Jason Keyes
Jason Keyes 11 timmar sedan
Should have painted the fridge like the ice cream truck in Twisted Metal! This is hilarious!
jm mis
jm mis 11 timmar sedan
How do you interview someone and not put his name in the title or description?
throwback19841 11 timmar sedan
3000 S.U.X vs Hyundai S.U.V Bitches leave.
UnknownWatcher 7
UnknownWatcher 7 11 timmar sedan
S14 going hard as “Hell” with 666k views, coincidence I THINK NOT
Billy Buckner
Billy Buckner 11 timmar sedan
@17:02 them white Johnny's tho
Jack Downey
Jack Downey 11 timmar sedan
I don’t think anyone is close minded on these. I just partially finished a prerunner long travel truck and I’m looking into these heavily for my next project.
cubonenineO 11 timmar sedan
*KING shit righchere*
zakspop 11 timmar sedan
86 had intercooler too. I had an 86.
Some random guy
Some random guy 11 timmar sedan
We live on the backs of giants
Geomass 235
Geomass 235 11 timmar sedan
You guys should make a Video with Donut Media
Richard Fellows
Richard Fellows 11 timmar sedan
An ant in the shadow of a humble bull elephant.
Anthony Ramirez
Anthony Ramirez 12 timmar sedan
More horsepower Mo bettah
Tomor Karce
Tomor Karce 12 timmar sedan
I don't know why is the that big ass boat wasting his time he got his ass whipped every single time LOL
Ryan Lucas
Ryan Lucas 12 timmar sedan
Round 1 - *3-4 bus lengths*
GRiiZZ 12 timmar sedan
Today i learned that i actually like a couch with racing harness
Norman Norman
Norman Norman 12 timmar sedan
He finna go back to the hood like boi that thang faster then a ma fucker on god nigga
Danny Clarke
Danny Clarke 12 timmar sedan
Donks are running low 9s
Brian Sanders
Brian Sanders 12 timmar sedan
Need to race in actual competition man shit is too good
T B 12 timmar sedan
So stupid to tell people to wear masks when you’re doing all the dangerous stuff you do. Wtf is that BS. You do cars, leave medicinal advice to others
Neikell & Deonte
Neikell & Deonte 12 timmar sedan
One time for SC 💪🏾
Iskhak Awal
Iskhak Awal 12 timmar sedan
Garasi drift udah lihat kah wkwkw
kevin bires
kevin bires 12 timmar sedan
that car is slow crap
ozzy 12 timmar sedan
The gear shifts sound beautiful
Zachary DeRoche
Zachary DeRoche 12 timmar sedan
Hert should honorary full send donut everyone’s car on the show. No questions. AND he needs a “HERTS DONUT” like “hurts, don’t it” shirt immediately. Take my money.
Joel Snelling
Joel Snelling 12 timmar sedan
Can we talk about Donkmaster’s custom Oregon Jordan 5’s??
Gee Zoe Petez
Gee Zoe Petez 12 timmar sedan
Donk master knows his stuff. He’s a Great spokesperson for this sport. I bet nobody would’ve guessed these donks are built with all this knowledge
Joe Rocket1979
Joe Rocket1979 12 timmar sedan
Donk master took all the good shit out for the pics u got sent lol. he ain't no chump.😉
Matt Freeman
Matt Freeman 12 timmar sedan
Roll race them!!!!
James Mcguire
James Mcguire 12 timmar sedan
Did u guys enjoy the tv static’s where drinking
Rizki Akbar
Rizki Akbar 12 timmar sedan
i think hoonigan is the only group which is true of "respect all builds"
Nickiscray Vlogs
Nickiscray Vlogs 12 timmar sedan
Her:come over Me:but it takes forever to get to your house since you live on a mountain Her:my parents aren’t home Me: And I got another one Me:hey ken can we get initial d Ken:we have initial d at home Initial d at home;
cetusrojo 12 timmar sedan
Bring something from the peak pikes hill climb. Stop being cowards. 1hp per pound of weight
Shane P.
Shane P. 12 timmar sedan
I wanna see what they can with donkmaster in the next Hoonicorn movie
Mister Bojangles
Mister Bojangles 12 timmar sedan
80 grand for an ls and a transmission and Ford 9” is super tarded
Shane P.
Shane P. 12 timmar sedan
Wish they had the timing to actually see how fast the donk is
WaFfLeFuR 12 timmar sedan
worst build bio ever... this is a car, it has seats...
Henry Daniel
Henry Daniel 12 timmar sedan
Can’t wait for the build to be done
Haikle Irfan
Haikle Irfan 12 timmar sedan
Call out cleetus ford galaxy
Zachary DeRoche
Zachary DeRoche 12 timmar sedan
In this video- guys with money not knowing how to control their cars 🤦🏽‍♂️. This video hurt my soul from beginning to end. Take those keys away from these guys before they hurt somebody.
bigt951 socal
bigt951 socal 12 timmar sedan
My guy gots the Oregon’s on 🔥
Shane House
Shane House 12 timmar sedan
HOONICORN vs. Mustang Mach-E 1400 Edit: whichever car wins ford has to bring to market. 😂
Will 12 timmar sedan
Scott's getting fat and grey lol
MAC 12 timmar sedan
We need LEROY!!!
