Shweta Ullala
Shweta Ullala 13 timmar sedan
I love how she always gives them the benefit of doubt😂
Cthulhu's Wife
Cthulhu's Wife 13 timmar sedan
I have ghirardelli melting chocolate. IT doesn't have cocoa butter, but does have palm that something similar to having cocoa butter?
Sheryl Liu
Sheryl Liu 13 timmar sedan
I love that debunk mug!
Raen Andaleio
Raen Andaleio 13 timmar sedan
No oven and no microwave? Well, I also don't have a hair straightener. I have an iron. But here's a better idea: put the brownie mixture in a bowl, take a spoonful of mixture and heat that with a lighter, or over a candle. That way, once it's done, you have it already on the spoon and can eat it right away. Sure, the bottom of the spoon is gonna be covered in sud and you're gonna burn your mouth with the spoon, but in the 5 Minute Crafts universe, it's gonna work like a charm.
BewilderedOwl 13 timmar sedan
I bet with a bit of leavening and salt that the yogurt bread would actually be rather tasty.
sauda khatun
sauda khatun 13 timmar sedan
Many artist have tried doing this But no one made the whole painting edible . Your made an masterpeice
Noushin Nazar
Noushin Nazar 13 timmar sedan
So we're gonna ignore the clickbait debunk thumbnail there?.. Or was that intentional 😂
Evie Coram
Evie Coram 13 timmar sedan
In the UK we mainly say Mum but local people say Mam
soccerchamp0511 13 timmar sedan
That last take was hilarious!!! p.s. Also good job with the clickbait thumbnail and intro. lol
geethu lekshmi
geethu lekshmi 13 timmar sedan
That's. A clever ..... Will NEVER dare to do that
Limey 14 timmar sedan
You can use sugar for waxing, it's called sugaring. Just not like that, with a single lemon that gushes juice after a single stick.
NovaSamX 14 timmar sedan
I really pity poor Dave
Vicente 14 timmar sedan
𝓙𝓾𝓼𝓽 𝓐𝓾𝓼𝓽𝓻𝓪𝓵𝓲𝓪𝓷 𝓣𝓱𝓲𝓷𝓰𝓼
E Valenic
E Valenic 14 timmar sedan
I've ate two dozen eggs in a single day but it was like the only thing I ate the whole day...
feeder goldfish
feeder goldfish 14 timmar sedan
Hey.... I saw what you did with your video title! :D Also, excellent video, as always.
Ali FitzGerald-Jones
Ali FitzGerald-Jones 14 timmar sedan
Easy cake rescue? the fails look like my attempt to rescue a fail!
Lawrence Carter
Lawrence Carter 14 timmar sedan
I love your hair..looks super healthy
Inviouse 14 timmar sedan
not goona lie. if someone sell me a cake like that i will think its aesthetic
Hanaconda 14 timmar sedan
What's with the picture in the thumbnail? It wasn't in the video?
Ultragamer FanFic Readings
Ultragamer FanFic Readings 14 timmar sedan
I really do have to wonder when Dave will just say no.
Kaliyah Mccoy
Kaliyah Mccoy 14 timmar sedan
I made the oreo cake and it took SOOO many oreos
harpydora 14 timmar sedan
The information about what Google is doing is very good, but there is a small inaccuracy in how Google operates/pulls some of their content. In some cases (such as the weather or word definitions), Google likely uses a thing called an Application Programming Interface (API). APIs allow programs to talk to each other behind the scenes, generally to exchange data. In the case of the weather content, it's likely that Google is using a API, and many sites will charge other programs for using their API service. In general, this is either charged per use or the site/application with the API will sell bundles that offer a flat price for a certain number of uses. So in some cases, Google is still likely paying the place that it is getting the information from. This isn't to say that what Google is doing isn't shady as heck overall, but there are some instances where Google is probably not ripping off sites. Anyway, I love your videos and how much research you put into them! Thank you for producing such good content!
Storyshift Chara
Storyshift Chara 14 timmar sedan
**me who watches Tasty plus** 👁👄👁 “wait...why do all of these videos look like a bunch of other cake channel videos?...Welp time to go back to buzzfeed Tasty”
Darci Stuhlman
Darci Stuhlman 14 timmar sedan
That Johnny/Amber quip is underrated
Fishy 14 timmar sedan
500m views Edit: OMFG WHATTTTT 😲
Food Kitchen
Food Kitchen 14 timmar sedan
ann is literally like my mom, i love u ann
Memu 14 timmar sedan
Actually before recording the episode he made a couple of practise paintings
Talilena Justan
Talilena Justan 14 timmar sedan
What about the watermelon in the thumbnail
Poipoigirl 14 timmar sedan
I see content farms are a danger. Esp when they spread content that can get someone hurt. Btw awesome job, Dave! <3
Andreea Iftimie
Andreea Iftimie 14 timmar sedan
Would love to see a similar recipe for an Oh Henry bar! my favorite
Sam Hollis
Sam Hollis 14 timmar sedan
2:47 the banana hack works I've been using it for weeks on end plus if you use the plastic that you get the bananas in, that works to
SomeOldGuy 14 timmar sedan
Wow, you know the difference between "adsorb" (5:38) and "absorb" - I'm hugely impressed!
