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Papa Ted
Papa Ted 19 timmar sedan
67% of the time it works every time.
zewai123 19 timmar sedan
Can't wait for the iPhone 12 Pro to lose to the Note20 Ultra in comparisons
AJ Dexter
AJ Dexter 19 timmar sedan
I just got the pro max yesterday and I LOVE it, first iPhone too.
Christian 19 timmar sedan
Bla bla better better bla.bla. my fucking galaxy s20 fe 5g make klasse Fotos und Videos ey. Und ich habe 400gb msd da drinnen.. das scheiß ding ist auch fast 3x mal so teuer und Unterschiede sieht man kaum also why?
Travis McKenzie
Travis McKenzie 19 timmar sedan
Galib Chowdhury
Galib Chowdhury 19 timmar sedan
I want one wow
Adeeb C
Adeeb C 19 timmar sedan
Anyone here still using iPhone 7 😂😁
Lorre Watkins
Lorre Watkins 19 timmar sedan
Its Amazing that Apple still hasn't put upgrades were they are most needed, like for instance as U said, a higher refresh rate, better Wi-fi , faster Read & Write speeds on storage memory, and maybe more RAM. These are some of the things that We in the Android world have been accustom to when it comes to Android flagships. So I think Apple needs to step it up a notch and put some focus on were it needs, or ells they are gonna be behind again, and have to play catch up !
Aman Minsariya
Aman Minsariya 19 timmar sedan
Hello in the next video can we have a comparison of other phones like note 20 ultra one plus 8t and like that..
abdullah Faraz
abdullah Faraz 19 timmar sedan
Nice bro I love your videos
Ean Elijah De Guzman
Ean Elijah De Guzman 19 timmar sedan
0:59 the people in the back: Wtf is he doing????
Anurag Joshi
Anurag Joshi 19 timmar sedan
One giveaway please 😂♥️
Bibin Baby
Bibin Baby 19 timmar sedan
You are crazy you took my sleep i am a big fan of iPhone. My one and only great dream is to get a iPhone for me and this iPhone 12 is mind-blowing Thanks for this crazy review
Veenu Agarwal
Veenu Agarwal 19 timmar sedan
If you can here me reply
Riad Haicheur
Riad Haicheur 19 timmar sedan
I never won anything before in my life i realy Hope i win this ❤️
Miguel Alexander
Miguel Alexander 19 timmar sedan
I really wanna try something new please
FT9 YT 19 timmar sedan
I want that i phone. 12... ❤️😑
Veenu Agarwal
Veenu Agarwal 19 timmar sedan
MasterChef 117
MasterChef 117 19 timmar sedan
Greta comparison bit just let see what the big brother can do like you said not a huge improvement but let us know on the next videos the battery and the new ship performance that will be great
Veenu Agarwal
Veenu Agarwal 19 timmar sedan
Veenu Agarwal
Veenu Agarwal 19 timmar sedan
Spider Music
Spider Music 19 timmar sedan
Sahil Jain
Sahil Jain 19 timmar sedan
This was the best unboxing u said very detailed information best youtube video
RoB SuMMeRs 19 timmar sedan
Great video mate. Do you happen to know if they have improved the digital zoom side of things at all going from 11 to 12?
Miguel Alexander
Miguel Alexander 19 timmar sedan
Can i please win this giveaway
Kim Yung ill
Kim Yung ill 19 timmar sedan
Should I go for the pro or the pro max 🤷🏽‍♂️
Emotionally Challenged Eric Ciaramello Subordinate
Emotionally Challenged Eric Ciaramello Subordinate 19 timmar sedan
Do a video on the NVME drive Apple installed on the Iphone 12. This is what Apple actually innovated. And really all actually.
Gupta Tarun
Gupta Tarun 19 timmar sedan
Big Fan
ss series
ss series 19 timmar sedan
Love ur content..
yuval etzion
yuval etzion 19 timmar sedan
This is how many peoples want to win the phone 👇
EGARA MOBILS 19 timmar sedan
who want bettery test ?
Josh Blade
Josh Blade 19 timmar sedan
Bro most of us arnt so rich😔.we just watch your vids for fun 😁.
Spider Music
Spider Music 19 timmar sedan
Me too
Reda 19 timmar sedan
So don’t buy 12 pro if u already have 11 pro, go for the max instead haha
Armaan Mor
Armaan Mor 19 timmar sedan
I really like that he didn't put even the giveaway word in the title..
Cpt. Fantastic
Cpt. Fantastic 19 timmar sedan
Apple is such a crazy marketer i would say. All of the changes they say in iphone 12 pro from iphone 11 pro is only on paper. In reality its just all minor, except the fact that they change the body design. Anyway ill keep my iphone 11 promax.
JMK - 19 timmar sedan
My guy, pls dont put that pic of urs in the thumbnail, it feels wierd
GODZILLA GAMEZ 19 timmar sedan
Please give me iphone 12 pro I won't to be a gamer please 😥😞😞😔😔 it's a family family
Spider Music
Spider Music 19 timmar sedan
Jasper Fernando
Jasper Fernando 19 timmar sedan
Omygod this is my dream phone now. Not to be pitiful Im contented with a midrange but having that phone would sure be nice.
Tan Juliuz
Tan Juliuz 19 timmar sedan
We need a battery drain test for the new Iphones 12
george fourtinas
george fourtinas 19 timmar sedan
great test !!! you are my favorite reviewer !
Joel Ngandu
Joel Ngandu 19 timmar sedan
What’s the difference?
Avinav Pradhan
Avinav Pradhan 19 timmar sedan
Great content as always🔥.
