What's Wrong With My Face
I Broke My Nail Again
5 månader sedan
Video Calling Holo Taco Customers
Staying Home With My Cats
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Curling My Hair With Bananas
I Googled Myself and found the tea
Thank you
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Ilda Mercado
Ilda Mercado 16 timmar sedan
Anybody else thought that safia would love that color ?
Sarah De Matos
Sarah De Matos 16 timmar sedan
I think dusk till dawn is a good name...
Karen Haas
Karen Haas 16 timmar sedan
I mean she is friends with safiya
Karen Haas
Karen Haas 16 timmar sedan
The new name "the frankin taco
JillyByNature 16 timmar sedan
Everyone helps but Menchie...
brytanny11 16 timmar sedan
I wonder if this was hard to take off?
Justanotherperson 16 timmar sedan
2:08 why does this one look like its just marked or something---
Eve hyland
Eve hyland 16 timmar sedan
You got a like just for your job descriptions.
Sarah Johnson
Sarah Johnson 16 timmar sedan
For fall u should paint pumpkins with nail polish or like use nail techniques to paint a pumpkin
Mélissa 16 timmar sedan
That’s a holoween shade
Im Kuelll Gremlin
Im Kuelll Gremlin 16 timmar sedan
taco halo fusion! its my mothers favourite colour.
Jianna Maeva Padua
Jianna Maeva Padua 16 timmar sedan
Cristine!! I think you should call it berry spooky/ a berry spooky night! (And also we have the same birthdate! Hbd Cristine!)
Patricia Lea
Patricia Lea 16 timmar sedan
Got one from Avon years n years ago. Possibly early 00s. Used it on my VW grill badge coz the silver had flaked off. 🙈👌
Jack F
Jack F 16 timmar sedan
If simply gets buried, she gets her peelie bag next to her
Verity Newcomb
Verity Newcomb 16 timmar sedan
I would never eat a glossy taco
Nitya Mundra
Nitya Mundra 16 timmar sedan
The fact that they both were so happy like children fills my heart!!!!
Eve hyland
Eve hyland 17 timmar sedan
Fuck that for a game of checkers!
Klars Mars
Klars Mars 17 timmar sedan
Happy B-Day!🎂🎉✨
Ivy Schwartz
Ivy Schwartz 17 timmar sedan
I thought of a good name " Holo taco remix" or simply "remix"
Kristin Macaroni
Kristin Macaroni 17 timmar sedan
yeonie kim
yeonie kim 17 timmar sedan
you can call the polish " a holo taco party " cause like you know all the polishes so far are in one polish so its like a party,,, jashjdsahdka
Klars Mars
Klars Mars 17 timmar sedan
9:20 BTS + Army = Purple💜✨
Djon Lock
Djon Lock 17 timmar sedan
The video is very amazing and very action
Tugce Kartal
Tugce Kartal 17 timmar sedan
it had midnight or galaxy vibes
Verity Newcomb
Verity Newcomb 17 timmar sedan
You had me at taco
Lola Is crazy
Lola Is crazy 17 timmar sedan
Happy belated birthday
Jemma Henderson
Jemma Henderson 17 timmar sedan
Jne is my favourite people on your
Boondock Artist
Boondock Artist 17 timmar sedan
Suggestion: “Icy galaxy”
Geoff Kent
Geoff Kent 17 timmar sedan
Whole lotta taco is my name suggestion
Hilla Ahonen
Hilla Ahonen 17 timmar sedan
in almost every video of hers I hear "menchie. stop licking your bed."
Chicago Chicago
Chicago Chicago 17 timmar sedan
Your boses hari is prity
Verity Newcomb
Verity Newcomb 17 timmar sedan
lookin' good kitties
Neda Savic
Neda Savic 17 timmar sedan
Ollrwauml- my kitten
Emily Hale
Emily Hale 17 timmar sedan
Gees it’s 2020 now and I’m cringing
Aurora Depolli
Aurora Depolli 17 timmar sedan
Tacoplosion Tacos exploding each other 🤷‍♂️
Leanne Smullen
Leanne Smullen 17 timmar sedan
Or the holo eggplant
Leanne Smullen
Leanne Smullen 17 timmar sedan
I think Iy should be called, the party mix or the special day or the christine mix
Verity Newcomb
Verity Newcomb 17 timmar sedan
r yur kidz sockz
Zobia Zaman
Zobia Zaman 17 timmar sedan
Thanks to safiya naaygrd don't know the correct spelling but now you are my fav channel
Alden Walcott
Alden Walcott 18 timmar sedan
Christine: “I will not be okay if I don’t fix this” All of Christine’s fans: Will you ever be okay?
