Why This Japanese Town Eats BEARS
Why I Avoid CHRISTMAS in Japan
What NO-ONE Tells You About Japan
anime dumpster fire
anime dumpster fire 54 minuter sedan
I always liked Gackt more...
Lanni Fincoris
Lanni Fincoris Timme sedan
But yes! Please got to the south, the east and the west! Pleeeease!
Ben Sherinian
Ben Sherinian Timme sedan
Japanese Mormons?!!
Lanni Fincoris
Lanni Fincoris Timme sedan
Oh! A Buddah with a moustache!
Just Jordan
Just Jordan 2 timmar sedan
The reason why everyone else don't call the Left side of the road the "correct" one, is because we call that one "the right" side of the road :P
Just Jordan
Just Jordan 2 timmar sedan
Hokeido , must be the Village of Hokages :)
Baranoeda 2 timmar sedan
I have to say, extremely good and much food for 20 bucks. Good value for the money, as always when eating out in Japan!
liam may
liam may 2 timmar sedan
at 4:04 you can see a person behind chris and if you look close enough you can see a hooded figure too in the bushes
Aida's channel
Aida's channel 3 timmar sedan
Hello! My son(5 years old) learns Japanese and English. He finds them interesting.
CTerence 3 timmar sedan
"Beyond that it's just nothingness, the sea... and Russia" So just nothingness then
Gail Knight
Gail Knight 3 timmar sedan
A very good and interesting video, I've even missed part of a TV programme I wanted to watch. Thank you.
Krzysztof Mazurkiewicz
Krzysztof Mazurkiewicz 3 timmar sedan
This looks like a dish from a grandma that knows you need to eat more and trick you into just one dumpling ;)
Clarkiee 4 timmar sedan
dat steak so raw!!
Clarkiee 4 timmar sedan
extraa_rice 4 timmar sedan
Chris started the tiktok clothing change trend in 2016. Truly a pioneer
Yamil Vidal
Yamil Vidal 4 timmar sedan
ET is scary. I remember dreaming he stabbed me with his finger. Ohoo btw, let me bring those fears back: sepost.info/dev/video/yJK-rLGvqqW02ak.html
ERR Win 4 timmar sedan
This was beautiful!
Helman. 4 timmar sedan
the drone shot is very nice
connor olney
connor olney 4 timmar sedan
Kansas is literally nowhere
Hermit 5 timmar sedan
I love Natsuki's swear words
Nico 5 timmar sedan
If what happened in this video is all planned I really appreciate the thought you put into it. I mean, it can't be all coincidence lol. I really love it. I really like the images and landscapes, a voiceless version with just artistic imagery, like Chris know how to make, would be amazing!!
Scott Scottsdale
Scott Scottsdale 5 timmar sedan
I once had something that was described as sea bugs. I also had fish cheeks.
3h21 Production
3h21 Production 5 timmar sedan
I bet they Jitensha after😏
Maria do Carmo Sobreira
Maria do Carmo Sobreira 6 timmar sedan
What a waste of good beef! Just put salt on it and grill it, guys! Nothing else!
KNWIII 6 timmar sedan
Wilhelm scream FTW!
Saumya Sharad
Saumya Sharad 6 timmar sedan
can we not go inside or near the castle? :/
SonicRyan1992 6 timmar sedan
4:26 if that's not how to do sarcasm in Japanese, i dunno what would be xD
Satish Kumar
Satish Kumar 6 timmar sedan
Let's give credit to Natsuki for the legendary rap that elevated the vlog to a different level. Not to forget the remix of the rap and so called dance by Chris and Joey at the end.
Nick 6 timmar sedan
1.2 million people wanted to see 2 British people eat Japanese convenience store chicken. The internet, I love.
linkswords10 6 timmar sedan
Why is every B-shot of the pidgeons backwards 1:46 😂😂
Rob 6 timmar sedan
Watched a livestream of someone visiting Cape Soya. It was July or August and... it looked pretty much the same minus the snow cover. Still grey, windy, and cold. It's not a nice place to stay more than a few hours.
CrimsonFlower 6 timmar sedan
Now Chris need's to take Natsuki to Wakkanai
Keith Fox
Keith Fox 7 timmar sedan
That looks disgusting. A $300 fine for going to the bathroom? I'll pass.
swiper1818 7 timmar sedan
Visit Niseko👍👍👍
cat& games
cat& games 7 timmar sedan
....I wasn't watching the video yet when I first clicked on it (I looked outside the window) and only heard the moans and wondered wth Chris got himself into 😂
Houssam EASY
Houssam EASY 7 timmar sedan
Imagine if Gordon Ramsay showed up at a Japanese tv show . Audiences : 😁😄😄😁 Gordon Ramsay : *INTENSE AGGRESSION*
John 7 timmar sedan
Julio Lenin
Julio Lenin 7 timmar sedan
Finally. A Shapiro who is actually pretty cool.
MUSTAFA&TALHA TV 7 timmar sedan
Kim Jong Un should shame himself for waking up an angry British Man
Matt Cameron
Matt Cameron 8 timmar sedan
what was with that creepy ass Dalek in the brick hotel!?
