Mask Off
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Axiom's End Q\u0026A
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Why Borat Works Better in 2020
Is Titanic Good, Actually?
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Protest Music of the Bush Era
Why is Cats?
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Woke Disney
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Death of the Author
400k Q\u0026A!
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My Monster Boyfriend
Nyth X
Nyth X Minut sedan
A friend of mine has a response to most of their twitter bullshit- "Go outside."
LinkEX 9 minuter sedan
34:00 _Fanficify?_ Lindsay, if you're looking for a new identity after being canceled, you should consider becoming a JavaScript influencer!
Michael Minch
Michael Minch 24 minuter sedan
Two words: Hot Mess
gentlerat 29 minuter sedan
It's kind of crazy because the team behind the DuckTales reboot took many of these same corporate mandates including "explain the missing Mom" and actually made something that IMHO worked as a story even if it had less to do with the source material. They actually took time to consider how their changes would affect the story and what creative possibilities they opened up. It's still the same Capitalistic "woke Disney" ideology Lindsay's described elsewhere but handled by people who actually seemed to care.
Brittany Sabia
Brittany Sabia 51 minut sedan
To be frank, I had a hunch a year ago when Natalie's Cancel video came out that Lindsay would eventually go through the ringer as well. Which is both disappointing and also telling of how predictable the mob really is... however I am now most concerned with how any emerging creator will simply have to go through a cancel phase and as a result it will make it more difficult to distinguish true wrong-doing. For example, I had good faith in James Charles as a result of his No More Lies video during his 2019 canceling and was less vigilant to the 2021 news that he was talking to underage boys. Meanwhile Tumblr-Twitter is doing mental back bends to destroy careers of female video-essayists with the result being that we as consumers become less vigilant to real atrocities when they happen.
cuber360 Timme sedan
I'm really scared about the dear Evan hansen movie, I just don't think it's gonna go well, especially cuz deh could be incredibly problematic if you don't frame certain things in the right way
Simon Straub
Simon Straub Timme sedan
She's gorgeous and wicked smart. Love.
Awaishi Timme sedan
I just started using Twitter again recently, and my friend mentioned I shouldn’t share a link to a music video I liked because the singer is currently being canceled. I appreciated the warning but like... what’s the point of Twitter if you can’t share nice things? I don’t post there very much partially to not dox myself and partially because I am hyper aware that shit gets taken out of context.
Teodora Ristić
Teodora Ristić Timme sedan
The concept of het omegaverse is so inherently off...its just misogyny 2
emeraldeyes55 Timme sedan
Excuse me? You dont like Prince of Egypt?
###ProphetsParadise## #
###ProphetsParadise## # Timme sedan
I like how you got cancelled, learned nothing from it, and refuse to acknowledge what is at the root of the problem, lol. Have fun living in fear of your audience. Honestly, you actually deserve it 🤔
Gregory Lyne
Gregory Lyne 2 timmar sedan
I just have to say I have been trying to learn editing and who ever does Lindsay's stuff is very good with timing the clips within her videos. So shoutout to Lindsay and her team for that.
Evilgrebo 2 timmar sedan
The internet was a mistake.
doro626 3 timmar sedan
I always wondered why you pop up in my recommendations avery few months. Channel Awesome.
Pootis 3 timmar sedan
so when you get called out by your own community it's cancel culture but when the opposite tribe gets cancelled it's accountability? the narcissism is all over the video
J P 3 timmar sedan
Oh thank-you for mentioning ContrPoints, Natalie Wynn is a delight, not that you are not...ah gonna go now
Mark Winther
Mark Winther 3 timmar sedan
Don't let them get you down Diane, i especially liked you in Bo Jack Horseman! I do really like you.
janka stelmaszyk
janka stelmaszyk 3 timmar sedan
i thought you were reffering to oedipus when you were talking about edifices
KAG 4 timmar sedan
Respectful suggestion: That 'unnamed thing'; the 'beast'? I would suggest it's real name is: "Actually, to be fair- you were right on this point." Good luck getting that to trend.
BMchange 4 timmar sedan
Maple Films: Dustin Lee edit of The Hobbit, Look it up, and you're welcome.
Vayu Asura
Vayu Asura 4 timmar sedan
Is there worse fate for a character than to be played by Pauly Shore?
seraphonica 4 timmar sedan
1:23:40 seems to have a spot for a link to another video, which I've totally watched so no need to reply telling me which one it is, but just wanted to add that the video isn't added in post yet.