Virosshan 101
Virosshan 101 14 timmar sedan
We have twistes in Singapore
shubhra gautam
shubhra gautam 14 timmar sedan
I think toilet seat table people are mocking channels like 5 minute craft and blossom.
deprogramr 14 timmar sedan
The google thing seems like a new weird version of plagiarism.
maria Z
maria Z 14 timmar sedan
Wow I learn so much more from her videos than I've ever learned at school!
Ngaire Taylor
Ngaire Taylor 14 timmar sedan
Instead of mint could you use freeze dried fruit or other flavours and make desert with say white chocolate and strawberry chocolate? Or deliberately burn or caramelised white chocolate and have a salted caramel and caramelised white chocolate desert?
• Cookie Girl • Roblox • & More •
• Cookie Girl • Roblox • & More • 14 timmar sedan
Can you reveiw some of "So Tasty's" videos?
oikawa's milkbread searching for iwaizumi hajime
oikawa's milkbread searching for iwaizumi hajime 14 timmar sedan
omg- I love this video sm!!!! It's so funny and wholesome I swear- hdhsbhsbdhs
oikawa's milkbread searching for iwaizumi hajime
oikawa's milkbread searching for iwaizumi hajime 14 timmar sedan
Not me binging on all 200 year old recipe videos, nope it's not me at all
Bubby Buberino
Bubby Buberino 14 timmar sedan
Lmao it only really works on American watermelons. I have seen this work before.
Qatrunnada Hanifah
Qatrunnada Hanifah 14 timmar sedan
About the brownie, in Indonesia we have "steamed brownies" so you steam it and not bake it on the oven. Not everyone have an oven in their house. The most people have over the stove oven. Electric oven cost more and electrical bill here is not cheap.
Purrincess Kitay
Purrincess Kitay 14 timmar sedan
Pro tip: When doing cake experiments test it before baking/assembling the cake
There You Go
There You Go 14 timmar sedan
You should totally invite pet rats at your tiny table! Very clean and polite, they eat what they touch, use their tiny hands and sit quietly when they eat. ♥
XxPeachy_GachaxX 14 timmar sedan
6:49 ann called dave a cheater lmaooo
ThePuppyTurtle 14 timmar sedan
Before this, I never knew that the SEpost skeptic community needed a cooking division.
Cecilia Alexander
Cecilia Alexander 14 timmar sedan
I picked up a fry creator a few months ago in original packaging at the thrift store and I looooove it. Super fun vintage product to keep for fun times in the question
Holy freakin' Shit Balls!
Holy freakin' Shit Balls! 15 timmar sedan
These so called cooking hacks/life hacks of the Internet are literally made for the dumb masses of weebs that believe anything they see online. Some of them are highly dangerous.. it only takes common sense to see this.
Funtime Freddy
Funtime Freddy 15 timmar sedan
Nobody: Not a single soul: So yummy: PUT DRY ICE IN DRINKS!!!!!!! Me: NO!!! *Read more*
Alaina Schneider
Alaina Schneider 15 timmar sedan
In 2 & 3 there are very well edited blossom style jump cuts
elfan 15 timmar sedan
You two look lovely together! So sweet!
Sheri Saporito
Sheri Saporito 15 timmar sedan
how could you have never had smores before!
Surprised Char
Surprised Char 15 timmar sedan
Today on “Dave messed up and didn’t do a project so now Ann can punish him on camera”.
Tigst Abraha
Tigst Abraha 15 timmar sedan
I gotta say this is the most creative and artistic cake I've ever seen and it must've taken a special talent and patience for Ann to spend all her time on it. I love your channel so much <3
Ognyan Belchev
Ognyan Belchev 15 timmar sedan
Click bait chilli banana
Mike White
Mike White 15 timmar sedan
They're "playing by the rules" in youtubes eyes because youtube makes alot of money off of these farms. It's a form of looking the other way so to speak.
KeetyAlexx 15 timmar sedan
I want to know who was out there WANTING a ramen brownie.’s not a substitute for whatever ingredient, so what is the point?????