21 timme sedan
Russell Westbrook
Russell Westbrook 49 minuter sedan
I have no problem eating basically anything but that mac n cheese at 8:40 looks like equivalent of elementary school if not worse.
bentack_33 49 minuter sedan
Gordon’s now pulling in the gen z audience
saneshawty 49 minuter sedan
einstein was a physicist but okay
DomusC 49 minuter sedan
you even made it vertical sheeeeesh
BennyB 50 minuter sedan
Why does Rachel look like Chelsea Handler's evil twin?
Xio 50 minuter sedan
miss mary’s face when he kissed her cheek, i frickin love that sweet lady 🥺💙
R S 50 minuter sedan
Oh I hate that title. STOP IT!
Andi DiMarco
Andi DiMarco 50 minuter sedan
After watching a few of these oh, I am starting to notice that Gordon has certain postures. While standing and giving his critique he sometimes looks like his elbows / hands are resting on a table.
Adyan Ahmad
Adyan Ahmad 50 minuter sedan
I would pay the person all my money to make me a movie title.
Barfieman362 50 minuter sedan
Alan aka the meat sculptor is one of the most despicable KN characters
Dominic Martinez
Dominic Martinez 51 minut sedan
Was it bussin tho?
DriftyClan PS4
DriftyClan PS4 52 minuter sedan
I thought this video was funny enough but the waitress is called candice 😂😂😂😂😂
Xx_GachaFrost_xX 53 minuter sedan
These titles be bussin
TheGuardedGuy 53 minuter sedan
The fly was a fan of Gordon
Momentous Opus
Momentous Opus 53 minuter sedan
"Yesterday" should seriously become a meme. Gordon - When we're you born? Vic - Yesterday and "and now I'm feeling tupid"
54 minuter sedan
nino is missing
Paul Hayhurst
Paul Hayhurst 54 minuter sedan
"Looks like someone shat on my plate" 🤣🤣
orccandy 54 minuter sedan
soem click bait shit right here
Paul Tomorrow
Paul Tomorrow 54 minuter sedan
For godly sorrow worketh repentance to salvation not to be repented of: but the sorrow of the world worketh death. (2 Corinthians 7:10) Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts: and let him return unto the LORD, and he will have mercy upon him; and to our God, for he will abundantly pardon. (Isaiah 55:7) For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. (Romans 6:23)
Edward Fletcher
Edward Fletcher 54 minuter sedan
You can NEVER change an arrogant prat like Nigel... Martin just hasn't got the skills..
Nekrowga 55 minuter sedan
the memelord is growing, this is getting dangerous! next one might be covered in 'oof's even!
Ya_boi_darebear 55 minuter sedan
Shii bussing frfr
Vigdis 55 minuter sedan
gordon showing his hands with a cut on, down in the ageold greese made me gasp lmao
Heavenly Kit
Heavenly Kit 55 minuter sedan
I love how the official kitchen nightmares SEpost channel just said the word bussin
Raydar 56 minuter sedan
tropic chain56
tropic chain56 57 minuter sedan
The Riceman
The Riceman 57 minuter sedan
I don't know who is worse,her or Amy
Jorge M
Jorge M Timme sedan
SHEEEEEEEEEESH, i love this channel so much 😂
Cranevixe / GotHurt
Cranevixe / GotHurt Timme sedan
*Who’s idea was this?*
carly king
carly king Timme sedan
wait what’s the server’s name?
greasy Timme sedan
One of the womans names was CANDICE😭
Mohamed Ali
Mohamed Ali Timme sedan
This channel straight up bussin bussinn
Frank Cough
Frank Cough Timme sedan
The camera man has mastered the skill of invisibility
Lilly Herrington
Lilly Herrington Timme sedan
diiz ribbs...zo tendA
Strike 098
Strike 098 Timme sedan
If Gordon kept looking he would've found the un-lamb sauce
Antonio Scott
Antonio Scott Timme sedan
Let them go inder
Ronnie Mason
Ronnie Mason Timme sedan
How awkward was it when that bartender came over to Gordon’s table and started playing with his silverware 😰
Alberta Agency
Alberta Agency Timme sedan
That food 👀 do 🅱️ bussin'
Fake Timme sedan
I hope he never hired to another restaurant ever again
a a
a a Timme sedan
howdy, fellow kids
Alfredo Rainuzzo
Alfredo Rainuzzo Timme sedan
I just saw this one and what I find hilarious is that the cook says "...the problem is that he hasn't tasted a classic pizza..." Considering GR lived and worked in Italy, for a long time, I am pretty sure he has tried one or two... I wondered if they know high altitude may affect the texture and consistency of the dough?
