2 månader sedan
3 månader sedan
MASSIVE Trebuchet/Catapult BUILD
Colin Furze Stuff
4 månader sedan
Wind/Solar Powered Clothes Dryer
Weaponised Homemade Screwtank
The Triple Bath (with slide yo)
Upside down Garden Swing
8 månader sedan
8 månader sedan
10 månader sedan
Marklithikk 12 timmar sedan
Apparently, that van is a cat.
Skull Plush
Skull Plush 12 timmar sedan
Could you please do mecha godzilla? From Godzilla vs Kong. 2021
Brett Jolly
Brett Jolly 12 timmar sedan
Fire them at the fucking Democrats.
The Turquoise Dream
The Turquoise Dream 13 timmar sedan
You gotta have the coolest h.o.a ever.
Tom Chumko
Tom Chumko 13 timmar sedan
Horrible music idiots
Cauchys Integral
Cauchys Integral 13 timmar sedan
For boxes labeled 50 shot rocket volley, it sure seems that there are only 25 rockets per box. Is there a second layer below the first or something?
Steven Rickett
Steven Rickett 13 timmar sedan
Next project: flux capacitor
STAR 80 STAR 80 13 timmar sedan
of course no helmet
Colton McCormick
Colton McCormick 14 timmar sedan
Would love to collaborate on some things with you man , im a atv mechanic.
Charles Calavin
Charles Calavin 14 timmar sedan
He said gigity so he could be Quagmire
Hobo Joe
Hobo Joe 15 timmar sedan
The kid is conformed to be O M E G A S M O R T
KINGDAVE! 15 timmar sedan
Could you do A huge backyard rollercoaster!
Hobo Joe
Hobo Joe 15 timmar sedan
Plot twist he is leaking a new LG product.
This is a name
This is a name 15 timmar sedan
bruh Yeezes: Kanye gets taller edition
Penguin Master
Penguin Master 15 timmar sedan
The robbers who stick their eyes through the mail slot *MY EYES!!!!!!*
CJ EAG 15 timmar sedan
This guy is really mad
Penguin Master
Penguin Master 15 timmar sedan
His bike *the camera man running faster* “Pathetic”
Inconfortable 3589 - Incredibox - Gaming
Inconfortable 3589 - Incredibox - Gaming 15 timmar sedan
I like to do treadmill and eat at the same time for a pauses
Nicholas Karako
Nicholas Karako 15 timmar sedan
This guy's like the human equivalent of the Wildcat character from the 90's cartoon Tailspin.
Penguin Master
Penguin Master 16 timmar sedan
Why is he using a flamethrower in the forest
Nicholas Karako
Nicholas Karako 16 timmar sedan
If they do soap box derby car races in the UK Colin's kid or kids are going to smoke the computation.
Mika Misaki
Mika Misaki 16 timmar sedan
Sooo basically it's burning Creosote lol Also, why wouldn't you change the fan to metal blades???
Megan Matheson
Megan Matheson 16 timmar sedan
This guy has to be related to Adam Savage🤣🤣🤣
Penguin Master
Penguin Master 16 timmar sedan
How old is this guy *silently takes notes*
Penguin Master
Penguin Master 16 timmar sedan
Y’all realize without context this is a bmw advertisement look at the chase scene with the oil
Penguin Master
Penguin Master 16 timmar sedan
This baller got a European car (I’m not stupid)
Tek Sight
Tek Sight 16 timmar sedan
You look a lot like the actor who played "Jackle" in the original "Day of the Jackle" movie.
Penguin Master
Penguin Master 16 timmar sedan
Me when I realize this guy has 0 qualifications: *either I’m useless or this guy is really advanced*
FreeKing Awwsome
FreeKing Awwsome 16 timmar sedan
@colinfurze most excellent dude. Freaking awesome man thanks for the shares
Penguin Master
Penguin Master 16 timmar sedan
This guy could fly to Mars before Elon musk could finish producing the next space X rocket
SlaynZ 17 timmar sedan
1:40 huuhhhhh????????
Jonathan Stringer
Jonathan Stringer 17 timmar sedan
Just some other reasons I’m becoming a mechanical engineer.
Jonathan Stringer
Jonathan Stringer 17 timmar sedan
Howard Stark : We will have flying cars in the near future Colinfurze: I built a hoverbike
SpartanCDC 17 timmar sedan
Is this thing street legal?
FreeKing Awwsome
FreeKing Awwsome 17 timmar sedan
Good landing chap
Majed Majed
Majed Majed 18 timmar sedan
dose it walk ?
