The Illusion Only Some Can See
Do You Expand With The Universe?
Why Gravity is NOT a Force
How Kodak Exposed The Atomic Bomb
Is Success Luck or Hard Work?
Is Dust Mostly Dead Skin?
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Does Planet 9 Exist?
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The pharma company didn't get involved cuz there not on bill gates nutz like you bozo and bill gates looks like kkk elite
Raymon Ronquillo
Raymon Ronquillo 16 timmar sedan
DD: how can someone this gorgeous be also great as science? God ain't fair sometimes! :p
Sachin S Arkasali
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Next crisis is GMO produce and destruction of organic farming (guess who is funding it ) ??
Gabe G
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see, i feel like more stuff like how we just pop out one of the spacecrafts bob lazar is always on about.😂😂
Chris Floyd
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So, each of those big trees must work through hundreds of liters of water per day. What is truly mind-bending to me is how in one root system there is adequate soil moisture today after the tree removed hundreds of liters yesterday.
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OGCtv ogctv 17 timmar sedan
Immune system to strong will kill you this guy has to be kidding🤦‍♂️
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Thanks cods becase of you i am born/live
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This is all so cool, I wish I was smart enough to fully understand what is happening
kathleen smith
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The Human Heart doesn't actually pump blood --- looks like it does, but in reality that is not what is happening. It operates like a hydraulic Ram Pump -- look one up, it gives you the beating heart. Think - how does a tree push water from roots all the way up to very top leaves? A tree does not have a heart. Why has medicine literally done nothing for congestive heart failure? Very good at unclogging arteries and open heart surgery, but why are the arteries getting clogged in the first place?? How is it possible that someone with 95% blockage of an artery can actually take a hike the day before they have a heart attack? U would be so weak there is no way you could do this? Question the system - it does not work the way we are taught and take for granted. Aristotle had people believing for centuries that heavier objects fell to earth faster than lighter ones --- NOT TRUE. All objects fall at same rate. So the real reason our arteries will clog is a therapy the body does to itself to increase blood flow - like what you do to a hose to get more pressure. SO, question should be why is their no pressure? Medicine doesn't study this -
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Its like every angle is 2D
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How ridiculous that they refuse to keep marijuana seeds. It's such a useful plant for so many reasons, just shows how stupid humans can be even when they are trying to be smart. Stupidity like this comes as a result of religion.
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If the speed of light wasn't the same in all directions, should we expect to see that the observable region of the universe is asymetric instead of spherical?
Harold Sandahl
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The wire example, if you move forward and measure the speed of light, measures the one way speed of light twice.
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there is constant in chaos
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Eat Banana + Drink Milk = Chernobyl 🤣
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This is as true or more today than it was 4 years ago
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1% of earth's atmosphere and only 5X higher RPM to compensate... I'm no rocket scientist but I smell fishy....But I'm pretty sur it will fly perfectly on Devon Island for our next "Mars" photo shoot!!
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If you watch NBC News then you're constantly being lied to and you're not being told the truth or the whole story. Watch Fox News on cable or stream it. Do whatever it takes to get the real news and learn about Joe Biden's attack on the United States
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I think I've understood pretty much all of it. There's just 99.99% more to understand. I'm quite done here lad.
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Before watching this I had no idea that there was a successful Soviet mission to Venus in 85. That's pretty impressive when you consider the technological contraints back then. Well done Russia 👍🏻
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Please describe how molecules at one end figure out what other molecules at the other end have chosen to do.
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Alternatively you could have a laser pointed at a clear diamond shaped object with cameras all around the room in a circle based fashion and have lines on the walls that could be used to measure the Length of the lasers in a foggy room to see the the light between point a and b with the cameras taking pictures simultaneously assuming that relativity is a constant for all cameras
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this is wild lol somebody made us
Charlie and The Cringe Factory
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Couldn’t u send the signals to the clocks in the middle of the 1 km using SOUND instead?
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1.5 minutes of flying time... Man we need new battery tech and immediately !!!
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Can you try this at home or don't
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and then it just went up and spun out of control
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17:40 dude, that is some scary crap. That's strate up haunted.
