The Search Begins - Big Sky
Tiffy Whip
Tiffy Whip 3 timmar sedan
Well gawwwd dam thats alot of oil
Shlok Ahuja
Shlok Ahuja 3 timmar sedan
even when Barbra is in .... shes out
Meghna 3 timmar sedan
Dr. Neil Melandez held the whole plot together
Meghna 3 timmar sedan
Claire and Neil they deserved so much better
Quamaka O'Neal
Quamaka O'Neal 3 timmar sedan💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥😝😝😝😝😝
kanevparise 3 timmar sedan
Drag man of the year 😂😂😂😂
Nina Travis
Nina Travis 3 timmar sedan
Yes, going through old photos with family is the best!
kineticstone 3 timmar sedan
They copied Dragons den.
Zeniah Wilburn
Zeniah Wilburn 3 timmar sedan
I want Diane to get her own show. Just please don’t make her stereotypical if they do give her own’s a shame I even have to add that part 🤦🏾‍♀️.
Kaden Nogla
Kaden Nogla 3 timmar sedan
Covid who?
Mitchii 3 timmar sedan
can that girl screaming stfu
KiLovely 3 timmar sedan
I will never watch this show again!!!! And this isn't closure! Melendez shouldn't be dead!!!!
Kevin Davis
Kevin Davis 3 timmar sedan
Goldberg’s went woke.... taking them off of my DVR.... shame really... loved the Goldbergs until the racism episode... this season really stinks
Skie Skie
Skie Skie 3 timmar sedan
relaxdrawlive 3 timmar sedan
I really hope they don't stay together for long. I can't stand lea
mathylde 3 timmar sedan
i'm pretty sure it was osaki shotaro inside the mickey costume
Brittney Jones
Brittney Jones 3 timmar sedan
I wished it was just the original cast. The extra people ruined it.
TeamART 3 timmar sedan
Chris Brown should've won :(
Andrew Negron
Andrew Negron 3 timmar sedan
Rosanne was trash and so is this show
Meghna 3 timmar sedan
DR. MELANDEZ held the whole plot together. This was so stupid of the writers. I can’t watch the show after this
Meghna 3 timmar sedan
Honestly I would’ve been fine with anyone else dying except for DR. NEIL MELANDEZ. He held the whole plot together more than anyone else in the entire story
remy lewis
remy lewis 3 timmar sedan
I’ve never seen this show but this shit strikes home with me. My parents were exactly the same with me and my twin brother. They swore up and down they treated us the same but they absolutely did not. I had to be completely abstinent and never be with boys without supervision and my brother one time came home from a sleepover (with a girl) covered in hickeys and my parents thought it was hilarious and made me teach him how to put on coverup so teachers at school wouldn’t notice.
Meghna 4 timmar sedan
Nothing will ever be the same without Dr. Melendez
Enaizha Harmon
Enaizha Harmon 4 timmar sedan
The “He can get someone pregnant” is the argument I been fighting for yeeeeeeearrrrrsssss 😤
PhantomLink 4 timmar sedan
This is why the world is confused at the moment. Women have this victim mentality and Hollywood reinforces it. Men and women are different! Simple. The value of a man is tied to his career. What he makes. The value of a woman is in her looks and body. If y’all got a problem with this change it. Stop seeking men as finished products or that has a really good job for security and stop wearing tight ass reveling clothes. We are different!!! I’ll be damn If I let society tell me how to raise my kids lmaoo. So tired of hearing these girls say men police their bodies. Go be a hoe don’t get mad all bc you can’t seem to keep a man. YOU chose the life. That literally seems to be the only complaint. Not wanting to be labeled bc of the consequences of not finding a valuable partner.
farah chowdhury
farah chowdhury 4 timmar sedan
imagine if this shit actually happened
Emma Texas
Emma Texas 4 timmar sedan Оnlу :18+❤️ gelida notte , Gary , ho preso assurdi pensieri osservai rookie della testa dalle ginocchia in 🤩 のアウトを理解してたときに彼が上重いガス私がヒット私の頭の上のヘッドが立
BABY DOLL 4 timmar sedan
Yass!!! Love Istallia!
krizha pabia
krizha pabia 4 timmar sedan
bts was great
KhemRaj ParaJuli
KhemRaj ParaJuli 4 timmar sedan
AMA 2019 - Taylor Swift AMA 2020 - Taylor Swift 🌝😀❤
The Great Porn Enthusiast
The Great Porn Enthusiast 4 timmar sedan
Fuck these guys
KhemRaj ParaJuli
KhemRaj ParaJuli 4 timmar sedan
Who is here after Taylor won Ama 2020 ❤🌝
ZolidTech HD
ZolidTech HD 4 timmar sedan
Now this guy who got 1m needs to change women asap this one is crap.
Admiral Rache
Admiral Rache 4 timmar sedan
This is why I love messes
eleven lannister
eleven lannister 4 timmar sedan
What's the song please?😘😘😇
Martina Cold
Martina Cold 4 timmar sedan
Is the security the hairspray creator?!?
Darrin Nolen
Darrin Nolen 4 timmar sedan
The AMAs are fan voted are they not? lol If yall are mad he didnt win AOTY or Artist of the year is cause you didnt vote. lol
Sean Livingston
Sean Livingston 5 timmar sedan
BET Awards VS AMA to different viewers.
