Lil Tjay - 20/20 (Official Audio)
Lil Tjay - Go In (Lyric Video)
Brandon Gomez
Brandon Gomez 3 timmar sedan
I’m pretty sure Hispanics, and black people only know what this song is about
Jhit Flor
Jhit Flor 3 timmar sedan
Active_boss tv
Active_boss tv 3 timmar sedan
This song just seem like it talking about my life sighhh❗😔
Red Dino
Red Dino 3 timmar sedan
I love you lil tjay this song goes hard!!
KC 4 timmar sedan
Only youngsta I fucks wit! 💪🏽
Night Love
Night Love 4 timmar sedan
ఆ ఆi love u girl.
Nikki Ortiz
Nikki Ortiz 4 timmar sedan
Lil tjay special in music wise
UnrealJack 4 timmar sedan
Tjay the best in the game rn
Anish Subba
Anish Subba 4 timmar sedan
I like her voice it is in another level
Anish Subba
Anish Subba 4 timmar sedan
@cørrūpťıøñ his voice is nice
cørrūpťıøñ 4 timmar sedan
? What yo mean
Bob The job
Bob The job 4 timmar sedan
Tjay gets the baddest women in his vids ❌🧢
B Raxcks
B Raxcks 4 timmar sedan
Ben Piotrowski
Ben Piotrowski 4 timmar sedan
You crip or blood nigga
Let them haters run there mouth
Let them haters run there mouth 4 timmar sedan
This album slaps
Maitrik p
Maitrik p 5 timmar sedan
Man this song though.. Unbelievably good, soooo hard!! 🔥
Alvin Rodriguez
Alvin Rodriguez 5 timmar sedan
The best
Lil Club plays
Lil Club plays 5 timmar sedan
Savanna Warren
Savanna Warren 5 timmar sedan
"Can't believe I was me & I let you"
Macauley Mcguire
Macauley Mcguire 5 timmar sedan
fucking love this song
Fire Up Ninja
Fire Up Ninja 5 timmar sedan
Why is this video appearing as an ad in some SEpost that I was watching?
yaboi tavi
yaboi tavi 5 timmar sedan
I been a fan since brothers
yusuf almaqaleh
yusuf almaqaleh 5 timmar sedan
Who’s here after that’s insta story
DrippyBeast YT
DrippyBeast YT 5 timmar sedan
Nothin but FIRE🔥
prod. ayan
prod. ayan 5 timmar sedan
i like this
Laura Stoddart
Laura Stoddart 5 timmar sedan
You will be good at everything in life if you watching in 2020
Jayden Blain
Jayden Blain 5 timmar sedan
This is how many times lil tjay said the n word
Ashton Williams
Ashton Williams 5 timmar sedan
Strawz 5 timmar sedan
this some heat
Team Defusion
Team Defusion 6 timmar sedan
its so fire if you put it in 1.25
FortniteEditsYT 6 timmar sedan
1 Year Today
TriniBoss Entertainment
TriniBoss Entertainment 6 timmar sedan
👆🌏Literally 99% won't see this but if you do, God truly bless you, stay safe, maskup and have a wonderful day. ✝️
TriniBoss Entertainment
TriniBoss Entertainment 6 timmar sedan
👆🌏Literally 99% won't see this but if you do, God truly bless you, stay safe, maskup and have a wonderful day. ✝️
Kandy 6 timmar sedan
Song احبها ❤️❤️
Zara Dee
Zara Dee 6 timmar sedan
I'm sorry
Quan the Blob
Quan the Blob 6 timmar sedan
And we didn't even see any popcorn-eating..
Aj 29
Aj 29 6 timmar sedan
This song is straight up fire lil tjay kept up the great work ur up next
Khloe Hargrave
Khloe Hargrave 6 timmar sedan
Sløute 6 timmar sedan
Tjay da goat
HASAN YT 6 timmar sedan
This song is soo addicting
Jake Gaddis
Jake Gaddis 4 timmar sedan
I know right
Dunder From down under
Dunder From down under 6 timmar sedan
This dude only breaks 100M views When he collabs this is not a king but he's great.
