The best tech demo fails
deykno87 19 timmar sedan
Nobody kept track of that flimsy case from the beats x
Alex Fisher
Alex Fisher 19 timmar sedan
He looks like an obese Tom Hanks.
asruz87A 19 timmar sedan
The worst review on the web..... I just can’t look on that man on my display....
Yung Died
Yung Died 19 timmar sedan
I hate SEpost music
steve smith
steve smith 19 timmar sedan
Are you wearing a jean jacket because you lost a bet? You should have just bet money.
Rafael Girianelli
Rafael Girianelli 19 timmar sedan
Good strategy...Apple sends some iphones to SEpostrs and they say good things about it
Song Bill
Song Bill 19 timmar sedan
12 hours? for real?
Mai dono
Mai dono 19 timmar sedan
Try playing Genshin Impact on 60fps.. see if the phone getting hot or not..
Thi Ha
Thi Ha 19 timmar sedan
The best camera system on any phones? Really?
Sourabh Suri
Sourabh Suri 19 timmar sedan
So the Stress Scores, Caused the Stress ;) :P :) ;)
Subrat Chaudhary
Subrat Chaudhary 19 timmar sedan
Nice Review.. with the removal of earphones and charger , I believe they should have lowered the price of iPhone too as the first time buyer will have to buy those as accessories.
Дима Ловушев
Дима Ловушев 19 timmar sedan
0:55 I create you a web-blog for passive income and convert visitors into buyers w h a t s a p p +7 9 6 7 1 5 7 0 5 8 1
Jonah 19 timmar sedan
Giant? it's hardly Megatron is it. Quite big is more appropriate
suriya rs
suriya rs 19 timmar sedan
When pixel 4 came they destroyed it for having notch But for apple does these rules fkin' change huh Even if they fkin' change
Nate 19 timmar sedan
Can’t imaging watching 1+ hour movies on a phone.
Marc 20 timmar sedan
Would love to pair these to an LG projector via Bluetooth, would that work as Apple tends to have its own "garden wall" via airplay ?
President Muhammad Asyraaf Abd Aziz
President Muhammad Asyraaf Abd Aziz 20 timmar sedan
I think the iPhone 11 review last year is much better than this iPhone 12 review. I miss Scott Stein which I prefer over Patrick Holland. I know there is a pandemic going on but iPhone 11 review more fun to watch while this video bore me🥱😒. Don't get me wrong Patrick, you did a good job 👍.
Eulo Meneses
Eulo Meneses 20 timmar sedan
Can you please do a comparison between the jabra elite 75t and the galaxy buds live. Im having a very hard time in choosing between the two...
Nanda Bakker
Nanda Bakker 20 timmar sedan
Always known this was coming and this is why we need a world wide network. 5G and higher which is what people are sharing their concerns about but are denied access to a discussion with scientist involved in developments. That’s is not fair . These high tech developments are rarely broken down to the normal people - which is an assignment to neutral journalisme but if they are not doing their job , Tech developers intro t line like Elan should make sure it is brought to people in the most neutral ways so that people can share their concerns and we start an interaction and dialogues between science creating and people with no science receiving more dynamic ways . In order to develop this ethically this what should happen because now we are further apart and nobody will win. There are great advantages but also great and fair concerns on impacts of these developments on eg nature - space and life in general, we should approach these as well - we can all only learn from each other !
Welcome to Lanays world
Welcome to Lanays world 20 timmar sedan
He will be die before he need this lol
My Pokemon
My Pokemon 20 timmar sedan
AMD literally started to thrash Intel in scores an Intel guy but i really like the way they are achieving in the recent years ....hats off ...Respect.
hullis 20 timmar sedan
what to put in the other end of that usb-c cable? Macbook? Macbook charger(battery damage?)?
Elina Vance :3
Elina Vance :3 20 timmar sedan
@ 11:00 50% brightness on the 12pro is brighter than 50% brightness on the 12. (max brightness of the 12 pro is 800 nits and on the 12 it`s 625 nits- without hdr content)
Erik Leypoldt
Erik Leypoldt 20 timmar sedan
Try $1,499 for the 128gb 12 here in Australia. Ripped as always.
Mole 20 timmar sedan
No telephoto cameras, no high refresh screens, no accessories in the box, small battery, no reverse wireless charging for the 'PRO' Airpods, and 64GB for $800. It's all a big NO. They are SO fortunate that Huawei was politically restricted from selling the best phones to people. The Mate 40 series will make the iPhone 12 look more basic than it already looks. In fact, my P30 Pro which is 1.5 years old already does, as it was well ahead of its time when it came out. I'm giving credit to Apple for the videos their phones take as well as their great software support. That's literally all. These new iPhones will of course attract the people who are already using an iPhone, especially an older one. However, for someone with a high-end Android, they are SO boring. You'll never know what I mean, if you've always used an iPhone.
Ruslan Papadopoulos
Ruslan Papadopoulos 20 timmar sedan
I am the one , who recognized tom hanks here?
