may 9 timmar sedan
it was the orange juice in the fancy glass bottle for me
Bobby Maher
Bobby Maher 9 timmar sedan
Straight talent
Josue Bahamonde
Josue Bahamonde 9 timmar sedan
Son el jbalvin y sech de londres 😂😂😂😂😂💕💕💕💕
nimrod neftalem
nimrod neftalem 9 timmar sedan
K A 9 timmar sedan
We gonna see chunks ina big boy movie. There’s no limit wid this guy mark my words M.A 👏🏽
Euan No Cap
Euan No Cap 9 timmar sedan
Fuckin cold these 2 on top rn
AtomiC 9 timmar sedan
Alisha X
Alisha X 9 timmar sedan
This duo is the one!
farxaan Ambrose
farxaan Ambrose 9 timmar sedan
Can you collaborate with KSI
D4RKV4POR 9 timmar sedan
Living proof that the music industry has died (a good 5-10 years ago) you lot are sheep 🐑 the arts in general need a shake up
なKhalidOnMarz 9 timmar sedan
been listening to this for bare days but like, WHEN’S THIS GOING ON SPOTIFY 😭
Ahiezer Fernandes
Ahiezer Fernandes 9 timmar sedan
Who else got the Sean Kingston vibes looking at chunkz
Tasha Sri
Tasha Sri 9 timmar sedan
drink hot water or hot sauce for wrong answer
Mahado Mahamoud
Mahado Mahamoud 10 timmar sedan
Man said girl from Djibouti 🇩🇯 with a Big booty 😂😂😂 love that respect my nigga’s
Big Pun
Big Pun 10 timmar sedan
Ngl this song go hard
Amaan 124
Amaan 124 10 timmar sedan
You guys Defford used fake 50 notes 🤣🤣
me ita2
me ita2 10 timmar sedan
De Gohilla
De Gohilla 10 timmar sedan
Love from 🇳🇬 💯
Libby Todd
Libby Todd 10 timmar sedan
Yung Fillys bit slapsssssss
Galekwe Ramoleko
Galekwe Ramoleko 10 timmar sedan
Filly’s part was insane 🔥🔥❤️home run
toby davis
toby davis 10 timmar sedan
tbh this is a beat and a half but there is so much autotune
Chris Kris
Chris Kris 11 timmar sedan
Where is KSI
MilzFN 11 timmar sedan
It is not good as clean up but mad song brothers luv
Ibrahim Miah
Ibrahim Miah 11 timmar sedan
Filly doesn't even give a fuck
jonathan Ntumba
jonathan Ntumba 11 timmar sedan
this should be on a FIFA
Rajvir Singh
Rajvir Singh 11 timmar sedan
Anyone realise at 2:53 The Charts say Different types of Bunda
KingOfPc 11 timmar sedan
Filly banged it
Michelle Mccarthy
Michelle Mccarthy 11 timmar sedan
@yung filly too funny 😅😅
Michelle Mccarthy
Michelle Mccarthy 11 timmar sedan
This tune is bangingg 🔥🤍 bit of a grind with henny and orange juice 🙏
Ryan Cooper
Ryan Cooper 11 timmar sedan
What’s Tiffany’s ig?
CWD_CoLdEsT 12 timmar sedan
all of it
Obi-wan kenobi
Obi-wan kenobi 12 timmar sedan
So much auto tune ngl
Ricky Brandli
Ricky Brandli 12 timmar sedan
Chunks has a beautiful voice tho
WOLLEY 12 timmar sedan
They casted one of the "Does the shoe fit season 2" girls
layla 12 timmar sedan
2:05 i- filly hit so different wth🥺
Eman Ali
Eman Ali 12 timmar sedan
I’m tryna fly Filly Airlines. 🤣
Lewis Jones
Lewis Jones 12 timmar sedan
Man like chunkz smashing it
ImaanA 12 timmar sedan
ImaanA 12 timmar sedan
im glad i listened..now i cant stop.
hussein ali
hussein ali 12 timmar sedan
Is it just me or can you hear their previous song 'Clean Up' in the intro...... around 0:19 to 0:30
R4Y44N SH4H 13 timmar sedan
6:02 bruddah what? Money buys you happiness
Galaxygod21 13 timmar sedan
Best duo in the game
R4Y44N SH4H 13 timmar sedan
My bruddah filly turning into the Incredible Hulk 💪
deejay earth
deejay earth 13 timmar sedan
Every time it switches to the guy rapping I lose it 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Muhammed Khan
Muhammed Khan 13 timmar sedan
13 years later and filly hasn't changed his outfit
Alister Tchokotieu
Alister Tchokotieu 13 timmar sedan
covid ?
