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Xablau TV
Xablau TV 5 timmar sedan
Se ele cair se corta todo kkkk
Johnny Regularhand
Johnny Regularhand 5 timmar sedan
Wheel guard for safety? Nahh
Ollie Scopes
Ollie Scopes 5 timmar sedan
I feel braindead😂
Matthew Morris
Matthew Morris 5 timmar sedan
Pretty dumb but okay
Adrian Sanchez
Adrian Sanchez 5 timmar sedan
Caerte en esa bici no es una opción
si entong
si entong 5 timmar sedan
Kegelincir sedikit abis tu bokong😂
Liam McIntyre
Liam McIntyre 5 timmar sedan
Slips off back of bike
JK Ellis
JK Ellis 5 timmar sedan
I wouldn't feel comfortable riding a bike with sawblades for wheels.
Jacob Bell
Jacob Bell 5 timmar sedan
kusatchi boi
kusatchi boi 5 timmar sedan
this is what ancient egyptians had
Drip Smoke
Drip Smoke 5 timmar sedan
Yea, try not to fall buddy.
Ясен Пень
Ясен Пень 5 timmar sedan
жопой сядешь на такое колесо и тебя два
Kjohn034 5 timmar sedan
He looks confused. There are no red lights or stop signs to blow through on the ice.
New Comer
New Comer 5 timmar sedan
How ??? Aammaazingggg
Baas Dino
Baas Dino 5 timmar sedan
Hello youtube recommendation squad
paula alves
paula alves 5 timmar sedan
esse é brabo
Gabriel Calixto
Gabriel Calixto 5 timmar sedan
Ya n
Tommy Z
Tommy Z 5 timmar sedan
Does he expect us to have this lying around in our house
Wren Woodall
Wren Woodall 5 timmar sedan
I got an ad before this for cookies and cream Twix and trust me there not good
Krisna Haidar
Krisna Haidar 5 timmar sedan
imagine that things hit ur balls
Joshua Castillo
Joshua Castillo 5 timmar sedan
Imagine playing “don’t wimp out” with this bike. It’s exactly what you think it is.
piki Hariyanto
piki Hariyanto 5 timmar sedan
GG batt anjing
Eric Melanson
Eric Melanson 5 timmar sedan
probly get next to no resistance from the snow, awesome
시바휘바ShibaHyvaa 6 timmar sedan
Wow bicycle on ice good idea
Kobe Nguyen
Kobe Nguyen 6 timmar sedan
Nice ice-cycle.
scott jenkins
scott jenkins 6 timmar sedan
Something about his hand movements & motions totally creeps me out!!
Channel B.G.M TV
Channel B.G.M TV 6 timmar sedan
Someone like this needs to help disabled people with uncomfortable legs...
Leeague 6 timmar sedan
Johan Vonk
Johan Vonk 6 timmar sedan
Am I the only one who noticed that the front "wheel" is the wrong way around?
XXX X 6 timmar sedan
Chúc mọi người đang xem thật nhièu hạnh phúc❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
悪趣味なラクシュミー 6 timmar sedan
Judas Priest Painkiller album cover. Now we know he is real.
Dunkan Winter
Dunkan Winter 6 timmar sedan
if you fall into the wheel you will end with a bigger line in your butt xD
Vicinitrix 6 timmar sedan
Don’t fall....
LimedBeat 6 timmar sedan
Can I try this at home?
lis 6 timmar sedan
This is stupid. If you fall, you are going to be badly injured or dead.
LimedBeat 6 timmar sedan
So no one gonna talk about that insane transition
Der CrysisBZ
Der CrysisBZ 6 timmar sedan
quite honestly this video should be flagged for the influence of endangering other people with this kinda influence.
