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and your fanboys 19 timmar sedan
Rodras Burton
Rodras Burton 19 timmar sedan
☝️👀👉 𝗖𝗮𝗻 𝗜 𝗴𝗼 𝘃𝗶𝗿𝗮𝗹?!
Rizwan Awan
Rizwan Awan 19 timmar sedan
The answer is Sir Isaac Newton himself
Raj Kamal
Raj Kamal 19 timmar sedan
TechiTech answer : (1) Albert Einstein
Jon Dresser
Jon Dresser 19 timmar sedan
I am So happy to see you making more videos lately Derek. Keep em coming!
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bwain feel big got
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Han Tuttel 19 timmar sedan
"You can't have a unit which changes value". Dollar...? A unit which becomes less and less and less and less. Bye Bye Banks - Buy Bitcoin!
Angus Wills
Angus Wills 19 timmar sedan
I like how he shares the info that is happening other side of the world 🌎 which nobody has time thinks about. I am glad that there are channels like this that make such great content.
DS 19 timmar sedan
i think it was huygen
zealman79 19 timmar sedan
Since Trump is the self appointed smartest person on earth, maybe science (fake news) can ask him or Eric what the value of the HC is. I'm sure they'll know.
J.A.V 19 timmar sedan
Is my is my mother goose club out.
Chris D
Chris D 19 timmar sedan
"Are you watching this in an inertia frame reference?" _Jumps on my bed_ Yes.
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Upside down 19 timmar sedan
Need a new pc, roll on with the answer of dr..... na not giving it away lol
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Adrien Vandendriessche 19 timmar sedan
This is CRAZY !!!
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thanks glad I hit the notification bell after your video explaining why it's important for you 😂
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So cool.
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Hey Kenneth! Didn't expect to see you here.
michael burkhardt
michael burkhardt 19 timmar sedan
at some point the guy will have touched the inside of the space capsule as it changed course. just a brush of a sleeve on the interior to keep him centered in the capsule is displacement; force vector
ً 19 timmar sedan
Come on, let's have the end of 2020/start of 2021 be marked with a star going supernova
Sid Stevens
Sid Stevens 19 timmar sedan
So, even in extreme chaos, symmetry still rules ?
NUKE 19 timmar sedan
Astonishing... I want a PC game that simulates Einstein's GR... Imagine having to plan a trip around a galaxy and having to figure out time delays and all that... It would be so confusing to even plan the simplest of randezvous...
Quang Tuan
Quang Tuan 19 timmar sedan
you are pretty cute mate :*
Suraj Radhakrishnan
Suraj Radhakrishnan 19 timmar sedan
What's the music at 9:20? It's so wonderful.
Brandon is cool
Brandon is cool 19 timmar sedan
2020: how about the sun
Gene Auber
Gene Auber 19 timmar sedan
So lemme get this straight... These scientist predicted our future perception of an event that happened before we even existed?
Khadeeja A
Khadeeja A 19 timmar sedan
If gravity is not a force why are we trying to unify with other forces
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Ja Jajafuqkin 19 timmar sedan
and you were talking to Dustin's face lol
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"Its very rare to see 96 million of anything" Can we get this video to 96M views boys? No more, no less! Let's make it happen
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Crafty Alias
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This is astoundingly amazing. I'm absolutely beyond words. With all the shitty things happening in the world right now, this gives me some hope.
Not Me
Not Me 19 timmar sedan
In the lambda CDM you are not calculating how fast it grows now you calculating the average of how fast grows all time It is possible that space makes more space which will lead to more space been created and the universe expending more rapidly
Angelo Portugal
Angelo Portugal 19 timmar sedan
I can't die yet. I wanna see the beetlejuice explode. That'd be such a nice thing to see. *Pls explode it's 2020 Pls explode it's 2020 Pls explode it's 2020 Pls explode it's 2020 Pls explode it's 2020*
Legazonia 19 timmar sedan
Yo guys, regarding this strange behavior and the earth, check out the declassified document called "The Adam and Eve Story"
tigr312012 19 timmar sedan
This looks connected to Wolfram project researches
Matias Kiviniemi
Matias Kiviniemi 19 timmar sedan
If that's drinking water, why are you driving a gas motor in it?
Biruk Ephrem
Biruk Ephrem 19 timmar sedan
Check this video. A more elaborated version of this video. sepost.info/dev/video/2aXdzK2idIq8t8c.html
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I pretend I understand everything.
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Want more videos on Astronomy, This channel keeps getting more favourite with each video I see.
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He can literally make anything interesting.
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I thought elephants foot would be the first.....
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9:26 what's the music called??