Uzair Khalid
Uzair Khalid 13 timmar sedan
Wasted 13 timmar sedan
KC98 13 timmar sedan
I beg you tweet off each other’s phones
Bobsry 051
Bobsry 051 13 timmar sedan
Why is this only 1.4 m pattern up
Travis DH
Travis DH 13 timmar sedan
Damm that teacher tho 😍😍
CHLOE Curtis
CHLOE Curtis 13 timmar sedan
I came across “Does the shoe fit” yesterday & I watched every vid for each season and I’ve now watched every vid on your channel now too. Your realness & humour is addictive to watch 🙌🏻
David Miles
David Miles 14 timmar sedan
This brothers are nice🔥🔥 love from Nigeria 🇳🇬🇳🇬#EndSARS
Saed Ahmed
Saed Ahmed 14 timmar sedan
Last 4 days this was my banger ❄❄❄❄
CrckedCHICHI 14 timmar sedan
3:24 best part of the song
Koro Sensei
Koro Sensei 14 timmar sedan
Ah this song's dead. In my opinion
Bangla Waz
Bangla Waz 14 timmar sedan
I would come at u but everyone has different opinions so I won’t 🙂
RoAz_Locust Locust
RoAz_Locust Locust 14 timmar sedan
This songs hitting different 🔥👌. Respect from NEWCASTLE UPON TYNE
afutla qian
afutla qian 14 timmar sedan
Their frienship is just so pure, love it 🤍🤍🤍
Yunus Miah
Yunus Miah 14 timmar sedan
For those who wonder what Bunda its but like the bottom in bengali
afutla qian
afutla qian 14 timmar sedan
africa tingg
Zidaan Abdulle
Zidaan Abdulle 14 timmar sedan
Zachary Scott-Bennin
Zachary Scott-Bennin 14 timmar sedan
“Teachers leng as well forget the video what ur number” 😂
tahseen raja
tahseen raja 14 timmar sedan
Love it ❤🔥
Chijioke Greg-Egu
Chijioke Greg-Egu 14 timmar sedan
Filly Chunkz HP my favourite people ever!!!!
ugo okafor
ugo okafor 15 timmar sedan
Solid tune man.. just wish filly stuck to English
Mr A_
Mr A_ 15 timmar sedan
how can anyone dislike this man, the energys infectious
Aquaman 15 timmar sedan
I still believe that Chunkz is mhuncho
Mishie Ava
Mishie Ava 15 timmar sedan
I know its banter and all but east African girl dont you feel sexualized 😏
Amin Gøstà
Amin Gøstà 16 timmar sedan
Guys your music is just OMG😬😳🤐🤫🤯
Queen Harris
Queen Harris 16 timmar sedan
Is it just me or does filly sound like davido in the first verse of his bit?
AMP BXLLER 16 timmar sedan
Banger love this duo it’s a 🔥 vibe and always liftes your spirits without fail
T K 16 timmar sedan
This guys are way to talented for this world
Kemi116 16 timmar sedan
This is rlly good!! Need more songs from them, plus a Geko collaboration would be sickkkk 🔥🔥🔥
Shayan Contractor
Shayan Contractor 16 timmar sedan
filly lookin jacked afff
RADICAL SUICIDE 16 timmar sedan
africa tingg
Olivia Pope
Olivia Pope 17 timmar sedan
Their frienship is just so pure, love it 🤍🤍🤍
Danniodon 17 timmar sedan
Dope Yung Filly, que dios te bendiga.
WAR rior
WAR rior 17 timmar sedan
That jasmine masters meme. You educated man
Wavyyy 17 timmar sedan
Ladies and Gentlemen M Huncho has just released another bangerr
amine benouennane
amine benouennane 17 timmar sedan
Oyy thats mahrez's ex wife 😂😂
ted kingsler
ted kingsler 17 timmar sedan
Man said athlelte😂
C-2-DA -J-1988
C-2-DA -J-1988 17 timmar sedan
The teacher from does the shoe fit lol....big up chunkz n filly