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Shadowlands Afterlives: Bastion
FLΔME Timme sedan
No one Nowhere
No one Nowhere Timme sedan
Can we get a thick skeleton ghost cat in game?
AveGluteusMaximus Timme sedan
Now I can send this to my sister and my girlfriend so we can start characters together :)
Kim Makeev
Kim Makeev Timme sedan
I am from Russia and I did not see a single white person in this video, I feel oppressed, I did not think that bilizzard videos would contain racism
Carri Macek
Carri Macek 2 timmar sedan
Now if they had taken time for the movie they did and did it like this, I feel like it would’ve done so much better. I also think that they would’ve been more successful if they spaced everything out into different movies. Because figuring out the horde existed and legion didn’t happened with in days of each other-obviously- the movie was so jumbled and all over the place. And I mean sure people will call them money hungry for doing so but they already are. But if you’re gonna be money hungry make your fans happy while you do it.
xylotism 2 timmar sedan
Hold up, how do I get those 60fps cutscenes?
爱咋玩咋玩呗 2 timmar sedan
Adam Wood
Adam Wood 2 timmar sedan
Dear Blizzard, who is this dude why is he talking about nothing the game has to offer. Where are the mechanics? We saw a video of nothing offered, playing since the beginning was thinking of coming back this made me go away, back to classic.
Marius Macias
Marius Macias 3 timmar sedan
Did anyone feel bad for Arthas? This gave me feels.
LX 570
LX 570 2 timmar sedan
arthas lives matter
Kolkhoz Woman
Kolkhoz Woman 3 timmar sedan
I'm sorry but WoW doesn't end until Arthas and Jaina get a reunion. It is what it is
Jess Black
Jess Black 3 timmar sedan
Pls give it to Spotify this is so awesome for driving into work to calm down🤙
Nick Monzo
Nick Monzo 4 timmar sedan
It's nothing like this at all, might as well be a single player game at this point. I went from 1-58 at still yet haven't needed to interact with a single player. Every single time I get back on and play, I see a different player from a different realm. And Shadowlands is really small and is about as deep as a kiddy pool. Lots and LOTS of bugs, not the ones that drop loot either. Floating foliage, 15-30 npc's all stacked in one place causing horrible frames (I assume this is a layers bug). Corpses vanish but can still skin them for leather. We had to pay for this also, lol. Good things never last.
Viktor Velikov
Viktor Velikov 4 timmar sedan
More of this please.
Naz - erland ;w; Spider
Naz - erland ;w; Spider 4 timmar sedan
indefinableification 4 timmar sedan
what about when we went to talk to uther... as part of legion paladin class artifact weapon.... which lead us to the ashbringer, is this a retcon of that? i mean it makes no sense. I mean blizzard have always been "lore lol", but they're just making random nonsensical ** ** up now.
Milton D
Milton D 3 timmar sedan
His souls have been split, the good one was released from Frostmourne when it was smashed but at the time of his death Frostmourne trapped his good soul and ironically the light ended up saving the negative version of his soul which we see here. So the ghost we see of him is the good soul which is now trapped on Azeroth.
The New Page
The New Page 4 timmar sedan
Tegan Downs
Tegan Downs 4 timmar sedan
I wish these were on Spotify so I could put them in my playlist and listen to them while I play!
nathanos93 4 timmar sedan
This has actually made me get back into wow again after being so bored of it, thank for doing something right blizzard
Szelenas 4 timmar sedan
All that is emerald, She had to be saved
StayinAliv3 5 timmar sedan
1080p? Get with the times, Blizzard.
RavenCRO 5 timmar sedan
thats a one shoot macro for DH
Jonathan Cleary
Jonathan Cleary 5 timmar sedan
The paragon there is jacked lol
James J.M.S.S
James J.M.S.S 5 timmar sedan
1:51 *Admit it you've been waiting for Blizzard to X these two since Reign of Chaos!*
Classy Cthulhu
Classy Cthulhu 5 timmar sedan
Ngl, leveling through Maldraxxus gives me some serious DOOM: Eternal vibes. Anyone else know what I mean?
Ben Leone
Ben Leone 5 timmar sedan
jem fancies illidan
Xiaonei Pan
Xiaonei Pan 5 timmar sedan
Rexx Reviews
Rexx Reviews 6 timmar sedan
is this the same 4 songs over and over?
LX 570
LX 570 6 timmar sedan
arthas lives matter!
Manuel Biedermann
Manuel Biedermann 6 timmar sedan
How can it be that this has more views than wotlk? Still a epic cinematic!!
Manuel Biedermann
Manuel Biedermann 6 timmar sedan
The only cinematic that the german syncro was better! Butt still epic af :)
BBOY ASIST 6 timmar sedan
Yooo I can quest to these beats all day. Thx for sharing.
Texan PlayeR
Texan PlayeR 6 timmar sedan
This scene is so unrealistic. In reality, Anduin would have been like "Sorry bro, my sword is soulbound"
FakaMada R
FakaMada R 6 timmar sedan
That "for the Horde" is so golden.
mrmofo36 6 timmar sedan
watching this(without the context of game events/cutscenes) reminds me of tarantino movies. perhaps a little bit of an incoherent mess to have a vehicle for fantastic character scenes
Spy Sapping Mah Internet
Spy Sapping Mah Internet 6 timmar sedan
8:35 It will keel
apotheosis00 6 timmar sedan
Are there seriously new players?
Inf1nit3 7 timmar sedan
The best one.
AZIZ 7 timmar sedan
can anyone explains to me what is Anima?