Jb Wade
Jb Wade 18 timmar sedan
you should make a tolite car
Donosporidium 18 timmar sedan
_happy scorch noises_
Ryan C
Ryan C 18 timmar sedan
Build me one......
Sentience 18 timmar sedan
consuela, lol
Ryan C
Ryan C 18 timmar sedan
Thats one hell of a warranty
Toby Jarvis
Toby Jarvis 19 timmar sedan
I can't lie, it hurt seeing that bike being treated like that
Nova Destiny
Nova Destiny 19 timmar sedan
Anyone else wondering if he still has to run up his stairs 🤔
Charles Calavin
Charles Calavin 19 timmar sedan
This deserves to be in every fair
Fivespeed 302
Fivespeed 302 19 timmar sedan
Great now make it run on grass clippings.
PawełKa 19 timmar sedan
New Top Gear is pathetic.
Pug Pro Productions
Pug Pro Productions 19 timmar sedan
This is just *minor damage*
krusty croc
krusty croc 19 timmar sedan
My science teacher told me to watch this because I asked him about a petrol powered washing machine 😆
Gray Star
Gray Star 19 timmar sedan
А я приветствую всех любителей турбореактивной тяги!)
Slime Games development
Slime Games development 19 timmar sedan
Hey, it’s big enough for a coffin and it’s a box sooo
salibaba 19 timmar sedan
A bit late watching this one but I hope by now that given your proclivity to pyrotechnics, you have managed to find time to source a new 9v battery for the smoke alarm in the hall! Don’t upgrade it with a klaxon to make it better, a 9v will do fine.
Danrob 19 timmar sedan
Still f*ck!n9 awesome!
onio n n Hashr
onio n n Hashr 20 timmar sedan
But who cares
onio n n Hashr
onio n n Hashr 20 timmar sedan
That's an ak74
Atlanta Mahoney
Atlanta Mahoney 20 timmar sedan
Is it scary
Mihael 20 timmar sedan
POV: U learned how to firebend
Gebruikersstation 20 timmar sedan
why don't you make one that goes 250km/h? :):)
op studio
op studio 20 timmar sedan
out standing
Datta S
Datta S 20 timmar sedan
Skip to 5:06 and thank me later.
Napoleon Bonerfarte
Napoleon Bonerfarte 20 timmar sedan
You should have a triggering mechanism that would release a knife every time you press it
Cogz Fam
Cogz Fam 21 timme sedan
People: How longs ya scooter Colin: Oh, its one Colin long People: 😐
Jacob Furst
Jacob Furst 21 timme sedan
how do you get permission to do something like this
Karun Kumar
Karun Kumar 21 timme sedan
Looks like Michael bay movie😂
c v
c v 21 timme sedan
! tänks. növv we vvant the dübbeldeckärt ^ ^ van der fährt xD
MJR Learning Consultancy Ltd
MJR Learning Consultancy Ltd 21 timme sedan
So dangerous without bracing....madness
EPIC DEEE 21 timme sedan
how are you gonna go down without hurting yourself
A_Sol! 21 timme sedan
I wanna see him drive this on public roads
LITTLE MRS. FABULOUS! 21 timme sedan
Just imagine randomly walking down the street and out of nowhere seeing a man going upside down 😂😂😂😂
James Eddy
James Eddy 21 timme sedan
My little brother told on me now I can't play with big boy toys. Thanks Chris you twat.
tyler 21 timme sedan
You’re a cheeky bastard i’ll give you that. Great mancave, thats all it is. Tad full though.
Mahesh Caprison
Mahesh Caprison 22 timmar sedan
Colinfurze try to make a insanely loud car with car audio amplifiers and amps and try to get the cleanest sound possible with a lot of power
Takara Sights
Takara Sights 22 timmar sedan
that's incredible
Jack Robke
Jack Robke 22 timmar sedan
THE NEXT [email protected] WILL BE JUST AS GOOD (2020 happenes)
Alecks1990 22 timmar sedan
t0rd _b0t
t0rd _b0t 22 timmar sedan
honey where the hell is the bunker there’s bombs coming “oops I turned it into a pool”
Ethan Meyers
Ethan Meyers 22 timmar sedan
EHS Exhaust Heated Seats
RAKESH ROSHAN 23 timmar sedan
This is the reason why Corona came into existence
Alex Lee
Alex Lee 23 timmar sedan
MadPunk. 23 timmar sedan
Colin, do you like punk Rock songs?
alex corbin
alex corbin 23 timmar sedan
goes into colins backyard and he has all kinds of inventions he made.be like a musuem.