Insane Military Pull Up record
Pro Gymnast Tries Climbing
2 Weeks to climb this boulder
My hardest climbing session yet!
Only Hard Bouldering!
5 månader sedan
Normal Girl Belays Pro Climber
Magic Pull Up Challenge
5 månader sedan
LednacekZ 8 timmar sedan
soldier boy tries speed climbing
Petr G.
Petr G. 8 timmar sedan
Please, just climb hard boulders. We need climbing.
Nannarii 9 timmar sedan
You should go try the gyms in Trondheim as well, both Grip locations are open ;)
Doug Cook
Doug Cook 9 timmar sedan
Former. Ouch.
Ma Sato
Ma Sato 9 timmar sedan
Former? omg
Tommaso Scimemi
Tommaso Scimemi 9 timmar sedan
question is: do the shorts come off as quickly as the tshirts?
WARRIOR 10 timmar sedan
its always funny to see how disproportionately big gymnasts biceps are lol good video :)
Rob L
Rob L 10 timmar sedan
A strategic chalk bucket placed halfway up has got to be worth at least 2 seconds to Magnus
Lionheart XVa
Lionheart XVa 10 timmar sedan
Steffi seems to be a very fun person as well as a very talented and dedicated athlete. Cool video!
trigger 10 timmar sedan
Magnus's videos encourage me to go workout
Julia 10 timmar sedan
It's great to see you back in a climbing gym. I've missed these kind of videos. And it would be nice to see you with a pro speed climber.
chris 10 timmar sedan
Magnus you met a really good speed climber in one of your videos with Jujimufu. He was the one that beat you guys in the pinch grip in the climbing gym
Christian Suys
Christian Suys 10 timmar sedan
“It’s fiveteen meters, but you can’t get pumped in eight seconds”
Mario Aragones
Mario Aragones 10 timmar sedan
You should talk with The Mawem Brothers (if they speak English), they are french siblings, speed specialists and also really nice guys!
Jakutza 10 timmar sedan
If you are a former climber, what am I? Baby climber?
Paol nnn
Paol nnn 10 timmar sedan
i hope magnus keep being that happy !!!!
Thibault GERARDIN 10 timmar sedan
I'm proud to see that my best time ever on this (18.17s after around 10 times trying it) was better than Magnus' first lol
Troodon SK
Troodon SK 10 timmar sedan
Haha, I just watched the QnA with Marte where you were talking about speed climbing ... What a coincidence
Parapeciarz 11 timmar sedan
Don't you have a speed wall out at your gym? like the new one
Gissela La . Al
Gissela La . Al 11 timmar sedan
Love how Magnus knows the irony of him selling t-shirts, so he advertises them by saying "it comes off so easily and fast" hahaha
Viinikka Film’s
Viinikka Film’s 11 timmar sedan
you need to be more dynamic like dino instead for some parts, your being really static.
IT-O 11 timmar sedan
I think speed wall kinda stupid. Same holds, same moves, same place.. day after day..
Neil Johnson
Neil Johnson 11 timmar sedan
You should drop by the Salt Lake City world cup in May. We've got a couple of speed walls in the area, as well as the U.S. olympic training gym...
Gabriel Godinez
Gabriel Godinez 11 timmar sedan
You’re gonna get to 1 Million subs Magnus!!!
Viinikka Film’s
Viinikka Film’s 11 timmar sedan
nice one Magnus, my pr on speed is 13.67 seconds
NaZReD 11 timmar sedan
Is Marte still around? Haven't seen her for a while ?!
ᗷIᗩᔕ 11 timmar sedan
You should go to the New climbing gym in Åsane, Bergen
N_JAW 11 timmar sedan
Wisconsinite here, nice to see the Packers shirt!
Anthony Garcia
Anthony Garcia 11 timmar sedan
My back hurts watching this
Hisham Saleh
Hisham Saleh 11 timmar sedan
Come to Chicago, we would love to have you at First Ascent doing a collab with some of the young guns here! :D Hit me up!
vishwas negi
vishwas negi 11 timmar sedan
Cuin Hansen
Cuin Hansen 11 timmar sedan
Great video Magnus! Careful dropping the Corona or Covid term on camera though, supposedly SEpost will tank you video in the algorithm for it 🤷🏻‍♂️
Anvit Kelkar
Anvit Kelkar 12 timmar sedan
Hey Magnus, a climber from India here, really enjoyed this one because I particularly like speed over the other disciplines. Looking forward to the next speed video.
Nico389 12 timmar sedan
12 seconds is really fast for just trying it once I think. I saw some national competitions with the olympic formate last year where even some weaker comp climbers had times likes these.
Purge_Bot 12 timmar sedan
0:27 "I've tried it 1 time in my life, and I was super slow." . . . "...I think it was 18 or 20 seconds." WOW MAGNUS THATS SO *SLOW*
The Morning Star
The Morning Star 12 timmar sedan
wait... did magnus just warmup?
Jayden Reid
Jayden Reid 12 timmar sedan
Sub 12sec will happen soon...
joe putney
joe putney 12 timmar sedan
Hey Magnus, Ive been speed climbing for a little over a year and a half now and Id love to teach you what I know!
