MF Sauce
MF Sauce 15 timmar sedan
“After saving the priest” 💀
PTRD 41 15 timmar sedan
The bar is at the same height as that dudes hat, lol
Erica Evans
Erica Evans 15 timmar sedan
0:20 oh my god It’s called gravity haven’t you heard of it ? 🤔
Erick Thompsonn
Erick Thompsonn 15 timmar sedan
You can be an ahole employer if your make employees are making good money and you have good food. But , these pompous smarter than everyone else in the room deserved to go broke ,fuk em
grant Richards
grant Richards 15 timmar sedan
Nino wanted to punch Gordon in the face.
Leon Vernon Andrews
Leon Vernon Andrews 15 timmar sedan
Amy Bouzaglo 2024. Hey, she couldn’t be worse than Joe Biden.
Leon Vernon Andrews
Leon Vernon Andrews 15 timmar sedan
Amy is crazy.
SumthinC001 16 timmar sedan
This could be the best episode ever. "CLEAN YOUR FRIDGE FOR FUCKS SAKE" -G'dawn Ramsay "I wouldn't even talk to a dog like that, GO FUCK YOURSELF" - Billy or w/e
Andromeda Galaxy
Andromeda Galaxy 16 timmar sedan
That lady is crazy Karen youll regret meeting at park.
Cooper Deitch
Cooper Deitch 16 timmar sedan
When you have to whisper something in the owner's ear so customers don't hear it's like getting a test back folded in half because you got a bad grade
Fernie Pontong II
Fernie Pontong II 16 timmar sedan
Gordon: how long have you been the chef here? 7 years Gordon: how long has the restaurant been quiet? 7 years never laughed this hard on a scene with a suspenseful music
BrisonVids 16 timmar sedan
27:40 Gordon Ramsay says "come here, you" and it's not a warning of imminent danger unlike in Hell's Kitchen
BoyWithCrackers 16 timmar sedan
The guy sell proper Indian food! With flies and all! one pack i say
Joshua Toms
Joshua Toms 16 timmar sedan
He insulted my balls.
Merry-lynn Allison
Merry-lynn Allison 16 timmar sedan
Maybe the father should consider not smoking. Does he go out back, have a couple of smokes then goes in and cooks peoples food? GROUSE.
Brandon 16 timmar sedan
“Grainy and its furry” 🤮
RaRaRasputin 16 timmar sedan
"Levanti's was closed 9 months after filming. This was due to Tony choosing to retire in November 2013 (the filming occuring around November of that year)."
rdpcl 16 timmar sedan
"Chef Mike, it's time that you took a little vacation" Ramsay poceeds to kill chef Mike
Ash Marie
Ash Marie 16 timmar sedan
Kahn and Gordon have awesome chemistry. Melts my heart
Taylor G
Taylor G 16 timmar sedan
"Damn I forgot to tell them we were runner's up" haha
Lucas B
Lucas B 16 timmar sedan
"I dont care but where not coking a fucking cookie" Made me crack up so good
The Weary Idealist
The Weary Idealist 16 timmar sedan
I am really loving this subdued editing. In America, we make everything so dramatic with heavy-handed editing that feels like they are spoon-feeding you. I would love to see more reality TV with this kind of approach.
Foreign Virus724
Foreign Virus724 16 timmar sedan
Bro that pizza looks like slimy turtle ass the first pizza did
28Mcfarland 16 timmar sedan
I feel bad for Katie in the end. Wonder what she's up to now.
Mr. Ditkovich
Mr. Ditkovich 16 timmar sedan
What does a lobster taste like?
Mad Mike0082
Mad Mike0082 16 timmar sedan
Oh your running a failing restaurant but you clearly know better than the most successful chef to ever live. How can people be this stupid ?
MrAwesomedude96 16 timmar sedan
"If I say you need to be here at 6, you be here a quarter too..." God, that reminds me of the Army so fucking much. *If you're early, you're on time. If you're on time, you're late. If you're late, that's unacceptable - US Army rule #1*
Mad Mike0082
Mad Mike0082 16 timmar sedan
Personally I can not fucking stand stubborn people who refuse to change even if it means financial ruin.
Brendan Carlin
Brendan Carlin 16 timmar sedan
At least he is being nice to the waitresses
Rick Sanchez
Rick Sanchez 16 timmar sedan
Gordon didn't have to do anything, that chef will make a mockery of it all by himself.
Bloodletter8 16 timmar sedan
"It's a matter of taste." Yes and also your restaurant is empty because most people's sense of taste agreed that the food is shit.
Jacks Plumbing Videos
Jacks Plumbing Videos 16 timmar sedan
2:51 she seems so burnt out.
sakinah queen raneea
sakinah queen raneea 16 timmar sedan
8:40 that looks a cat food...
asdg asdf
asdg asdf 16 timmar sedan
A legend was born
Santa on Holidays
Santa on Holidays 17 timmar sedan
For 39$ you can get 6 Wagyu Meat Patties
Chime In
Chime In 17 timmar sedan
I genuinely wish for nothing but the best for this staff and the chefs! They seem so awesome and passionate
Night Blizzard
Night Blizzard 17 timmar sedan
Don’t blame the messenger when you’re the 🍩!,!
riddell74 17 timmar sedan
Thought Gordon might pull his chest hair.
Akujin !
Akujin ! 17 timmar sedan
You know you down bad when everyone agrees with Gordon.
