Hitman7846 23 timmar sedan
Todd Howard did it again...
Moka Akashiya117
Moka Akashiya117 23 timmar sedan
All of DICE is working on BF6 now and we're not 100% sure what Dice LA will be working on next. Some could be helping on BF6 but Vince really won't have much to do with it.
E1ite Yoshi
E1ite Yoshi 23 timmar sedan
Honestly given how Battlefield is owned by EA my doubts of Battlefield being better than COD is are slim. Although given how COD has going though it's not out of the realm of possibility that Battlefield could surpass it.
Anthony Ross
Anthony Ross 23 timmar sedan
So long as it's a modern shooter dice will do fine. Make it in the past again and this will be a another year I dont buy a dice game.
Small King
Small King 23 timmar sedan
Dont anger the crazy flower lady
Moka Akashiya117
Moka Akashiya117 23 timmar sedan
Sledgehammer CODs have sucked so far and they got the boot from 2020s COD because of issues working with Raven. Treyarch then got handed the Keyes to a half baked game and had to do what they could with it and its just now getting better.
Kpopstanfan _512
Kpopstanfan _512 23 timmar sedan
What about Junkrat? It would be cool if he got a joker skin
Soul Asia
Soul Asia 23 timmar sedan
Boomers creating content out of thin piss
supe2313 23 timmar sedan
Battlefield is made by a once okay company and would probably get fucked over by themselves again
Ha ki
Ha ki 23 timmar sedan
Love skyrim clones
Biyonzo 23 timmar sedan
Since they just have 1 global server i hope the netcode is good...
Ohton The Knight
Ohton The Knight 23 timmar sedan
I like that one for mccree at 1:29 on the far right
Róbert Princz
Róbert Princz Dag sedan
I love all the cold war zombie trailers for this to the music hits great
Eon Nevil
Eon Nevil Dag sedan
Dice LA are helping Dice Stockholm, not lead studio
Proud Boy87
Proud Boy87 Dag sedan
2017 was a good year , being coked out and endless nights of Destiny 2
I dont know wtf you're talking about, the vehicle controls just fine in all battlefield games. Like do you think better controls means more arcadey? If anything DICE can't balance their game for shit.
Viktor Reznov
Viktor Reznov Dag sedan
I really like you guys chatting about the call of duty, keep up the good work
Baytuh Dag sedan
I get what the title is saying but in all my years of playing cod and battlefield BF has never taken cod down even with the not so good cod games.
UltraLord Moro
UltraLord Moro Dag sedan
Clint eastwood
Rigel Sinco
Rigel Sinco Dag sedan
Decent change, but I hope we can have the option to lower if not completely disable lens flare. Personally, I find it distracting. LE FemShep's model is better in my opinion in contrast to the Original, however, I think it's not enough.
J2 digital
J2 digital Dag sedan
Imma hold out until they do the carbot remaster. lolol
R H Dag sedan
Author of the mod here: Just wanted to say I'm working to resolve a lot of the odd issues with shields etc.. the mod is still in its infancy, only like 4 days from conception.
James McCracken
James McCracken Dag sedan
I would def try playing in first person if it works well, looks really fun.
ezze Dag sedan
Os kras quando não tem mais criatividade faz essas .... para ver se continua tirando um trocado dos incautos contrata uns bocós para falarem algumas piadas ridículas. eu espero que os gamers rejeitem esse pseudo-saudosismo de ficar recriando para não criar. Chega de desperdiçar o nosso tempo de vida com essas pragas......
Gym Zilla
Gym Zilla Dag sedan
Do rainbow 6 siege
Tank-Stubbs Dag sedan
dyinglight player
dyinglight player Dag sedan
The guy narrating this is from resident evil 7 lol
ossdemura Dag sedan
Taste of Oblivion during development
Background Character
Background Character Dag sedan
So.. What is the point?
LKVideos Dag sedan
4:01 I can't help always calling it the E-11 blaster lol
V_ Harapko
V_ Harapko Dag sedan
ВЫ даже не представляете сколько людей сделали счастливыми
Hugo Tremblay
Hugo Tremblay Dag sedan
As soon as BF6 releases I'll be more than happy to kiss CoD goodbye. Activision's complete ineptitude to stop cheaters and the constant stream of game breaking bugs has been a major PITA.
