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2 månader sedan
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Kingston has a sex toy
4 månader sedan
Vegan thanksgiving 💜
4 månader sedan
Vegan thanksgiving
4 månader sedan
In the studio
5 månader sedan
Herb Talk
5 månader sedan
I’m in the woods
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Velocity 9 timmar sedan
beat passed around more than the school thot god dam
ma fareshi
ma fareshi 9 timmar sedan
2pac sarebbe fiero
Ray Hab
Ray Hab 9 timmar sedan
Choppa killed this beat
NOT GeeKZシ 9 timmar sedan
Shannon Maldonado
Shannon Maldonado 9 timmar sedan
My mom walking into my room to see me fake sleeping with my 3ds underneath my pillow: 1:31
MACROFNC 10 timmar sedan
Rip hell cat
Simp Security
Simp Security 10 timmar sedan
Why he always sweating every video he make?
SOLID & LINDSEY LIZ 10 timmar sedan
Yarn Gibb
Yarn Gibb 10 timmar sedan
Kingfortnite 333
Kingfortnite 333 10 timmar sedan
Nle:making millions Me:trying to see the fridges light turning off
Anecia Rogers
Anecia Rogers 10 timmar sedan
Come pick em up
Cordell Richardson
Cordell Richardson 10 timmar sedan
Cb. Chivz 374
Cb. Chivz 374 10 timmar sedan
21million views in just 2weeks nah NLE choppa a goat 🐐 fr give this man his credit yall 😤
Henry Rentas
Henry Rentas 10 timmar sedan
Jose M Gorrosquieta
Jose M Gorrosquieta 10 timmar sedan
Yo nle I am a big fan bro I am a fuking fan bro
Baccaomg 11 timmar sedan
1:06 SEpost Guidlines = 🧑‍🦯🧑‍🦯🧑‍🦯🧑‍🦯🧑‍🦯🧑‍🦯🧑‍🦯🧑‍🦯🧑‍🦯🧑‍🦯
PandisUwU 11 timmar sedan
Walk em down 🥵🥶🥶🥶🥶
Carlos Mendez
Carlos Mendez 11 timmar sedan
He don't miss His music
Fresh eXperience
Fresh eXperience 11 timmar sedan
"It got in her eyes and now she telling me she legally blind." 💀
Ahshon Morrow
Ahshon Morrow 11 timmar sedan
This man got head in the hellcat what a legend.
Forty- muzzle4
Forty- muzzle4 11 timmar sedan
This is the best beatbox of the fucking year
Potato HEAD
Potato HEAD 11 timmar sedan
We needed this choppa again
YouBoyglizzy112 11 timmar sedan
We gonna ignore he was getting 🧠 1:06
MXKEY2x 11 timmar sedan
Y’all know choppa the goat 🐐right 🔥
Click Stick
Click Stick 11 timmar sedan
Level up
dominic 11 timmar sedan
1:06 🥶🥶
Gavin Love
Gavin Love 11 timmar sedan
So bro just randomly getting head at 1:06 and nobody saying nothing 😂😂👌
Makai Harris
Makai Harris 11 timmar sedan
The girl you texted: what you wanna do after we smoke?” You: 2:05 Thank you for your “lmfao” please leave a comment if I got a “lol” out of you.🖤💫
vashon10x x
vashon10x x 12 timmar sedan
1:07 bro?💀
Mopero Idi
Mopero Idi 12 timmar sedan
Me and my n we double
Lil_ Mark
Lil_ Mark 12 timmar sedan
He tried to run from nle but this them 🏃🏃💥💥💥💥 ⚰️
L1bra Gh0st
L1bra Gh0st 12 timmar sedan
Man getting sloppy toppy and one homie 🤝👏 and the other one 👱🏿‍♂️🤳🏿
dezmon garcia
dezmon garcia 12 timmar sedan
im yo biggest fan my g
Venom People
Venom People 12 timmar sedan
This song: 2 weeks ago In a few years: this song will reach a Billion views
Kobito 12 timmar sedan
fr tho
Salim Cirata
Salim Cirata 12 timmar sedan
Best rapper man let’s go free nle
S0lid 12 timmar sedan
This shit still goes hard
Tg fan
Tg fan 12 timmar sedan
This way better then dababys carry
gogetta4kt 12 timmar sedan
dezthegoat 12 timmar sedan
He really getting him some head on the video 😂
Love Sharpe
Love Sharpe 12 timmar sedan
I love this song 🔥❤️.
