Polo G - I Know (Official Audio)
Polo G - 33 (Official Audio)
Polo G - 21 (Official Audio)
Jamel .w
Jamel .w 7 minuter sedan
Ami the only one that saw DDG when he was passing out the BMW keys
Buug 10 minuter sedan
Day 8 of listening to this 20 times a row
Onekill SageWRLD
Onekill SageWRLD 11 minuter sedan
Meeshell Ryan
Meeshell Ryan 13 minuter sedan
Anybody else notice the scene where hes in the church is the same church from HUMBLE by Kendrick!
LIVE MOTIVATED 14 minuter sedan
Perseverance 🙏🏼🍾
Kanyae Konah
Kanyae Konah 19 minuter sedan
Oh shit
sheluvsdamian 28 minuter sedan
played this at my dogs memorial 🙁💔
Taya Wilson
Taya Wilson 32 minuter sedan
He speaking facts💯🔥
Corey Grizzle
Corey Grizzle 33 minuter sedan
Wooooooo awesome 👌song
The Bul Bk
The Bul Bk 35 minuter sedan
Jdbtw Demissie
Jdbtw Demissie 38 minuter sedan
“Stab me on the back with a clean smirk” spits some shit
TONK TV 41 minut sedan
I still listen to this
Sebi 41 minut sedan
That's It hurt
RUGER LANCASTER 41 minut sedan
This song so fire
Taya Wilson
Taya Wilson 43 minuter sedan
Ziad Aly
Ziad Aly 44 minuter sedan
who else was spamming the unreleased version before this came out?
Blake Utermahlen
Blake Utermahlen 47 minuter sedan
𝚐𝚘𝚍 𝚝𝚑𝚒𝚜 𝚒𝚜 𝙵𝙸𝚁𝙴🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Sweatydavidon_yt 48 minuter sedan
Dead Body
Dead Body 56 minuter sedan
Knew you were never rootin for me I used to peep the hating
Patrick Joshua Nepinak
Patrick Joshua Nepinak 56 minuter sedan
Euphos FN
Euphos FN 57 minuter sedan
Shit fire bruh
andrea white
andrea white 59 minuter sedan
I love i
Ctg_maccdawg Timme sedan
Tell me your a polog fan without tellin me you a polog fan?
Ctg_maccdawg Timme sedan
How many times have you listened to rapstar today? My count is 15 going on 16.
Amari Timme sedan
Than Span
Than Span Timme sedan
Sooooo underrated
M & P Shit
M & P Shit Timme sedan
“Thinking bout the old me, I swear I miss u dearly” that hit homerun
Blaine Worden
Blaine Worden Timme sedan
Polo is the beat rapper rn. Nobody touching him
madamoon coolbaugh
madamoon coolbaugh Timme sedan
Gabby Blacknall
Gabby Blacknall Timme sedan
This go crazy
SagexYourxSoul Timme sedan
I been tweaking sleeping on you bro 💯💯💯🤦🏾‍♂️ gratitude
Byron young
Byron young Timme sedan
mr baer
mr baer Timme sedan
HauntingKid Playz
HauntingKid Playz Timme sedan
Rising star
Pearlie YTplays
Pearlie YTplays Timme sedan
Bro this song is playing allover the place 😱like damn this song is so lit🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Countryboy 95
Countryboy 95 Timme sedan
" I fought through it all, but that shit hurt me severely"
pop smoke
pop smoke Timme sedan
Why did you say shut the f### up
Klidez Timme sedan
my school when i skip:(
Rylie Addison
Rylie Addison Timme sedan
You will forever be my favorite, please stay safe!! I love you Polo ❤
Neven. T Naicker
Neven. T Naicker Timme sedan
This vid alone makes me wanna watch this video like an episode
Nogui Garcia
Nogui Garcia Timme sedan
I rate a 100000 out of 1
Nogui Garcia
Nogui Garcia Timme sedan
J Getem
J Getem Timme sedan
I can hear Juice Wrld all over this 🙏🏾
Lpz xbl
Lpz xbl 2 timmar sedan
New album
Mikah Silva
Mikah Silva 2 timmar sedan
polo g was probably like "oh shit, a rat"
Nomoreparties In RO