Raphaël Menudier
Raphaël Menudier 13 timmar sedan
Thats kinda ironic that Magnus Mitbo actually sells Tshirt haha
NyanCoder 13 timmar sedan
13:00 "and do backflip"
Albert Ok
Albert Ok 13 timmar sedan
Noah Bratschi
Noah Bratschi 13 timmar sedan
Magnus, come to the US, I'll give you some help with your Speed Climbing. You should easily be able to break 9 seconds with some training. Otherwise come join us at a few World Cup Speed Climbing competitions this year. After Salt Lake City World Cup in May, there's Villars Switzerland in July, World Championships in Moscow in September, in October there's World Cups in Seoul Korea, Xiamen, China, Wujiang China, and the last one with the fastest speed climbers will be In Jakarta Indonesia in November. Cheers!
Larry Thodeaux
Larry Thodeaux 12 timmar sedan
Great idea!
William Bloom
William Bloom 13 timmar sedan
Do a video with Ondra!
MaximusFood 13 timmar sedan
It would be funny if you did a colab with Ondra ... but you did speed climbing.
ryan0io 13 timmar sedan
As a native English speaker I now appreciate the similarity between 'chains' and 'change'. It's these minor difficulties that solidify to me how good Magus's English is, as a second language. I actually had to say an example out loud to myself a few times, something like "You need to change your chains!". (English phonetic pronunciation 'ghah' vs 'zhah') (hard vs soft?)
Ethan Baik
Ethan Baik 13 timmar sedan
Magnus: Buy this shirt! (takes off shirt instantly)
Patrick O'Connor
Patrick O'Connor 13 timmar sedan
date yourself in one sentence. "no i saw it on my facebook stream"
Nicolás Rivera
Nicolás Rivera 13 timmar sedan
Idk, it's fun to see Magnus suffer haha
Catherine Christanti
Catherine Christanti 13 timmar sedan
Magnus you should bring a pole dancer to climb!
PG - I ain't finna read that
PG - I ain't finna read that 13 timmar sedan
big man is FORMIDABLE
Sean Corcoran
Sean Corcoran 13 timmar sedan
Can we all take a moment to appreciate the irony of Magnus selling shirts?
Mayah M
Mayah M 13 timmar sedan
Not Magnuses first try being the same time as my “all out” 🙃
Laura Shanley
Laura Shanley 13 timmar sedan
Eats his Wheaties
August Dressel
August Dressel 13 timmar sedan
love the Packers shirt, hahaha, hello from wisconsin
Slender Sends
Slender Sends 13 timmar sedan
12.8s after all those attempts and zero training is awesome! I want to give this a go.
O'neil Scovell
O'neil Scovell 13 timmar sedan
When are the Chalk bags coming back in stock? Love your work 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽
Manveer Saini
Manveer Saini 13 timmar sedan
Lol maybe I am the only one to click Andreas' youtube channel link you put in the description. But the link is broken :( PLS LIKE MY COMMENT YALL SO CHALKMAN CAN FIND MY COMMENT AND FIX IT :)
Tyler Richardson
Tyler Richardson 14 timmar sedan
Do a video where someone tells you what moves to do and its like a remote controlled climber and you only do the moves they tell you
Jason Aquino
Jason Aquino 14 timmar sedan
Mick J
Mick J 14 timmar sedan
Love the climbing magnus. Please keep going
Mary Yu
Mary Yu 14 timmar sedan
Is that Emil’s twin? The one who keeps popping up in various scenes - he looks like he’s so ready to leave!! 😂
Stellular Nebulla
Stellular Nebulla 14 timmar sedan
I always forget Magnus isn't a native English speaker, he's very fluent apart from times like 15:11
Peter Lee
Peter Lee 14 timmar sedan
Go Pack Go!
Not Available
Not Available 14 timmar sedan
missed climbing vids. Hype!
Ric Massey
Ric Massey 14 timmar sedan
I know the beta very well. But I'm not as explosive and fast as I should be for my knowledge
Leonard Moore
Leonard Moore 14 timmar sedan
KevinKayotic 14 timmar sedan
What gym is this? Dog patch?
Paul William
Paul William 14 timmar sedan
You can sense the fun and joy in this video. Well done and enjoy the climbing moments amigo! Saludos desde México!
Karolyn Herrera
Karolyn Herrera 14 timmar sedan
LInk to Andreas' channel is wrong. doesn't work
Nathaniel Xu
Nathaniel Xu 14 timmar sedan
Magnus: "I wanna get under 12" FBI OPEN UP!
The Follow
The Follow 14 timmar sedan
Magnus and a pro speed climber would be an interesting thing to see. Magnus is strong, and with some guidance, I bet his speed would go up by a ton.
Liam Hunt
Liam Hunt 14 timmar sedan
The reason you should by the Rungne t-shirt is because its so easy to take off.
AJ Gray
AJ Gray 14 timmar sedan
I’ve been missing these videos!
Sauhard Sachan
Sauhard Sachan 15 timmar sedan
Your videos keep me going through COVID. Keep up the amazing content Magnus!
burger800840 15 timmar sedan
You will drop about 3 seconds with the dyno move in the mid 1/3 and avoid matching in the last 3 holds.
Patrcia Clemons
Patrcia Clemons 15 timmar sedan
6:20 good guy trying different techniques
Juan José González Ortiz
Juan José González Ortiz 15 timmar sedan
It's most about foot sequence, once you learn that you'll be safe under 9 secs. Just started to train this discipline and it's muscle memory.
Debora Correa
Debora Correa 15 timmar sedan
This was fun! Please do it again!
Harrison Still
Harrison Still 15 timmar sedan
Also known as the most pointless type of climbing.
Zack Herbert
Zack Herbert 15 timmar sedan
Magnus you’ve got to film your send!!! Awesome climbing - technical vert climbing is completely different than the more overhanging powerful stuff! Awesome vid though