Alexander 4 timmar sedan
Hello David dobrik, I watch your videos because I can imagine things that I can't live, I don't have all the luck you have, I mean I wasn't born in a first world city, well what you do makes my day happy.
Middle Aged Mutant Ninja Turtle
Middle Aged Mutant Ninja Turtle 4 timmar sedan
God they are so boring
jack Philion
jack Philion 4 timmar sedan
Why does it seem like David is trying to make them fight
Liam Franks
Liam Franks 4 timmar sedan
Im so confused as to that someone has actually cheated on madison before shes literally an 100/10
Muska Alkozat
Muska Alkozat 4 timmar sedan
Charlie faling
anawonka 4 timmar sedan
whats ZipoKooroo?
SimManiac 4 timmar sedan
How come this gets on the trending page and never frenemies?
Mary M
Mary M 4 timmar sedan
Ya’ll are rlly entertaining but ngl tho just listening to people talk abt school makes me 💀💀💀
Landon Swink
Landon Swink 4 timmar sedan
My respect to David dobrik 📉📉📉
Morgan Grant
Morgan Grant 4 timmar sedan
I think everything explains Pseudobulbar affec
ROME 4 timmar sedan
Gahg shii big clout
r4chel20 4 timmar sedan
why are they even famous
r4chel20 4 timmar sedan
@Razan Pop literally that what i did 💀💀💀
Razan Pop
Razan Pop 4 timmar sedan
Bitch What you just Watch or click on this video for comment this you so funny 😂
Aidan Tucker
Aidan Tucker 4 timmar sedan
"Shit swear jar." lmao
Siddharth Kumaran
Siddharth Kumaran 4 timmar sedan
Honestly the girls seem really sweet. Why do people hate them so much? They're just teenagers..
Red Devil
Red Devil 4 timmar sedan
I dont think anyone over the age of 14 knows who these two are....
keyra 123
keyra 123 4 timmar sedan
did anyone notice davids hickey @12:50
Ezekiel Vang
Ezekiel Vang 4 timmar sedan
Cancel david
Patricia 4 timmar sedan
I dont know if the bit about the security is sarcasm
ChevyKev 4 timmar sedan
It clearly is
Luis Santos
Luis Santos 4 timmar sedan
No hate but she’s working by making 15 second tik toks every day but hey it’s making you millions so I would too. But she prob has a bunch of events to go to and sponsors and business deals with brands so yea she’s busy
Inspiringyourbestself 4 timmar sedan
Just people who got lucky. Stop praising them like they're God. SMH 🤪💯💪
SALAM LIFE STYLE 4 timmar sedan
Carla Tavárez
Carla Tavárez 4 timmar sedan
shereena lovato
shereena lovato 4 timmar sedan
We asked for a vlog not this
Don Vito Corleone
Don Vito Corleone 4 timmar sedan
He can’t post vlogs right now
Plot Twist
Plot Twist 4 timmar sedan
Just putting this out there David has the same birthday as Harry Potter
one direction's potato
one direction's potato 4 timmar sedan
not her saying tiktok is a job ✋🏼
ChevyKev 4 timmar sedan
It is she makes money from it
Crackle Films
Crackle Films 4 timmar sedan
I like your ring David
one direction's potato
one direction's potato 4 timmar sedan
Bambucontilde 4 timmar sedan
I hate david as a host :(( or jeff??? Like...
tooshay 4 timmar sedan
Happy to say I've never heard of them.
luana Barros
luana Barros 4 timmar sedan
Dixie and charli have the most vanilla personalitys
Optizy 4 timmar sedan
Lucia Earle
Lucia Earle 4 timmar sedan
please bring emma chamberlain next PLEASE
izzy cassell
izzy cassell 4 timmar sedan
who else really wants him to do a potcast with Emma chamberlainnnnn
Bricks Island
Bricks Island 4 timmar sedan
Hey every check out my latest video here!!! sepost.info/dev/video/0pzJrbZoeYml2qk.html
Chuch3_ SwWp
Chuch3_ SwWp 4 timmar sedan
💯 Taylor 39:37 39:47 44:28 😂🤣...
Susanne Mundt
Susanne Mundt 5 timmar sedan
please OH PLEASE have Liza on the podcast!! it would be so iconic and great for the new start of the podcast!! 💛✌🏼
Alice Nava
Alice Nava 5 timmar sedan
Oh yeah but y’all ain’t talking about how racist David is huh?
RL K 5 timmar sedan
The Script A Mafia Story! Read The Movie For Your Mind...
Nate :/
Nate :/ 5 timmar sedan
4 people 1 podcast 0 drops of actual talent
adaobi 5 timmar sedan
Hey guys! God loves you all so so much! Subscribe to my channel?
First Last
First Last 5 timmar sedan
david: november eleventh dixie: *very obvious second hand embarrassment*
Nate :/
Nate :/ 5 timmar sedan
Jason is too old for this shit.
dunkieswirls 5 timmar sedan
Charli is so fucking adorable omg
Brock Smith
Brock Smith 5 timmar sedan
Charli mad entitled
ItsJustCreative 5 timmar sedan
How can they make so much money.
Diego Garcia
Diego Garcia 5 timmar sedan
Dixie: Charli’s a betch 😭✋💀💀
michael 1988
michael 1988 5 timmar sedan
wow, Dobrik is bad at this..lol...well lucky Liza got him rich in the first place.
