hi how are you
hi how are you 23 timmar sedan
Omg I love Joe--I really hope he gets to be on Paradise
Thanks for For 43 subscribers thank you very much!!
Thanks for For 43 subscribers thank you very much!! 23 timmar sedan
Charlie there are people dying 🙄
Zeb Xwb
Zeb Xwb 23 timmar sedan
Still mourning the loss of Dr. Joe Park the anesthesiologist.....
Xavier Morla
Xavier Morla 23 timmar sedan
I love the hell out of this guy
ivoryorchidfemme 23 timmar sedan
I would love to see all the footage of him saying stuff into the camera 😭
Ben dover
Ben dover 23 timmar sedan
Vikki Mcgraw
Vikki Mcgraw 23 timmar sedan
I love Joe!!!!
Kevin is Nice
Kevin is Nice 23 timmar sedan
Who she send home
Noah Beltran
Noah Beltran 23 timmar sedan
First, that could and is not a passing out because she was reacting. People who pass out pass out then and there without knowing.
HellBoy9 Samodra
HellBoy9 Samodra 23 timmar sedan
WAP just a beginning.
Sabina Guner
Sabina Guner 23 timmar sedan
If she's from a middle eastern culture , for fact she would want kids
TheGogilily 23 timmar sedan
I ship Kendal and this Joe 😂😊❤️
H Alba
H Alba 23 timmar sedan
Sabina Guner
Sabina Guner 23 timmar sedan
Don't think he wants kids
Ermalizal Ahmad Zuhdi
Ermalizal Ahmad Zuhdi 23 timmar sedan
A proud mom
Angie terrazas
Angie terrazas 23 timmar sedan
She is just ungrateful like fame doesn’t matter I have 666 followers I’m great full
Sharla Lucas
Sharla Lucas 23 timmar sedan
Joe is awesome!
Liana’s Life
Liana’s Life 23 timmar sedan
He is so genuine and there is no doubt that he is really looking for love
beatriz ximendes
beatriz ximendes 23 timmar sedan
YALLL!!! She’s a Human !! pls stop hating her!
nellie 23 timmar sedan
wow Joe was really slept on. I hope to see more of him.
RAGA GORERAZ 23 timmar sedan
Emmanuella Nkeaka
Emmanuella Nkeaka 23 timmar sedan
Goosebump 801
Goosebump 801 23 timmar sedan
Please, Joe, do come on Bachelor in Paradise! It’s a great format for sincere people to find lasting love. (Look up Evan & Carly, or Astrid & Kevin) 🌹
Gabriella Wells
Gabriella Wells 23 timmar sedan
Guys it’s no big deal leave her alone
Nyasha Nyemba
Nyasha Nyemba 23 timmar sedan
had only seen a few episodes back when i was young, i started watching this weekend and man im sleeping at 3am everyday im on season 5 now. wow you guys need to do a continuation this show is amazing
Natalie Cuerden
Natalie Cuerden 23 timmar sedan
I just love him he is so smart and adorable and real.. he makes you smile just talking normal stuff.. great outlook in life too..
shinchan is my buddy
shinchan is my buddy 23 timmar sedan
Charlie like seriously like we gave u this popularity n all u r doing is being greedy for followers I m gonna unfollow her NOW
Xavier Morla
Xavier Morla 23 timmar sedan
So the guy just wanted to be in paradise 🙃
ivoryorchidfemme 23 timmar sedan
He’s was a fucking doctor in nyc during the height of their pandemic. He has said he hasn’t even applied for the show, but was reached out to by a producer. Did you know he was voted one of NYC’s most eligible bachelors? Even if he did it for paradise, this hardworking doctor deserves a break and is a genuine catch. Stop being jealous man, not a good look.
Abigail Sunn
Abigail Sunn 23 timmar sedan
JOE FOR BACHELOR 2021 😍😍 so down to Earth and genuine 💞
Ta Chun
Ta Chun 23 timmar sedan
Yang milih allah like 40000 ya.
ally burnett
ally burnett 23 timmar sedan
Joe for paradise 2021 lol
the_UwU _girl
the_UwU _girl 23 timmar sedan
Awww she lost 1MIL... She lost like $500k aww🙄🙄🙄
Ren Zie
Ren Zie 23 timmar sedan
everyone is cringey
Kevin is Nice
Kevin is Nice 23 timmar sedan
Get a mail order brides
Christine Thomas
Christine Thomas 23 timmar sedan
Not a fan of noah. Huge fan of ivan, joe and your outfit, Lauren.
Fabian Alvarado
Fabian Alvarado 23 timmar sedan
I can’t be the only one that saw those dolls on the left move @ 13:50
Effi 23 timmar sedan
I am in love with this man. Seriously.
OLFF TV 23 timmar sedan
My condolences go out to both of them
Robyn Ragone
Robyn Ragone 23 timmar sedan
I am wearing the Selena Mac matte lipgloss right now and it's exactly what her sister is wearing 💋.
Nina SeventySeven
Nina SeventySeven 23 timmar sedan
I don't feel great about cops but this guy won my heart. Congratulations Tony!
Ayo Olukoga
Ayo Olukoga 23 timmar sedan
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Maira Gil
Maira Gil 23 timmar sedan
Aww poor charli and dixi
ILVYP89 23 timmar sedan
I was a glee fan. But I stopped watching the show when IT WAS ALL ABOUT RACHEL. She was a MEAN character AND THE SHOW (TO ME) WAS ABOUT STOP BULLIES. I HATE DIVA RACHEL AND AFTER THIS DIVA LEA...
Abi C
Abi C 23 timmar sedan
The only show on television that still has me cracking up 10+ years later.