Tempuri 6 timmar sedan
Imagine when he was riding he accidentally touched the wheel/blade while it was spinning. Ouch.
amarillo tino
amarillo tino 6 timmar sedan
Ming Kui
Ming Kui 6 timmar sedan
NA said he
Allyn Tinsley
Allyn Tinsley 6 timmar sedan
Michal Kaftaniak
Michal Kaftaniak 6 timmar sedan
Fe Adjarani
Fe Adjarani 6 timmar sedan
Great idea💯💯💯
Ryann McIlwaine
Ryann McIlwaine 6 timmar sedan
alfred roxan
alfred roxan 6 timmar sedan
0:06 Unicron Medley?
Ryan Sherwood
Ryan Sherwood 6 timmar sedan
very cool... but was it cheaper to ruin your wheel than buy a new axle?
Fred Gervin M.P.
Fred Gervin M.P. 6 timmar sedan
I would wind up killing myself, it does look fun.
O'Connor Kerry
O'Connor Kerry 6 timmar sedan
Nice job
David Marescaux
David Marescaux 6 timmar sedan
completely useless and ininteressant
DXMcoreTCK 7 timmar sedan
Ojala no te amputes un dedo o una d tus piernas
Eduardo Soares
Eduardo Soares 7 timmar sedan
Não seria mais facil comprar os cubos das roadas separados em vez de desmotar toda a roda . vaiter que comprar outro par quando o inverno acabar. mais valeu rsrs..
Joaquin’s World
Joaquin’s World 7 timmar sedan
everyone: imagine if you fall on that? me: wait isn't that what Jason was talking about in that one studio c sketch?
Claudio Gubani
Claudio Gubani 7 timmar sedan
Bicicleta com eu quero ver tua casa e rapidinho 😂😄😄😄😄😂😂😂😄😄😄😄😄😄
gschdean 7 timmar sedan
If that center rope breaks you are going to be the first honest "Hole In One" shot at the emergency room. Pretty cool chair though.
shoto todoroki
shoto todoroki 7 timmar sedan
Imagine falling off that bike and the tire hitting your leg or when you're riding the bike, your leg accidentally hits the tire.
Bryant Floyd
Bryant Floyd 7 timmar sedan
I've heard of people painting on a saw blade but never did I think it could be used as bicycle wheels.
PacTy GaMes
PacTy GaMes 7 timmar sedan
Imagine if he runs over someone
Andrew Crocker
Andrew Crocker 7 timmar sedan
Quartz 7 timmar sedan
I am quartz
Quartz 7 timmar sedan
Victor W.
Victor W. 7 timmar sedan
Imagina da um grau nessa magrela
Pay for ipads
Pay for ipads 7 timmar sedan
xxxclash_ clans
xxxclash_ clans 7 timmar sedan
Image falling 😳
Leomara Ferreira
Leomara Ferreira 7 timmar sedan
Alguem brasileiro ???
Siti Kholifah
Siti Kholifah 7 timmar sedan
Siti Kholifah
Siti Kholifah 7 timmar sedan
Thanh Nguyen
Thanh Nguyen 7 timmar sedan
chapin yoker
chapin yoker 7 timmar sedan
Next video comverting a hair dryer into a flame trower
Thanh Nguyen
Thanh Nguyen 7 timmar sedan
Neon Reaper
Neon Reaper 7 timmar sedan
Well... Like... Or just learn to control the handling
Nagiza Extabay
Nagiza Extabay 7 timmar sedan
Cómo se llaman o encuentro la bici de ruedas gordas
하늘사랑 7 timmar sedan
Christian Mack Odinson
Christian Mack Odinson 7 timmar sedan
Márcia Vieira
Márcia Vieira 7 timmar sedan
Ficou bom que você fez
brahem Ktoo3
brahem Ktoo3 7 timmar sedan
الو على
Free Fire manda manda
Free Fire manda manda 8 timmar sedan
Peter Chen
Peter Chen 8 timmar sedan
Yama Fanboy
Yama Fanboy 8 timmar sedan
Bet he has no issues at all getting motorist to give way when they see him coming.
Fitri Ahmad
Fitri Ahmad 8 timmar sedan
try to play wheelie✌️
Isaac 8 timmar sedan
Imagine you fell off