Viral 91
Viral 91 19 timmar sedan
yahan pay GAO mutari bohat khush ho rahy , jin ki China nay achi khasi Gand myri 😂😂😂 in ki to itni okaat nai kay china kay khilaf koi protest kar lyty ,, pta tha kay china nay baki Mata bhi choood dyni hao 😂😂😂
Sardar Tariq
Sardar Tariq 19 timmar sedan
To tackle China
CG 19 timmar sedan
Notice the video exists of everyone talking and all this shooting but of no crime? Huh....
Ken Fu
Ken Fu 19 timmar sedan
oh no now this i love football fifa and uefa and both of them must relax i give a f about their money i wanna see football again
Mr. Larry 2020
Mr. Larry 2020 19 timmar sedan
Thanks weak leader biden
Al How
Al How 19 timmar sedan
i m
i m 20 timmar sedan
What About Julian Assange ?
Paul Nobert
Paul Nobert 20 timmar sedan
It is funny how the threat of wars seem to be everywhere since biden took charge of the usa.
Edelbert Wong
Edelbert Wong 20 timmar sedan
Ez win for China.
Jazz Manouche
Jazz Manouche 20 timmar sedan
Hopefully they all will leave our country as soon as possible. The majority don´t want that kind of people here.
CG 20 timmar sedan
Where’s the proof? SF wear body cams.
i m
i m 20 timmar sedan
Why Don't Western countries Not Talks About Mohammed Morsi ?
faiza urf mahilika Ali Khan
faiza urf mahilika Ali Khan 20 timmar sedan
I love turkey 😍
John Smith
John Smith 20 timmar sedan
Overpopulation. To many people for the water supply. 220 million people on a country the size of Britain , of course you will run out of things.
china empire
china empire 20 timmar sedan
hold my bat soup^_^
Al How
Al How 20 timmar sedan
بيجو 405 لم يتم تصنيعها حتى 1987...so يجب أن يكون 504
Hope Works
Hope Works 20 timmar sedan
Dawid Mlodzikowski
Dawid Mlodzikowski 20 timmar sedan
Russia found a weak country and started bullying them so then can get what they want . Simple.
kal&mooye_FX 20 timmar sedan
Hhhhh as Somali i can't never be enslaved , we are in the war torn country, all i need is a couple of ak47s , and believe i will take over some parts of Libya.
BlackWaters Vlog
BlackWaters Vlog 20 timmar sedan
Large majority of Pakistan need full psychiatric consultation. Imran khan cant fight with extremism and it’s impossible to understand their mind.
Oliver Grumitt
Oliver Grumitt 20 timmar sedan
Sorry, a correction. The European Cup final between Manchester United and Benfica took place in 1968, two years before the England Brazil World Cup game.
Maria Gerlinger
Maria Gerlinger 20 timmar sedan
The world is itching for a war. Whether it is between China and Australia, or Russia and the Ukrain, or US and Middle East, many people are rather fight in war than to be continued to be repressed by the elite in the name of Covid. You want to release the tension, eliminate the Covid moronity.
Shreya Singh
Shreya Singh 20 timmar sedan
Fascist govt kill innocent people Imran Khan is hitler
Jet Seks
Jet Seks 20 timmar sedan
Climate Change is a hoax to tax shpl.
v kumar
v kumar 20 timmar sedan
if Corona is so powerful how come its not affecting media folks and politicians..
730 Mŷ
730 Mŷ 20 timmar sedan
The Mongoloid Siberian Americans built the pyramids in the Americas just like the black skinned Bantu Africans built the pyramids and Sphinx in Egypt. Euro centrists hate the fact we are all descendants of black and brown skinned Africans. Thanks to the Scientists mankind originated from either South Africa or East Africa. Science doesn’t lie. 🤣😂
Bargo-kim De Sonko
Bargo-kim De Sonko 20 timmar sedan
Watching this from Kenya' the guy answered reasonably that he's serving the country still he was dressed full in Uniform with hands our of the vehicle but still harassed' walahi US ni wagwani🙄🙄
JASON BOURNE 20 timmar sedan
This message is to Mr Putin, it would be a good idea for you to back off Ukraine ! Sincerely, Jason Bourne
SHOW BIZZ 20 timmar sedan
Pakistan ek jhooti or kamzarf kom he ye hamesha nange or bhooke rahenge
Ruzz Sverion
Ruzz Sverion 20 timmar sedan
Kill all isis rats.
falconeaterf15 20 timmar sedan
Ukraine wants to be Western, maybe join NATO one day. Russia says we will not allow this. They are not kidding.
alessandro lertora
alessandro lertora 20 timmar sedan
Socialism = Hunger hard truth
JASON BOURNE 20 timmar sedan
This message is to Mr Putin, it would be a good idea for you to back off Ukraine ! Sincerely, Jason Bourne
TheGQBrotha 20 timmar sedan
Imagine if Ukraine had not given up their nuclear weapons. At the fall of the Soviet Union Ukraine had 3000 nukes, the 3rd largest in the world and they gave it up. Looking pretty foolish now in the current situation.
ryan chris
ryan chris 20 timmar sedan
FreFree Kurdistan
Raheem Khan
Raheem Khan 20 timmar sedan
TLP are all illiterate massed gathered by pakistani army
Dubai 20 timmar sedan
Andreas Holzer
Andreas Holzer 20 timmar sedan
Bravo Russia - enough is enough! USA was also putting sanctions on Germany for buying cheap Russian gas instead of American gas. Enough with the sanctions and with that greed - Germany & Russia united thats the future we have to go. By the way, dementia Biden is the biggest joke ever what a fool!