Ronald Kumann9
Ronald Kumann9 Timme sedan
Martin such a nice victim 😈🤝
Anthony Crunkhorn
Anthony Crunkhorn Timme sedan
The dad just not giving a shit.
Abraham Dieperink
Abraham Dieperink Timme sedan
It’s as bussin as Laren zuid on Spotify
Charlie Vernon Hickey
Charlie Vernon Hickey Timme sedan
Ah, it's not a 'Mac and cheese', its a 'Mic and cheese' it.
Princess Vanellope
Princess Vanellope Timme sedan
What's with the voices lol
rubby da cherry
rubby da cherry Timme sedan
Alaa Popping
Alaa Popping Timme sedan
Bro who wrote that SEpost title is the goat 😂😂😂😂😂😂
These chefs are a mess.
MRjackelBox Timme sedan
What wonder what brand
Mr Clean
Mr Clean Timme sedan
I love that this channel is still uploading stuff like this and as everyone has stated the account manager deserves a raise NOW
supersondos Timme sedan
These chefs are inhuman.
Dio Timme sedan
plot twist: nino took over the kitchen nightmares channel
That Wolf
That Wolf Timme sedan
Shaming people for taking a break is damned disgusting. Work is a soul draining experience. Gtfoh Gordon you knob.
CHELSEA Timme sedan
What season is this from?
Josue Aguilar
Josue Aguilar Timme sedan
God no. 🤦‍♂️
PNZR Kommandant
PNZR Kommandant Timme sedan
cookiegirl14uwu Timme sedan
the fact that gordon ramsay is willing to go through the pain of eating their food to prove that it's not good is very brave
Yikes Bitch
Yikes Bitch Timme sedan
when the food is WHAT🤠
Sas Sav
Sas Sav Timme sedan
Its like we are friends with the editor
Assassin_ Baboushka
Assassin_ Baboushka Timme sedan
Just what I need, ty :)
Jackson Orr
Jackson Orr Timme sedan
What episode is this?
LemurBongrip Timme sedan
jesus christ........
disgruntled cactus man
disgruntled cactus man Timme sedan
Kitchen Nightmares pls, this is giving me PTSD to the people at my school who never stop saying Sheeeesh
Beast Nation Music
Beast Nation Music Timme sedan
YESSIR, we in the kitchen 😎. This shit bussin bussinnn, SHOOOO SHEEEEEEEEEE
ً Timme sedan
What’s with the background noise?
biguppizzey Timme sedan
Imagine Gordon going into your restaurant and loving your food I'd faint with joy 😂😂
Jeannine Morelli-Cary
Jeannine Morelli-Cary Timme sedan
Has this dude been to subway.....
xSanox Timme sedan
Who runs this channel? 😂
Sorrow Timme sedan
eliborio camacho
eliborio camacho Timme sedan
I’m sorry, but wtf is “bussin”?
It is Finished
It is Finished Timme sedan
"It is finished". The last words spoken by Jesus Christ, proclaimed just before His death on the cross: "So when Jesus had received the sour wine, He said, 'It is finished!' And bowing His head, He gave up His spirit" (John 19:30). Strange last words for anyone. However, what is meant is that 'the debt has been paid'. If you are guilty of a crime and you face a just judge, you will be rightfully punished. However, if an innocent man comes forward and offers to take the punishment for you, the judge can let you go despite your guilt. Jesus Christ is the innocent Man that legally took our punishment. We are all guilty of breaking the Moral Law (the Ten Commandments). All of us have lied, stolen, and lusted. All have sinned and must face God the Father, a holy and perfect Judge, one day. Without Jesus, we have no justification (Romans 5:9). But, if we transfer our trust to Jesus alone, God will dismiss our case and grant us everlasting life. Jesus paid our debt in full on the cross. He offers the FREE GIFT of salvation to ALL! Trust in the blood of our Savior, Jesus Christ, today and you will be saved!
ITZIZ JOEL Timme sedan
The guy just standing there haah
Yasin Dabdoub
Yasin Dabdoub Timme sedan
I feel like im gonna trew up
Luke Johnson
Luke Johnson Timme sedan
Jackelyn Ayala-Otero
Jackelyn Ayala-Otero Timme sedan
which episode!
OUTL4W official
OUTL4W official Timme sedan
who let the intern make the title?
Jake Miller
Jake Miller Timme sedan
Who else saw the thumbnail and had flashbacks to that spongebob episode with the giant talking burgers
J F Timme sedan
Best damm tittle I’ve ever laid my eyes on