MAC 12 timmar sedan
Ken just took donk to japple bees!!
Chris Rigoni Tattooer
Chris Rigoni Tattooer 12 timmar sedan
you educated and made me stoked on donks now. Thank You 🙏✌️
Koolin With wap
Koolin With wap 12 timmar sedan
Lol that’s what his get
a 1
a 1 12 timmar sedan
Donkmaster is such a character and I love it. Keep up the great content
Nite Opzzz
Nite Opzzz 12 timmar sedan
The wheels on this car are made by my fathers company called Rucci Forged. look us up on ig at rucciforged
Bobby Vance
Bobby Vance 12 timmar sedan
I painted my Harley like that and it came out sooooooo good
steve mitchell
steve mitchell 13 timmar sedan
Saurabh Lal
Saurabh Lal 13 timmar sedan
CJ Vmann
CJ Vmann 13 timmar sedan
Australia sepost.info/dev/video/uZbZprSdqJyvs5w.html
Russell Rosales
Russell Rosales 13 timmar sedan
Hoonicorn vs Big red 69 Camaro!
Derrick Jurisic
Derrick Jurisic 13 timmar sedan
Hoonicorn vs Porsche Taycan
Mufasa Blue
Mufasa Blue 13 timmar sedan
Yo did they put more sauce on? 😂 😂
TheTopTechnology 13 timmar sedan
wait its only 900lbs lighter? dropped
Josh Russell
Josh Russell 13 timmar sedan
That's the most ignorant thing I've seen in the car world. What a shame
YEAH RIGHT 13 timmar sedan
$180 K vs 80K...
greg richards
greg richards 13 timmar sedan
Just like Joe Alex I thought the concept of Donks were foolish.Mostly because of the street Donks over sized wheels like a toy BIG WHEELS. This Bio Build race these cars is better thinner tire on front traction width on rear makes them like gassers but this guest needs to scale down his head size,Dude quit talking like an idiot mentioning NASA BOEING you got after market brakes, wheels etc. Wouldn't hurt to mention stuff to help out guys who are building their own car and this would have shined on THE DONK MASTER builder friendly dude but oh well
Scott Christensen
Scott Christensen 13 timmar sedan
How about a This vs That “sound off”? Which has the better sound, car or truck?
Joshua Olson
Joshua Olson 13 timmar sedan
Ken needs new friends, these guys seem like a bunch of posers
Dr. GAMER MAN 13 timmar sedan
People say go for looks or power donkmaster I do both
Big_Smokey 13
Big_Smokey 13 13 timmar sedan
get eric gingeriches duramax in here things a beast!
Honda forced production
Honda forced production 13 timmar sedan
An awd civic needs to race the hoonicorn
Jezi Walters
Jezi Walters 13 timmar sedan
Hoonicorn vs leroy the savage
D. R.
D. R. 13 timmar sedan
You have balls of steel bro!
Tom Karasch
Tom Karasch 13 timmar sedan
I was at the 1989 Camel GT 500km race at Watkins Glen and watched Geoff Brabham and Chip Robinson win in the sister car to this (#84). I also got Chip Robinson's autograph when Brabham was doing his stint in the car during the race! They won the race by over a full minute. (That's almost half a lap at The Glen) Amazing car to watch. It simply outclassed the rest of the field! I also got to see this #83 car in the paddock.
Jenny Animal
Jenny Animal 13 timmar sedan
My happy make me smile video..hello
voltron422 13 timmar sedan
9:00 Round 1 10:15 Round 2 12:08 Bonus Round 14:08 Video game plug-in
Tariq Palmer _Gaming
Tariq Palmer _Gaming 13 timmar sedan
i would love to see the hoonicorn vs any 2jz vehicle
So_RebellionQuan 13 timmar sedan
That cameo vs the ford 69
John Mayer’s
John Mayer’s 13 timmar sedan
dragon master
dragon master 13 timmar sedan
Lamborghini sleek and fast dodge demon v8 go brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
Ro 23 20 cam
Ro 23 20 cam 13 timmar sedan
That truck tho better option
carlos rocha
carlos rocha 13 timmar sedan
“No intercooler cuz its runnin on meth.” Best sentence ive heard all day lol
Gunner Schenck
Gunner Schenck 13 timmar sedan
4:38 that paint scheme was perfect, why would you change it??
seasoakedperversion 13 timmar sedan
donks don’t really make sense to me. glad people are into them though. always cool to learn about a different subculture. too bad we didn’t get to see any of the important bits on this car. kind of feels like a pointless build bio if we can’t see what’s under the hood in detail.
Muhammad Hayqal
Muhammad Hayqal 13 timmar sedan
FR Legend😂
drew vandee
drew vandee 13 timmar sedan
What song is 10:17
Aussie jake
Aussie jake 13 timmar sedan