Itzpoppypeach 13 timmar sedan
Bomboclattttt srry im jamaican she legally blindddddd
CrazyLethal 13 timmar sedan
My parents own a gas station in the hood, we make sure dis playin at all times cuz dudes be getting lit af 🔥
DJ_ PlayzStuff
DJ_ PlayzStuff 13 timmar sedan
This song makes me want to get 2 pieces of candy instead of one
Sammi Parker
Sammi Parker 13 timmar sedan
Choppa really likes to jump in pools 👟🧦
A-frickin Dunno
A-frickin Dunno 13 timmar sedan
Bruh until NLE remixed this the best beatbox challenge was dababy's remix, Bryson didnt have to bring out 2018-2019 choppa
Nikkashi 13 timmar sedan
Only the ones who think like him will know why it drop april 1
Daniel 13 timmar sedan
When I saw the name I thought of Young Dolph
o҉t҉f҉ 13 timmar sedan
this sounds good at 1.25 speed
Dj Pittman
Dj Pittman 13 timmar sedan
Shxt better then the regular song ongod
Jed Avery
Jed Avery 13 timmar sedan
The amount of likes on this is how many ppl come here everyday
dk 13 timmar sedan
thats so guethy
susana rosas
susana rosas 13 timmar sedan
Chinedu Obi
Chinedu Obi 13 timmar sedan
we just gonna ignore the fact that this man got head mid music vid 1:05
Gold Moses
Gold Moses 13 timmar sedan
This the Hardest Beatbox No Cap
xxblazingninjaking 14 timmar sedan
Here is for the people that like to scroll and read well listening: LeeBoy on the track NLE, Top Shotta, got the bomb like Al-Qaeda Ayy-ayy, ayy-ayy, wo-o-woah-woah, oh, oh (Top Shotta) I been goin' since y'all (Ayy-ayy-ayy-ayy-ayy, woah-oah) I been goin' since y'all Ayy-ayy, ayy-ayy, wo-o-woah-woah, oh, oh Ayy, I wrote a love letter to a bitch Tore it, then I ripped it up Been a long time lookin' for love, but I'm givin' up If I ain't hard on a bitch that mean that I don't give a fuck Emotionally scarred by my past, I think I'm outta luck I need love, so she hit me different when bitches start trippin' All these drugs in my body, tryna cope, this pain I'm feelin' See, these slugs in my mouth when I smile, but I feel empty And for the love, for my child I ain't blow the brain out my fitted I don't want the hoes and dime-a-dozen Just want one bitch for me How you go from ridin' like you love it? Now you sayin, "Fuck me" We be scared to open up to each other, so we have troubles Two different worlds, you a queen, but I'm comin' straight out the gutter Back in the days, I was plottin' a bag, you would have to have it I changed my ways, I was thuggin' and ratchet somethin' like a savage When I'm smashin', you be scratchin' my back and you wet the mattress Now you changin', what's the tactic? I'm askin' you, "Where we stand? Big Drac', seventy-five when it spray Big rank, we gon' boost the murder rate Weed stank, I blow this bitch to the face Shit same, but it's just a different day Excuse me for the shit I do but I'm just lost at heart You see a nigga tryna love you but you make it hard You left me in the dark, departed, ripped my soul apart So when I need, someone to talk to, who I'm gonna call Send a diss, we killin' back Fuck that bitch, he been a rat The opp for that, bitch stated facts Free BG, we want him back Rap nigga but I'm posted in the trap With the sack like I'm a dope boy Fuck a Hellcat, fuck a scat pack Put it up, I want