Eva Jordan
Eva Jordan 18 timmar sedan
This is what my nails look like whenever i paint them normally.😭😂 #🇬🇧
Lynsay Golis
Lynsay Golis 18 timmar sedan
OMG i love this nail art! this is one of my favs!
Boe Dahlia-Harvey
Boe Dahlia-Harvey 18 timmar sedan
It’s amazing to think that just a few short years after this video she has her own nail polish brand. They grow up so fast!! 😂
London Pettigrewシ
London Pettigrewシ 18 timmar sedan
Birthday Witch!!💜🖤💜
Loulove1983 18 timmar sedan
Je suis française et te regarde sans les sous titres. Je comprends très bien l'anglais. Bises!
Sohail Ahmed
Sohail Ahmed 18 timmar sedan
@5:23 are you kidding me!!..WoW!
Verity Newcomb
Verity Newcomb 18 timmar sedan
Why do u like hokey so much?!
AquaFrangi 18 timmar sedan
Cristine should mix all the flavours of Overnight Oats together 😂😂
Jikooklover_9597 ;3
Jikooklover_9597 ;3 18 timmar sedan
You can do "Mixing all my over night oats together"
Firoz Mollah
Firoz Mollah 18 timmar sedan
It looks like Safiya nygaard would love this cuz it's dark
JoystickJoyce 18 timmar sedan
This is my first video of Cristine I'm ever watching
fatima malhi
fatima malhi 18 timmar sedan
Can't believe it's been 6 years since I've been watching you, from you building that nail polish shelf, breaking your nail to you opening your own nail polish brand! We love you! ❤
Ayush Gupta
Ayush Gupta 18 timmar sedan
My school does not even let us keep long nails 🙄🙄😅😅
Peter Arbet
Peter Arbet 18 timmar sedan
"Diluted cosmos"
The Random Channel
The Random Channel 18 timmar sedan
You should call it ‘glitteraly everything’
Tara McDowell
Tara McDowell 18 timmar sedan
Ayush Gupta
Ayush Gupta 19 timmar sedan
Use castor oil every night before sleeping Just rub some near your cuticles and sleep And every morning you will linger and shinier looking nails I swear by this just use some castor oil it is wonderful
Ai Sa
Ai Sa 19 timmar sedan
Lmao right after she said "they've got ads" I got a headspace as
Tayler Packard
Tayler Packard 19 timmar sedan
Like the "a" in Martyr the "a" in Mario is a long sound not a short one "marry-o" isn't a thing (I know you're Canadian and say words diffrent than Americans, but I've NEVER heard someone say that before so I was under the impression that you actually didn't know)
Midnight Eunicorn
Midnight Eunicorn 19 timmar sedan
Beginning: sexy holo intro music
Zac Biggert
Zac Biggert 19 timmar sedan
Did Ben say he needed to take a dab? 👁👄👁
Jay Williams
Jay Williams 19 timmar sedan
Definitely like this layout better!
shairin parisha
shairin parisha 19 timmar sedan
I just want to know how she can take a nap after drinking a hole cap of tea?🤔🤔🍵🍵☕☕
Phoenix Lord
Phoenix Lord 19 timmar sedan
Ben making weird noises shows that hes fully comfortable with the camera and i am so proud -
Brooklyn S
Brooklyn S 19 timmar sedan
I think that it should be called loaded taco 🌮
Just For Swag
Just For Swag 19 timmar sedan
I live in gujrat and i will go to mumbai For this ok
neversleepagain p
neversleepagain p 19 timmar sedan
Why are you wasting so much time on silly videos? I thought you were going to be a smart channel. An inspiring channel. Please use your time to teach us something important. Do you really want to look back and think you'll be proud of these videos? I mean if you really don't have anything else to do why did you go to college and waste all the money and time studying? To just end up mixing up your nail polishes? This is really embarrassing and I cannot let my children think this is a productive way to spend time. Not to mention wasting nail polish. I cant. I just cant. Just thought I'd let you know what some people think. I think I just got dumber watching this. I didn't see the rest of this video. I just wasted my time too. Now I'm sad. Oh! I get it! This is what we do when there is no one to play with and we dont want to live. Never mind. I get it.
Rosanne De souza
Rosanne De souza 19 timmar sedan
Headphone users RIP 16:00 i died too
Marielle 24
Marielle 24 19 timmar sedan
If you mixed blue and red the result is purple, most of your nail polish had shade of blue-ish red-ish something like that, that's why it turned out purple 🥰
Penelope Rodriguez
Penelope Rodriguez 19 timmar sedan
I’d name it “all of the above”
Tia's Nails
Tia's Nails 19 timmar sedan
back when she first released this I was in literal tears of laughter from the cristmas story then the next day my catholic grandmum said "I like to keep the christ is Christmas" and I couldn't keep a straight face and almost left the room because of it 💀