Extreme Saltwater Fishing 2
Drone Fishing for Sharks
2 månader sedan
We Caught a SEA MONSTER!!
2 månader sedan
Fishing for Tarpon from the Dock
Fishing for Sharks on a Jon Boat
Dock Fishing for GIANT Bull Sharks
Grantslam44 10 timmar sedan
Thats actually pretty cool. Its a spitting image of an adult. Watch it have dwarfism or something lol, If a full grown one is called a sailfish, does that mean a small one is called a discount or Clarence fish??
Angler Alas
Angler Alas 10 timmar sedan
Waw this is amazing brother.. the baby marlin Fish.
Michael Hull
Michael Hull 10 timmar sedan
When the fish are in a feeding frenzy you can catch em on a bare hook I've been there bro
優しいChikara Ha
優しいChikara Ha 10 timmar sedan
Think little man was getting a little seasick at the end😅
P.m aesthetics
P.m aesthetics 11 timmar sedan
"so we stripped down,to our shorts of course" lol.
Nelayan Kampung
Nelayan Kampung 11 timmar sedan
Very good strike fishing and good luck always
Nelayan Kampung
Nelayan Kampung 11 timmar sedan
The best the best the best
Chabrej Chabrej
Chabrej Chabrej 11 timmar sedan
Let it free ♥️
Deanna Truman
Deanna Truman 11 timmar sedan
Cutest lil fish ever
4exgold 11 timmar sedan
when Borat visited Australia: "hi mite, throw a crustacean on the barbie"
newmennium 11 timmar sedan
10:41 great technique, made it look easy
newmennium 11 timmar sedan
Josh rode a marlin in 2020...sounds about right
JJ gibcasting
JJ gibcasting 11 timmar sedan
Wow bro thats just the coolest fish ever 😂🎣I got new fishing cannel this week will upload a video trying to catch a golden beam 👍🏽🙏
Bob Bru
Bob Bru 11 timmar sedan
Jordan Parkyn
Jordan Parkyn 11 timmar sedan
That is soooo freaking cool looking.
とり。 11 timmar sedan
TERRENCE TEH KAI XUAN Moe 12 timmar sedan
Better let it go or else
Am Pro
Am Pro 12 timmar sedan
I thought these were crabs
Braxton Jeromin
Braxton Jeromin 12 timmar sedan
I liked it because l like it
James Law
James Law 12 timmar sedan
WoW ,......they are tiny....for now
Malagueña Salerosa
Malagueña Salerosa 12 timmar sedan
maaaaaaaaannnn thats cute!
Raptor Garet
Raptor Garet 12 timmar sedan
This man's got no skill, nore patience to actually learn to fish. All he's doing it's chumming the water and tossing "bait" in the middle of a frenzy.
Bella Cutie
Bella Cutie 12 timmar sedan
Why catch sand fleas?
Peta Benizou
Peta Benizou 12 timmar sedan
That’s why I hate tik Tok. Always stopped when it’s getting interesting. Why we have those stupid contents in SEpost
Mekel Kereh
Mekel Kereh 12 timmar sedan
DR. LEGEND 12 timmar sedan
Wtf😬😳😱this is 1 of the million reasons i hate the ocean!!!! Now im never going in the ocean water ever again
Tanner Dorsett
Tanner Dorsett 12 timmar sedan
You could see the video cut I think
ケモニキ 12 timmar sedan
来てない来てない来てない ほなほなほな上がってない上がってねぇ
David  YT
David YT 12 timmar sedan
Your pet is Rick astley
สม พูยะวง
สม พูยะวง 12 timmar sedan
兒玉涼 13 timmar sedan
RTX 3060Ti-kun
RTX 3060Ti-kun 13 timmar sedan
Put it back wtf
Yannick 13 timmar sedan
Ive done it quicker in fresh water fishing roach. Just dip the hook in the water and pull it back out and ya have a fish.
SVS Tube
SVS Tube 13 timmar sedan
Wow amazing fish...