Roblox Twins
Roblox Twins 5 timmar sedan
“Dixie the mic”
Jake Nicholson
Jake Nicholson 5 timmar sedan
Bro David Fr ratted on his little brother he’s gonna get suspended
TheGoodKing Tr3Y
TheGoodKing Tr3Y 5 timmar sedan
So many edits in this podcast 🤦🏾‍♂️
Rahima Doualeh
Rahima Doualeh 5 timmar sedan
David they can't see us cheating at all lol!
Gaming The lemon
Gaming The lemon 5 timmar sedan
Why does Taylor seem high as a kite 😂
BILL MCMURDO 5 timmar sedan
twits who are famous for nothing.... that always works out great
Erlingur Jónsson
Erlingur Jónsson 5 timmar sedan
Why are you talking tomthem ther are little brats
Hggc Tcfc
Hggc Tcfc 5 timmar sedan
How else just saw Dixie and Charli’s part hahah
Jasmyn Linzy
Jasmyn Linzy 5 timmar sedan
The series of unfortunate events books in the background!!!!>>>
TL Channel
TL Channel 5 timmar sedan
Why do i got a feeling David is gay and going to come out soon
TL Channel
TL Channel 4 timmar sedan
Mr. Bruh yeah i remember lizza but still idk. I feel like he havent really found himself then
Mr. Bruh
Mr. Bruh 5 timmar sedan
He’s straight remember his ex?
Help me reach 10k with no videos!
Help me reach 10k with no videos! 5 timmar sedan
Dear whoever is reading this, I wish there was a way for everyone to erase all sadness and stress and just replace it with happiness. You have an entire galaxy and a beautiful life ahead of you. Nothing in life is ever easy, but what's important is that YOU keep going. ❤️
pied pluto
pied pluto 5 timmar sedan
you know you’re talking with a pisces if the conversation takes a turn to the meaning of life and emotional topics
DemApples 5 timmar sedan
zoom pe is the worst!!!!!
Kiana Avalos
Kiana Avalos 5 timmar sedan
I sometimes fall asleep in zoom (when I say sometimes I mean all the time) and I cheat on everything also we have to do P.E. like do jumping jacks and push ups in are zoom camera oh I lie about my camera and internet problems and my teacher believes me and I am the same age as your little brother
Gess hoov Bizzack
Gess hoov Bizzack 5 timmar sedan
Flo Chaibduval
Flo Chaibduval 5 timmar sedan
I had a dream where I was on vacation and Charlie was in the next room and I was sooo nervous so I just mumbled can you follow me please and then I felt bad cause I wanted to say hi but then she said no and was mad at me and now I feel bad even tho it’s just a dream.🥺
da boyben
da boyben 5 timmar sedan
Literally 99% won't see this but God bless u stay safe I'm struggling to get 1k with notis ❤️
Ashley Doop
Ashley Doop 5 timmar sedan
Definitely her friend Amy 😂
Brina Solis
Brina Solis 5 timmar sedan
I need more 1hour videos ASAP I work out to this :)
Conor O
Conor O 5 timmar sedan
They are so spoiled
talkingwithhaylie 5 timmar sedan
omg hes posting aging
Tr3y 5 timmar sedan
Rice Farmer
Rice Farmer 5 timmar sedan
41:23 jason lowkey looked at david like “WOW there chill out, im not that old” 😅
Thrust FN
Thrust FN 5 timmar sedan
Marcos Widderson
Marcos Widderson 5 timmar sedan
David's computer has a Charli sticker ♥️
Oh Okay
Oh Okay 5 timmar sedan
Chopping different clips up and slapping them together is an odd choice. Just let an interview play out for 45 minutes. This is a podcast not one of the vlogs, right? I see that maybe you’re aiming for a hybrid but the least you could do is a slight pause between or intro to the new interviews. This feels sloppy and weird. (Haha) Just my opinion.
buddypokekid 5 timmar sedan
Jesus Natalie save it for the next roast
GamingJoker 5 timmar sedan
Dixie looks 50 with that hairstyle.
Daniel Gillespie
Daniel Gillespie 5 timmar sedan
Maybe it’s just me but I would love to see David try asmr.
Heather Holley
Heather Holley 5 timmar sedan
I swear those boys are so annoying and awkward.
pathways678 5 timmar sedan
Damn I wish I was a kid in 2020. I had to go to actual school. Ugh it sucked. I might have gotten good grades if I had online schooling. So lucky
waynicliz 4 timmar sedan
@pathways678 covid
pathways678 5 timmar sedan
@waynicliz you don't need school to see your friends boo. Just call them and say you wanna hang out.
waynicliz 5 timmar sedan
stop talking shit online school is garbage everyone has bad grades and no friends
Nathaniel Leslie
Nathaniel Leslie 5 timmar sedan
David u need to start vlogging again hire a fucking camera man or something
Poké •大河
Poké •大河 5 timmar sedan
Y’all are irrelevant now gtfo
gueroloco209 5 timmar sedan
Says they're irrelevant yet is #4 on trending and you take tine out to comment yeah that makes sense
Matthew Richardson
Matthew Richardson 5 timmar sedan
security for what
Don Vito Corleone
Don Vito Corleone 4 timmar sedan
Well honestly there are so many people that for some odd reason despise these two so much and there are humans who are dumb enough to try something stupid