SweeterBright 8 timmar sedan
fun fact: KIREI is meaning "ugly" in Thai at 1:14, He killing me. The pronunciation and expression are price-less. That makes me immediately remember this world. THANK YOU for making my day :D
SweeterBright 7 timmar sedan
just in case you want to look it up - the word is "ขี้เหร่"
divyanshi gupta
divyanshi gupta 8 timmar sedan
I feel so bad.. I went around 7 years ago to this area.. I had no interest in anime then. And just strolled around buying nothing.Now I'm a weeb I want to go again😭
Rick Joyce
Rick Joyce 8 timmar sedan
Absolutely loved the video shot in this, but hoooo boy this all felt super-forced and your American friend isn't nearly as funny as he thinks he is. (I say this as an American myself, who spent many summers on a farm in Kansas with my grandparents.) Please don't feature him too much in the future.
Mathieu Caron
Mathieu Caron 8 timmar sedan
To be honest I usually go watch original video of reaction so overall its impossible these video don't gets you more views if it those someone give me an argument I don't get the math of it
Lomdox 8 timmar sedan
Would duolingo be good. I'm currently working on Japanese on there?
Mathieu Caron
Mathieu Caron 8 timmar sedan
I speak french but french guy was barely french it looked like an english guy speaking french
KayvaanShrike2468 8 timmar sedan
Interesting, I applied in 2012 too and got sent to Saitama. Great 3 years.
Jonathan Gonzalez
Jonathan Gonzalez 8 timmar sedan
Am I wrong in saying that the early 90s look makes it more Japanese?
Jim Davies
Jim Davies 8 timmar sedan
I wouldn't go into that tunnel unless you gave me a flashlight and some kind of defensive weapon lol.
John G
John G 8 timmar sedan
The accent was very annoying, but good job
Fatima Castro
Fatima Castro 8 timmar sedan
Wait, the tini tiny TV actualy shows real TV?
Guille Mtz
Guille Mtz 8 timmar sedan
you guys had batter breakfast than mine
Get It Right Media
Get It Right Media 9 timmar sedan
Oh! Abs of course, great video. :)
Get It Right Media
Get It Right Media 9 timmar sedan
She’s stunning and fun 🤩
Tom K
Tom K 9 timmar sedan
Great watch Chris - would be cool to see Pete on future videos
Mulan MMA
Mulan MMA 9 timmar sedan
i just bought a bunch of incense sticks with different scents: sensuality, relaxation, meditation and black love... *visible confusion*
That’s Serry
That’s Serry 9 timmar sedan
How to introduce in yourself in Japanese languages sepost.info/dev/video/k6PfrLGmg5q2ybU.html 💌🎊🪅🧧🏮🏮🎎🎉🎏🎀🎀🎐🧧🧧🧧🎐🏮🏮🏮🎎🪅🪅🎈🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁
Mulan MMA
Mulan MMA 10 timmar sedan
1:25 he missed the band called Bollocks xD
Jason Shen
Jason Shen 10 timmar sedan
Impossible, they are suppose to be bald muscular man.
Joshua Johnson
Joshua Johnson 10 timmar sedan
Great video
HEMANT KAPOOR 11 timmar sedan
Loved it...japan as never seen before
watchdealer11 11 timmar sedan
I've been to Japan many times, but always avoided the animals because I am afraid of rabies.
Michael John Little
Michael John Little 11 timmar sedan
8:05 Mate..I reckon you do a pretty good Alan Whicker impression... sepost.info/dev/video/mpevlqdwfZnJlpw.html
Horthorn 12 timmar sedan
82 kg - you are a light weight
Michael John Little
Michael John Little 12 timmar sedan
19:56....But do realised you. are not in Kansas anymore.... sepost.info/dev/video/l6G10aqReGivx5g.html
woods rhian
woods rhian 12 timmar sedan
Connor is an idiot dickhead who is going bald
frozenpixie 12 timmar sedan
I loved the contrast of Pete's American enthusiasm and Chris' dry English sarcasm. Also, Pete's impersonation of Chris was spot on!
Aru 12 timmar sedan
what a shit apartment xD
Morty Meiboom
Morty Meiboom 12 timmar sedan
You will never let go of your youthful notions that pirates are cool, will you?
Graplesyrup 13 timmar sedan
Pete is awesome. Reminds me of.... ME!
Raven Nora Roth
Raven Nora Roth 13 timmar sedan
I absolutely love this video and your channel
Ogion 14 timmar sedan
5:17 your american accent is perfect haha, It sounds really Californian, nice lol.
Quacky LaQuack
Quacky LaQuack 14 timmar sedan
4:36 isn't that Chris Okano sitting to the left of Ellen
Cristina Lexy Reef Tank
Cristina Lexy Reef Tank 14 timmar sedan
Great video,keep it up!🎹
Penees Longchamp
Penees Longchamp 14 timmar sedan
What about JAV ?
Michael John Little
Michael John Little 15 timmar sedan
I think Clive James has a lot of talking to do about his take on Japanese TV in the mid-1980s....
Daniel 15 timmar sedan
Jay Color
Jay Color 15 timmar sedan
When my tendies come in I’m giving this guy a call.
John Smith
John Smith 15 timmar sedan
Quite rude misile, init?
Kristina 16 timmar sedan