Rohit Rehni
Rohit Rehni 20 timmar sedan
Your Answer : Sir Isaac Newton
Astro GEEK
Astro GEEK 20 timmar sedan
Hubble has definitely changed our perception about the universe
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Problem Solver 20 timmar sedan
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How my profile picture looks like? 😎
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Ron Wylie 20 timmar sedan
I think I must been in a different dimension because he lost me in a very short time, nothing to do with his teaching, I find his videos incredibly helpful and it is more to do with my brain power lol
RayMerrell68 20 timmar sedan
So, the predicted expansion rate at the beginning of the universe is slightly different than the one we observe right now...but we're still calling it a constant?
Uncanny void
Uncanny void 20 timmar sedan
It makes sense, also I'm very curious on perspective. A different Perspective can change the whole world view. I question most of what I study and some of what I study instinctively feels wrong to me and I feel stupid to ask my teacher of everything because the replys to my questions are mostly questioning my view point rather than trying to explain it. (I feel stupid for trying)
Lok Fung Choi
Lok Fung Choi 20 timmar sedan
Does that mean there are less star in the universe then what we can observe?
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Anirudh Kanaparthy 20 timmar sedan
Mom: U lazy, incompetent son of mine do something with ur life ? Me: Mom listen, I'm lazing around here so that my other self can be president. And the more lazy I'm the better the president he is and billions of people r happy. Understand? I'm saving the world here.
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who is the scientist though?
Joseph Triplett
Joseph Triplett 20 timmar sedan
Ok... so were the multiple Hubble images of lensing used in the vid because they looked like smiley emoji's?..?..? Keep them vids pro tier+ m8 🙂
Daryl Halliday
Daryl Halliday 20 timmar sedan
It is hard to comprehend how big the universe is because its continually expanding so there is no end or limit-a infinite universe. And then if there is multiverses or parallel universes-the mind boggles...
Michal Michna
Michal Michna 20 timmar sedan
Some quality content here. I am very glad for that. Take care.
Som Abhisek
Som Abhisek 20 timmar sedan
Moritz 20 timmar sedan
Me at 1:19 : light is a radiation... Like heat radiation, gamma rays, ect... And our eyes a specifically made to see the reflection of light... Am i right?
Som Abhisek
Som Abhisek 20 timmar sedan
GLOOMINESCENT 20 timmar sedan
In the beginning... God took a huge hit of Acid, and then every thought that synapsed thereafter, was a Supernova. We are merely a drop in the ocean of time that is the multi faceted aftermath of life vs death. We were made in the image of God, and God was tripping HARDDDDD. So that's a lot of angles to image up, haha! And I'm pretty sure our solar system looks similar to a light trail of DNA. So that spot you hilighted in question of how we'd look is probably accurate.
Tejaswini Natarajan
Tejaswini Natarajan 20 timmar sedan
I had goosebumps while watching this! AMAZING video Derek!
Sanjiv Khare
Sanjiv Khare 20 timmar sedan
for the same reason, electrons do not revolve around a nucleus. its moving in a straight line but nucleus bends space time fabric around it. sounds crazy?
yousaf sohail
yousaf sohail 20 timmar sedan
You Explained it very Well... This video is a master piece for School & college students to understand the Gravity...!
Jairo Pérez-Osorio
Jairo Pérez-Osorio 20 timmar sedan
It would be very nice if you could drop the citations of the studies you mention in your videos. Thank you very much!
Elishama Pascall
Elishama Pascall 20 timmar sedan
That Einstein quote had hit me on no levels 🙄
Sahej Pratap Singh
Sahej Pratap Singh 20 timmar sedan
Being just in school i was not able to get little bit of the video but loves it..... the way the videos have evolved is just awesome ...... he is just able to hold your attention so nicely that you will never get bored.... hats offf
I.L. 20 timmar sedan
I just listened to an episode of Mindscape about this, shout out to Sean!
GKE 20 timmar sedan
But wait - why do astronauts onboard the ISS feel weightless when in fact they are in a constant free fall?
Anubhav Agrawal
Anubhav Agrawal 20 timmar sedan
github.com/Anubhvv/Hardwork-vs-Luck/blob/main/hardwork_luck.py Here's the code if you guys want to check!!
Edward Backman
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2:44 thats it? U have got to be joking lol
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Cool video! Congratulations!
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That's the most decent physics video I have ever seen. Its like a PhD thesis, that has everything.
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"So i had a rocket ship built" and its the coolest rocket ship to go with the best explanation i love Veritasium its like Art
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3:08 Oh no he got a kick from his friend
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So fantastically written,executed and explained....MASTERPIECE OF SEpost.
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Awesome video, mind boggling concept to think about. All of space, illusory and fluid