Casually Explained: America
Casually Explained: High School
Casually Explained: Cooking
Pedro Cardoso
Pedro Cardoso 3 timmar sedan
Based and carnivorouspilled
Blue Jay
Blue Jay 4 timmar sedan
I get it....jokes, but your entire country is represented by a bunch of potheads that live in a trailer park and the term "eh"
CrazyBrain TTT
CrazyBrain TTT 4 timmar sedan
Why is this like a guide to how to avoid women
Adam Agbani
Adam Agbani 5 timmar sedan
Why you skipped Africa
NonexistentComedyChannel 5 timmar sedan
As a European i can say that you just described all of our drinking laws
Saint Arj
Saint Arj 5 timmar sedan
time in the market > timing the market that is genius
Saint Arj
Saint Arj 5 timmar sedan
hold up, elon musk was with amber heard
Keytron Onit
Keytron Onit 5 timmar sedan
i like this guy .. subbed
Saint Arj
Saint Arj 5 timmar sedan
iphone x prediction came true?!
Sinister 6 timmar sedan
"What's the worst thing that could happen?" Me:- " I could die ! "
Forge beatz
Forge beatz 6 timmar sedan
Too bad I spawned in the African server. Difficulty is set to maximum...
John Johnson
John Johnson 6 timmar sedan
This was better the second time! Jahahaha
Kirito Solo
Kirito Solo 6 timmar sedan
Had an AP Sem project where one group member played Minecraft the whole time, and another member was so stressed she wanted kill that group member.
Spoon 6 timmar sedan
How does this guy make cooking funny
Saint Arj
Saint Arj 7 timmar sedan
that british voice was sick
Saint Arj
Saint Arj 7 timmar sedan
whos here after bill and melinda gates got divorced?
Manami McNair
Manami McNair 7 timmar sedan
I’m so depressed right now that when I hear something deprecating I just go “me” instead of “lol me”
John Johnson
John Johnson 7 timmar sedan
When I see a platypus I think of a portable omelet
Saint Arj
Saint Arj 7 timmar sedan
that brownie break was much needed
MetaClownFish 7 timmar sedan
Saint Arj
Saint Arj 7 timmar sedan
girls dont discover you pain
Saint Arj
Saint Arj 7 timmar sedan
the return of the australian accent
Saint Arj
Saint Arj 7 timmar sedan
how do you do vidcon as a faceless youtuber
David Andre
David Andre 7 timmar sedan
Most people venture into crypto to be a millionaire, meanwhile, I just want to be debt free
Thomas Dooley
Thomas Dooley 7 timmar sedan
@Maxie Charles + 1 ( 3 1 4 )" ( 9 4 4 )" " ( 5 6 7 2)
Thomas Dooley
Thomas Dooley 7 timmar sedan
@Chris Paul she is sure on [email protected]
Maxie Charles
Maxie Charles 7 timmar sedan
I've been procrastinating to start up this bitcoin investment, it will really be best if I start today not tomorrow
Chris Paul
Chris Paul 7 timmar sedan
Heard so much recommendation about Anna Wilson, how do I message or link up with her, any info??
Dora Gary
Dora Gary 7 timmar sedan
Don't doubt Anna Wilson, she has brought me out of the wrenches and to a better living option and I encourage new babies to trade with her
dafre 7 timmar sedan
So in America, you can buy nearly every weapon when you're 18 but you can't drink alcohol? That's fuckin ridiculous
BabyObliterator 7 timmar sedan
the stages of friendzone and stages of grief seem same
Saint Arj
Saint Arj 7 timmar sedan
beating around the bush, wow
Forine 7 timmar sedan
Watching this from Mars. Elon allowed me to have 30 seconds of extra break time from making his personal fleet of space cars. Still not allowed to unionise though, otherwise I get thrown out of our glass domes into the harsh emptiness of space.
Saint Arj
Saint Arj 7 timmar sedan
bean water
Saint Arj
Saint Arj 7 timmar sedan
"mum why is that dude all alone" that had me weak
Saint Arj
Saint Arj 7 timmar sedan
reddit is such a weird website, I only use it to spam links for my music lmao
Glitch King
Glitch King 8 timmar sedan
Dry cooker
Gabe Volo
Gabe Volo 8 timmar sedan
*Tips Miami dolphins hat*
98あり 8 timmar sedan
i 8 timmar sedan
omg why didn't you add english subtitles
6stringshredder 8 timmar sedan
Redditers🤣. People have way too much time on their hands
Doc Millington
Doc Millington 8 timmar sedan
Britain’s national drink is a beer from the red lion (jk)
Da Noob roblox
Da Noob roblox 8 timmar sedan
"mise en place = forgetting half the shit you need" PFFFF ._. 🤦‍♀️
Vito Leskur
Vito Leskur 8 timmar sedan
You forgot to add the African food wtf man >:(
Chimdiie 8 timmar sedan
"They don't have internet" Me a Nigerian: "no no, he's got a point"
Friendly Tap
Friendly Tap 9 timmar sedan
This man only uploads when he gets a sponsor now ;/
BATZNDER Pog 9 timmar sedan
please say brezel with a b and not a p
Nevets Nevets
Nevets Nevets 9 timmar sedan
So painful when he went from France to Germany and skipping the netherlands, kroket and bitterballen are so good.