Essard Audinett
Essard Audinett 20 timmar sedan
How could a country be a democracy when the government is an arm of the corporations.
Rock Wood
Rock Wood 20 timmar sedan
Best interview of Al Jazeera
No No
No No 20 timmar sedan
Impressive but not as impressive as India . We are showing record number of new covid 19 cases per day and soon will beat even the USA.. Infact not only that our public has worked so hard at spreading covid 19 that we've managed to come up the new and more virulent strain called *cow🐮vid™* So take that China .
Mike Earussi
Mike Earussi 20 timmar sedan
Putin wants to rebuild the old Imperial Russian borders which includes Ukraine and parts of Eastern Europe.
Geel Jire
Geel Jire 20 timmar sedan
The same Amhara's who supported Harari genocide in the tens of thousands. Overdue karma if you ask me.
ai yuan
ai yuan 20 timmar sedan
This is absurd!!!
Lieutenant Mackerel
Lieutenant Mackerel 20 timmar sedan
You dont have to obey French laws and defend yourselfs against them by whatever needs neccessery there are millions of you just show them
Eddie De Leon
Eddie De Leon 20 timmar sedan
they are the hitted hardest most for their dreams temporarily halted, they are the next in line leaders
Eddie De Leon
Eddie De Leon 20 timmar sedan
emotional impact, the restivines
Geo MS
Geo MS 20 timmar sedan
can we plant tree or potetos with Submarines?
Cole 20 timmar sedan
Caf’e cubano 😋
Hissen Daud
Hissen Daud 20 timmar sedan
I 👲 hope we 👲👪👭can save our world 🌐 before we 👤👥 lose it ourselves
G L M 20 timmar sedan
Putin is a monster
shivika sharma
shivika sharma 20 timmar sedan
Allah ka order hai TLP , koi bhi France ka person bacha to Allah naraj ho jayemge
AntiZion 20 timmar sedan
Yeah disarm so thet Israel can create settlements Gaza just like they did in west bank.
Akhil Srivastava
Akhil Srivastava 20 timmar sedan
In Jehaadiyo saap ki tarah hain. Yeh duniya ke liye cancer hain aur apne dharm ke kiye bhi. In jehadiyo se India ko bachao. Jai Hindu Rashtra 🕉
itstrbo 20 timmar sedan
I've been to Germany many times and feel like they dont deny history but don't try to glorify it like Americas obsession with the confederacy... I was once in a nightclub in Munich that use to be an office for National Socialista war planners, now young ppl get drunk there and have fun without any homage to the Nazis, I thought it was brilliant...
D Fowler
D Fowler 20 timmar sedan
Yes. Nobody can stop them.
Buffalo Bill
Buffalo Bill 20 timmar sedan
Well first they haven't proven climate change is real.
Ali dubabaxaka zoom.
Ali dubabaxaka zoom. 20 timmar sedan
Arsenal is almost relegated in epl thats why they want to start a fresh🤣🤣🤣
P P 20 timmar sedan
Kashmiri hindus homes also taken over by other Kashmiris. Hindu Kashmiris have had threats of violence if they didn't leave the state of Kashmir. What followed was a mass exodus of Kashmiri hindus into the rest of India.
gregory Ctb
gregory Ctb 20 timmar sedan
Pro russian people don t know the real reason that putin do. Just to make money with ukrain people. Putin is a mafia system. It s easy to manipulate pro russian people and putin know that.
nikhil barpete
nikhil barpete 20 timmar sedan
Why anchor has no beard? 😂😂
generic bot
generic bot 20 timmar sedan
Lisa Calhoun
Lisa Calhoun 20 timmar sedan
Not climate change but Gods anger when he brings fire to the entire earth
Boro Sasa
Boro Sasa 20 timmar sedan
What good is it destroying your country. Go outside the french embassy and demonstrate there.
Michael Brant
Michael Brant 20 timmar sedan
I was in Beijing at the gates of the forbidden city just days before that terrorist attack.
Rebel Khan
Rebel Khan 20 timmar sedan
Germany know that USA want to dismatle Nord Stream 2 through Ukraine move to NATO
Grace Terry
Grace Terry 20 timmar sedan
Blame Bill and Melinda Gates
JASON BOURNE 20 timmar sedan
This message is to Mr Putin, it would be a good idea for you to back off Ukraine ! Sincerely, Jason Bourne
Douglas MacRay
Douglas MacRay 20 timmar sedan
P J 20 timmar sedan
Jay 20 timmar sedan
Q: Which country has over a dozen secret agencies? A: Not N.Korea. Q: Which single country keeps part of their population in slave like conditions in the name of 'illegal migrants'? A: Not N. Korea. Summary, it's not what you do, it's who you are. Class dismissed.