Win a IPhone 12! #shorts
2 månader sedan
Mind blowing Life Hack! #shorts
How old were you? #shorts
2 månader sedan
Prank Gone Wrong! #shorts
2 månader sedan
Worlds Best Wedgie! #shorts
Prank on Addison Rae #shorts
Why are you so #shorts
2 månader sedan
Shrish 5 minuter sedan
Dhi k pakode nakli weight fenkta h😂
Jaulin matador De porco
Jaulin matador De porco 8 minuter sedan
I love fake kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
Psalm23 13 minuter sedan
He's the type of guy who would wear playboy jogging pants.
MrFireX 14 minuter sedan
El primero no es suerte es facil de hacer
ThatOneSubieGuy 19 minuter sedan
That one with the cop car. People with no braincells left
Rex Ice
Rex Ice 25 minuter sedan
Who gives a fuck about a lamborghini anyway, these garbages are for graveyrard after 50k miles. Among with ferrarri rolls Royce bugati bentley. Thats why the rich change their cars every 10k miles. Them cars dont go over 50k miles without leaving u on the streets
Inderjeet singh
Inderjeet singh 36 minuter sedan
Plot twist the weight was made of thremocol.
Dbdj Dbdjjfj
Dbdj Dbdjjfj 49 minuter sedan
Junior Lopez
Junior Lopez 51 minut sedan
As if he could actually lift a plate at that weight lol which is why he used a fake
Itsyaboi Drip goku
Itsyaboi Drip goku Timme sedan
These beat hurt my head for 12 days
Eddie Arcega
Eddie Arcega Timme sedan
..... Fck it every one else is doing it. He's the type of guy that opens a window to see what's on the other side.
ali baig
ali baig Timme sedan
It is impossible because all those food have allot of calories so if you eat fkr a bjt yku will be full and you could die kf eating too much
YUN PEPSY Timme sedan
Obv fake
Anuranan Gogoi
Anuranan Gogoi Timme sedan
He's the type of guy who uses a Nokia 9900 to shoot and upload these videos on SEpost.
Luis Damian Pintado
Luis Damian Pintado Timme sedan
The way you can clearly tell it’s different ones stitched together 💀
d Wilson
d Wilson Timme sedan
He's the type of guy that walks into the store and gives the clerk s*** for charging him full price for a pair of shorts when they're only half a pair of pants. 🤣🤣
Yeşim ÖZ
Yeşim ÖZ Timme sedan
You know that they are okay when the video is on youtube instead of liveleaks
Alexander Cesar
Alexander Cesar Timme sedan
Ya right
Ementál Timme sedan
If only... I didn't watched this videos 3 years ago.
Jamilly Cristina Medeiros Gonçalves
Jamilly Cristina Medeiros Gonçalves Timme sedan
Nome da música music
Be Free
Be Free Timme sedan
Its only a car would be better if he used a real one 🤣
S saeed
S saeed Timme sedan
Are you tapd
Ariz Dayan
Ariz Dayan Timme sedan
Don't worry look at the last frame it bounces (it's made out of foam) He's the guy who uses clickbait for views cause you don't see anyone smashing a Lambo everyday
FRAN FER Timme sedan
Cómo se llama la canción :v
somthin YT
somthin YT Timme sedan
We not gonna talk about how him tipping the water isn't perfect there was still like half a bottle left (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ
Ettore Rayneri
Ettore Rayneri Timme sedan
The first one is not difficult to do
Alexandra Sperrer
Alexandra Sperrer 2 timmar sedan
Nomadic Lyrics
Nomadic Lyrics 2 timmar sedan
Boink 2 timmar sedan
Bro this is stolen he cut out parts and put a different sound u can still hear the original sound
TRIO VÃÑÑ 2 timmar sedan
… oof
boxerxx951 2 timmar sedan
What would u wana do that it’s stupid
Redo 2 timmar sedan
We all have an astronomically small chance of existing therefore no matter how lucky we are in life it won't make up for the unluckiness needed to be born
Not great Videos
Not great Videos 2 timmar sedan
He’s the type of guy that when he was born the nurse slapped his mother for having such an annoying bastard
Philippe Yimga
Philippe Yimga 2 timmar sedan
Man!!C'est du golri...