Ace 1o7
Ace 1o7 23 timmar sedan
Joe was sad because he had to leave his bros 😆😆😆
That B
That B 23 timmar sedan
He speaks with such a soft compassionate tone it’s almost eerie.... kinda like an anesthesiologist coming into my room to explain what the process is going to be before my operation 😂
熊晓健 23 timmar sedan
The Red Devil
The Red Devil 23 timmar sedan
When I watched The Quarterback I couldn't stop crying. Not for Cory being dead, but for Naya leaving us. The day her body was found was also the day I was on The Quarterback. You can't imagine how sad that is.
Privah Eliberz
Privah Eliberz 23 timmar sedan
Lauren 😂😂😂😂😂
Tsoler Pashayan
Tsoler Pashayan 23 timmar sedan
I LOVE Joe!!! The only Real person on the show hands down.
熊晓健 23 timmar sedan
Mariama dielo Ba
Mariama dielo Ba 23 timmar sedan
He like his mother
熊晓健 23 timmar sedan
The Red Devil
The Red Devil 23 timmar sedan
I cry every time I see this. It breaks my heart that her son lost his mother at such a young age. I feel very sorry for Naya's friends and family. I've made so many tributes to her and I don't think I will ever recover from her leaving us. I'm just going to be honest and say that I think Naya's death is one of the saddest things I've had to go through in my life. I really wanted her to be found alive during her search, but may she rest in peace. Her death is the reason I regret listening to both Glee versions of Keep Holding On, and I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For. She will be remembered forever. (1987-2020)
Ricky Lafleur
Ricky Lafleur 23 timmar sedan
This dude is such a tool
Akky Kennedy
Akky Kennedy 23 timmar sedan
I don’t care 🤷‍♀️
Jessica Gallagher
Jessica Gallagher 23 timmar sedan
Seems like a stand-up dude.
Makana Wondu
Makana Wondu 23 timmar sedan
Why tf she crying
Ariana Alva
Ariana Alva 23 timmar sedan
When he asked about gabriela 🐣
Lone wulf mo
Lone wulf mo 23 timmar sedan
Two questions: why and how.. Why and how cN a woman so beUtiful on the outside have such a beautiful heart inside? I don't understand?
ARIANA SOFIA MARIN 23 timmar sedan
guau yo soy tu fan numero 1
Shadowlink405 23 timmar sedan
Well damn YOU MADE IT. Just watching this in retrospect since there arent any Ahsoka interviews yet
Glalie Master
Glalie Master 23 timmar sedan
Who’s here after Chapter 13. I loved her as the character
Karen NE
Karen NE 23 timmar sedan
I don’t really like Jenni. She called her dirty and trash at her wedding. Yes people tell embarrassing stories during a toast but they don’t recite a speech of insults and call it a toast. They were rude and could really just say, “our bad” and move on.
Thanh Nguyen
Thanh Nguyen 23 timmar sedan
Dr. Joe!What an amazing person he is. He's a gem!
hildra hildra
hildra hildra 23 timmar sedan
Raina Corropolese
Raina Corropolese 23 timmar sedan
*im kinda like a wannabe ghost*
peter wong
peter wong 23 timmar sedan
I think she should keep it low profile whenever she wants to start a new chapter with someone else. Her status quo will never be same again even though she has divorced, she not just single but she also a single mother of three. She need to consider her children as well. Imagine when they grown up and saw her mother past images. What would her children thoughts especially if they still love their dear father very much? She may not regret now but she probably will in the future as she continues to grow older. She won't stay young and beautiful forever.
Jordan Simeone
Jordan Simeone 23 timmar sedan
ACAB the cop deserved it
Jordan _princess
Jordan _princess 23 timmar sedan
Ughhhh I wish o can watch season 4
Pretty buoy Jones
Pretty buoy Jones 23 timmar sedan
Thing's people get mad over,beyonce is known for stealing idea's from lesser known artists so what's the issue when jlo took from her performance?
Vlamyncksken 23 timmar sedan
Why is this in my recommendations? And guess what, no chills. The scene is shit.
Ozee Rivera
Ozee Rivera 23 timmar sedan
may m
may m 23 timmar sedan
What can i say , it’s all meghan’s fault lol
Young_bullet34 23 timmar sedan
👙😂👙👙👙👙👙👙👙👙👙👙👙Megan Thee Stallion you’re so cute
Natalie DeSantis
Natalie DeSantis 23 timmar sedan
Joe Park is the best. Such a nice, genuine guy. I really, really hope that he will be considered for future shows. Maybe even the next Bachelor.
parmida keshvari
parmida keshvari 23 timmar sedan
Ummmmmm yall haters act like a person can’t make mistakes huh ? You are more disrespectful for hating like That. If people are celebs doesn’t mean they are unable to make mistakes or otherwise they don’t deserve the fame! So stfu haters and Leave. I’m not a fan of charli but no body deserves hate unless they hurt any body 😞
Makana Wondu
Makana Wondu 23 timmar sedan
Making mistakes are fine. But being an indecent human being with no moral compass, who is also self-absorbed and out of touch with reality is NOT OK
Lisa Williams
Lisa Williams 23 timmar sedan
Lauren you crack me up!
Andrea ynw
Andrea ynw 23 timmar sedan
Happy to see him healthy ❤️❤️
Mallorie Goodwin
Mallorie Goodwin 23 timmar sedan
as cute as that scene was, i really wish the title wouldn't have made it all about dove and thomas. they talked about so many other things, like her career, her mental health, her upcoming plans - not just her relationship. people are more than their relationships, and i wish that the title would reflect that