Nomoreparties In RO 2 timmar sedan
Man this beat is fucking crazy 🔥🔥
GOWgamer 9
GOWgamer 9 2 timmar sedan
The only emoji that i can describe the song is🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
GFLow 2 timmar sedan
if you havent subscribed to Polo G, you trippin
xSin 2 timmar sedan
When a girl break yo heart rap star
D4N7E 2 timmar sedan
te ret ast dier the nomber
D4N7E 2 timmar sedan
hola polo g soy tu fan
xSin 2 timmar sedan
When a girl break yo heart rap star
Lawrence George
Lawrence George 2 timmar sedan
Slick Gogeta
Slick Gogeta 2 timmar sedan
Who else has this song stuck in their heads
GMJOSUE 7 2 timmar sedan
bro you the best bruh this song is relaxing and vibing at the same time
Flame Envo BS
Flame Envo BS 2 timmar sedan
Rip Tjay
Starna Thomas
Starna Thomas 2 timmar sedan
Finnegan Hansen
Finnegan Hansen 2 timmar sedan
“Won’t fall out with my brothers cause the love is unconditional”‼️‼️🔥
ZimZim ZZ
ZimZim ZZ 2 timmar sedan
I cant believe this is over 1 month ago, it feels like it got released yesterday
Christian Gaffney
Christian Gaffney 2 timmar sedan
Need some more instrumentals from this guy
Ruuthran Ramdas
Ruuthran Ramdas 2 timmar sedan
1 month later, and it is still #14 in Finland <3
Kaydude 2 timmar sedan
Who is here when it has 21M views???
Elias Ghanem
Elias Ghanem 49 minuter sedan
Evan 11
Evan 11 3 timmar sedan
TTK VOOFIY 3 timmar sedan
I I got to see polo g I would one be hyped and explain my life problems
TTK VOOFIY 3 timmar sedan
How the fuck I wake up from a dream to a nightmare
TOSTED_KIDD 3 timmar sedan
Polo and Montana of 300 needa track together
Hetorics YT
Hetorics YT 3 timmar sedan
I Feel Like He Was Making A Diss 😂
Michael StJohn Jr
Michael StJohn Jr 3 timmar sedan
Mr.Isaiah thomas
Mr.Isaiah thomas 3 timmar sedan
The only thing that is good on you tube
eman ahmed
eman ahmed 3 timmar sedan
Legend 🔥🔥
gamer player dude
gamer player dude 3 timmar sedan
Same beat on 21
Lawrence Mavhunga
Lawrence Mavhunga 3 timmar sedan
Love u future husband
Mr Foreignwhiper
Mr Foreignwhiper 3 timmar sedan
Best song ever
Katie Lou
Katie Lou 3 timmar sedan
Ayyyyyyyyyyyyyy this shit lit 😘😍🥰🤩😝😜💯💯💯💯💯💖💝💋❣️❤️🦷💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋afff
DJ 3 timmar sedan
Bruh yall see lil jackie chain get hype b4 the track even started
Quari Banks
Quari Banks 3 timmar sedan
This song is so fire. It inspired me to really get after it with this music shit. If you’re open to listening to a similar vibe search “Quari Banks - LA Aint The Same”. Aye if I don’t promote myself right now, then nobody will no cap.
Aiden mclaughlin
Aiden mclaughlin 22 minuter sedan
@Phoenix G ur just weird
Phoenix G
Phoenix G 36 minuter sedan
polo g is trash even my music is 10x better
Quari Banks
Quari Banks 2 timmar sedan
If you go listen to the song you’ll know I’m rapping about something I went through my brudda 🤞🏾💯
Zababa YoMama
Zababa YoMama 2 timmar sedan
You can’t just rap to fucking rap pain and experience forms the art in itself if you don’t have a story you’re music won’t meant shit just bring honest
Coalz シ
Coalz シ 3 timmar sedan
Who’s better...? Like polo G Reply polo G Don’t think of 6ix9ine
famejrx1 3 timmar sedan
famejrx1 3 timmar sedan
We littttttttt
famejrx1 3 timmar sedan
famejrx1 3 timmar sedan