Mobaddict 17 timmar sedan
When they call it a worst food but that foods is very special for poor like us.🥺
luke Bailey
luke Bailey 17 timmar sedan
The owner is a moron. He lost his star..So the next best thing in his mind to prove the restaurant is high quality, is to charge extreme amounts of money. 70 pound per dish is for the wealthy..He thinks by having high prices that it proves that it's an amazing place. He also doesn't want to bow down to the locals. He wants them to be at his servitude, instead of him needing to be flexible for their needs. Without the customers he is nothing, but in his mind, the customers and town are nothing without him. You're not cooking for the pope or the mob, you're an Italian chef in wales...Give the people what they want or piss off home.
Carlitox Calaverita
Carlitox Calaverita 17 timmar sedan
Not the reused chopsticks holy shit
rwjehs 17 timmar sedan
"Can he go back to the kitchen?" "Absolutely not." Annnnyway one week later here he is back in the kitchen.
Lauren Harris
Lauren Harris 17 timmar sedan
And every thing was cooked to fuck 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Zaber Ansary
Zaber Ansary 17 timmar sedan
Mikel Ortiz Zurita
Mikel Ortiz Zurita 17 timmar sedan
am i the only one who'd eat the "thin crust" pizza??
LK xiang
LK xiang 17 timmar sedan
i love this episode very touching ending great full..nice job everyone..
luke Bailey
luke Bailey 17 timmar sedan
Gary owns Gordon's book and loves him... Gordon - "We need the second chef to work well in the team and listen to the head chef" Gary - "I'm not going to lie, I'm kind of upset about a head chef coming in, but it is what it is, if I don't like him, I can't help that, and I'll try to beat him and do it my way if I don't like his cooking" Soo essentially Gary has learnt nothing from Gordon and admits to being a saboteur and that he won't be a team member and won't listen to anyone but himself. What a twat.
Moy Choirunnisa
Moy Choirunnisa 17 timmar sedan
yo who tf is RASMAY or am I THAT dyslexic
MonthOfApril 17 timmar sedan
Poor Alan, he means well🥺
Darreyl Henderson
Darreyl Henderson 17 timmar sedan
He literally walked back into work the next day acting like the "Hey, How Y'all doin?" Meme
24.05. yf
24.05. yf 17 timmar sedan
God.....this ruins my appetite while eating and watching this
Darreyl Henderson
Darreyl Henderson 17 timmar sedan
This reminds me of when my brother got fired from Burger King because he kept snacking on the fries.
Aisha De roux
Aisha De roux 17 timmar sedan
Gordan opens door "morning enviromental health?" "no'' "no damn"
Punto Damar
Punto Damar 17 timmar sedan
If that's supposed to be their main source of income, where are anthony's parents? Shouldnt they also help building this restaurant... He's really got balls to ask his FUTURE in laws for money.
Snizzle Gaming
Snizzle Gaming 17 timmar sedan
11:42 one of the rarest things you can see on tv a camera mans arm
Rodrigo Leon Gonzalez
Rodrigo Leon Gonzalez 17 timmar sedan
Owners: compliment the food Cooks: >:D
Darreyl Henderson
Darreyl Henderson 17 timmar sedan
They really had that lady waiting all that time for some raw fish. SMH
Raziel ZepTepi
Raziel ZepTepi 17 timmar sedan
Here goes Ramsey. Built like a T-Rex 🤣🤣
Jesse 17 timmar sedan
Can anyone transcribe what Gordon says at 24:46?
A B 17 timmar sedan
I swear to God, the fucking jokes about what he will do aren't funny. They are just stupid, that's it. You aren't making anyone laugh with your stupid jokes
The Long Khan
The Long Khan 17 timmar sedan
So, they're fuckin.
A B 17 timmar sedan
Jesus, I was so surprised seeing Ramsey flip out so hard on that waitress. It was just a simple mistake. For the amount she's making and the fact the restaurant's status is unstable I wouldn't have put up with that
* k o k o *
* k o k o * 17 timmar sedan
Maxine Yang
Maxine Yang 17 timmar sedan
Martin is most probably one of he worst managers I have ever seen in this series; at least other managers from different episodes are honest and admit that they're lazy. Whereas he just doesn't give a fuck whatsoever
* k o k o *
* k o k o * 17 timmar sedan
Double Down
Double Down 17 timmar sedan
Did he die?
Darreyl Henderson
Darreyl Henderson 17 timmar sedan
Gordon: I found a dead mouse by your front door Owner: that mouse was a paid actor, I know it
Yakut58 17 timmar sedan
"im not sitting im standing" bruh
Izzie Lorimer
Izzie Lorimer 18 timmar sedan
Why does Justin look like a Wish Russel Howard with black hair though?
Wakka Flocka
Wakka Flocka 18 timmar sedan
Platinum trophy ulocked: Clean plate
Bill Cipher
Bill Cipher 18 timmar sedan
Gordon fears nobody he looks them in the eye when yelling at them. People fear him and don't look him in the eye when talking to Him.
Bill Cipher
Bill Cipher 18 timmar sedan
Chloe Fry-Schmid
Chloe Fry-Schmid 18 timmar sedan
I feel like Gordons favorite thing to do is swear, and I respect that
Jag Gillar
Jag Gillar 18 timmar sedan
Michelle is amazing! 😍 So much talent.
George 18 timmar sedan
What episode is this?
Wakka Flocka
Wakka Flocka 18 timmar sedan
This guy is the food critic in Ratatouille
Autobot Scout studios
Autobot Scout studios 18 timmar sedan
That is nikocado if he was a pizza. Big, sloppy, undercooked, and covered in grease