Martina Cold
Martina Cold 5 timmar sedan
Fencing 😉 Hugs from Asia 🌺
Rocket Powered Tech
Rocket Powered Tech 5 timmar sedan
Bidding war Mark said that was his deal from the beginning
Tina Hackshaw
Tina Hackshaw 5 timmar sedan
I was gonna say Junior is vying for love because he lived in a household where he was never good enough for his dad and his mom always tried to tip toe on everything for comfort . And then he said everything i know about dating I learned from my parents .... accurate
Benjamin Sheridan
Benjamin Sheridan 5 timmar sedan
Plan X gets me excited for the tank version of battle bots
EC GAMER 5 timmar sedan
the plant robot is actually kinda cute
Sariné Kouzikojakian
Sariné Kouzikojakian 5 timmar sedan
I’m gonna miss this show, this show is always making me happy and it doesn’t feel fake ❤️❤️
Judge Advocate
Judge Advocate 5 timmar sedan
*Stop the Steal> 4 More Years!!*
Nenad Popovic
Nenad Popovic 5 timmar sedan
He could at least war a shell on the back and some claws... I mean whole thing is awesome, but his costume is devastating
Linguerou Bour
Linguerou Bour 5 timmar sedan
Greys anatomy is one of the best shows ever created♥️
Judge Advocate
Judge Advocate 5 timmar sedan
*Stop the Steal… 4 More Years*
Derek Tong
Derek Tong 5 timmar sedan
Dre’s shirt is so cool
krik limbu
krik limbu 5 timmar sedan
Kevin is the super star of the show.
Kafka Imtiyaaz
Kafka Imtiyaaz 5 timmar sedan
He looks like that women who looks like a very young grandma
sole449 5 timmar sedan
Egg McMuffin
Egg McMuffin 5 timmar sedan
2020... Everyone’s working from home
Khalid Pookkayil
Khalid Pookkayil 5 timmar sedan
Khalid Brown
Khalid Brown 6 timmar sedan
to be honest the weeknd deserves that award not saying she's not good i mean am a swiftie for myself but this year i think the weeknd really pulled off some great hits through the year
Riirii5 6 timmar sedan
I’m sad to have seen this show go I’ve watched it from day 1 and up until now I’ve felt like I was apart of the S.H.I.E.L.D family it just doesn’t feel real
sh ch
sh ch 6 timmar sedan
j k love
The Phen
The Phen 6 timmar sedan
thier english improved very feeling proud
Annie Na
Annie Na 6 timmar sedan
Wow 💏💋
Maria OVOXO 6 timmar sedan
King Ramses
King Ramses 6 timmar sedan
I'm out and for that Barbara, I'm reason.
natasha sofia
natasha sofia 6 timmar sedan
How does traci still look 30 not much of a difference here from girlfriends
Translater Bella
Translater Bella 6 timmar sedan
😱OMG.You are so talented Taylor.We love you our angel.I am so so 😆✨💕 happy for you.I trust you next year you will win again as always 💕
Charisa Iffana
Charisa Iffana 6 timmar sedan
hpgal88 6 timmar sedan
Its been going on for a long time..the boys will be boys attitude...
thewizboy 6 timmar sedan
This dumb ass bullshit worthless show is still on. This is just sad.
Nevin Yip
Nevin Yip 6 timmar sedan
1bil gross but whats the real net?
Kumotta Kun
Kumotta Kun 6 timmar sedan
Ms. Cox quickly social distanced herself after announcing 😂
daniel Botoy
daniel Botoy 6 timmar sedan
o perfect i just watched shaun watching a guy's girlfriend smashes his car
daniel Botoy
daniel Botoy 7 timmar sedan
girl: smashes bf's car shaun: this is the 3rd time that happend this week and its only monday
Placida Juliet Mani
Placida Juliet Mani 7 timmar sedan
I'm Luke all the time.. 😂 lol
Busang Moshifa
Busang Moshifa 7 timmar sedan
I just couldn't concentrate
syub 7 timmar sedan
He's finally getting his karma
Shanoriya Robinson
Shanoriya Robinson 7 timmar sedan
If I don’t get a reboot of this show with Zola as an adult surgeon 10 years from now... Shonda Rymes is going to have to square the fuck up👊🏾👊🏾
Paul Pulke
Paul Pulke 7 timmar sedan
"See you're the silhouette right here next to the nutrition facts, so people would look at you and not at the toxic amount of sodium" 🤣🤣🤣
Emeline Cuffel
Emeline Cuffel 7 timmar sedan
C'est trop mignon Léa
Luca Falzea
Luca Falzea 7 timmar sedan
Watched this yesterday on netflix. Liked it but it kinda ruined the mood to think how the actress playing Bonnie would feel being shoved like that lol like "Viola stop you're going to kill me for real"
Nigel Tay
Nigel Tay 7 timmar sedan
someone please tell me if this is a tiktok yet HAHAHA
Varsha Singh
Varsha Singh 7 timmar sedan
Bts luv u mine bangtan Ooppaa
Dyandra Clevia
Dyandra Clevia 7 timmar sedan
Swear to gawd why'd SEpost just recommend these beauties to me?!?!