a Rolls Royce Tryna get this trap jumpin' Nigga play with the dope, I'ma roll 'em up Niggas thinkin' I'm a no-show But I blow, I'ma have to show 'em up Judgin' me up in the comments Swear to God, they don't even know us Ever see a nigga comin' for me in the sky, he gon' go up Never wrong for what I say, I react, on how I be treated How I'm wrong I told you, "Stay," but somehow you ended up leavin' The bad person in the picture, the image that gon' deceive me I'm lost, I ain't got nobody, I think I need it Big Drac', seventy-five when it spray Big rank, we gon' boost the murder rate Weed stank, I blow this bitch to the face Shit same, but it's just a different day Excuse me for the shit I do but I'm just lost at heart You see a nigga tryna love you but you make it hard You left me in the dark, departed, ripped my soul apart So when I need, someone to talk to, who I'm gonna call Big Drac', seventy-five when it spray Big rank, we gon' boost the murder rate Weed stank, I blow this bitch to the face Shit same, but it's just a different day Like I'm emotionally scarred, for real What you need it for? Yeah, I need it though It's cool
Max Kamara
Max Kamara 14 timmar sedan
This ain't Choppa his being forced to do all this shit.
NLE CHOPPA 11 timmar sedan
Nigga bye this old choppa be grateful 😭
Tianna Mullings
Tianna Mullings 14 timmar sedan
nle choppa you killed it but just ta let you no all of your songs are lit
Keyuad Polen
Keyuad Polen 14 timmar sedan
Love this song
Gameing with kj Gameing with kj
Gameing with kj Gameing with kj 14 timmar sedan
I’m done he said I am going to make him Cinderella
Cristian Gonzalez
Cristian Gonzalez 14 timmar sedan
3.6.9. Listen to this 3 times in the morning, 6 in the afternoon , and 9 at nighttime
RUMBLE GOD! 14 timmar sedan
U are a mad man! Geez
Quincy Nozile
Quincy Nozile 14 timmar sedan
this the best one
ECKHART RIVERA 14 timmar sedan
do u guys not notice he’s getting head during the music video 😭😭?
Elijah Reedy
Elijah Reedy 14 timmar sedan
old songs are still fire nle
Elijah Reedy
Elijah Reedy 14 timmar sedan
i got a lambow
Elijah Reedy
Elijah Reedy 14 timmar sedan
hi nle choppa
blayn and kaley adventures
blayn and kaley adventures 14 timmar sedan
1:05 my man
Glam Team forever
Glam Team forever 14 timmar sedan
You louder Dan the beat
Error 14 timmar sedan
Me and the replay has fallen in love
DeshodYT 14 timmar sedan
Where the music video to this legendary song
pj cilli
pj cilli 14 timmar sedan
honestly i think every1 loves choppa's goofyness
Marko McRae
Marko McRae 15 timmar sedan
Hardest song out there right now!
DatboyJay 23
DatboyJay 23 15 timmar sedan
Who still bumping this 2021
Dorian McCoy
Dorian McCoy 15 timmar sedan
He gone tell his mama plan the funeral day. The way he kick his feet go hard. NO CAP😜
k_ money
k_ money 15 timmar sedan
pov: the frist day out he want to a parking lot and called a girl and got head LMAO
Shehates_Erorr 15 timmar sedan
1:06 unblur it lol
ItsjustKamari 14 timmar sedan
u a jit broooooooooooooo
JO JO 15 timmar sedan
When you realize his songs are about cod😌
Braxton Mitchell
Braxton Mitchell 15 timmar sedan
so many people where and still are sleeping on this song
Latrex 15 timmar sedan
100% the best beatbox no 🧢