Hakuna Matata
Hakuna Matata 10 timmar sedan
Friendly reminder : Vote for nct u in idolchamp
mwlena 10 timmar sedan
Emőke Vigh
Emőke Vigh 10 timmar sedan
poor Junhee is always being teased but he's the one saving them from starvation😂
the spies
the spies 10 timmar sedan
Jihyoooo u pretty
Nat 10 timmar sedan
Nat 10 timmar sedan
Moos are you streaming DINGGA??? :D
Claudia Carbajal
Claudia Carbajal 10 timmar sedan
Apoyen el fan event de Hanbin 💜🌻
Claire Sohn
Claire Sohn 10 timmar sedan
I *love* Wonyoung but her voice at the end kinda ruined the mood for me cuz we have these deep and (in Eunbi's case) sexy voices and then baby Wonyoung comes in and I'm like "oh MY CHILD"
Athira Hari
Athira Hari 10 timmar sedan
Lol the difference between ATEEZ and SKZ performing this xD
Milia D
Milia D 10 timmar sedan
Hahhahahahahah i can't stop laughing yo yang yang his so funny 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
blue puppy
blue puppy 10 timmar sedan
🙂👍❤ Hi5hli5ht fighting. I love this drama. Brought me to B2st and now Hi5hli5ht
Rüyam Rüyam
Rüyam Rüyam 10 timmar sedan
Alexia 10 timmar sedan
although this makes me sad it also makes me so happy and hopeful they'll all do amazing things in the future FIGHTING 💕🥺
Guadalupe RP
Guadalupe RP 10 timmar sedan
Creo que comentar tan seguido se considera spam, pero aquí estoy ♡
arces 10 timmar sedan
nct interludes just hit different
Hanan Yasser Hamed
Hanan Yasser Hamed 10 timmar sedan
ينهار اسود bts في ايه الي حصل 😂😂 انا عارفة ان الفيديو قديم بس اول مره اشوفه😂😂
Hakuna Matata
Hakuna Matata 10 timmar sedan
Best of luck for tmr
Alexia 10 timmar sedan
our hanbinnie 🥺🥺
Sema sasa
Sema sasa 10 timmar sedan
O fon müziği neydi tam türk yanii
Perla Oliveira
Perla Oliveira 10 timmar sedan
Sempre bom acompanhar a carreira e talento do Luizinho, e de bônus saber que ele guardar o Brasil em um lugar especial do seu coração mesmo depois de todo esses anos. Me orgulho muito de tudo que ele conquistou, tanto na vida artística quanto na pessoal. E só tenho a agradecer por tê-lo em nossas vidas de fã kkkkk. Muito obrigada por tudo mesmo, Luizinho! Você sempre fez um ótimo trabalho e agora não seria diferente kkkk. Equal é INCRÍVEL, e eu não consigo parar de ouvir Love Me Harder desde o dia do lançamento kkkkk. 🇧🇷 Te amamos! s2 s2 s2
Dara Tiara
Dara Tiara 10 timmar sedan
Los visuales , todos son visuales : )
Lee Jodi
Lee Jodi 10 timmar sedan
This is probably one of their best live stages. It was so good <3
TenJun Foxy
TenJun Foxy 10 timmar sedan
Let's respect the fact that Ten not only speaks 5 languages, but he can also READ 5 languages! That's a whole different level.
10 timmar sedan
와 진짜 그룹 한명한명이 중요한거봄 신지민때문에 aoa그룹볼때마다 비호감으로 보임
chihaya ayase
chihaya ayase 10 timmar sedan
Even after finished watching all of the episodes, I still think this is the saddest moment in I-LAND. If Rain/Bi feels 1% more attached to GROUNDERS, then I'm 80% more attached to the GROUNDERS. It's sad to see them tried to put up a smile and hold their tears. It's sad when they started crying and all of them trying to comfort each other. They must have felt so frustrated, sad, guilty, and hopeless. Ni-Ki and Daniel were the two youngest trainees in I-LAND. And yet they stood up on the stage to represent their team. And they lost, despite all of them trying their best. I hope now that the show has ended, all of the trainees who didn't make it to debut group can find a new path to reach their dream. I really wish them all the best.
Arumi Ordoñez . _ .
Arumi Ordoñez . _ . 10 timmar sedan
^^ 💜✨
탱자 10 timmar sedan
난 이거 볼 때마다 무슨일이 있어도 이 한 몸 다 바쳐 이 왕국을 지켜야겠다 라는 느낌이 듦..
Galaxycat 340
Galaxycat 340 10 timmar sedan
I’m starting to realize that this is an obsession, I.I..I... I can’t- WhhHhyyYyyyyy is this gorgeous man doing this to me.
•zohaib• 10 timmar sedan
BTS TXT TURKEY 10 timmar sedan
Bayrak olmadı şimdi
רומי גבריאלי
רומי גבריאלי 10 timmar sedan
kim_ epifanys
kim_ epifanys 10 timmar sedan
Wow daniel is so cute
P Ramos
P Ramos 10 timmar sedan
2ne1 the best. Only them.
Pideno Ennio
Pideno Ennio 10 timmar sedan
I miss you NICHOLAS, Enhypen will soon debut and so i want you to not give up and i will wait for your debut♡ Forever by your side, hwaiting!!