Dul'Mephistos Lord of Hatred
Dul'Mephistos Lord of Hatred Dag sedan
I'm so excited to see if they changed Dracula reaper
Faceroller Dag sedan
looks very promising.
777weeks Dag sedan
That game has devoured hundreds of hours of my time I wouldn't want to dedicate to again just because of the demands of commitment it made me sacrifice. I will never say never but at the very least I would need a good necro class or a witch dr. Some kind of summoner class. I love love love leading an army so much it makes me feel more powerful and it seems more eventful. Theres not much to say about 1 follower op or not it's not interesting. I would like to take command of either worldly, unnatural, alien ,supernatural entity's. Caracter can be weak or what ever it takes to balance but no compromise if I can not summon atleast 4 followers untill the die or are unsummoned.
Drakoshi Dag sedan
Why would anyone stop playing skyrim or GTA 5 for this? 1:48 nice coreography!
Lil_chomps Gaming
Lil_chomps Gaming Dag sedan
That moment when you survive getting stabbed through the head then impaled with your spine getting severed and just fuckin stand up: fuck it Jesus time
Andrew Scala
Andrew Scala Dag sedan
they'll shoot themselves in the foot and release D4 and the D2 remake around the same time lol
Apollo N9ne
Apollo N9ne Dag sedan
Since every other clown is spoiling stuff that happens I might as well too lmao Sora fights aqua and she turns good again
Ahmed Abbas
Ahmed Abbas Dag sedan
Their not afraid, as much i love battlefield the evils at bay will win again.
Daria Dag sedan
I have been to rome so many time it would be cool to see it as a map
Ray Reinhart
Ray Reinhart Dag sedan
is it odd that I would just love an A list game to drop with the kind of graphic quality of this mod?
ツEmily Grant ꜱᴇx**ᴄʜᴀᴛ
ツEmily Grant ꜱᴇx**ᴄʜᴀᴛ Dag sedan
The way you hold yourself, both in public and private, is truly a magnificent sight to behold.
Marcus Wright
Marcus Wright Dag sedan
Battlefield 6 needs to be evolutionary in every way or it just won't work at this point. It needs to have cover peaking like CP2077, Wall mounting like MW 2019, First-person sliding, 100+ player matches, a solid RTS-like commander mode with artillery strikes and vehicle drops, a fluid class system to allow for customization, Cross-play across all platforms, and so much more.
Sufu Dag sedan
they should do a zoom option that makes you have a first person view, kind of like wow. I would like to see the world in a first person perspective
777weeks Dag sedan
I am not playing this game without either a necromancer witch doctor or summoning sorcerer. If they are not available I wont be playing this game again. I bought diablo 3x first for ps3 then again with the reaper of souls and then again on ps4 the ultimate edition that had the necromancer
Kod Biblii
Kod Biblii Dag sedan
Why Amazon is SO agly?
Surpriser X
Surpriser X Dag sedan
Let’s go hackers and glitchers
Ryan Ness
Ryan Ness Dag sedan
YHUAN01 Dag sedan
Haha. Get him to do Receiver 2.
WildWill4 Dag sedan
We need a vr port for this
Elly Lindmark
Elly Lindmark Dag sedan
I can’t find he
Elly Lindmark
Elly Lindmark Dag sedan
I vant find he
Crack Shot Connor
Crack Shot Connor Dag sedan
My boy Reinhardt better be able to dps
Dweagon owo
Dweagon owo Dag sedan
damn reaper is drippy
Markell Simmons
Markell Simmons Dag sedan
boi boi
boi boi Dag sedan
the zombies should be wearing face masks because the only zombies that can go that fast and can do parkour are the virals and most of those have face masks on in the game
MR Green
MR Green Dag sedan
when they gonna let world or warcraft go and do something else? Should not play this game when it's 2030.
Plaese aboné
Moath Omran
Moath Omran Dag sedan
What i like about battlefield not only they feel bigger and more sandboxy...they dont feature SBMM i can choose any server that have good connection...i dont have to sweat every match
SynTHr_ Dag sedan
Can you switch between third and first person on the fly, cause if you can thatd be awesome. Although I imagine the devs will see this and add first person support because so many people seem to like it.
pndwavy Dag sedan
Dice LA aren't the main developers on BF6 their like Raven Software for COD
dinoworld112 Dag sedan
Now play in vr
rafaela favaro ꧂
rafaela favaro ꧂ Dag sedan
I know. I’ve always been aware how ‘missable’ I am.
