PRAJWAL TRIPATHI 5 timmar sedan
Very good video
Luis Diego Tanchez
Luis Diego Tanchez 5 timmar sedan
Mega knight HAHAHAH
jaspr 5 timmar sedan
This is epic
dejabu yt
dejabu yt 6 timmar sedan
Back a heal spell plese
dejabu yt
dejabu yt 6 timmar sedan
Heal spell is a mega best. Heal sprit a ugli😤🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮heal sprit🤢🤮🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮
marko Gaso
marko Gaso 6 timmar sedan
Just Joking
Just Joking 6 timmar sedan
Man anyone remember making DIY goblin gangs by hand before the card was released?
Zjeeky '
Zjeeky ' 7 timmar sedan
0:05 dark prince hitting himself for some reason
Bennato Pennella
Bennato Pennella 7 timmar sedan
Xochilt Garcia
Xochilt Garcia 7 timmar sedan
Taquaches be like si cema cuh
se _tube _gaming pro 5413
se _tube _gaming pro 5413 7 timmar sedan
Clash Royal can you make for me code I'm SEpostr I have 15 subscriber only and the code name se tube please
Naruto of the Leaf
Naruto of the Leaf 8 timmar sedan
That's like pokemon
Zack Ckj
Zack Ckj 8 timmar sedan
My new Waifu:musketeer sama
Dazzle Clinton
Dazzle Clinton 8 timmar sedan
Clash royale is addiction run !!!!
Szilárd Madarász
Szilárd Madarász 9 timmar sedan
AJJ 9 timmar sedan
Mega knight = well i see no god here.. P.E.K.K.A. = up here
Samuel Illanes
Samuel Illanes 9 timmar sedan
OMG thanks!!! I went from arena 13 to the training camp
AvatarKid4 9 timmar sedan
New ones 2021
retarda promedio si
retarda promedio si 9 timmar sedan
Ofensive canon.
Márkó Barócsi
Márkó Barócsi 9 timmar sedan
I missed this pass. Can i get the pekka tower somehow?
ها چا
ها چا 10 timmar sedan
Hello, please sign a contract with the Iranian Bazaar Cafe
Flappy_ Ducky
Flappy_ Ducky 10 timmar sedan
When the offical anime is coming out?
Cassimir 10 timmar sedan
Yes this has better cgi than ex arm
حاته صاكه
حاته صاكه 10 timmar sedan
Stephanie Penticostes
Stephanie Penticostes 10 timmar sedan
Most useless thing in the world
Wiam Abdalah
Wiam Abdalah 10 timmar sedan
اريد احد يحجي عربي
Hsaeen Albiati
Hsaeen Albiati 8 timmar sedan
اني احشي عربي
Stephanie Penticostes
Stephanie Penticostes 10 timmar sedan
Clash royal = Dead game
METTaViSh 11 timmar sedan
Remember when there were these trailers for nearly every card coming. Things were much simple back then
EL OSO 576
EL OSO 576 11 timmar sedan
0:35 subtítulos Aplastar >:v
Oscar bouvie
Oscar bouvie 12 timmar sedan
Im from belgium
sankar bsumatary
sankar bsumatary 12 timmar sedan
Zap says hello
Jeraldio Handaya
Jeraldio Handaya 12 timmar sedan
Me 5 years later seeing these videos and comments...
Cream Pie
Cream Pie 13 timmar sedan
Wait if we saw goblin serum does that thoose are blood
Isaac Roan
Isaac Roan 13 timmar sedan
Bro I love the way supercell animates their skeletons in all their animations, like you can tell their feeling even tho they dont talk and barelt have expressions
Isaac Roan
Isaac Roan 13 timmar sedan
Only OGs remeber old executioner art
BaGeT is nice
BaGeT is nice 13 timmar sedan
I know u toke my fortnite card
Hussein 14 timmar sedan
I swear fortnite is better than this game now....
Mathias 11 timmar sedan
Fortnite is dead
Backu_04 13 timmar sedan
Walter E
Walter E 13 timmar sedan
sk king
sk king 14 timmar sedan
Can someone explain why the pekka is a female but the mini pekka is not?
Aphen Ma
Aphen Ma 14 timmar sedan
9:17 cutest thing and 9:19 AND ALSO WHY DOES A LITTLE WIZARD HAS BEARD
the stupid Marco
the stupid Marco 15 timmar sedan
She seems so sure of herself but... hey that's a log
ZAPMANIAC 15 timmar sedan
I have never seen a big toxic community like this one. Ik the game has trouble but... cmon people instead of just leaving you just complain and trash the game? You people are disgusting.
Pablo Abraldes
Pablo Abraldes 5 timmar sedan
Because supercell doesn't care about the players and only about money
Skelyboss 15 timmar sedan
Can't believe they added Mercy!
sarthak sharma
sarthak sharma 15 timmar sedan
Clash of clans = gives good strategies Clash royal = i dunno just show two cards who go together
Daxy 007
Daxy 007 16 timmar sedan
Is he the builder though 🤔
page ni kakoi mapper
page ni kakoi mapper 16 timmar sedan
My country phil against lego land (denmark) on R1
blipidipcock ribidirockadoc
blipidipcock ribidirockadoc 16 timmar sedan
Only ogs remember when the highest tower level wasn’t 13
PRAJWAL TRIPATHI 18 timmar sedan
Very good video
Evan 18 timmar sedan
Evan 18 timmar sedan
Only noobs fireball towers lol
Evan 18 timmar sedan
We know what the full arena is now!
Mati_1752ツ 18 timmar sedan
Ninjapenguin103 18 timmar sedan
"Uh..." - Jeff Goldblum
Bœ Yæ
Bœ Yæ 18 timmar sedan
so this is the start of the biggest mobile game of my childhood
Punkaroo_RL 19 timmar sedan
For supercell to make this. I liked it
b r e a d
b r e a d 19 timmar sedan
we need that clash-a-rama season 4 like right now
Miuler sigueñas
Miuler sigueñas 19 timmar sedan
Clahs royale pone nuevas cartas legendarias porfa tengo todas legendarias todas las cosas y quiero legendarias
Nick Roosh
Nick Roosh 19 timmar sedan
Lol why is no-one using skins on their crown towers in this trailer? 😅
XxSkullDeath432Xx 20 timmar sedan
Clash of anime!
Pete Strong
Pete Strong 20 timmar sedan
He and his crew are the funkiest bunch of lads this side of the US
TheMregg 21 timme sedan
Hicieron más profanable a la mosquetera. Que dios se apiade de nosotros
Saul Ramirez
Saul Ramirez 21 timme sedan
Thank goodness you made them pancakes they didn't we see a lot of blood o my gosh don't be so dumb
Los tres idiotas C:
Los tres idiotas C: 21 timme sedan
Lol these guys are just recycling the same maps and seasons lol
Sheena Abal
Sheena Abal 11 timmar sedan
Why is everyone hating clash royale lmao, this game is like my childhood
PlyYxl 21 timme sedan
0:16 If you arrow minions it means there slower but if you dont arrow bats it means there faster. Logic: ⬆️➡️↘️↙️↖️⬅️➡️🔄⤵️↔️↩↪⤴️⬅️
Obama’s Hand
Obama’s Hand 22 timmar sedan
I can't believe they had a rick and morty reference
Obama’s Hand
Obama’s Hand 22 timmar sedan
"So more than 0% of you use it"