TheseMusics 4 timmar sedan
Love these knot gags 🤙
doro626 4 timmar sedan
LMAO if you squ...oh bother.
Calvert Brian
Calvert Brian 5 timmar sedan
13,878!! I did it!!! Thank you, Garofalo.
T E.
T E. 5 timmar sedan
Literally everyone who saw the film commented it was just a repackaged ATLA. Why you got all the shit is fucking wild. Also, as somebody who was never a big fan of your content (no offense) I have to hand it to you for standing your ground and not capitulating to the mob. Instead, you made them eat shit. Nice.
T E.
T E. 6 timmar sedan
Cancel culture (yes, it's real. Does the outcome always end in genuine, actual, long-term cancellation? No. But the mentality is toxic and unwieldy enough to totally upend somebodies life) has utterly put a stop to me wanting to pursue any online presence.
Never Too Old Gaming
Never Too Old Gaming 6 timmar sedan
"Keep tryin' boiz." I felt that on such a spiritual level.
betp 6 timmar sedan
reminds me of mccarthyism. which - whether it was bad or not isn't relevant to my comparison, my point is that mccarthyism notoriously didn't fucking work lmfao
Michael McClelland
Michael McClelland 7 timmar sedan
As a "POC" I'm genuinely confused about most of this. Most of us just want civil equality, not to make anyone guilty or hurt. Thanks for having the courage to leave the comments section open, BTW.
Jakarta Finance
Jakarta Finance 7 timmar sedan
Just curious why you made me listen to the freak-elevator-jingle on an endless loop in the background. It's really disturbing. I feel like I could watch to the end. Except. Please...never do it again. It is torture.🙏
Kyle Bostrom
Kyle Bostrom 7 timmar sedan
TheDyingDaysOfYoutube 8 timmar sedan
This pseudo-academic deep dive is brought to you by wine and smugness.
Racoon Fulfiento
Racoon Fulfiento 8 timmar sedan
Are you, like, The critical Drinker's sister? Because your essay reminds me of him
James Kidd
James Kidd 8 timmar sedan
There is something so hilarious about making Kaveh read the Shepherd part....
Joey Bradley
Joey Bradley 9 timmar sedan
Allen C
Allen C 9 timmar sedan
In my life i realized that no matter how absurd you make a joke sound, people will take their own meaning of it if it serves the purpose they are going for, and to clarify before someone misinterprets me, I am just stating my experiences with people in general in a comment to Lindsay's experiences with her tweets and am not criticizing her or anyone else
Lord Tyrion
Lord Tyrion 9 timmar sedan
calling the leftie mob diet nazis priceless
Hellflamer42 9 timmar sedan
It's a crying shame the people most in need of this will never get to see it.
Shawn Noyes
Shawn Noyes 10 timmar sedan
16:40 - 100%. -Shawn
Kire Johnston
Kire Johnston 11 timmar sedan
Oh Lindsay... I just couldn’t deal this! Xoxo
TayZonday 11 timmar sedan
Best essay ever
Ellie L.
Ellie L. 12 timmar sedan
The contrast between the way Lord Byron is perceived in Greece and the way he's perceived in England and the US will never not be hilarious to me. In Greece he's considered a hero, and there's a whole area in central Athens named after him. We don't really study him beyond his involvement in the Greek uprising against the Ottoman empire. I had to take a high-level course in British literature to find out he was a horny bisexual who loved partying and gambling.
Дмитрий 12 timmar sedan
I understand only that English-speaking people are aliens and I can't understand them.
Tyler Barnes
Tyler Barnes 12 timmar sedan
Wow. I’m a Chinese adoptee. I think this is taken way out of context. Maybe I don’t have as much say since I didn’t grow up with the cultural background, but this is ridiculous to me. And I’m all about accountability.
Scott Garry Foster
Scott Garry Foster 12 timmar sedan
Please paint the light wire white and then pin it to the wall.
Good Game Have Fun
Good Game Have Fun 13 timmar sedan
This is why I only use Twitter for porn.
Harpia 12 timmar sedan
wait there is porn on twitter ?
Kicksy Yarosh
Kicksy Yarosh 13 timmar sedan
"Hans.... are we the baddies?"
John DoDo Doe
John DoDo Doe 14 timmar sedan
Are gorillas so unendowed that scaling to King Kong size would create human sized equipment?