Seven 20 timmar sedan
I can't help but envy your internet speed. Here, I attend MS Teams conferences daily on a 1mbps or lower internet speed. And yes, I can't understand a thing on our online class.
Isaac Howard
Isaac Howard 20 timmar sedan
Face ID is useless in 2020 pandemic 😷
Delor Stokely
Delor Stokely 20 timmar sedan
*Big Brain*
Sapster 20 timmar sedan
In 10 years - Me: OMG I finally got the Xbox Series X My friend: Wow, I got the XBOX series X - Plus - Elite - Ultra 👁👄👁
Free Thinker
Free Thinker 20 timmar sedan
Lol better sound than air pods? 😂😂. You are a clown
Jon Rogochicken
Jon Rogochicken 20 timmar sedan
Ya I’m good dawg
Nigeroni Peperoni
Nigeroni Peperoni 20 timmar sedan
Derrick Jones
Derrick Jones 20 timmar sedan
I’m sorry. It’s not worth it. No 120hrz or a least 90hrz. Pass
Michael Philip
Michael Philip 20 timmar sedan
Why's there so many likes, This is disgusting It's a paid advertisement
Saurav Singla
Saurav Singla 20 timmar sedan
Intel ki taboot me keel thok rhe daily AMD walee😂😂Well Done AMD
Michael Philip
Michael Philip 20 timmar sedan
Lol biggest advertisement ever. Huawei cameras are still a generation ahead. U.S tech companies might catch-up eventually
Zook T
Zook T 20 timmar sedan
Lmao you talk like it is a complete new design, truth is it is the same design with flat edges ..... The note 20 ultra still looks way better
Dan Dunning
Dan Dunning 21 timme sedan
Didn’t make things any easier. 😅 Just another PC salesman.
Iberedem David
Iberedem David 21 timme sedan
How did you rate the camera???? The best camera??? Based on what???? To you, every new iPhone, becomes the new camera king. Terrible ideology.
Md. Tazbir Ur Rahman Bhuiyan
Md. Tazbir Ur Rahman Bhuiyan 21 timme sedan
Amount of paper used to make those extra adapter boxes will actually increase the fall of trees. Also, the new cable is designed to support adapter with USB-C connector where 90% of the iphone users have USB-A cable.. so, we can't use the same adapter for the iphone 12.. Saving environment! don't make me laugh.
Maruti Nandan Ojha
Maruti Nandan Ojha 21 timme sedan
That's why these silly old congressmen should retire. "Jesus Christ"
Harishankar Kannan
Harishankar Kannan 21 timme sedan
I'm gonna buy the PS5 jus for its CONTROLLER
Mr Genesis
Mr Genesis 21 timme sedan
iPhone 13 will be without screen.
Adrianna H.
Adrianna H. 21 timme sedan
This video is so painful to see as I own the Note20 Ultra. Even though I have a protective case and the phone comes with a screen protector pre-installed but seeing all the cracks in this video makes me paranoid.
Path Fidelino
Path Fidelino 21 timme sedan
guys if you want perfect iphone 12 wait till next year, iphone 13 with iOS15 is perfect upgraded of iphone12. i guess!
aamir talpur
aamir talpur 21 timme sedan
Whats the name of this girl
antifreeze88 21 timme sedan
Kinda fanboy review :3
Saitama 21 timme sedan
Otube 21 timme sedan
03:37 & me 😐
Denis Kolaric
Denis Kolaric 21 timme sedan
No improvement. Only APPLE approved singers. So behind. I don’t get it. What when they get multitasking? Are they gone behave like is first and best?
Melo#5 21 timme sedan
Didn’t get to pre order and I know it won’t be any on release day I will just wait until next year
steve tobin
steve tobin 21 timme sedan
5g is a military grade weapon.. convenience will kill
Shabs B
Shabs B 21 timme sedan
Spo2 generally does take some time to be checked with a pulse oximeter.
Nathan Kim
Nathan Kim 21 timme sedan
Opera ..horrible. Chinese owned. Your Privacy will be sketchy.
Sum Teng Wong
Sum Teng Wong 21 timme sedan
"Pizza time" - Peter
C. chelious
C. chelious 21 timme sedan
Get the pro because its glossy? Nice review. Pffffff. 😅
Osama Bean Laden
Osama Bean Laden 21 timme sedan
doomsday bunker for the people that causes it.
on9luddite 22 timmar sedan
Not gonna change this time around but gotta say, that glossy dark blue on the 12 is really something
Kevin Williams
Kevin Williams 22 timmar sedan
What about the songs and albums i paid for where can i get that. And should i pay for subscription
Arya Winarto
Arya Winarto 22 timmar sedan
honestly you face in the thumbnail looks like zWORMz gaming
Max Ziebell
Max Ziebell 22 timmar sedan
What about the magnets and your regular non-shielded wallet… won't it demagnetize cards if I have them in the same pocket?