DIY Odor Remover (For Your Car)
XxDiesel_Vibes999 Timme sedan
0:51 StrongFix
XxDiesel_Vibes999 Timme sedan
I can tell my future kids that they should always,ALWAYS! bring blinker fluid with them just incase anyone needs it such as a BMW. thanks Chris. I get the joke.
J M Timme sedan
Grit is grains of abrasive ie sand per square inch
Sten netS
Sten netS Timme sedan
There is good and bad with backing in the car, if you have front wheel drive you never get stuck “wheels spinning” if you reverse, I have always (mostly) traction when reversing my front wheel in mud/snow/slippery stuff. I have always driven in to park when it isn’t plowed or whatever “risk to get stuck” case it might be, and always got out.
Rhythm Guitar Man
Rhythm Guitar Man Timme sedan
I can see how your relationship with this vehicle will end, Chris. With an almighty bang and a faint smell of shit....
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu Timme sedan
Watching this while living in an area it never snows
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu Timme sedan
My favorite way is punching out the ice off the glass if you roll down the windows or you could try to punch out the windows too both work 10/10
Mitchell Miller
Mitchell Miller Timme sedan
amazing work on the video, it really makes a beginner like myself understand it. Thank you.
Mr. Meeseeks
Mr. Meeseeks Timme sedan
Perfect for Texans rn
Baylor Abney
Baylor Abney Timme sedan
9:55 perfect technique there champ
Faustino Myriam
Faustino Myriam Timme sedan
The feeble feigned porch arguably wait because hedge unlikely sniff across a sable couch. bent, actually pisces
Poo Man
Poo Man Timme sedan
2008 opel vectra Vxr
2008 opel vectra Vxr Timme sedan
StraightSLAV 193
StraightSLAV 193 Timme sedan
Wow. I only found your channel yesterday and I absolutely love them. They are literally the best “tutorials” (I quote tutorials because it’s kindve a tutorial but it’s also you showing people that you can build cars with common everyday tools)
Béla Timme sedan
My Man! Please put that turbo in the Del Sol! Pretty pleasee ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ
Matthew Abt
Matthew Abt Timme sedan
Remember if you have a mopar the transmission must be in neutral and the temp gauge has to be warm
Jonas Schinkler
Jonas Schinkler Timme sedan
Pro tip, build a small car port. A simple, low cost project that will shield your car from the elements.
Ada Marlem
Ada Marlem Timme sedan
Use a kitchen spatula to place your cloth/paper.
Vicki Trego
Vicki Trego Timme sedan
I am going to detail my dad's car and then mine. Great tips and thank you!
Carol Lingo
Carol Lingo Timme sedan
I dont repair cars, but if I did Chris is a great teacher, about everything having to do with cars.
Ariel Plumas
Ariel Plumas Timme sedan
Man ,nice video but I tell you something without any arounds ,I am used always premium gas in my car and sometimes octane booster to keep the engine in good conditions the rest is history my friend ,the people used regular for cheap but them they pay more in mechanic .
Akshay Awhad
Akshay Awhad Timme sedan
I live in India... We never get snow in our place😂
Xavier Perez
Xavier Perez Timme sedan
Who gives this a thumbs down!? This is gold information! Thanks Chris!!!
Elizabeth Martinez
Elizabeth Martinez Timme sedan
Very good video. Thanks
Ryan Sauerwine
Ryan Sauerwine Timme sedan
I love how chrisfix shows you its not impossible to do it yourself. Honestly the only guy I trust on YT.
Michael Werbick
Michael Werbick Timme sedan
shuttsco snow rake is the best and does not scratch your paint. Well Ive used mine for 10+ years and never scratched it. works with heavier snow too. Also, dont drive with high heat on the windshield. That way when its snowing when you drive, it wont ice up if its still snowing.
Larry Hadley
Larry Hadley Timme sedan
I’m 64 and thought I knew it all, me bad, thanks for a few new tips Chris.
HERO'S GAMING WORLD 2 timmar sedan
Susan looks great XD
Carlos F
Carlos F 2 timmar sedan
I said I'm not gonna watch whole 29 min. Then 29min later here I am 😆
Joel McLaughlin
Joel McLaughlin 2 timmar sedan
You could start an entire channel - crushing things with my hummer
Petzouqi 2 timmar sedan
I used cold water on hot glass at the age of 9 and I broke the RAM 1500 Windshield. Learned my lesson lol
Joel McLaughlin
Joel McLaughlin 2 timmar sedan
That's AWESOME! Definitely the favorite hummer I have seen. Love the performance
p f
p f 2 timmar sedan
Chris, if my car has Iridium spark plugs, can I use no Iridium?
Nickolas Davies
Nickolas Davies 2 timmar sedan
do i detect a hint of excitement in your voice, never seen your videos before but if this video is anything to go on, you have earned it, words per second count, content detail a quality production.
Black Japanese
Black Japanese 2 timmar sedan
red is very bad coolor
Lombe CHILUBA 2 timmar sedan
Vicente Torres
Vicente Torres 2 timmar sedan
CHris The Best Fix.
Cam Dunlop
Cam Dunlop 2 timmar sedan
I run a small space heater in my car overnight. Melts all the snow/ice and the car is toasty warm in the morning.