Rose -V!rG!N- S3X : TAP H3R3
Rose -V!rG!N- S3X : TAP H3R3 Dag sedan
The world needs more people like you..
Aznarder Slaxxxer
Aznarder Slaxxxer Dag sedan
They operate as two highly dissimilar entities that have vaguely similar aesthetics. Neither is a threat to the other.
Vinny Domenegheti
Vinny Domenegheti Dag sedan
Feels like giving a pair of glasses to someone with really bad eyesight. No words to thank you guys!
BraiQ Dag sedan
"It's like Skyrim with lowpoly graphics!"
Brendan Doyle
Brendan Doyle Dag sedan
It also seems like an upgraded Minecraft.
Millie Cauich See my Channel
Millie Cauich See my Channel Dag sedan
What’s new?
Henry Bergle
Henry Bergle Dag sedan
It needs a diablo 2 loot system Magic, rare and unique items with some random stat rolls
Vinny Domenegheti
Vinny Domenegheti Dag sedan
I've only been 12 minutes into the video and had to pause it for my comment. ABSOLUTELY AMAZING JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It looks like you guys added perfectly to the game exactly what every single Diablo II fan always wanted to see on the game. I've been playing this game (on and off) since it's release. I always wondered if one day someone would give it the visual enhancement it deserved, I'm over the moon! Now Bethesda could work on a similar remaster on Fallout 1 and 2 :D Again, thank you so much for bringing new life to my favourite game EVER!
Barkley Dag sedan
Nothing wil top botw and tp
Now i want to play this game even more but sadly i don't have PC 😥
I don’t feel so good Studios
I don’t feel so good Studios Dag sedan
Hunger ||
SSkaji Dag sedan
Imagine there is archangel of peace then afterwards he turns into destruction
Trami Nguyen
Trami Nguyen Dag sedan
I love your channel!
Snopple Wopple
Snopple Wopple Dag sedan
This looks sick
ღLexaღ➊ Dag sedan
Bob, RUN theres a tornado behind you!!! Bob: Where? What? Cheetah: It's BEHIND you, just RUN! Bob: I can't run I'm slow. Cheetah: Well I guess your doomed then...______🍃🌪____🐌______!🐆💬!
ღLexaღ➊ Dag sedan
MattSm00th Dag sedan
I definitely gotta play this game
rafaela favaro ꧂
rafaela favaro ꧂ Dag sedan
Come va? (This is how you say it in Italian.)
Peter Perez
Peter Perez Dag sedan
First dislike
ღLexaღ➊ Dag sedan
Bob, RUN theres a tornado behind you!!! Bob: Where? What? Cheetah: It's BEHIND you, just RUN! Bob: I can't run I'm slow. Cheetah: Well I guess your doomed then...______🍃🌪____🐌______!🐆💬!
Snopple Wopple
Snopple Wopple Dag sedan
ღLexaღ➊ Dag sedan
Bob, RUN theres a tornado behind you!!! Bob: Where? What? Cheetah: It's BEHIND you, just RUN! Bob: I can't run I'm slow. Cheetah: Well I guess your doomed then...______🍃🌪____🐌______!🐆💬!
Gabriel Henry
Gabriel Henry 23 timmar sedan
@ღLexaღ➊ yes
ღLexaღ➊ Dag sedan
@rafaela favaro ꧂ 😚🐥
ღLexaღ➊ Dag sedan
@Gabriel Henry you think I have the numb shit brains to answer that question😚😚?
rafaela favaro ꧂
rafaela favaro ꧂ Dag sedan
How do you manage to look cute and handsome at the same time?
Gabriel Henry
Gabriel Henry Dag sedan
@ღLexaღ➊ no hes right stfu
Zack T.H.E Yutyrannus
Zack T.H.E Yutyrannus Dag sedan
I think that the skull mask of Reaper should look a little bit more silver and with floating red lights right inside the eye cavity. With the other heroe’s looks nothing to say about. What do you all think?
Cleric Warrior
Cleric Warrior Dag sedan
IP perma ban cheaters, duper’s, hackers, scammers. EZ
Zerouala Mohamed
Zerouala Mohamed Dag sedan
DICE L.A isn't developing the next title, it's DICE Stockholm