haileybibby 18 timmar sedan
Beautiful documentary!!!!!!!
Lonkinella 18 timmar sedan
0:27 We all know we will see tons of amvs of this movie with "illicit affairs" by Taylor Swift, and i intend to see them all
Heartography Heart meets Photography
Heartography Heart meets Photography 18 timmar sedan
There's ALWAYS 1 Person Who has the immunity or in this person who can sleep.
Misaki Yui
Misaki Yui 18 timmar sedan
Is that the All state dude? 😭😭😭
Samay 18 timmar sedan
2.1k Dislikes From God's Devotee
Justin Ball
Justin Ball 18 timmar sedan
This movie was GOLD!! I haven't laughed that hard in ages!! No wonder it's #1 on Netflix! And not to mention above 90% on Rotten Tomatoes
Rhuan Tavares
Rhuan Tavares 18 timmar sedan
Woooooooooooooow 😀😀😀😀😀😀
IMVU Edits
IMVU Edits 18 timmar sedan
Okay but like...the way I'm sobbing skdksks
carsyn 18 timmar sedan
Isn’t this just a copycat of Edge or Sleep?
W.C. 18 timmar sedan
gaten and joe being in the same booth is everything to me
Daiana S J C.
Daiana S J C. 18 timmar sedan
No puedo esperar!!!! ...
FogZ 18 timmar sedan
all fun and games until he became a wendigo
Shilpa Kalathiya
Shilpa Kalathiya 18 timmar sedan
Netflix please dub season 2 and 3 in english
Cherrox 18 timmar sedan
I guess I’m the only one here who got stoked when I heard The Mae Shi in this trailer? Who is mic drop? Stupid kids, get off my lawn
TikTok India
TikTok India 18 timmar sedan
2:10 I will be waiting. Me: but I can't
FATIMAH FF 18 timmar sedan
Lety ff
JrgL UG 18 timmar sedan
Does anyone know what the soundtrack that appears at the start of genius of evil is called?
Radio Raven
Radio Raven 18 timmar sedan
Plz stop making boring drama shows Netflix, give me more Sabrina.
Nov 5062
Nov 5062 18 timmar sedan
So people breeded with animals in this universe?
Danielle Lee
Danielle Lee 18 timmar sedan
I'm going with Marco but noah did do a good job but Marco was a sweet heart strait from heaven he's a deja vu yes please do call anytime sweet mercy
Maneet Kahal
Maneet Kahal 18 timmar sedan
I miss Nano, Cristian, Carla, Lu ,Nadia.
Elaine [Odd Nugget]
Elaine [Odd Nugget] 18 timmar sedan
Aashish Sharma
Aashish Sharma 18 timmar sedan
Its looks like nokia3300 cricket game
I'M രമണൻ
I'M രമണൻ 18 timmar sedan
jess 18 timmar sedan
13:34 LOLLL
Nazeem Ali
Nazeem Ali 18 timmar sedan
One of the finest episodes I have watched so far. Excellent coverage by all time Sir David Attenborough
IP man
IP man 18 timmar sedan
Ruston Henry
Ruston Henry 18 timmar sedan
So The Machinist but worldwide.
Andrew Nagy
Andrew Nagy 18 timmar sedan
Why does kanye talk like tiger woods? Was it always like that?
Кпуста Семеновна
Кпуста Семеновна 18 timmar sedan
боже с смотрю хоть и ничего не понимаю хааха
fernando reyes
fernando reyes 18 timmar sedan
Alguien que hable Español
raymon k
raymon k 18 timmar sedan
I can't wait. I love every episode in their own way.
RESHMAN A/L CHANDRAKUMAR Moe 18 timmar sedan
Indian power in netflix channel
Gacha Tania
Gacha Tania 18 timmar sedan
Nobody is talking about that she has a LGBT+ pin in her jacket?
Ruhi Shah
Ruhi Shah 18 timmar sedan
Anyone else noticed that Shailene often stars in movies that are based on books? The Divergent Series The Fault in our Stars And now this
Claudia Arevalo
Claudia Arevalo 18 timmar sedan
It I just watched the trailer and I am already crying
Keron Stewart
Keron Stewart 18 timmar sedan
2:10 is it me or was that death himself!? i mean you cant have a castlevania series without dracula's most loyal servant aka death!
sarthak Markam
sarthak Markam 18 timmar sedan
Do anyone know what did they say plz Tell me !!:)
Mustafa Studio
Mustafa Studio 18 timmar sedan
Cant wait!
