jack Mathis
jack Mathis 9 sekunder sedan
trisha taya
trisha taya 10 sekunder sedan
why doesnt the UN takes action against the man who is selling that juice and also against the govt who is promoting it .... there is no other way the people can be saved there
Beat von Kanel
Beat von Kanel 11 sekunder sedan
it is an alien
Rob Dunne
Rob Dunne 4 minuter sedan
Why are people defending suu Kyi she has has blood on her hands
Abdirizak Derie
Abdirizak Derie 4 minuter sedan
Johnny817 6 minuter sedan
Debajith Bhadra
Debajith Bhadra 6 minuter sedan
1st view From Bangladesh 🇧🇩🇧🇩 please Do something for the #Rohingas
TRAXX 6 minuter sedan
Don't have sympathy to this woman, she was silent how the Karen and the other minorities were treated😑😑😑
Dalida Arnautovic
Dalida Arnautovic 6 minuter sedan
I am a Muslim and this is NOT what Islam is. This is so wrong and Qur'an is NOT teaching hate, murders, forcing Islam to others, not respecting others faith, lifes...
Easy Recipes and Delicious Foods 李姐 Li
Easy Recipes and Delicious Foods 李姐 Li 7 minuter sedan
Ellen Araujo _Teapacks
Ellen Araujo _Teapacks 7 minuter sedan
Solidarity from Brazil =/
Big Boy
Big Boy 7 minuter sedan
Can you please make video about Azerbaijan's cultural treasures. Please
The Lent
The Lent 11 minuter sedan
Is that tycho I hear on the soundtrack?
Siddarth Chatlapally 8th E
Siddarth Chatlapally 8th E 12 minuter sedan
I am a little nerves about this be careful everything 😬
Rizky Utama
Rizky Utama 14 minuter sedan
Islam is not Indonesian culture🖕🖕
kirk savva
kirk savva 15 minuter sedan
his photos conveyed something within me I cant put into words
lisa james
lisa james 16 minuter sedan
Pls I am in Belarus how can I move over to Lithuania pls....any one can help me....pls
Gage Rayman
Gage Rayman 18 minuter sedan
It feels soooo creepy how many Blonde Hair Blue eyed white folk there are in this....
candles1324 18 minuter sedan
For me, I am a catholic we don’t do baptisms after you are a baby
Theia Nyx
Theia Nyx 20 minuter sedan
such beautiful people ~ i wish life could be easier for them 💕
Rasmus Eklöf
Rasmus Eklöf 20 minuter sedan
I have huge respect for her as a female driver, although if you do not look at her gender she is an absolutely horrible driver...
Ajay Ingle
Ajay Ingle 21 minut sedan
This is just like india
trisha taya
trisha taya 22 minuter sedan
government could atleast construct the roads
LZRD84 23 minuter sedan
I truly believe that Pius 12th does not deserve to be canonized. Full Stop.
Jit das, Kumar
Jit das, Kumar 23 minuter sedan
Martin Margerrison
Martin Margerrison 24 minuter sedan
What soppy narration. It's like she's reading it to a class full of 5 year olds. Turned off after 2 minutes.
trisha taya
trisha taya 24 minuter sedan
the miner could lose his life..this is so risky
A Parson
A Parson 26 minuter sedan
Slavery goes back to the first City State...... Thousands of years before Mohammed, and thousands of years before Christ.
You're not my daaad
You're not my daaad 28 minuter sedan
My lovely country, look at what cpdm has turned you to💔 I pray ambas don't kill this brave pastor🙏🏿
cuteladybug86 31 minut sedan
For all these people who say we shouldn't judge or that to disagree is wanting to impose western values. Arranged marriage is one thing, and was quite common in the west until recently. But marrying your FIRST COUSIN in a community that been doing it for generations.That's a big no-no. And never mind that she could likely die giving birth at 15 because her pelvis isn't done widening. I don't know why they couldn't wait until she's 17 (my grandmother on my dad's side was 17 when she married). Also, she's now entirely dependent on her husband and what If he dies what happens to her? Her husband's brother might not want to take care of her and her kids (even though he's supposed to). Think about that. People in the comment section: don't judge other cultures. Fair enough. But I think some of these customs need some updating.
Já All
Já All 31 minut sedan
I feel sorry for them believing in a false and homophobic ideology. The Bible preaches the killing of homosexuals!
AKAHEIZER 31 minut sedan
80% Unemployment that's really stunning what are the left behinds from the Soviets and as always religious beliefs from centuries ago.
