We Moved Across The Country
I Got A K-Pop Makeover
Pragathi 17 timmar sedan
The first attempt was looking like 2 big mountains and looks cool The second attempt was ok, not bad, looks good The third attempt was crazy! It looks soo coooooool!!! It's a nice master piece 👍👍👍👍 That last one was better than everything
Ameena Ayub Mehmood
Ameena Ayub Mehmood 17 timmar sedan
I have cupboards full of VANILLA ESSENTIAL OIL
Samantha Imrie
Samantha Imrie 17 timmar sedan
I freaking love that your moving plan revolves around your cat 😍😻
Caramel Popcorn
Caramel Popcorn 17 timmar sedan
"I don't know if fate brought me to the perfect outfit, but it brought me to something." -Safiya Nygaard 2017
Dempsey James
Dempsey James 17 timmar sedan
Why are both their voices so satisfying? 😂
Mikayla Murphy
Mikayla Murphy 17 timmar sedan
Ah! I'm so excited that you drove through my state!
Caramel Popcorn
Caramel Popcorn 17 timmar sedan
u should come to Australia when the restrictions lift!
Melissa Boshears
Melissa Boshears 18 timmar sedan
I love how easy the conversation flows between these two. Nothing ever feels forced. Great video!
Emily Duplisea
Emily Duplisea 18 timmar sedan
I like that the star dress has that fit and flare look Stacy London encouraged Safiya to try.
Mzimasi Sinaze
Mzimasi Sinaze 18 timmar sedan
Not everything you buy on Facebook os totally true
Colette Devigne
Colette Devigne 18 timmar sedan
LOVED them all!!!!hard to choose what one i loved most....i do believe that the maxi dress i loved the most!
Bhavya Bansal
Bhavya Bansal 18 timmar sedan
No one :- That one guy on every safs video- “the rewatchability of safs video is actually insane” 😝
Cesteth 18 timmar sedan
wow....u look great in the purple dress...luv that Tyler dressed up too
Tracy Blake
Tracy Blake 18 timmar sedan
I’d love to see a return to this concept for today!
eisho 19 timmar sedan
I think they got Mcgonagall's child-
Hayden Hatch
Hayden Hatch 19 timmar sedan
Saf if you like rocks go to utah plz
Clever Username
Clever Username 19 timmar sedan
I love when Safiya freaks out when the syringe pops because she doesn’t realise she’s creating a vacuum seal
Cesteth 19 timmar sedan
thx for not putting an apostrophe in 1950s or 1960s....go u
Colette Devigne
Colette Devigne 19 timmar sedan
i JUST looked on ebay...there’s a fake pair (OMG!!!!!! in MY size!!!!!!!...11) for like $70...and they are the dyed!!!???!!!??? please please please talk me outta them!!!! 🥰🤣🥰
Christie j
Christie j 19 timmar sedan
Do you still walk him
Maria Matilde Rizek
Maria Matilde Rizek 19 timmar sedan
the foreshadowing
Kia Nakagawa
Kia Nakagawa 19 timmar sedan
Safiya, you should DEFININTELY plan to go to Busch Gardens when you visit Williamsburg in addition to the colonial visit. There are so many seasonal events and I think you and Tyler would have a blast!
Fried Crust
Fried Crust 19 timmar sedan
Love the content
Karis The Unicorn
Karis The Unicorn 20 timmar sedan
OH MY- my Lolita dream dress is on RinRin in the last store
Anna Elizabeth
Anna Elizabeth 20 timmar sedan
how sad the ballgown looks nothing like the photo :'( i was looking into wish dresses
Antonia O
Antonia O 20 timmar sedan
They look amazing to me
speedfreak 20 timmar sedan
Wow...a world before COVID
Caty Brown
Caty Brown 20 timmar sedan
Love love love soaps
dominiquee 20 timmar sedan
didnt the rules or whatever say..no yogurt..?😶
Kenrich Guifaya
Kenrich Guifaya 21 timme sedan
Yall should have made a franken dress plys still waiting fir tge dance practise
OMG Spice
OMG Spice 21 timme sedan
You need to dress like omg dolls for a week!
lwrite54 21 timme sedan
Knoxville, TN is literally one of my most favorite places to visit. Go Vols!
Christina Pazos
Christina Pazos 21 timme sedan
69 inches......... Nice
Ameni Safra
Ameni Safra 21 timme sedan
I watched every single video she made since day 1. Now I choose a random video every night to fall asleep.. Her voice is extremely soothing
THIS IS ME 21 timme sedan
I love the 2ed one
RayLyn Dishman
RayLyn Dishman 21 timme sedan
I Loooooooooooooooooooove you
Daphne Woods
Daphne Woods 21 timme sedan
The painting in Van Gogh
Taryn Owen
Taryn Owen 21 timme sedan
I clicked on this video cause it was the year I was born
Kylo Ren
Kylo Ren 22 timmar sedan
Most "cotton" and "fresh linen's" scents are pretty good. But I must say, wood smoke scents really do smell like a campfire
smile human
smile human 22 timmar sedan
OmO the cat is older than me😂
raena hampton
raena hampton 22 timmar sedan
Hey, try putting coffee,? or try a vanilla Frappuccino from starbucks
The Gay Alien
The Gay Alien 22 timmar sedan
it's only one of this videos if Saf flashes someone
Allison Russell
Allison Russell 22 timmar sedan
bruh im very much so stupid i saw the title and i thought it said "I got jeans from apple" like the tech brand
penguinz forlifeee
penguinz forlifeee 22 timmar sedan
Do you mean the holoday season?