King Panda
King Panda 6 timmar sedan
If this gets 0 likes you are special
Tegonnie Ferron
Tegonnie Ferron 7 timmar sedan
I just notice this video was done in Jamaica 😃
Keith Spencer
Keith Spencer 7 timmar sedan
This is not the most sleep track
deathstroke destroyer
deathstroke destroyer 7 timmar sedan
Dont even look at this its meaning less
Nikhil mitchell
Nikhil mitchell 7 timmar sedan
Love it lion that keep up the work I am s producer and rap so come check me out
I am roblox r0b10x
I am roblox r0b10x 7 timmar sedan
Ingris Canales
Ingris Canales 7 timmar sedan
Miguel Rodriguez
Miguel Rodriguez 7 timmar sedan
My girl cheded on me
Rizwaan Ahmed
Rizwaan Ahmed 7 timmar sedan
Who is still listening in 2020?
Rizwaan Ahmed
Rizwaan Ahmed 7 timmar sedan
This is gonna be in my playlist on repeat for at least a week
Richmond Casidy
Richmond Casidy 8 timmar sedan
This song too underrated
Zaki 8 timmar sedan
1 year ago this was . amazing .
Hipstrumentals Ten
Hipstrumentals Ten 8 timmar sedan
We just posted this beat up. Shoutout to Tjay & Avery!!!
Anthony BCI
Anthony BCI 8 timmar sedan
Are those the tunnels from teen wolf
Plu Wink
Plu Wink 8 timmar sedan
November gang where you at?
YNW Melly
YNW Melly 8 timmar sedan
I came back here because of your story on insta💙😌
Chkng Song
Chkng Song 8 timmar sedan
Don’t be here from TikTok
Ehsaan. 8 timmar sedan
Them poor people they were just trying to watch a movie in peace
Ohhey aid
Ohhey aid 8 timmar sedan
Him and Iann dior made almost the same song
MR. FISHSTICKS 8 timmar sedan
soinu foig
soinu foig 8 timmar sedan
my man needs to be recognized a lot more he is so undeerrated 🚫🧢💯💯💯🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Savagetat Boi
Savagetat Boi 8 timmar sedan
Can anybody give me atleast 100 likes
Kacey Young
Kacey Young 8 timmar sedan
When your mans told on you for taking a extra snack from the lunch program.
Eden corp
Eden corp 8 timmar sedan
Iamthetruth21 9 timmar sedan
Yo tjay lob me shawty n da video
Esme Bravo
Esme Bravo 9 timmar sedan
the video is so sad
Datkidmxllz _
Datkidmxllz _ 9 timmar sedan
bro this hits diff late at night😩
Farah Beydoun
Farah Beydoun 9 timmar sedan
Cley Ce
Cley Ce 9 timmar sedan
Hola ❤️ Si solo una persona lee esto, honestamente me alegrará el día. Soy un compositor y cantante de Cartagero y sé que la gente escribe esto todo el tiempo, pero creo que seré el único al que le encantará escuchar. Hago todas mis canciones y mis vídeos solo. Si una persona pudiera dar el visto bueno, estarás un paso más cerca de ayudar a que los sueños de un músico se hagan realidad. No te decepcionarás. Solo da una oportunidad y 3 minutos de tu tiempo. Gracias 🙏 Si Eres Humilde Deja Tu Like y Suscribete Gracias✋
soinu foig
soinu foig 8 timmar sedan
I love this!?
Ooogly Penguin
Ooogly Penguin 9 timmar sedan
When you glow up and your ex comes back to you
Jamila Mohamed Adel Salah Eldin
Jamila Mohamed Adel Salah Eldin 9 timmar sedan
Jamila Mohamed Adel Salah Eldin
Jamila Mohamed Adel Salah Eldin 9 timmar sedan
I love 💗 your beautiful beautiful song
Ricardo Lakatos
Ricardo Lakatos 10 timmar sedan
Mishath Thanenthiran
Mishath Thanenthiran 10 timmar sedan
Imagine listening to the song in November 27th last year and this year 😂🔥
Zaky 10 timmar sedan
If people dislike people using the "n" word then can these rappers stop using it as influences others to use it. I like these songs but when you overdo the same language only used by one race it is pretty much pointless.
leo hrvat.80
leo hrvat.80 10 timmar sedan
Canbroke sieht immer gleich aus 🚬
Unknown Caller
Unknown Caller 10 timmar sedan
This is beautiful
Muhanad Shaaya
Muhanad Shaaya 10 timmar sedan
Can't say im a day one fan, but I wish I was All love from Vancouver #KeepItUp
jacques cortes
jacques cortes 10 timmar sedan
this is his year fasho
Destiny Jones
Destiny Jones 10 timmar sedan
Hunter Elite06
Hunter Elite06 10 timmar sedan
Bro this is a fire song