Cybersorcerer 19 timmar sedan
Your photos look like you go from Random Carnival, Las Vags to Cambridge
THE WORLD OF CREATION JR 19 timmar sedan
Hey Bro Make a comparison video Of just budget Samsung phones Pls Pls Pls Pls Pls Pls Pls Pls
Yvana Luz
Yvana Luz 19 timmar sedan
Aside from the hdr thing, there is no noticeable improvement.
Faruq Ayon
Faruq Ayon 19 timmar sedan
I always like new iPhones
abhishek maurya
abhishek maurya 19 timmar sedan
TBH...i didn't notice any difference in most of the comparisons.....arun is a apple fanboi
Idontneed TopleaseYOU
Idontneed TopleaseYOU 19 timmar sedan
Im still holding iphone 6plus
Vullnet Sulejmani
Vullnet Sulejmani 19 timmar sedan
Please send me an iphone please please please 🙏🙏🙏
Abdulla Laskar
Abdulla Laskar 19 timmar sedan
Can't even buy with my One Year Sallary 😂
TECH- BOOMER 19 timmar sedan
APPLE- go green ,no charging adapter Customers- Repair my old adapter APPLE- sorry can't hear you over huge pile of cash
Mr. Scared
Mr. Scared 19 timmar sedan
Howd you get the iphone 12 already
Spider Music
Spider Music 19 timmar sedan
Idk either
ENRICK 19 timmar sedan
I'm jus wondering what's it's like to. Hold an iPhone...mrwhosetheboss please give me one
Zoralo 19 timmar sedan
Next 12 pro max vs sony 1 II
TECH- BOOMER 19 timmar sedan
Spider Music
Spider Music 19 timmar sedan
ABM W 19 timmar sedan
Great thanks
SuperAmazingAnt 19 timmar sedan
So why 11 pro does not support nightmode on wide angle? Apple scams old users?
pawan solomon
pawan solomon 19 timmar sedan
Haven’t seen any camera comparison recently so comprehensive and valuable. Thanks Arun 👏👍🤟🔥🙏
Shyammlan Albert
Shyammlan Albert 19 timmar sedan
Hey Aron, I just did everything to win that IPhone 12.....I really need a new phone, I’ve been using this Iphone 5s since I was 14 and now I’m 17... I would really love to have a new phone since I can’t afford to buy a new one....I hope I can get it🥰
Lotus domino
Lotus domino 19 timmar sedan
i finished the giveaway and the winners will be chosen on my birthday november 7 i wish i won
Mathew Markose
Mathew Markose 19 timmar sedan
Hi , my name is mathew I really love your vedios . Hope you are safe and healthy . 🥰
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Muzammil Khan
Muzammil Khan 19 timmar sedan
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mulakala srihari
mulakala srihari 19 timmar sedan
XSphynxForEvilX 19 timmar sedan
Basically subjective crap, you're being too forgiving.
naresh lal
naresh lal 19 timmar sedan
I don’t see any difference in pics ... almost same ... so basically we have 11 pro with 5g ... n Apple discontinued 11 series so that u won’t b able to buy these now on ... so u spend more on 12 pro... with no chargers .... big cheats
Sophia Bushko
Sophia Bushko 19 timmar sedan
Can you do one video with the iPhone 12 mini?
Pasty 19 timmar sedan
We all know most of us are excited for this video
Saad Ismail
Saad Ismail 19 timmar sedan
Great vid, as always! One thing I would recommend is that you should remove the "animation" from the pictures... since there are three pictures side by side, it becomes a bit confusing. Just some advice..
Alain 19 timmar sedan
only one Apple sticker is more bad than no charging brick and headphones😂
YADHU KRISHNA.N.S 19 timmar sedan
Can you gift me iphone or PlayStation 5
Boris Teunga
Boris Teunga 19 timmar sedan
My phone 7 still taking pictures as clear as that! I don't argue with anyone. We understand the Marketing Strategy, create a Woow effect in people's mind and changing the Hardware to say it improve, my iPhone 7 still do 95% of what iPhone 12 Pro Does! 😂😎
Spider Music
Spider Music 19 timmar sedan
I have the iPhone 7 Plus and it’s great
Mohit Bhatia
Mohit Bhatia 19 timmar sedan
Firstly , nice hoodie Good camera for selfie Play league of legends on it
Spirituosen Hunter
Spirituosen Hunter 19 timmar sedan
Looks like the kid of the iphone 11pro and iPhone 5s
Spider Music
Spider Music 19 timmar sedan
Vaghela Hitesh
Vaghela Hitesh 19 timmar sedan
Nice video... As aspect..... Superb work.. nice to see you first with iphone 12.... Superb comperision with iphone 11.... Love you bro.... Keep it up....❤️❤️
sameer mgt
sameer mgt 19 timmar sedan
gokul kannan
gokul kannan 19 timmar sedan
Compare with note 20 ultra
Muhammed Favas
Muhammed Favas 19 timmar sedan
This is what I call a camera comparison.👍👍🖤
R. A
R. A 19 timmar sedan
😂 win giveaway it's only think never happen
raunaq tandon
raunaq tandon 19 timmar sedan
is iphone12 pro display 10 bit ??
Talking Stupid
Talking Stupid 19 timmar sedan
I wish i had all those things to participate in giveaway because it was international... I'm using redmi note 5a prime since 2.5 years. It has became too much laggy. I used to play pubg on it but 🙃... Btw, i really love your videos. I know its not possible to afford any kind of phones but its too much entertaining and knowleadgable for me... Stay strong Stay happy And may god bless you ❤️.
GlennJJ1993 19 timmar sedan
IPhone 11 photos looks almost the same 😒