The End.
7 dagar sedan
kurb 8 timmar sedan
ultimis are terrible people jesus christ
All_money_in _ jd
All_money_in _ jd 8 timmar sedan
Not sure if anyone who knows will see this years later but what BO3 zombie maps can you complete to cutscene with only 3 players
Rose DR
Rose DR 8 timmar sedan
Hey umm Noah how do you put keyboard and mouse on bo3 ?
Michael Kabra
Michael Kabra 9 timmar sedan
I bet he thought the goodbye video would get more views lol
pallmally 9 timmar sedan
now at my 3th playtrough and iam at 2 hours and 30 min .... its so much fun to play it again and again xD .
xKyrum 9 timmar sedan
bro that guy that donated 5$ just to talk shit really kinda irritated me just shows that hes just jealous of what Noah has built for himself really glad to see that Noah didnt let that effect him
Intelligent Guy
Intelligent Guy 9 timmar sedan
far from the worst map.
Ayush Da best
Ayush Da best 10 timmar sedan
Burnwitch 10 timmar sedan
He keeps bitching about glitches but to me every down was legit and he's just shit at this game im tired of hearing him complain about everything
FkW Huncho
FkW Huncho 11 timmar sedan
Love Noahj456, good Southern heart is what my momma calls it.
Samuel Treas
Samuel Treas 11 timmar sedan
Guessing at 3:04:54 Ethan is the perfect candidate
Shivelft Margaretapd
Shivelft Margaretapd 11 timmar sedan
0:10 *”this is the thing u need.” 𝐠𝐭𝐚𝐯.𝐛𝐮𝐳𝐳* *”Am I right?”* *垃圾。Lord*
Zotac store
Zotac store 12 timmar sedan
Hey nouh remember you said during your subnautica world record reaction you’d play below zero when it fully releases it fully releases tomorrow pls don’t lie to us
Joe Gerges
Joe Gerges 12 timmar sedan
Noah:its not going well for me then oohhh!!! I got speed cola
SmokeyOwOs 13 timmar sedan
Still one of my favorite cutscenes from the series
Chara Dreemurr
Chara Dreemurr 13 timmar sedan
The song that play is by Lil Cobaine called "Let it play"
Garrett Kelley
Garrett Kelley 13 timmar sedan
Now it’s time for Noah to speed run this game
peter joyce
peter joyce 14 timmar sedan
Lol "hard earned" , he says sat playing video games all day.
Richard Preciado
Richard Preciado 14 timmar sedan
Time goes by fast I remember pre ordering bocw now it's half a year old☹️
Vegas Guy Doing it Live
Vegas Guy Doing it Live 14 timmar sedan
Your guns stay strong into late rounds... is that thing you have buffed in your settings. Round 12 no pack and it’s mowing those Zambies down. Sheesh!!!
Vegas Guy Doing it Live
Vegas Guy Doing it Live 14 timmar sedan
It wouldn’t be a video without Mylo going down multiple times. 😆😆😆
Montana Tatum
Montana Tatum 14 timmar sedan
Noah’s face when he told him to go get the king contract on him!!!
Crimson_Bagz 14 timmar sedan
Me when the
John Silva
John Silva 15 timmar sedan
I was warned, yet i still came here
Heavyarms150 15 timmar sedan
If your gonna be either a battlemage or a spellsword you gotta at least have serana make you a vampire because harkon's sword is pretty badass but only if your a vampire.
JC Brothers
JC Brothers 15 timmar sedan
I wonna know how fast he got demonitized
shiel86 15 timmar sedan
You should try Dead Trigger
Wilma Rose
Wilma Rose 16 timmar sedan
38:57 fat kid moments.
GTP APEX 16 timmar sedan
i grew up watching your videos, thank you for everything.
Jason Keill
Jason Keill 17 timmar sedan
Two of those mini guns were the goliaths miniguns
GrizzMoe Marley
GrizzMoe Marley 17 timmar sedan
Where is the “Ammo wall buy” for the D.I.E machine on the boss fight??? I circled the entire bottom floor and did not find it nowhere
datboy israel
datboy israel 17 timmar sedan
I got the rai k from the mystery box twice in a row
Hunterkiller studios
Hunterkiller studios 17 timmar sedan
Well people where going back to past instead of the future and where going back to Transit aka BRAZI
Snafu 17 timmar sedan
Noah if you had the chance would you beat the living doggy doo out of the rando that connected?
LeVergetton 17 timmar sedan
Juggerwicho le gana
Beefy Chief
Beefy Chief 17 timmar sedan
This is not just game of the year material. This is one of the greatest resident evil games alongside Re4 which is one of the greatest games ever made.