Christine Ames
Christine Ames 2 timmar sedan
Hey I love your complete explanations of the steps to fix your vehicle..but I'm wondering if my fuel pump is working because I hear it turn on and I have fuel in the injectors..yet I have low pressure is there anything other then fuse relay and pump that would prevent my nazda b2500 4 cyl. I really hope so because I just found out I have to remove the bed. To get to the pump..forever a fan!! Thsnk you
Sithika Nanayakkare
Sithika Nanayakkare 2 timmar sedan
Him:10 Winter Car TIPS & TRICKS you NEED to Know!! Me,a 12 year old who dosen't have car and lives in tropical climate:oOh iNteReSTiNg
Nicholas Beer
Nicholas Beer 2 timmar sedan
Snow like that you just hit the wipers once and drive away.. the snow will just blow off as you drive
Finheim Forge
Finheim Forge 2 timmar sedan
Thank you so very much Chris. I got my first car a few months ago following this guide, and It helped loads! I ended getting a 1997 Eagle Talon ESI, and I love it. In the spring I plan to super clean it and do all the interior detailing myself, as well as any mechanical things that hopefully don't arise. Oh! And I'm gonna install a kill-switch. This afternoon I am going to go with my sister to look at a new car and I will be following this guide once again. Hopefully everything checks out! Anyway, thank you for putting all of this information out, it is extremely valuable to me. Thank you.
riaan mocke
riaan mocke 2 timmar sedan
Michael Kempton
Michael Kempton 2 timmar sedan
He posted on March 31 so people see it on April 1. Nice April Fool's video.
MaggieMoke 2 timmar sedan
that rusted hub should be replaced
Dorian Perez
Dorian Perez 2 timmar sedan
An old cd works pretty good to scrape off ice. Thx for the tip n your vids very informative
José Garcia
José Garcia 2 timmar sedan
Do you really need to lift the car to change the power steering oil? I know that rotating the wheels standing still isn't great for the tires/direction/suspension, but it gets the job done I guess
Dobby is a free elf
Dobby is a free elf 2 timmar sedan
It feels soooooo good to clean a car. I love seeing it shiny
Patrick Reyes
Patrick Reyes 2 timmar sedan
I need help with how to do my 2013 nissan sentra horn switch replacement
ÄitisRakas 2 timmar sedan
When using hot water in bag to melt ice off the windows remember to wipe windows so they are dry or that water will freeze and u cant see enything
Mike Garrett
Mike Garrett 2 timmar sedan
I could repair that bumper cover, would be stronger than before, and no one could tell the difference in it and a new one
Bryan 2 timmar sedan
3:54, what you doing step can??
Nisco Racing
Nisco Racing 2 timmar sedan
3:10 Never fixed the cap, Chris you told us you would fix it!
JayMuneyy 2 timmar sedan
Where did you get that new fuse
Sherry Spencer
Sherry Spencer 2 timmar sedan
Dressing dressing
Alec's Garden
Alec's Garden 2 timmar sedan
Do you think you could talk about the 3 "e" Ratings (E-10, E-15, and E-85)
PC Life
PC Life 3 timmar sedan
My dream car? 1969 Chevrolet Camaro.
7mbix lol
7mbix lol 3 timmar sedan
My dream car is the VTC
lorne Armstrong
lorne Armstrong 3 timmar sedan
Thank you Mr.Hands.
shubhankit gautam
shubhankit gautam 3 timmar sedan
Spike?? Where's Coop?
Peter Parker
Peter Parker 3 timmar sedan
good stuff
Alruh Paculanang
Alruh Paculanang 3 timmar sedan
hey chrisfix when will you do another video of Chevrolet trailblazer because i cant wait to watch it goodluck and godbless!!
YTPandy 3 timmar sedan
Savage_1 3 timmar sedan
I love the videos keep it up
LapisWRX 2019
LapisWRX 2019 3 timmar sedan
@chrisfix The link for the soapy wooder isn't available, can you pin the directions? Thanks
King Phillips
King Phillips 3 timmar sedan
Can you provide info on how to do A transmission flush on a closed transmission I have a 2019 impala so a Chevy would help
Anwar Ali
Anwar Ali 3 timmar sedan
Don't forget the mouthwash! Listerine with wd40 , baking soda and vinegar. Tops.. 👍
xXGamer_29 3 timmar sedan
Dealer: it is 14,900 Chris: 13,500 Dealer: ... Chris: ... Dealer: you got a deal
CJ Gaming
CJ Gaming 3 timmar sedan
Who put the suger in filer tube?
Aamir Nawaz
Aamir Nawaz 3 timmar sedan
I love this tools...but I mostly use hammer for
Cory Harder
Cory Harder 3 timmar sedan
1981 Delorean Will probably never be able to get one 🙃
Harry Savage
Harry Savage 3 timmar sedan
Your plate is on it your first time looking
Areen the pro pubg gameplay
Areen the pro pubg gameplay 3 timmar sedan
How do you put it louder exhaust
Goose 3 timmar sedan
Hi, great tips, especially for me because I live in Northern Ontario where we have to deal with snow and ice for months at a time each year, plus I'm a driving instructor so always on the road. I'm guessing that silicone spray can work for frozen gas tank doors/latches, too, eh?
ian 3 timmar sedan
You forgot blinker fluid 😂
Vladimir Olujic
Vladimir Olujic 3 timmar sedan
Shouldn't it be upside down??
kmil Babiel
kmil Babiel 3 timmar sedan
Waooo is Pretty Easily good vido Chriss
Sami and Cici's Corner
Sami and Cici's Corner 3 timmar sedan
1:13 cooper is soooooooo cute
FreakzRitual 3 timmar sedan
How about a tip to keep the ice buildup in your wheelwells?
Sami and Cici's Corner
Sami and Cici's Corner 4 timmar sedan
10:02 its awsome not like mine, mine looked like shit but i got better and better and it still turned out like not that good but u earned a sub
Jonathan Watson
Jonathan Watson 4 timmar sedan
All was told that you need to use as little boby filler as you can, and if you need to use a lot just replaces the panel. And if the panel does not sound like metal you used to much.