OneOtherDayInSpring 34 minuter sedan
Very informative documentary that depicts the sad realities of Africa, especially when it comes to a country such as the DRC that probably holds the richest natural ressources on planet earth. This documentary sadly shows how the ongoing political and economic chaos, that has lasted for decades, is undeniably profiting some people. Let's see what the educated diaspora will bring on the table just like that remarkable woman running the pink cab company. The DRC has potentially enough human and natural ressources become one of the richest countries in the world.
Fatih Berber
Fatih Berber 36 minuter sedan
love DW❤️👍🏽
Kamen Manev
Kamen Manev 36 minuter sedan
This is what capitalism does, everyone should turn to socialism.
영생이 40 minuter sedan
As an atheist, I've always had a prejudice that theists are generally conservative. I'm sorry🙏
Já All
Já All 19 minuter sedan
They are, don’t fool yourself. You can check by the comments here. The thing is that they as homosexuals aren’t following the Bible which preaches the killing of homosexuals.
Shtumpy 44 minuter sedan
“State Capitalism” You mean Socialism, right? State Capitalism is an oxymoron. It’s called Socialism. @29:05
T G Chikukwa
T G Chikukwa 46 minuter sedan
Property price is very high while unemployment runs up to 80% and average earning is about $90 per month and government infrastructure projects is non exitance.
You're not my daaad
You're not my daaad 46 minuter sedan
First you give donations then you pay for the juice wow🤢🤮
NIkCan 48 minuter sedan
Rerun of the 1930's
Robert Warner
Robert Warner 48 minuter sedan
satans children
Adrian Etheridge Knives
Adrian Etheridge Knives 50 minuter sedan
Teaching with a stick whilst standing over the child is not how to teach regardless of the subject.
Robert Stelian Nita
Robert Stelian Nita 51 minut sedan
You get all the things you need to know from the church: don't have sex! That old guy's whole argument is a huge straw man.
LiwaywaySaGubat 52 minuter sedan
these exploiters will have their day in hell
colintraveller 55 minuter sedan
When you have titled the footage .... "Life of the Super Rich"" ,, TBH more like the harsh reality of life in the DRC .
Venkat Ramana Koduri
Venkat Ramana Koduri 58 minuter sedan
Jeremiah Ola Fats
Jeremiah Ola Fats 59 minuter sedan
If a country is blessed with natural resources but don't know how to process, and convert the natural resources to monetary value, then it is a curse if you need others to help you. Imagine the Congo, endowed with Cobalt but doesn't know what to do with it - Apple, Samsung, and other mobile phone companies knows exactly what to do with cobalt, and they are blessed immensely, while the Congo remains one of the poorest countries in the world. This is a basic concept all Africans need to understand. The continent is rich with mineral resources but is technologically poor, so what do you expect? Exploitation of course! I know that sucks, even at that, the worst of all is that the leaders are morally and mentally bankrupt too. Bankrupt natural resources, bankrupt people, bankrupt leaders, bankrupt systems, bankrupt cultures = perpetual poverty
Bridgefin Timme sedan
In his meticulously researched and comprehensive 1967 book, Three Popes and the Jews, the Israeli historian and diplomat Pinchas Lapide, who had served as the Israeli Counsel General in Milan, and had spoken with many Italian Jewish Holocaust survivors who owed their life to Pius, provided the empirical basis for their gratitude, concluding that Pius XII "was instrumental in saving at least 700,000, but probably as many as 860,000 Jews from certain death at Nazi hands." To this day, the Lapide volume remains the definitive work, by a Jewish scholar, on the subject.
David myatt
David myatt Timme sedan
100% beauty 100% innocent 100% fat
Ayyash Ayyash
Ayyash Ayyash Timme sedan
looking at how the world is going right now, those probably are the only sane people on earth! :/ aaaand... they don't have to wear masks :)
Fernando Dayrit
Fernando Dayrit Timme sedan
private land owner collect much your goverment.1000 euro per hectar per year so that no one can aford due to big tax.and govt suport to small farmers.just reform is best solution.no foreign buyer policy. and add more jobs from goverment.they accufy wide land does not put plant. what happen to small farmers if rich getting 100 300 hectars then still waiting plant.we need to grow trees to cure climate change.fernando dayrit jr .philippines.
Gata Salvaje
Gata Salvaje Timme sedan
Y most of theme were slender
Kewsi Yehboah
Kewsi Yehboah Timme sedan
Has A Son of Afrika.. Mababu Wakubariki..
tdclymore Timme sedan
What is a harrokin?
Ajay Kumar
Ajay Kumar Timme sedan
That "(1)" in the title is super annoying, like an extra copy of a file.
DW Documentary
DW Documentary 30 minuter sedan
Hi @Ajay Kumar, the 1 is to indicate that the documentary is the first part. Here's a link to part two in case you want to check it out: sepost.info/dev/video/j5i2v5uHlo6Qpds.html. Thanks for watching!
