I Hate Reading
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The Most Underrated Game Ever
I Don't Like the Dentist
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The History of my Hair
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Ari's Birthday! (again)
Injuries & Being Sick
Living with Ari
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My Childhood Stories
My Opinion on Traveling
My Random Thoughts
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Parent Stories
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Happy Birthday Ari!
Things that Freak Me Out
My Dog Stories
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Flirting & My Stories
My Opinion on Halloween
My School Stories
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The College Struggle
Frozen Yogurt Freak Out
To the Moon (Piano)
How to be Stupid
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Dough D-D-Dear
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I Hate High Heels
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Hide and Pee
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JaidenAnimations Intro!
Not me :3
Not me :3 15 timmar sedan
your fine I don’t care how ugly or pretty u are... I just care about how beautiful your heart is 💖
Harrison Parkinson
Harrison Parkinson 15 timmar sedan
Well this is nostalgic
The Driest Penguin
The Driest Penguin 15 timmar sedan
Bru your a vegan and you hate candy what are you
Louise Butler
Louise Butler 15 timmar sedan
I have a d.s in only 10 but I enjoyed it while I played it I should revisit it let me know!!
Dainty Kaye Jose
Dainty Kaye Jose 15 timmar sedan
I also freakin like penut butter yum
Tristan bennett
Tristan bennett 15 timmar sedan
they should have just done 2 plays instead of switching out
kurt bernales
kurt bernales 15 timmar sedan
Everyone forgot about the other Pokémon that survived...Groudon
Rijju Media
Rijju Media 15 timmar sedan
Sun Elio
Sun Elio 15 timmar sedan
I'm glad I can step back when it comes to helping my friend through depression, the doctors have given her anti depression pills, and her parents are more aware of her cutting and the fact that she almost commited suicide. I'm not in any toxic relationships...I don't think
Fire Breathing Chicken Duck
Fire Breathing Chicken Duck 15 timmar sedan
Hey manga got me into reading non manga books so... Yeah! You ARE still reading so it counts
My Username
My Username 15 timmar sedan
But I thought you loved dinosaurs.
Theboyz Gaming
Theboyz Gaming 15 timmar sedan
Funny thing most records rely on short amounts of time but in call of duty zombies you need to get round10751 in 100 hours
Brandon West
Brandon West 15 timmar sedan
My school still gives you something to hold it in.
Patrick Leier
Patrick Leier 15 timmar sedan
R.I.P Jaidens world record
Peltoe Pack
Peltoe Pack 15 timmar sedan
Ok so where do I get these Comment where I get it please ⬇️
Klervia 15 timmar sedan
Pro-tip for the stains on the wall: chalk. Like, you rub the chalk on the wall, it helps covering everything (use to do that with my walls when my siblings covered them with hands traces)
Gabe Reeves
Gabe Reeves 15 timmar sedan
i just saw that pet is viz also i saw it on a top 10 kid friendly manga at number 2
Mininnguaq Broberg
Mininnguaq Broberg 15 timmar sedan
I'm scared of having my wisdom tooth removed now... Thanks Jaiden love your content!
My Username
My Username 15 timmar sedan
Basically you have to tip toe practice.
noor kibble
noor kibble 15 timmar sedan
i though i was the only one who did the perfect bite but i gusse i am not aloan
Pastel potato
Pastel potato 15 timmar sedan
Girl: dad can I get a T. rex Dad: that is impossible Girl: then I want a boyfriend Dad: how much is the t rex
xxUT_superfanxx 15 timmar sedan
geometric? do you mean pokemon quest?
mobiletrip 15 timmar sedan
4:19 b o n k
Lillian M. Klien
Lillian M. Klien 15 timmar sedan
Omg I love this
MrSaturn619 15 timmar sedan
I have a theory about the pianos, older ones keys were balanced and a bit of a breeze would cause keys to fall and people instantly thought "OH NO SPIRITS!"
- CHEETO - 15 timmar sedan
"Dont look it up if you are under 18" Me: o.o
Adelaide Plank
Adelaide Plank 15 timmar sedan
Who else is amazed about her ability to perfectly replicate the Pokémon
Shivapranav Karnam
Shivapranav Karnam 15 timmar sedan
I agree with you, but tbf, a lot of those are just bc of being ignorant, so I always kinda equated immense ignorance to plain stupidity P.S. the entire time I was watching, my brain was just going: Do you really need this? *proceeds to show my most embarrassing stupid things from years ago
Berd 15 timmar sedan
runs dead.
Riyanna Andrea Bulaong
Riyanna Andrea Bulaong 15 timmar sedan
Imacheeto :3
Imacheeto :3 15 timmar sedan
I’m ten and I’m also a. Cheeto.
