Dominique Charriere
Dominique Charriere 3 timmar sedan
They look like Trump!
🙋🏼‍♂️ 3 timmar sedan
Jeremy was turned into Trump. 🤔
BrainFuck10 3 timmar sedan
It iz impossible! Ze officer vwill ask you for "PAPERS, PLEASE"
Johnny 44
Johnny 44 3 timmar sedan
I liked the car very much
J G 3 timmar sedan
Looks like shit 😆
Shubham Pawar
Shubham Pawar 3 timmar sedan
1.06 draw pretty patterns
ItsYahBoi_Nation 3 timmar sedan
This video use to be named “James May is Alive”
Mando Studios
Mando Studios 3 timmar sedan
Celebration mode is the best!!! 🤣
Athish Marutharaj
Athish Marutharaj 3 timmar sedan
Think Jeremy think...
Colin Howard
Colin Howard 3 timmar sedan
Those old Renault 9s are far more capable than they look and also have amazing offroad ability , I used one for 2 years and it worked very well and very hard , that was from early 2015 to early 2017 , proberably the best everyday car the French ever built !
Joey Gixerboy
Joey Gixerboy 4 timmar sedan
Great production
GronkyWonky 4 timmar sedan
I would genuinely buy the Excellent. Who else would?
Barış Elçi
Barış Elçi 4 timmar sedan
if it was on facebook marketplace it would be at least 50k lol
C2.studiopro 4 timmar sedan
Thanks god.. for bring them back❤️❤️
Catherine 4 timmar sedan
The amount of time we spend believing we can't is more than enough time to learn how you can. -my Brain.
Baby Nathan
Baby Nathan 3 timmar sedan
You are right✔️
Andy Marvic
Andy Marvic 3 timmar sedan
Fred Willy
Fred Willy 3 timmar sedan
@Rita Handerson Thank you all for this insight, this will definitely help a lot of people willing to live debt free.
Kelvin Edge
Kelvin Edge 3 timmar sedan
@Rita Handerson am so surprised to know that a lot of people are aware of the good works of Mr Mark Ramsey, I met him earlier last month and I have already received my first paycheck.
Rita Handerson
Rita Handerson 3 timmar sedan
@Annabelle Sally He is also available on FB. MARK RAMSEY.
Kieron Irwan
Kieron Irwan 4 timmar sedan
GaryH 4 timmar sedan
Give me the Audi any day. Can’t beat the sound of that V10
Jamshed Ahmed
Jamshed Ahmed 4 timmar sedan
Stop the engine. In gear mode, car will stop.
Renaldo Hendricks
Renaldo Hendricks 4 timmar sedan
The poor auctioneer had to keep a straihght face
THE-mad -CYLIST 4 timmar sedan
Isn't this better better than the TOP GEAR on TV !!!! YES !!!! guys kick those MUPPETS off the show and get back on TOP GEAR
Frank Huff
Frank Huff 4 timmar sedan
The striped smile aditionally race because patient inferiorly suggest amid a ritzy breakfast. tearful, perpetual blade
Serge Tremblay
Serge Tremblay 4 timmar sedan
So , what happened with Richard ??? I hope he is all ok. 😳
Azalia of Izalith
Azalia of Izalith 4 timmar sedan
Street bumps here are major reason for baby delivery in car before reaching hospital. 😂😂 In here we are: Doomed❌ Born✅
X Y 4 timmar sedan
5:50 wtf :D
Tim Slim
Tim Slim 4 timmar sedan
He's a dickhead
Tim Slim
Tim Slim 4 timmar sedan
Who cares
e 4 timmar sedan
He is just a grouchy old man and hates Tesla.
Rahaditya Pratama Moegandi
Rahaditya Pratama Moegandi 5 timmar sedan
Meanwhile In my country Regency asphalt road renovation need 9 years to asphalt and constructing, from standard road asphalt cost to suddenly rise 50% and 9 years to renovation it. And less 2 weeks after it completed the road its potholes and damage again
Simple Fishing
Simple Fishing 5 timmar sedan
I had one of those when I was in the army, the windscreen wipers kept falling off, It was bloody quick tho.
megaverner 5 timmar sedan
That limp home-mode really needs a manual override. What if you're on a very steep, rough road and suddenly lose all your power? Electronic homicide.
Beau and Cece
Beau and Cece 5 timmar sedan
blew up a beautiful piece of history
Mac 5 timmar sedan
He couldn't see the bend clearly as he is too short.
David's World
David's World 5 timmar sedan
how much commission was there to pay on the sale of the dripping car. and who was bidding other than clarkson to get it to its final amount
bilij pdan
bilij pdan 4 timmar sedan
come on we need another season
Tiago Feitosa
Tiago Feitosa 5 timmar sedan
When they put the fake translated captions ahahahaha
Ankush Sharma
Ankush Sharma 5 timmar sedan
1:06, why did you choose to draw a dick though?
York Oxmaul
York Oxmaul 5 timmar sedan
With that terrible disappointment, back to the tent
Gordon Freeman
Gordon Freeman 5 timmar sedan
Matthew James
Matthew James 5 timmar sedan
Had a good chuckle watching this, pity it's not reality...
v8pilot 5 timmar sedan
No wonder they are overweight.
Mystical Illusion Gaming
Mystical Illusion Gaming 5 timmar sedan
Just a scratch 😬
Azog Oakenshield
Azog Oakenshield 6 timmar sedan
what a stupîd idiots! how could you destroy 200 years old house, just for some views on youtube ??? Shame on you ! no respect for humans work.
Tori Romo
Tori Romo 6 timmar sedan
Mao is probably wondering how many more millions he has to kill in order for Clarkson to think he’s worthy of that car.
Δημητρης Χανιωτης
Δημητρης Χανιωτης 6 timmar sedan
"teslas are the coolest cars in the world, can't change my mind"
Andreas Hammer
Andreas Hammer 6 timmar sedan
0:59 "you better call saul!"
CT-2237 'oddball'
CT-2237 'oddball' 6 timmar sedan
i actually looks nice tho..
tapia68 6 timmar sedan
Also 12V batteries must be replaced just like ICE cars they don’t last for every. ICE cars also lock you out when the 12V battery dies.
Mxfps - Gaming and Developing
Mxfps - Gaming and Developing 6 timmar sedan