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my head history and math and sience my head i think i miss click a video
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All I saw is Allen ripping 100 bucks of him😂😂me knowing What would you do that to him
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two light sensors set up a set distance from each other and somehow solve the stopwatch issue and then there’s no issue with the delay of the light sensors because it is being used to detect light on both sides
Calube 17 timmar sedan
Well rather than saying it could possibly not work if the timers were set in the middle and moved to the sides at the same time to see if light travels from a to b at the same rate is travels from b to a according to the relativity, why not try it with a high speed camera to see if the timers are synchronized and if they happen to be then you could use that as a valid way for testing the one way speed of light?
Calube 17 timmar sedan
Alternatively you could have a laser pointed at a clear diamond shaped object with cameras all around the room in a circle based fashion and have lines on the walls that could be used to measure the Length of the lasers in a foggy room to see the the light between point a and b with the cameras taking pictures simultaneously assuming that relativity is a constant for all cameras
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Jee students
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Jesus loves you all please repent of your sins God blesss
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The virus will happen if you all do the vaccine. They will change your DNA with something else in that vaccine
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My rule ; each successive number would be greater than the previous one ...
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I call bullshet, there is no way in hell NASA is operating a 'helicopter' on Mars which has an atmosphere .6% as dense as Earth's. Veritasiums need to change its name to Lietasium.
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how many people does girly man want to kill
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does this mean sunbathing prolongs life ? yes it was said it damage the skin but it is also warm does it set you in prolong life mode ?
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Lovely flushable non-biodegradable wipes that destroy the oceans and kill the Earth. Thanks!
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Till 10:56 I got the feel of vsauce then what if dialogue that "it's story for another video" sounded like what if channel dialogue "it's a story for another what if"... Which I think if an awesome happy accident... Am I too nerdy ?
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자막을 달꺼면 끝까지 달아주던가
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We were wrong the entire time... it’s actually hexagons are the best of gons...
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Nice Ironman shirt
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Now we know who has been starting the bush fires
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Nah you just get used to waiting until you just don't care anymore time doesn't move any faster. It's the same.
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One of the main reasons for the hesitency to get these new vaccines is that they are not disclosing all the info about them. They are still considered experimental. Then the media and government censor anyone that even questions. BTW the pharmacutical companies have a long history of putting out damergous drugs. Because of this, I don't understand why so many paople would get these. Just gullible and ignorant I guess. All you need to know about vaccines is at the childerenshealthdefense dot org. There you can get tons of research and the truth.
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Bill Gates is now a medical dr.?🤔 How would he know what's next?🤔
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Ohhh yeahhh Ha ha ha
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Physics - Not even once
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You remind of vsauce. 🔥❤️
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If you believe the title, keep your mask on and accept your vaccine like a good sheep.
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I see a graphene sheet)
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i predicted it before i just have billions of dollars..... money makes you important
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This is the best intuitive and theoretical explanation to gravity to have ever existed on tape. Period
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Is BG the antichrist?
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I don’t think so just works for the ac
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6:09 "you can't have a unit that changes value" well you can, it's called a currency
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So in Denmark the music is Lit 😎
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Could we use non-euclidean space maybe?... like instead of bouncing the light back sending it back via a wormhole?... The question is then, would a wormhole have the speed inside of it disrupted as much as the sum of sending it via non-wormhole space? If not a wormhole though, could we have light orbit a blackhole in an oblong path like a comet so that it travels in one direction more than the other?
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America used nuclear. Its for the betterment of the world. Hahaha. What a joke.
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The more I watch of this video, the more my head is starting to itch me. lol
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So this is how they filmed those Sonar scenes for The Dark Knight movie.
Selling Soul 5 Bucks
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So I get it's a big heavy weight and its weight is accurate but why does this need to exist and who's paying to use it and for what exactly?
Icabod Psillycyberman
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Got an off topic question for you. Lots of sci fi uses rotatating structures in space to provide gravity inside them. Does this actually work-my head tells me it shouldn't?
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I love it when incredibly intelligent people try to simplify their explanations.
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Stop war and save the humanity and the world.
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/Insert Head & shoulders add here/
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why dont people use this for making a fusion reactor
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How do you create lift in a virtually non existent atmosphere? Really?
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hexagons are the bestagon
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So if this was on Mars last yr 🤔 then what they have on mars now