Rohan Nayek
Rohan Nayek 18 timmar sedan
from nxt time i will never wake up upto 2 am
Tyvan TV
Tyvan TV 18 timmar sedan
Hell yes
SubhamK 18 timmar sedan
Basically its sleep deprivation
Leonard Luzon
Leonard Luzon 18 timmar sedan
This should be a gift for newly naturalized US citizens :)
Em M
Em M 18 timmar sedan
Trix is the absolute funniest in this 💁‍♀️✨outfit ✨
Jordan Rivers
Jordan Rivers 18 timmar sedan
Isabelle Smit
Isabelle Smit 18 timmar sedan
This is literally used the act trailer music
Ken MAN 18 timmar sedan
did i just saw Michael B Jordan?
Well That’s Interesting
Well That’s Interesting 18 timmar sedan
Here's the real question.... Was Jesus Christ the focus of the faith in this movie... Or was he simply in the background, was he even mentioned? It's very easy and not brave to do the generic God thing. But to claim Jesus Christ as Lord of All, Creator of heaven and Earth.. The only one true God in human flesh... Netflix doesn't have the balls to do that. Let me know if they did.
JayToChillfr 18 timmar sedan
Finally something Ik interested in is it a movie or show
Sebastian Sinaga
Sebastian Sinaga 18 timmar sedan
Is carla play in elite season 4?
The Torresons
The Torresons 18 timmar sedan
I’m not one for this kind of movie, but DAYMN.
Cute Buttons
Cute Buttons 18 timmar sedan
Conflicted about the art work tbh
Beatriz Cinque
Beatriz Cinque 18 timmar sedan
Ue contou tudo
Stasha Tot
Stasha Tot 18 timmar sedan
anyone know the first song played in this?
zora chanelh
zora chanelh 18 timmar sedan
toxic rere
toxic rere 18 timmar sedan
the only series intro i dont skip
Wendolyn Orozco
Wendolyn Orozco 18 timmar sedan
Yo sin entender nada, porque no se inglés :|
Carl Ooferton
Carl Ooferton 18 timmar sedan
Awesome this will be very hype I main her sweaty toes hard - LoL professional gamer
Lilian Juan
Lilian Juan 18 timmar sedan
July 21 seems edges away. Looking forward to movie night
LEGENDAVERY 18 timmar sedan
Who is singing that song “ your not alone”
Tahliyah Zayn
Tahliyah Zayn 18 timmar sedan
Terilisha asked TWICE ,when did she say something and didn’t follow through....why the hell was it so hard for Savannah to answer that one question?!? Then because she knew she lied she jumped around the question and Terilisha admitted that she gutted her by saying that...why tf did savannah turn that shit around and make it about her.....😕 Savannah full of shit
Kevin De La Cruz
Kevin De La Cruz 18 timmar sedan
Forget zombie pandemics, now it's insomnia pandemic! Looks good tbh
Kimberly Allen
Kimberly Allen 18 timmar sedan
So much 80s perfection...
Carlos Taylor
Carlos Taylor 18 timmar sedan
I need a 3 sentence summary for school like tomorrow so reply with them please
Rhianna Tiffany Bernardino
Rhianna Tiffany Bernardino 18 timmar sedan
Bring back SOCIETY
Rhianna Tiffany Bernardino
Rhianna Tiffany Bernardino 18 timmar sedan
Bring back SOCIETY
Rhianna Tiffany Bernardino
Rhianna Tiffany Bernardino 18 timmar sedan
Bring back SOCIETY
Rhianna Tiffany Bernardino
Rhianna Tiffany Bernardino 18 timmar sedan
Bring back SOCIETY
Rhianna Tiffany Bernardino
Rhianna Tiffany Bernardino 18 timmar sedan
Bring back SOCIETY
Ростислав Морозов
Ростислав Морозов 18 timmar sedan
Уже вышел или это только трейлер ?
Kristin Vital
Kristin Vital 18 timmar sedan
they are all so educated I adore it
Nn. Park
Nn. Park 18 timmar sedan
Clicked when see ewan 😍
kempiro 18 timmar sedan
"We don't know what caused it, or why it occurred." Um.
Jacob Cass
Jacob Cass 18 timmar sedan
I miss the animation T_T
joywolf83 18 timmar sedan
They stole Markiplier Sound of Sleep!!!!!!!!!
Albert Norman
Albert Norman 18 timmar sedan
See, this is how Heaven ended up with endless Sound of Music reruns in Good Omens: Neil Gaiman's lack of imagination.
Joshua O'hanlon
Joshua O'hanlon 18 timmar sedan
This actually looks really good
Carly Crays
Carly Crays 18 timmar sedan
Doesn't the Bible sort of tell us not to sacrifice people?
Joao Gordela
Joao Gordela 18 timmar sedan
Umbrella acadime