Jake Hyland
Jake Hyland Timme sedan
google conflict resources in the congo
Kyle Miller
Kyle Miller Timme sedan
How about you but them a politician
Hope Yukizmizu
Hope Yukizmizu Timme sedan
cures Aids lol
Puerto Alto
Puerto Alto Timme sedan
European logic: Literally uses war, to force opium to the whole dang country. ...then it’s “but China has bad human rights!” 🤣
Julia Timme sedan
Umm ok??? Girl in yellow, check yourself!
The True Logic
The True Logic Timme sedan
I just guessed the meaning of a secret verse in the Quran. maybe surah yasin are good for chinese. ya mean hi and sin mean chinese in arabic language. I just guessing, no human can interpret the Qur'an except the prophet. Read the full surah online and free in internet for chinese who see this comment.
pjmac550355 Timme sedan
Cab driver earns 3x more then a nurse!!! No wonder their country is marred in poverty
Paal Muruganantham
Paal Muruganantham Timme sedan
🙏👍 okay thanks
Big Wendigo
Big Wendigo Timme sedan
If a video of the reality of living conditions could portray your system in a bad light maybe it’s time to redo your system instead of sweeping it under the rug and pretending everything is great Fuck anyone who treats a fellow human being like that. These people are struggling to survive, beating and torturing them, or trafficking them should have capital punishment consequences.
Tanjim Purno
Tanjim Purno Timme sedan
The story of Africans selling their fellow countrymen hit me the hardest. Says a lot about the situation Africa is in now.
Veysel Macit
Veysel Macit Timme sedan
neo-liberalist dw turns to statist when china have the port. ha ha ha....
Dave Mayton
Dave Mayton Timme sedan
It's was very sad to see him consuming animal proteins, refined sugars and alcohol while trying to improve his health. Regarding the pharmaceutical companies, let's not forget that many of the largest players are also in the agricultural chemical business. Bayer is a good example as they now own Monsanto. Of course they promptly got rid of the name Monsanto because of the (well earned) negative associations, but the products are still the same. These companies also have deals with governments to prevent lawsuits when their products cause harm.
Saeko Timme sedan
Wait for someone fail art school and new book write from prison :D
Sheri Wilson
Sheri Wilson Timme sedan
Oh he knew a lot they helped Nazi's to ESCAPE!! Proven
Dova Sis
Dova Sis Timme sedan
Lucio Martínez
Lucio Martínez Timme sedan
I'm a Mexican born and American. I'm here to get an update of the painful situation that my latin brothers and sisters are facing. They are most welcomed in my native México and adoptive home USA. ¡¡¡Viva Venezuela!!! Estamos con ustedes!
Shadow Isles
Shadow Isles Timme sedan
I havent had a formal consultation with psychiatrist but I look for symptoms of bipolar disorder and I almost got them all. what should I do I need someone to talk to about my mental health, Im worried
Mad Harambe
Mad Harambe Timme sedan
What is this, my head hurts now.
Eddy Timme sedan
Wait.......so Hitler was indirectly responsible for ending slavery in Europe 🤔
Joel Willis
Joel Willis Timme sedan
All that money and they can't even speak English.
AKAHEIZER Timme sedan
The Solution to it as it always will be: Separate the State and rule of law from Religion! Most problems will be fixed, so easy.
721 game gona
721 game gona Timme sedan
Now I see why Theedville looks a lot like North Korea because O'hare applies to communism.
Benny Broom
Benny Broom Timme sedan
Seems all this will do is kill jobs that many older,Non college graduates usually perform. Many of the grocery store jobs are performed by these type ppl and they make decent money at the bigger supply chains. So these workers depend on that money and paycheck to take car of family etc. I'm not supporting Amazons bs grocery stores.
bswaran kumar
bswaran kumar Timme sedan
India also have rich people but they are mean....ha...haa....haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Beatnik RN
Beatnik RN Timme sedan
It’s too interesting not to point out, by the way, that “a larger empire, just like the USA, is taping into our economic system. They are doing this for gain, not charity.” (I paraphrased a bit. Also, almost every documentary one watches, inevitably has at least one, but usually more, throwing in the name of the US when blaming another country for their problems. I certainly don’t defend everything this country does, but in cases like this one, it was completely unnecessary of this Italian woman to explain to us how a foreign country is entering their economy.) Correct me if I am American - I mean WRONG- but didn’t the Roman Empire take over Northern Africa and parts of the Middle East about 2000 years ago? Ruled by force, implemented new law, and forced many into slavery. Maybe cheap toys made in China aren’t such a scary thing. Just sayin.......