Christopher Rodriguez, PA-C
Christopher Rodriguez, PA-C 18 timmar sedan
Noah's obvious relief after getting his guns back
Stephen G
Stephen G 18 timmar sedan
I was laughing my ass off at 00:16:01 when Noah was fighting that big ass shaggy hair beast with the giant hammer and he couldnt hit a single shot to save his life, literally. Mr. no scope YY 360 no look, upside controller across map, head shot all day in COD but cant hit a single shot on a giant ass beast standing right in front of him for nothing.... U literally missed like 6 shots in a row, 4 sniper and then 2 magnum shots all in a row back to back misses. I honestly think that would be harder to recreate again than actually hitting ur shots. U keep saying these enemies arent fair and u keep running out of ammo but u also waste so much missing shots constantly. I get that its prob harder to shoot in this game compared to COD but dude, just take ur time, watch their movements to find the best time to shoot and then unload. Its like ur either shooting way to early and arent even lined up yet or shooting way late and waiting way too long to take a shot and then the enemy just dodges it. Games like this most certainly award people with patience.
Blue 18 timmar sedan
btw who's were at 2021?
Blue 18 timmar sedan
NoahJ456: The nuke god
dummy 18 timmar sedan
this makes me wanna cry so bad 😩
Trevin Beckman
Trevin Beckman 19 timmar sedan
14:38 “That’s not good.”
Adept Drop
Adept Drop 19 timmar sedan
you trash
ZyGuy 19 timmar sedan
The day the thiccness died...
Gabriel Sanchez
Gabriel Sanchez 19 timmar sedan
Love how he just casually starts reading in the middle of an intense battle😂😂
LogichHP 20 timmar sedan
It would not let me talk to peck the curtain was closed
Alex Poser
Alex Poser 20 timmar sedan
Yes siaaaaa
Swamp Talk Podcast
Swamp Talk Podcast 20 timmar sedan
Noah’s got a big old dong
puggygod 12
puggygod 12 20 timmar sedan
Yet this is still the most dinamic than cold war
NumbVenom YT
NumbVenom YT 20 timmar sedan
Lowkey cried
Kabia Snivy
Kabia Snivy 20 timmar sedan
*so that explains all the noise I've been hearing*
Murphy Polk
Murphy Polk 20 timmar sedan
This whole time I was watching because ofc I got a rush of memories seeing the thumbnail. I was watching this video yesterday and was like thinking leeroy got buried in the Easter egg I wasnt aware of what happened i was enjoying taco tuesday and thought your content was great thank u.
Swamp Talk Podcast
Swamp Talk Podcast 20 timmar sedan
I hate it when Noah doesn’t buy ammo and then complains he doesn’t have ammo omg
M C 21 timme sedan
Mr waffles thanks for being here as Noah is triggered af killed me bruh
Reo641 21 timme sedan
c32g 21 timme sedan
9:55 Noah didn't notice lmao
Majd Khoury
Majd Khoury 21 timme sedan
1:31:16, "I can run this way, I though I was trapped here". BO Zombies has affected him so much. 2:05:28, even the Tranzit Bus.
lil_bleachbottle 21 timme sedan
GrEEnBlade L
GrEEnBlade L 21 timme sedan
How to start prepping for shooting a school
Carlson Okemoew
Carlson Okemoew 21 timme sedan
6:34 did anyone else see him snap onto something?
Elijah Helphingstine
Elijah Helphingstine 22 timmar sedan
I can’t stand watching anybody but jev play this 😂this guy is HORRIBLE 😂GG tho
Cody_MW 22 timmar sedan
See y’all back here for RE9
Trenton Meyers
Trenton Meyers 22 timmar sedan
Me learning what deadahot does “ oh hey that’s sick “
Brian Lester
Brian Lester 22 timmar sedan
This game needs dlc i dont see why not this is the 1st RE game i would be willing to play
Glitchy 76
Glitchy 76 23 timmar sedan
VICGAMING 23 timmar sedan
Can u help I don’t have the blue orbs
The Moose
The Moose 23 timmar sedan
POV: u thought he was playing alcatraz when u saw the map first
Carson Seay
Carson Seay 23 timmar sedan anyone else realize how similar this start is to Resident evil 4? 4+4 is 8 and also resident evil 4 was one of the best if not the best game of their series. Bunch of small details that are very similar to resident evil 4. Something to think about. Interesting
Fake 23 timmar sedan
My man Noah missed so much! Gotta get better at actually looking at the map and searching lmao. Love you Noah!
Slasher 2304
Slasher 2304 23 timmar sedan
Hamster C.U.L.T
Hamster C.U.L.T Dag sedan
Jack Taylor
Jack Taylor Dag sedan
you should have certain days when you take a break from work like every few days
Riley Rowan
Riley Rowan Dag sedan
You probably had Rona when you got sick on your vaycay 😂😂😂
Shanne fleming
Shanne fleming Dag sedan
WHO els Checked the commets to see if its reale 😂
Cotton Nissen
Cotton Nissen Dag sedan
What’s worse? Them playing game for 3 hours or me watching this for 3 hours
Christopher Rodriguez, PA-C
Christopher Rodriguez, PA-C Dag sedan
That's what I call miracle hand cream
Aest Dag sedan
im not the easter egg guy im the one who does it while my friend trains
Ty_Braek Dag sedan
So Ethan can reattach his hand multiple times and grow a new heart, but can’t grow a couple of fingers back?
Nugenman Gaming
Nugenman Gaming Dag sedan
dissatisfied, didn't see tall mommy fast enough
Gachabean321 Dag sedan
I speedrunned with 1hour with my cousin the first to speed run in a duo just punch a high boi