Riyanna Andrea Bulaong
Riyanna Andrea Bulaong 15 timmar sedan
Riyanna Andrea Bulaong
Riyanna Andrea Bulaong 15 timmar sedan
Riyanna Andrea Bulaong
Riyanna Andrea Bulaong 15 timmar sedan
Котейка Лео
Котейка Лео 15 timmar sedan
Hi I'm from Russia sorry for my English Jaiden your videos are fantasy
Riyanna Andrea Bulaong
Riyanna Andrea Bulaong 15 timmar sedan
Riyanna Andrea Bulaong
Riyanna Andrea Bulaong 15 timmar sedan
Riyanna Andrea Bulaong
Riyanna Andrea Bulaong 15 timmar sedan
Riyanna Andrea Bulaong
Riyanna Andrea Bulaong 15 timmar sedan
Yeeterbob YT
Yeeterbob YT 15 timmar sedan
Try playing animal crossing pocket camp on your phone
Riyanna Andrea Bulaong
Riyanna Andrea Bulaong 15 timmar sedan
Mario Isaac Negrete Vega
Mario Isaac Negrete Vega 15 timmar sedan
Jaiden made other people speedrun cooking mama
Миа grahbtr nsr
Миа grahbtr nsr 15 timmar sedan
Hi Ok
Hi Ok 15 timmar sedan
I gots anxiety too
Nur Fareed
Nur Fareed 15 timmar sedan
Damnnnnn aaaaaaa I'm sooooo jealous <0
Omnywrench 15 timmar sedan
"Don't worry, mama will fix this." *[Reaches through the screen and breaks your neck]*
Sky- Game
Sky- Game 15 timmar sedan
0:57 you have achieved komedy :D
Maxine Gamer
Maxine Gamer 15 timmar sedan
Theboyz Gaming
Theboyz Gaming 15 timmar sedan
Burn apple teet percent
Drawing!Frisk 15 timmar sedan
2:43 see papyrus?
TUSHI CHAN UY 15 timmar sedan
My name is Keith
Dominic Carl Gorospe
Dominic Carl Gorospe 15 timmar sedan
Lol your content is so good
Gio Caceres
Gio Caceres 15 timmar sedan
Hi toga
Stefan Sauvageon / What-a-Twist
Stefan Sauvageon / What-a-Twist 15 timmar sedan
I relate somewhat to the gym and tennis parts
Dragon Lynx
Dragon Lynx 15 timmar sedan
My mother inspired me to like books more without forcing me or even reading to me when I was little. I got my love of books from her even though we don't read the same types of stories. I also hated when school assigned me books to read. Most them were boring and hard to follow for a kid with a short attention span and worst part is they have you a deadline and a test. 😨 School didn't ruin my love for books, but I did have disdain for classic literature that didn't go away until college. P.S. Forget the tea, I'll have a margarita.
I_AcTiivE_x 15 timmar sedan
two friends of mine are in a relationship and he is completely controlling and manipulating her and it makes me sick bc i can't do anything about it.
Musa Bhat
Musa Bhat 15 timmar sedan
maybe draw better
Ayça Atilgan
Ayça Atilgan 16 timmar sedan
Dominic Carl Gorospe
Dominic Carl Gorospe 16 timmar sedan
Bruh phillipines mall is better but hey I lik traveling so oof
Nur Fareed
Nur Fareed 16 timmar sedan
Did they have to D:
Phirum Dyphan
Phirum Dyphan 16 timmar sedan
Can pokemons breed!
Pixel Gacha
Pixel Gacha 16 timmar sedan
So Ari's gender is like the dead cat paradox
STEVE ARMSTRONG 16 timmar sedan
I've watched this like 10 times! She's an amazing animator and I love her vids
Sean Fleming
Sean Fleming 16 timmar sedan
Smoked to much alcohol I don’t know why that’s so funny hahah
Angel c:
Angel c: 16 timmar sedan
I like to imagine it as a shield, you can’t keep trading your good shield for crappy cardboard shields, if someone wants your shield they have to stand with you. If they need your shield, then they will have to stand behind your shield. True friends will better their shield and your shield. Don’t get convinced by toxic friends.
Diamond Everything
Diamond Everything 16 timmar sedan
Jaiden: here’s some lovely things that other people just like you are saying about me! The people who were hired: umm yea she’s fine. OKI NOW WHERES MY MONEY
Bittles The cookie aka Cait Cat Skull
Bittles The cookie aka Cait Cat Skull 16 timmar sedan
I wish I replayed my game boys because I gave them to an ahole kid
Konrad Pytlak
Konrad Pytlak 16 timmar sedan
4:09 Yanderedev in nutshell
-ˋˏɴᴀᴛꜱᴜᴍɪɪˎˊ- 16 timmar sedan
I didn't even know that website exists 😂
*Happy boi*
*Happy boi* 16 timmar sedan
Why didnt i see this before Ok this is one of my fave songs now
Isaac Bell
Isaac Bell 16 timmar sedan
That guys at the end sounds like me but i didn't ever go to the uk
Claire Thomson
Claire Thomson 16 timmar sedan
Name your bird pokémon jeff
*Happy boi*
*Happy boi* 16 timmar sedan
Sometimes i feel like this too
Lanie Stuart
Lanie Stuart 16 timmar sedan
Asia! I live in the Philipines like idk how far we are but we are near japan We hate chinese there taking our land without permission!!!! But japan we are peaceful.... And i dont know a single word of japenese But Good luck kayo lahat!
Neverendinglemur Mere
Neverendinglemur Mere 16 timmar sedan
Word of the day: wilderbeasts
Kyen Mayes
Kyen Mayes 16 timmar sedan
I have anA collective parrot
A fricked off Bird
A fricked off Bird 16 timmar sedan
I have anxiety and trauma and sometimes I feel like the depression even tho I don’t but ya
nellainey 16 timmar sedan
Me enjoying the vid: My brain the whole time: tOuCh tHe bIdOoF
Nur Fareed
Nur Fareed 16 timmar sedan
The kid: Glasses slide on Jaiden: Does embarrassing ice skate dance Me: Whadda fu- Lol He to young for this but that kid smooth Poor Jaiden Glasses slide on is one lucky boi
Austen Schulte
Austen Schulte 16 timmar sedan
i love pokemon to its SOOOOOOOOO GOOOOOD its the best