World's BRIGHTEST Flashlight?
TONY STARK'S Robot in Real Life?
Self-Kickflipping Skateboard!
Piloting a GIANT MECH!
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Mitch Concepcion
Mitch Concepcion 18 timmar sedan
What’s going on here?
Maxikiiing 18 timmar sedan
Apparently we were all born 7000 BBY
Joaquin De Castro
Joaquin De Castro 18 timmar sedan
please make gipsy dangers Plasma cannon make it a lil bit small like a size of your arm
Spontaneous Spazoid
Spontaneous Spazoid 18 timmar sedan
James: *drinks water* his muscles: Hello there!
Raymond Belmont
Raymond Belmont 18 timmar sedan
Hacksmith doesn’t have any kids, does he have a wife? Is Sophie secretly his Mara Jade?
Miles Filby
Miles Filby 18 timmar sedan
I think they should make baptiste gun, immortality field and suit
CARNAGE 18 timmar sedan
Do a test of the titanium tungsten light saber to cut stuff like you did on the plasma one really fantastic and more realistic FANTASTIC JOB JAMES 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩
Harrison Russell
Harrison Russell 18 timmar sedan
im just surprised that it didnt get demonatized 8:13
Owen Oakley
Owen Oakley 18 timmar sedan
extra additive to be a ball to point at a product on the shelves of retailers and have the helmet all glasses to read back about the product that is righten on it ? but also i am a snake catcher so thermal imaging inferred would be highly sort after disadvantage people? please contact if you wish for more on how you could?i have the disability you have the skills
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy 19 timmar sedan
Ian: casually triggers air canister with Mando’s Beskar Spear
stéphanie delettre
stéphanie delettre 19 timmar sedan
Engineers are incredible, it's why I'll be one later. This is when it'll there be lots of Iron men... Omg too Tony Starks... I love that concept XD
Hone 19 timmar sedan
This guy is literally Chris evans
matthewosks 19 timmar sedan
hey just wait 2/3 more years Hacksmith
StrikeKid 19 timmar sedan
I bet the drone cant really fly bc of the weight
Owen Oakley
Owen Oakley 19 timmar sedan
hello how are you going my name is Owen from Australia i am 46 years old i have several troubles Reading and parshal memory problems watched your movie to do with ion marks
Patrik Burda
Patrik Burda 19 timmar sedan
WOW !!!!!! Thats cool!!!!! Can you make me one PLS. i love tesla cybertrucks
Kryštof Viktora
Kryštof Viktora 19 timmar sedan
Omg, am I really wired, or is the girl so fkng annoying??
Jan Mot
Jan Mot 19 timmar sedan
Its time for flores drone now...
Jordan Hernandez
Jordan Hernandez 19 timmar sedan
TheAverage Blitzer
TheAverage Blitzer 19 timmar sedan
Can you make a CLG gun?
gbiagomba 19 timmar sedan
You say spiderman but am getting more attack on titans vibes here! 🤔
Armadyllo 19 timmar sedan
how much did wot have to pay them to give them a shoutout multiple times in the video lol
Soul Player
Soul Player 19 timmar sedan
Could you make hawk eye bow and arrow and maybe a quiver
Xavier Neill
Xavier Neill 19 timmar sedan
2:56 he looks like thermite
barry allen
barry allen 19 timmar sedan
Please be careful,bro. Your projects are getting bigger and more dangerous ,
Rj Gaming
Rj Gaming 19 timmar sedan
Is he the next Einstein
meelo the conqueror
meelo the conqueror 19 timmar sedan
Sophie : your mum misses you me :i just talked to her 5 minutes ago
Break it till you make it
Break it till you make it 20 timmar sedan
Skip trial
Robert Mullen
Robert Mullen 20 timmar sedan
Spider man drone way cooler! : )
Nurshafika Rosle
Nurshafika Rosle 20 timmar sedan
hai halo
Tommy Patrick
Tommy Patrick 20 timmar sedan
Apollo Vanron
Apollo Vanron 20 timmar sedan
Good stuff.
gtoss chddy
gtoss chddy 20 timmar sedan
Sophie: Spending four months to create a fictional star wars movie drone. James: playing at being a Jedi.
NckyTV 21 timme sedan
Do the lightsabers from the Inquisitors
Holly Chambers
Holly Chambers 21 timme sedan
Please can you make Katniss Everdeen’s mockingjay outfit from Catching fire
gtoss chddy
gtoss chddy 20 timmar sedan
Hey dudes! Could you make a shootable spiderman shooter that you can swing with? That would be WICKED!
Wong Joseph
Wong Joseph 21 timme sedan
When will u guys build the Millennium Falcon?