CashT 9 timmar sedan
Me at the start of the video: This is very relatable Me at the end of the video: This is very relatable
Death KillR091
Death KillR091 9 timmar sedan
T3TSU 10 timmar sedan
This is definitely me
chicken 10 timmar sedan
that moment when you realise the place you live in is red
Death KillR091
Death KillR091 10 timmar sedan
Wait Keanu Reeves nakes mistakes?
Saint Arj
Saint Arj 10 timmar sedan
Losing money at 4 trades at once Sign me up
Saint Arj
Saint Arj 10 timmar sedan
1 chicken breast per pound: average chicken breast weight 0.5lbs
Peter Gregory Kelly
Peter Gregory Kelly 10 timmar sedan
Jesus? You do know that the gospels are not real don't you.
Saint Arj
Saint Arj 10 timmar sedan
Nice video, must've taken you about 3 hours
Jin C
Jin C 10 timmar sedan
‘Nvm that’s not a country , we took it’ I think I laughed a lil harder than the normal allowed sjw quantity haha
Hugh Hammond
Hugh Hammond 10 timmar sedan
I'm actually elephants maybe more intelligent than dolphins they turns out they can remember and tell others and others about like a human killed one of their cousins or kids and pick out even an individual human and they can communicate over large distances look it up
Rumo Zamonia
Rumo Zamonia 10 timmar sedan
I'm not against Uranus, butt...
K M 11 timmar sedan
Wait there's artists who sleep?
Santy _UF
Santy _UF 11 timmar sedan
You failed, I'm on the WC
Luca Yi
Luca Yi 11 timmar sedan
Japan: constantly harassing and invading Korea Korea: Is better at videogames than casually explained
Vince Phoenix
Vince Phoenix 11 timmar sedan
I am not using adblock ! :p
Soham 11 timmar sedan
I got a bug where I didn't actually get to choose my starting region, I got randomly dropped in the red region. Now I don't know wtf to do
lexaver 11 timmar sedan
What, afraid to solve quartic by hand? Yeah me too bro
Johnny P
Johnny P 11 timmar sedan
*laughs in Desmos*
Samuel MontyPython
Samuel MontyPython 11 timmar sedan
Was at an airport in Okinawa with my friend who is a local. Our flight out to Tokyo got delayed every hour for 9 hours. We were walking around the terminal and the staff for our flight were chilling in their own corner and my friend overheard them talking (she speaks the old, local dialect that a lot of Japanese people can’t even understand) and apparently the flight got delayed because the pilot showed up drunk 😂. Instead of getting a different pilot or reimbursing us and offering us different flights, the crew decided to wait for his ass to sleep and sober up instead of reporting it higher up. They masked it as a “maintenance issue”. We still got on the flight because we were starving and exhausted and figured bringing up the pilot’s drunkenness would just delay our trip further, so we YOLO’d it. Don’t fly Peach Airlines if you ever travel to Japan
Samuel MontyPython
Samuel MontyPython 12 timmar sedan
Been living here 6 years and not a single person in Japan tips. I tried to tip my first week here and the waitress no shit flagged me down as I was walking out because I “forgot my money”. The only exception is the taxi drivers occasionally rounding up the bill which usually isn’t up to you, it’s just because they’re disgruntled and hate dealing with change lol
Oskar Wilson
Oskar Wilson 12 timmar sedan
reddit was open on my pc as i watched this video
Unwoven Sleeve
Unwoven Sleeve 12 timmar sedan
“Many consider America to be the greatest country on earth” I don’t think anyone thinks that except for Americans
little skeleton
little skeleton 12 timmar sedan
this hidden camera thing hits
Johannes Schütz
Johannes Schütz 12 timmar sedan
"Hey Shawn/Shaun/Sean (S), want to hear a story?" LOL
OgGhostJelly 12 timmar sedan
I'm both overthinking and not thinking simultaneously
Iskifit 9/72
Iskifit 9/72 12 timmar sedan
The African joke was actually dangerous
LUPYX 12 timmar sedan
So I'm an introvert since I don't feel fun in anything . But I do hav friends tho.
K M 12 timmar sedan
r/EMS being where EMS providers go to make jokes about they should have worked at McDonalds for how little they get paid
Michael Martinez
Michael Martinez 12 timmar sedan
When your eyebrows slightly lift up and you exhale heavily out your nose. Then you know it's a good meme.
K M 13 timmar sedan
Now I think of it, yeah we do have a lot of people talking about their life story so easily to strangers
Alec Yu
Alec Yu 13 timmar sedan
do one on crypto!
Bryan Turnbow
Bryan Turnbow 13 timmar sedan
I can’t believe people are going outside again. The sun and girls are still out there.
مهدی رفیع زاده
مهدی رفیع زاده 14 timmar sedan
Half of the foods you mentioned are Iranian food that the dum version of them got popular in countries invaded through war or culture
Zackrxy 14 timmar sedan
1:18 this video went from 1 to 100 real quick
pinenango juice
pinenango juice 14 timmar sedan
this was a troll dam it