Arnold Teras
Arnold Teras 7 timmar sedan
This is why the kaldorei, the night elves are especially fortunate. Because of Aessina's blessing, and possibly that of Elune, their wisp spirits can apparently linger in the physical world indefinitely, while other mortal souls are apparently drawn into the Shadowlands...therefore, they are relatively safe for the moment. Or are they? I'm not sure, since many night elf souls were apparently deposited into the afterlife, but not all of them. For example, some of the kaldorei souls lingered in Darkshore, so it doesn't seem to make much sense
AZIZ 7 timmar sedan
Where are the DRUIDS let me see you
Breakedlol 7 timmar sedan
After this Wow was dead ;/
Štěpán Pytlík
Štěpán Pytlík 7 timmar sedan
Well, welcome back Ysera
AZIZ 7 timmar sedan
can anyone explain what is this image? 3:38 after he died
Milton D
Milton D 3 timmar sedan
The good part of his soul got trapped inside the blade and the bad ironically got saved by the light and went to the shadowlands.
Realkorti 5 timmar sedan
A part of bis soul got absorbed by frostmourne. The rest went into bastion. Could have been the light that made this happen
UTriLepe1 6 timmar sedan
His soul is wounded/split in two halfs...i guess
Trevin Hale
Trevin Hale 7 timmar sedan
How many hours had you listened to before you realized that it's just 4 songs repeating?
Orange Dragondog
Orange Dragondog 7 timmar sedan
Arnold Teras
Arnold Teras 8 timmar sedan
Which is why the kaldorei, the night elves are fortunate. Because of Aessina's blessing, and possibly that of Elune, their wisp spirits can apparently linger in the physical world indefinitely, while other mortal souls are apparently drawn into the Shadowlands...
CoolGuy Steve
CoolGuy Steve 8 timmar sedan
New players? WoW? That doesnt happen. They get destroyed before they make it to 30
Jimbodawg 8 timmar sedan
*As above, so below.*
Ken Merriman
Ken Merriman 8 timmar sedan
Such a haunting tune. Glad to see I’m not the only one watching it over and over.
Nerd Slayer
Nerd Slayer 8 timmar sedan
Coming soon to mobile!
ItalyLostWW2 8 timmar sedan
What are the giant flying pyramids at 0:52
Rock girl
Rock girl 6 timmar sedan
Why not make world of warcraft 2 with superb grapics. And make it old style again.
Dree D
Dree D 8 timmar sedan
rhi willow
rhi willow 9 timmar sedan
Thanks bliz, my WoW jam AND my birthday jam 😂❤💙
nah bdy
nah bdy 9 timmar sedan
He really didn't want that griffen to come inside.
Rusindo 9 timmar sedan
New players don't exist, everyone has played this game.
tiny99990 9 timmar sedan
Garrosh being redeemable is surprising...
Unavaliable1991 9 timmar sedan
When this came out I judged their decision too soon. Now that I did the entire zone I understand it was the hardest to make. I'm so, so sorry for Ursoc, but it had to be done. Lok'tar, old friend. May your claws never dull. I stand with you now, Ara'lon. I stand with you now, Winter Queen. For Ardenweald...
Volkan Gulsen
Volkan Gulsen 9 timmar sedan
YSERA!! <3 Blizzard - Awaken the Dreamer - Best storyline ending ever!
Adrian 9 timmar sedan
I've stopped playin WoW at Sha Of Fear when i watched this video i questioned my own sanity.FOR THE HORDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
idle1337 9 timmar sedan
wheres malfurion? is he the bird?
Really Pantik
Really Pantik 9 timmar sedan
fell asleep on min 2
Dethr0 9 timmar sedan
"Some must be sacrificed, but some must be saved. If we forget that, all that will remain will be empty shells...and sorrow."
Skank Hunt
Skank Hunt 9 timmar sedan
wtf xD xD xD
Aiden Carasol
Aiden Carasol 10 timmar sedan
An unexpected video but surely a welcome one.
Chris Rife
Chris Rife 10 timmar sedan
Need to continue the updates to gear, models, zones... I would like to see Ironforge and that area in general, well all vanilla zones get makeovers and updated graphics.
goga bredo
goga bredo 10 timmar sedan
Blizzard should make WOW CGI series or movies. Their trailers are so good. Cant wait to see the undead part
Rock girl
Rock girl 6 timmar sedan
Is this a new ftp phone game from China? lol
SmilingSensei 10 timmar sedan
Why is Henry so cringe...
Rachel M
Rachel M 10 timmar sedan
I cant D': shes the keeeeeyyy waaahhhhh
the wolf studio
the wolf studio 10 timmar sedan
I feel like this shows Uther a lot more hostile than Uther was originally portrayed.
Uberfuchs 10 timmar sedan
Shame the song is awful.
Guardian Spirit
Guardian Spirit 10 timmar sedan
*hectic clicking*
IcyWiz 11 timmar sedan
I'm getting a Magical Trevor vibe.
Conchur Fitzsimons
Conchur Fitzsimons 11 timmar sedan
I am a complete newbie to WoW and it's lore. But it's Sylvana that always catches my interest. My question is: how long has she been a big character in this? She seems to have been there for a while (I've also seen her fight against the Lich King). Also, how is it that she's so powerful like this? I know she's a "Banshee" (no clue what that is in WoW) revived by the previous Lich King, but is there an explanation for her power? Sorry if these are like... common sense questions or whatnot
Runda Neperu
Runda Neperu 11 timmar sedan
Can't wait month or two when hype from new expansion goes down and then people will see it with sober eyes again. This game will be as bad as previous expansions and this trailer tells us absolutely nothing.
Ivan S
Ivan S 11 timmar sedan
So my youtube has been stuck here for a few days.... Not complaining ☺️