chicolatino11 22 timmar sedan
I love itttttt 🖤🖤🖤
Sophia's Silly Squishies
Sophia's Silly Squishies 22 timmar sedan
Jesus loves you all no matter what Jesus Christ is king my savior my everything
Sherryl Taylor
Sherryl Taylor 22 timmar sedan
"..for Fall 2017" she says as I am watching this in 2021 🤣
The Gay Alien
The Gay Alien 22 timmar sedan
I broke my foot in pink crocs when I was 8 during Recess because I slipped and fell 12 feet off of this jungle gym we called "The Volcano". I also broke part of my nose falling off of this OTHER jungle gym at that school called "The Spider" (8-legged monkey bar thing) in first grade. I fell and smacked my face off a bar. That has nothing to do with crocs. But the crocs were a big part of the reason I fell off the Volcano. I want it to be stated that the day I got my cast I was immediately running around in it because ADHD does that to you. I broke my foot in September, and didn't get my cast off permanently until February. I also just did stupid shit all the time when I was little. Like when I was 11 I broke my wrist falling off a planter in front of my middle school and had to wear a splint for two weeks, a cast for two months, and a brace for 6 months and I still have to wear a brace from time to time and I'm now 20. I also had my arm in the splint on my 12th birthday (a week after I broke it) and ended going to the Spy Museum (where I proceeded to break a toe in this vent thing because I fell out of it). I was a dumb kid.
Finn's Artistry
Finn's Artistry 22 timmar sedan
I bought a harness for my cat, but she actually does better with just a collar, and I think it might be because its less weight, and she doesn't fight when I lightly tug on the leash and she knows to stay close to me. I'm hoping to register/train her to be my ESA soon for college in the fall! :D She likes exploring, but only when I am with her lol
taylorandcarolina 23 timmar sedan
You are beyond stunning with your long dark hair, the shorter red hair might be fun, but natural Saf is the best
Holistic Gay Life
Holistic Gay Life 23 timmar sedan
why is she talking like this? emphasizing on every letter on vowl
Nika Della
Nika Della 23 timmar sedan
15:02 Truly, a match made in heaven
Sha Nanigans
Sha Nanigans 23 timmar sedan
Crusty is such a sweetie pie. What a good sport!
Nails Are Life
Nails Are Life 23 timmar sedan
Dang. It took so long for me to think of a good name for the Frankencandle. Engaged, Betrothed, Afiánced Ah, well. Better late than never?
Pumpkin Brunch
Pumpkin Brunch 23 timmar sedan
A SHAYNE THEORY, thanks for watching
Willow The Silk Moth
Willow The Silk Moth Dag sedan
Nobody: Shane: *Literally snaps his doll in half* Me: We love to see it, people!
Jaymi Whiley
Jaymi Whiley Dag sedan
route 66 is on the movie cars
Tiffany Church
Tiffany Church Dag sedan
Yay for NC!!
• peachii •
• peachii • Dag sedan
How much is an average Lolita outfit like the one Rinrin has on. I want to try this in her style because I’m not into gothic 😂💖🌸
Pumpkin Brunch
Pumpkin Brunch Dag sedan
Safiya: we’re looking for bottoms Me: hello... I’m right here
Honey Bee287
Honey Bee287 Dag sedan
What if you do Frankenstein soap
Natalie Mendolia
Natalie Mendolia Dag sedan
You look so great!!
Haley-Rae Shaw
Haley-Rae Shaw Dag sedan
Food is good
Haley-Rae Shaw
Haley-Rae Shaw Dag sedan
I like food :)
Parvana Vasudevan
Parvana Vasudevan Dag sedan
Day 1 of asking safiya to get a "groovy wubble bubble ball"
Daria D
Daria D Dag sedan
My anxiety seeing the piece of clothing get stuck on the hook 📈📈 and when it unhooks without Safiya’s help 📉📉
Joe Dick
Joe Dick Dag sedan
Why does she talk like that?
Malia Barker
Malia Barker Dag sedan
When she said boyfriend I was so confused but then I saw the date 😂 look at them now 🥺
Rebecca Dag sedan
“Oh yes! Oh my God! Oh it’s so soft, oh I’m going too deep, oh my God.” No comment.
Chelsea Tolbert
Chelsea Tolbert Dag sedan
Me realizing they passed right through my town elliston va :👁👄👁
Solsun Dag sedan
outfit 3 triggered me
Alejandra Saintus
Alejandra Saintus Dag sedan
I got mine for $16 at Burlington
Amore Dag sedan
Demon pants! *H I S S*