Sabaton New Music Teaser
4 månader sedan
Alex B.
Alex B. 8 timmar sedan
Can someone help me understand something about the old sailor in the video? Is he a survivor of the destroyed Bismarck, or is he one of the English that participated in the destroying of the German battleship?
Graham Williams
Graham Williams 9 timmar sedan
I knew nothing about the sack of Rome until I heard this and went to see what it was all about, now I do it with all their songs it's amazing!
FIRELORD 9 timmar sedan
Imagine being so badass that sabaton makes a song about you Now that's a cool goal in life
Wally Waffle
Wally Waffle 9 timmar sedan
Now this is metal as hell
FUGAS_B_ RUBKU 9 timmar sedan
Айм ин зе раша:)
The great Cornholio
The great Cornholio 9 timmar sedan
Time to do some learning
Glamourous 9 timmar sedan
The germans were ahead of their time.
Joshua Vowell
Joshua Vowell 9 timmar sedan
They should have played this storming the beaches of Normandy
bravo 17
bravo 17 10 timmar sedan
Vivan los Tercios!
Øyvind Hanstad
Øyvind Hanstad 10 timmar sedan
Love this song😀🇳🇴🤟
cnasr 999
cnasr 999 10 timmar sedan
History music is the best
Pe Trovski
Pe Trovski 10 timmar sedan
Dumbbo Shotz
Dumbbo Shotz 11 timmar sedan
Surprised this is not a EasterEgg song in cod zombies Sounds like something they would have
Karolina Radzik
Karolina Radzik 11 timmar sedan
Adi Adimierz 657
Adi Adimierz 657 12 timmar sedan
I feel proud
FuturisticPikacu 12 timmar sedan
I wonder if Sabaton is planning to make a song about Yamato
Sabaton 12 timmar sedan
Oh, please send your specific song topics to our website, so that we can take a closer look:
Jebać Disa
Jebać Disa 12 timmar sedan
Sabaton: hehe the tank does brum brum
Denis Allard
Denis Allard 12 timmar sedan
Plus longtemps que jamais 😉😎👊✌💪👀🌠💫😈🔫
Denis Allard
Denis Allard 13 timmar sedan
Tu as peut-être trouver les vrais cacher derrière vous malheureusement c'est bien mieux comme 😎👊✌👍💪👀👻👍
Денис Денис
Денис Денис 13 timmar sedan
Продолжайте в том же духе, ваши песни действительно хороши, надеюсь, что таковыми они и останутся.
issa ahmad
issa ahmad 13 timmar sedan
this is cinema quality
Sabaton 11 timmar sedan
Epic, isn't it?
Adi Adimierz 657
Adi Adimierz 657 13 timmar sedan
Normies: haha France surrender baguette Me, who listens to Sabaton: so uncivilized
CB Plays
CB Plays 14 timmar sedan
When the paladin gets bardic inspiration
Μιχάλης Νικολάκης
Μιχάλης Νικολάκης 14 timmar sedan
* France surrenders * Germans : the french are defeated The french : well yes , but actually no
THEFighterFromHell 14 timmar sedan
aż miło się słucha mojej ojczyzny ktura jest rujnowana przez LGBT
Token 14 timmar sedan
It's not rock or metal, these are my history lessons, thank you Sabaton!
Sabaton 11 timmar sedan
We're everything together!
PMW3 14 timmar sedan
these ladies had some serious balls
Amanda Adolfsson
Amanda Adolfsson 15 timmar sedan
Sabaton makes the best music 👍❤
畏高的雄火龙then00brathalos 15 timmar sedan
6 may 1527 , the last stand happened.
A Passing Soul
A Passing Soul 15 timmar sedan
Heres a war themed song in the spirit of Sabaton
A Passing Soul
A Passing Soul 15 timmar sedan
Heres a war themed song in the spirit of Sabaton
A Passing Soul
A Passing Soul 15 timmar sedan
Heres a war themed song in the spirit of Sabaton
CT-2864 Clone 1853034
CT-2864 Clone 1853034 15 timmar sedan
Every time Sabaton makes a song about certain groups of soldiers or people, they always manage to make me feel the camaraderie, loyalty, courage and trust that they must have had for each other. Royal Guardsmen, Caroleans, 12th Army, 77th, Swiss Guard, Chasseurs Ardennais, Devil Dogs, all of them. Thank you again for bringing the stories of all these different people to life through your amazing music, fellow Scandinavians! 👍
Joe Theulen
Joe Theulen 15 timmar sedan
Semper fi
stilgar2007 16 timmar sedan
Well, I am off to hunt bombers in War Thunder. There will be no mercy.
Stratigan Games
Stratigan Games 16 timmar sedan
If I ever need to just let it all out and cry, I come back here.
rom bimbum
rom bimbum 16 timmar sedan
Ощущение тапок то спел лучше
Matt K.
Matt K. 16 timmar sedan
AN Finance
AN Finance 17 timmar sedan
This shall be Sweden's new National Anthem!
T-Swagg Gaming
T-Swagg Gaming 17 timmar sedan
Dogecoin be like:
Kazukiyo Meyer
Kazukiyo Meyer 17 timmar sedan
People with no taste: "Metal creates delinquents, and delinquents fail in life!!" Sabaton: "Hold my Tank Round"
LoK 17 timmar sedan
Imagine on big scale concert. The chorus, oh god
Commando Ace
Commando Ace 17 timmar sedan
We named our band "Shoe".
HaVok_Games 17 timmar sedan
I love the beginning part. It's an evil antagonist's theme. The organ fits well there.
robert sigo
robert sigo 18 timmar sedan
1:46 imagen this out of context
Mr. peanutt
Mr. peanutt 18 timmar sedan
"The fleet is coming!" Me: There is no more hope for Bismarck!
SCP - 173 With a crucible
SCP - 173 With a crucible 18 timmar sedan
Wait so Bismarck and this video were made with collaboration of wargaming?
- ligitloder
- ligitloder 18 timmar sedan
Now im ganna say to my fr to se sabaton he like the vid
ItsAdanDel 19 timmar sedan
I am an 11-year-old boy, and real into history, Sabaton was like my main reason why I like World War 2 or any type of War, their music has inspired me to learn history and I am pretty good at history at my school and people always come up to me if they need help with a history question, and this song was one of the first songs I've first heard from Sabaton.
Sabaton 11 timmar sedan
We're happy to see you appreciate our history content
Morgoth 19 timmar sedan
Sabaton, the best metalband ever !!
Sabaton 11 timmar sedan
Thank you for appreciating our music!
Slimmest Jim
Slimmest Jim 19 timmar sedan
I feel like I learn more about history in a 3 minute Sabaton song than a semester of world history in college
Sabaton 11 timmar sedan
We are kind of complementary lessons
I love Christ
I love Christ 19 timmar sedan
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attentive Gingy
attentive Gingy 19 timmar sedan
This looks like a guitar hero live song lol.
Dylan's AMV
Dylan's AMV 19 timmar sedan
god a s a native i've been waiting to hear a song about us by sabaton since i found them in 2014, and its a bout a legend AWSOME.
Nicholas Wallen
Nicholas Wallen 19 timmar sedan
My wife told me to mow the grass, then the winged hussars arrived.
fyredemon 19 timmar sedan
I may not be swedish, but petition to make this the new swedish anthem?
Sabaton 11 timmar sedan
Wouldn't it be epic?
PF Creeper
PF Creeper 19 timmar sedan
Allies: We can’t help Poland, we are trying to stop hitler with diplomacy Poland: Guess I need to do this myself
OverConfidencePlayz 19 timmar sedan