Bon702 13 timmar sedan
Pinus Niron
Pinus Niron 13 timmar sedan
editor cupu
editor cupu 13 timmar sedan
Teja Ravi
Teja Ravi 14 timmar sedan
Please help me to join with you guys one day
Teja Ravi
Teja Ravi 14 timmar sedan
I love fishing bro
Paul T.
Paul T. 14 timmar sedan
he laughs like Elmo, once you heard it you cannot unhear it
Jayden Bates
Jayden Bates 14 timmar sedan
Do they bite
Bob Bru
Bob Bru 14 timmar sedan
That was a GROUPER
Dez Ray
Dez Ray 14 timmar sedan
Most people's dog n cat won't get back to the bank if they fell off of that there jetty
Dez Ray
Dez Ray 14 timmar sedan
Most people's dog n cat won't get back to the bank if they fell off of that there jetty
what if tree
what if tree 14 timmar sedan
I thought they where roaches made me feel like something was crawling on me.
Daniel Chapparo
Daniel Chapparo 14 timmar sedan
BlacktiphXnelk clothing would be sick they should collaborate 🔥🔥🔥
Hana Mustamiroh
Hana Mustamiroh 14 timmar sedan
I that of bea cepun,😂
アポロ 15 timmar sedan
Ziggy The Man
Ziggy The Man 15 timmar sedan
Obvious cut, u can see it right after he casts...
Maulana Ishak
Maulana Ishak 15 timmar sedan
ダイヤ 秋夢栗夢.
ダイヤ 秋夢栗夢. 15 timmar sedan
来てない来てない来てない来てない! 炎炎炎
Rebecca Maria
Rebecca Maria 15 timmar sedan
Never going to the beach again . Nope no one can convince me :|
Shahama Shihab
Shahama Shihab 15 timmar sedan
U. Suck
YAUJITA 15 timmar sedan
Yup , never going to the ocean again
juve3030 15 timmar sedan
Definitely not edited. Just like this comment.
Clunky Pog
Clunky Pog 15 timmar sedan
minai DE
minai DE 15 timmar sedan
Mobile Mobile
Mobile Mobile 15 timmar sedan
John Petrogonas
John Petrogonas 15 timmar sedan
Those are mole crabs...
trees and potatoes
trees and potatoes 15 timmar sedan
That no fish that is a dinosaur
Julian 15 timmar sedan
Thats so cute
Indra Akun
Indra Akun 16 timmar sedan
Poor sailfish
Alfian Khaz
Alfian Khaz 16 timmar sedan
Zachary M
Zachary M 16 timmar sedan
Is my dude wearing crocs fishing?
Eric Drake
Eric Drake 16 timmar sedan
😀 😭
😀 😭 16 timmar sedan
Jacob Edwards
Jacob Edwards 16 timmar sedan
That bait was MASSIVE!!
A Black Guy
A Black Guy 16 timmar sedan
I remember stepping in the water and the sand fleas put tiny holes in my legs all over and they were bleeding
Terrance Shepherd
Terrance Shepherd 16 timmar sedan
3 seconds
Toney Hill
Toney Hill 16 timmar sedan
I'd fry them
ADABOY 16 timmar sedan
Was that a grouper?
marc latchaw
marc latchaw 16 timmar sedan
David Reed
David Reed 16 timmar sedan
You can't even hardly see a sand flea. Those are crabs dude
lige Jackson
lige Jackson 16 timmar sedan
Theyre actualy kinda cute wtf
Heather Demarest
Heather Demarest 16 timmar sedan
That is a beautiful and Giant Goliath grouper
Richard Tipton
Richard Tipton 17 timmar sedan
Using a piece of bait the size of a trophy fish, no wonder lmao
Chuck Naomi
Chuck Naomi 17 timmar sedan
Giant Grouper
群馬のカサピー 17 timmar sedan
plung3r 17 timmar sedan
Good investment