Arumi Ordoñez . _ .
Arumi Ordoñez . _ . 10 timmar sedan
^^ 💜✨
NewOldObsession 10 timmar sedan
seriously tho did no one highlight the harmony between TY and DY at 0:59? SO BEAUTIFUL
Guadalupe RP
Guadalupe RP 10 timmar sedan
Necesito lyrics de esto para hacer karaoke...
maria misle
maria misle 10 timmar sedan
Missing j. Seph and loving Bm's creations
NewOldObsession 10 timmar sedan
omg thank you Mnet for doing something right!
Emily Roman
Emily Roman 10 timmar sedan
This performance was magic. Sunoo was captivating. Heeseung set the tone and was riveting. Sunghoon was great as well.
jessie 10 timmar sedan
Hanbin k fighting
Jennifer Brazil
Jennifer Brazil 10 timmar sedan
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Hina Arif
Hina Arif 10 timmar sedan
Wait why BTS had invited all other idols on their concert?!
Khushi ARORA
Khushi ARORA 10 timmar sedan
Keiys let's get this to 1M for our legendary trainee
Do Na
Do Na 10 timmar sedan
Three beautiful humans owning the stage. I love this song and I can’t believe they performed it. I hope to go to NCT concert in the future.
도둑맞은브레이크 10 timmar sedan
댓글먼저보고 랩빼고 괜찮은데 왜들 여혐거리면서 지랄이지 했는데 곡 바뀌고 깨달았다 저건 랩빼고 다 지랄이다 ㄹㅇ
Henni T
Henni T 10 timmar sedan
Amazing visuals and energy on stage
Winter Bear
Winter Bear 10 timmar sedan
ENGENEs go stream Choose-Chosen otw to 700k
Zoe ya bitch
Zoe ya bitch 10 timmar sedan
They dont even know who i am but im so proud of them 💜
Billi 10 timmar sedan
.......Yo Ja .........Yo Ja.........
Bruna Melo
Bruna Melo 10 timmar sedan
I miss Jinho 😭❤ 1st win 😍
Lali Jordan
Lali Jordan 10 timmar sedan
Wonyoung stay favorite star in world i love so much her
Lalrem siamtae
Lalrem siamtae 10 timmar sedan
이뎡 10 timmar sedan
사실 오마이걸이랑 러블리즈가 비슷한 컨셉이긴 하지만 각자 특기가 다른데 오마이걸은 비슷한 컨셉이어도 본인들의 장점을 더 살려서 멋진 무대가 되었는데 러블리즈는 너무 '새로운 모습'에 초점을 두었다고 본다. 근데 또 식스센스 원곡이랑도 큰 컨셉 차이를 못느끼겠고... 그니까 결론적으로 두 팀 다 비슷한 컨셉이 주어졌을 때 러블리즈는 기존과는 다른 (여러가지) 컨셉을 보여주고 싶었던 것이고 오마이걸은 본인들의 컨셉 변화가 엄청나게 큰 것은 아니었지만 장점부각이 확실히 한 것 같다. 그런데 퀸덤같은 프로그램에서 그동안 안해봤던 걸 하기에는 너무 도전적이고 (시간도 너무 짧고 무엇보다 컨셉이 너무 정반대라서 러블리즈가 소화하기 힘듦) 그냥 어떤 댓글처럼 러블리즈만의 장점인 아카펠라를 살려서 무대 하는게 나았을 것 같음
꧁༆sᴏʟᴏʟᴇᴠᴇʟɪɴɢ༆꧂ 10 timmar sedan
Toxic x Toxic = powerful Toxic.. 😂😂😂
GRACIE 10 timmar sedan
Rubert Begum
Rubert Begum 10 timmar sedan
Damn chanyeol wth
Jenners 10 timmar sedan
I'm pregnant guys. With Byulie's child
Army BTS
Army BTS 10 timmar sedan
kim_ epifanys
kim_ epifanys 10 timmar sedan
Daniel es uno de los training más completos de la industria, DANIEL DEBUT.
hiddenie 10 timmar sedan
do we need the kcon membership to watch this or can anyone watch it?
hehehe 10 timmar sedan
i miss him :(
Sagar Majillya
Sagar Majillya 10 timmar sedan
I don't stan Twice but i must admit that they are amazing and are the definition of talent . BTW jihyo is so pretty ❤️
Hyuck's Luck
Hyuck's Luck 10 timmar sedan
They really made Mark try and fry eggs, we all know where that's going
jackilyn ramos
jackilyn ramos 10 timmar sedan
Go go now
Crystal Snow
Crystal Snow 10 timmar sedan
No matter how many times you watch it Joonie at end <3
K FreakXx
K FreakXx 10 timmar sedan
Never even thought about liking a group with boys born all after 2000 😅 and look at me now...its 2020 and I'm fangirling about Heeseung (and all the other members) like a teenage girl 😂 the first time being a noona and I'm honestly feeling pretty damn good about it ❤️
TS G 10 timmar sedan
tzuyu tzuyu
Raheem Ahmed
Raheem Ahmed 10 timmar sedan
I love the ending fairy was every one here uwu love it.