Jhon Cano
Jhon Cano 2 timmar sedan
Plástic people
D. Aga
D. Aga 2 timmar sedan
The algorithm still doesn't get thumbs are weak from the damn dislike Button...
NWEKAR PUBG 2 timmar sedan
YouTube Sucks
YouTube Sucks 2 timmar sedan
Ugly car anyway
Juan Zendejas
Juan Zendejas 2 timmar sedan
Plastic or foam. No real damage
Ondrej Šranko
Ondrej Šranko 2 timmar sedan
Jordan Ross-Ladley
Jordan Ross-Ladley 2 timmar sedan
First one wasn’t smooth but ok
Harrison Argomaniz
Harrison Argomaniz 2 timmar sedan
Ok now pull the bottle out of the cup, see what happens
pracilla Luna
pracilla Luna 2 timmar sedan
Plot twist: the weight thing is actually just foam and didn’t actually break the glass
Ionut Marior
Ionut Marior 3 timmar sedan
People who think that's plastic 🤡
CDPROPLAYER 16 3 timmar sedan
Thats fake
birry cells
birry cells 3 timmar sedan
Fake sgi
Ibrahim Zindine
Ibrahim Zindine 3 timmar sedan
He’s the type of guy to study for his COVID test
dany syrus
dany syrus 3 timmar sedan
കാശിന്റ കഴപ്പാ
Fab 3 timmar sedan
First one is physics, not luck;)
Sione Taukeiaho
Sione Taukeiaho 3 timmar sedan
George Viera
George Viera 3 timmar sedan
🇺🇲Fake weight, bounce off the windshield last second of video.
GGGlider 3 timmar sedan
shakil patel
shakil patel 3 timmar sedan
Weight is fake
Iron wolf gaming
Iron wolf gaming 3 timmar sedan
Honestly, aside from the crime, I’m ok with this, I like ferraris more, even though I don’t own one.
Jake Hutt
Jake Hutt 3 timmar sedan
He's the type of guy to say "I think I'm going to eat a salad today"
Lacoste 3 timmar sedan
He's the type of guy that put the milk first in the cereal bowl instead of cereals.
Bucket 3 timmar sedan
He’s the kind of guy who thinks eggs grow on eggplants
M4k MM
M4k MM 4 timmar sedan
The music has me dying 😫✋😂
QUMAND Tcg's 4 timmar sedan
its faje
Andrew Stineman
Andrew Stineman 4 timmar sedan
Noice fake weight
SinSA 210
SinSA 210 4 timmar sedan
Doctor Beats
Doctor Beats 4 timmar sedan
We’re not stupid It is rubber
Juan Garcia
Juan Garcia 4 timmar sedan
Chupas wey
Ariel Sibayan
Ariel Sibayan 4 timmar sedan
Mister J Adventurer
Mister J Adventurer 4 timmar sedan
He's the type of guy. He's the type of guy.. He's the type o guy.
Stack Money
Stack Money 4 timmar sedan
That was a fake weight I can how he threw it
Juane Swart
Juane Swart 4 timmar sedan
If it didn't start spinning...
Samuel Valle
Samuel Valle 4 timmar sedan
And the windshield would have cracked instantly, there was a delay before the video ended
Samuel Valle
Samuel Valle 4 timmar sedan
He defiantly can’t carry 45 pounds, in that position
tsuxdxoxkxu _
tsuxdxoxkxu _ 4 timmar sedan
Idk I was I expecting a Rick roll
Andreas von Karger
Andreas von Karger 4 timmar sedan
Héctor André Barrial Osorio
Héctor André Barrial Osorio 5 timmar sedan
Kosmaty Żuk
Kosmaty Żuk 5 timmar sedan
Didn't he notice it didn't break? Actually it shouldn't as that weight od forged.
The GG 's
The GG 's 5 timmar sedan
Its fake
Stevy Joe
Stevy Joe 5 timmar sedan
I immediately like this man 1000000% more thank you for just letting the clips play!!!
Joey Macaroni
Joey Macaroni 5 timmar sedan
fuck youuuu
33 da Great
33 da Great 5 timmar sedan
He's the type of guy who make fake video.
enarandom emailkserwgw
enarandom emailkserwgw 5 timmar sedan
He's the type of guy that puts others in position describing what type of guy he is
Gradual High
Gradual High 5 timmar sedan
Copying the other guy that pours water into a cup lol