Charlen special
Charlen special 21 timme sedan
Hey iam indonesia
oculi 7
oculi 7 21 timme sedan
Ok that was funny
[ RainingSomewhereElse ]
[ RainingSomewhereElse ] 21 timme sedan
i have an idea for what to make, the firework crossbow from Minecraft (if you haven't done that already, i haven't watched in a while)
Aron Septianto
Aron Septianto 21 timme sedan
how autonomous is the robot, can it chase and aim a human on its own? or does it just stand on a designated point and shoot whenever a human just walk across? also given the fact that the project took 4 months, only getting a 15 min worth of footage doesn't sound like a great return of investment? is a monthly project for a video an editing bottleneck or are there other reasons that we might not know? because I'm pretty sure people will watch a slightly less polished more knitty gritty content, perhaps a monthly update for every project?
NORNI CHIAI 21 timme sedan
Can you do a little more up I sky
Klarence Tobagin
Klarence Tobagin 21 timme sedan
You made a flame thrower not a lightsaber. Still cool, not really a lightsaber.
A J 21 timme sedan
What about Nokia You forget to test on Nokia phone 😆🤣
Lucas Frias
Lucas Frias 21 timme sedan
Ow thats like a movie
Jacob Savala
Jacob Savala 21 timme sedan
It so simple I new what happened when it blew it couldn't handle the resistance Any capacitors on that thing Good work kids
Georgy Jacob
Georgy Jacob 21 timme sedan
Time to unleash Ultron!
Samuel Jackson
Samuel Jackson 21 timme sedan
Jaskaran Singh
Jaskaran Singh 22 timmar sedan
Can it jump start a car
Tatiana Gumeniuk
Tatiana Gumeniuk 22 timmar sedan
Make mini aqalang from star wars 1 episode
My Dad gone
My Dad gone 22 timmar sedan
It would be cool if you make a somewhat working RAY GUN
Nanda Channel
Nanda Channel 22 timmar sedan
Wow, amazing🤩
liz jones
liz jones 22 timmar sedan
What about you make another hoverboard but except with small shockwaves that are Running In milliseconds And probably to make a remote to make the Shockwaves powerful low power high power medium power or off This will be legendary
Abhishek Chaurasia
Abhishek Chaurasia 22 timmar sedan
6:55 Good Joke
liz jones
liz jones 22 timmar sedan
You should probably make a second hoverboard with small shockwaves that are syncing second by second Also you could probably make a remote on how Powerful you can make the shockwaves by small medium hard or off that would be revolutionary
Thomas De Poorter
Thomas De Poorter 22 timmar sedan
Impressive to think this is one of the videos that really got the channel up
liz jones
liz jones 23 timmar sedan
What about you make a second hover board except with tiny shockwaves on the bottom syncing at the same time when its on the ground Well..... On the air
Ashley Danlord Leonor
Ashley Danlord Leonor 23 timmar sedan
can the stormbreaker destroy black panther suit
Κωνσταντίνος Μαριαλένα
Κωνσταντίνος Μαριαλένα 23 timmar sedan
Brooo u r the best
Rupa Jha
Rupa Jha 23 timmar sedan
O my god
madferret 23 timmar sedan
So you're telling me, you built an LED array so powerful it deadass melted glass? Impressive
Darth Nooby
Darth Nooby 23 timmar sedan
Make a machine that can cut hair
soinhu foitu
soinhu foitu 23 timmar sedan
Achievment unlocked: ,,How did we get here?!"
Yrok Dag sedan
I wonder if car insurance covers light saber damage
Dqnuts Dag sedan
5:41 the easiest way to get the money is by just unscrewing those screws
Owen K9
Owen K9 Dag sedan
Which brand of shield did you guys buy for the video?
Bob Kumar
Bob Kumar Dag sedan
Doomblade please James and next one will be iron spiders stingers pls next one pls pls s 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
David Cortsen
David Cortsen Dag sedan
why dont you make a lightsaber fight
Raul Rodriguez
Raul Rodriguez Dag sedan
10:02 me when i see ma girls butt
ANDREW Dag sedan
It’s nice to see actors acting like actual humans not robots
SmellTheL Dag sedan
is that intro a parody of marvel?
michael johnson
michael johnson Dag sedan
You should make a saiyan scouter from dragon ball z that would be really dope!!!!
jahlias gonzalez
jahlias gonzalez Dag sedan
Dude I wish I could get that 🥺 Bc I try to kick flip and nope I can’t at all 🥺😔😢😢😢😭
Kamla Basera
Kamla Basera Dag sedan
Instead of magnets , can you use sound/bass to do this in a smaller prototype
Logan's The Name
Logan's The Name Dag sedan
Wait so if you could get a strong enough electro magnetic field around the flame/ blade...and you make a second one that could repel that charge...could you then dual?🧐 I’m not a super smart guy and I don’t think it would work but just a sketched thought
Ydin setä
Ydin setä Dag sedan
I want that suit 😮😯😲
Gabe Flynn
Gabe Flynn Dag sedan
Can I have one
RJ Dag sedan
This proves science is more astonishing than science fiction
Hallo Dag sedan
Pls upgrade the Spider-Man web shooter make it smaller
Ydin setä
Ydin setä Dag sedan
I have an idea make splatoon guns splatoon that nintendo game