JamesTheGamer93 15 timmar sedan
This movie holds a special place in my heart as the sandwich shop scene takes place in Squamish, across the street is a strip mall I used to skate as a kid so it was cool to see it in the movie, felt like a throwback within a throwback since Tom Green is a skater too.
LunDruid 15 timmar sedan
You know, having the ringwraith theme show up there convinced me that there was gonna be this twist that Thorin actually did have that last Dwarf Ring, and that was contributing to his madness. I was so disappointed when that didn't happen.
Charlie Hutton
Charlie Hutton 16 timmar sedan
This is the first time I’m watching the video all the way through. It’s probably disrespectful, but I didn’t really have the capacity to watch this woman, whose work I have been a fan of for years, display such vulnerability, not because she truly wanted to, but because her hand had been forced. To watch her relive her trauma and past relationships, redacted though they were, feels incredibly undeserved. It feels kind of gross. She was articulate and elegant as always, and even managed to insert her typical humor, and I really did appreciate her break down of cancel culture, which has always been hard to comprehend to me. Sorry Lindsay, I wish you the best. I see a bunch of people saying that Sarah and Jenny didn’t deserve this, and they absolutely don’t, but neither do you.
Rosi Moone
Rosi Moone 16 timmar sedan
The really truly interesting thing to me is that if you had said that tweet out loud word for word to literally ANYONE i know they would not see anything wrong with it. It’s clearly such a reach, and even if there was any misconception, why would anyone assume something so innocuous as comparing one incredibly successful influential excellent media to another less excellent media property is meant to be some sort of secretly racist remark? Also, I’m so sorry this is happening and I hope that you’re okay. Strangely I think I found some catharsis in this video myself, I related to some of your experiences. I’m sorry you had to share them under these circumstances, but thank you.
Rosi Moone
Rosi Moone 16 timmar sedan
also this could not be more off topic but i love your lipstick
Urd 16 timmar sedan
I'm only echoing the previous comments, but contextually, it was clear your tweet was comparing the two's formulas, and I haven't even seen Raya (though I have watched the Dragon Prince, so I knew about the trend in these types of stories). Makes me wonder how many people jumped the dogpile without reading the original tweet.
Paddy 16 timmar sedan
well i think we all know who DIDN'T win this competition. (dont case people in musicals just because they're already famous)
Catherine Pendleton Simpson
Catherine Pendleton Simpson 17 timmar sedan
I wish you had mentioned the thievery of Sarah Schulman's People in Trouble.
Robin Feymore
Robin Feymore 17 timmar sedan
What are the diet nazis????
Robin Feymore
Robin Feymore 10 timmar sedan
@dipendra _ Oh thank you very much
Nathan Wubs
Nathan Wubs 14 timmar sedan
explained in the video.
Chris Lussier/Djinsin
Chris Lussier/Djinsin 17 timmar sedan
8:34 this is even more contrived when you consider that Hades is the Lord of the Dead.
Minty Webb
Minty Webb 17 timmar sedan
Do you mean Nile Rodgers?
omar Nawwab
omar Nawwab 18 timmar sedan
do people expect a show with a monarchy to end with a democracy? or are they fine with a competent person becoming monarch>
Dominic Bounds
Dominic Bounds 15 timmar sedan
...what are you talking about?
Sam’s Petz
Sam’s Petz 18 timmar sedan
I like how she is just casually filming herself in France without announcing anything about it.
Robin Feymore
Robin Feymore 18 timmar sedan
1:18:47 Ahaha Well... Yes I am and I still love you. I am not on tweeter so I had no idea what went on. (plus I live in Korea so I mostly hear about drama with Korean youtubers instead XD Same thing is happening everywhere I guess) Like you mentioned in the beginning of your video, people being locked in for a year is one of the reasons why people are looking for any way possible to make themselves look better. I respect you a lot for addressing your mistakes(while also opening up your personal story that must have been too hurtful to do but you still did in order to give the full context..... T__T). You already got my credit at this point. I'm honored and grateful that I am one of your followers. I learn so much from you. I will continue to watch now. That renthead joke was just out of nowhere that I had to comment. Cute XD
Keyboardlifecoach 18 timmar sedan
Lindsey Ellis, did you know that The Jungle Book (1967) had 2 very famous celebrity bandleaders? Phil Harris as Baloo, and Louis Prima as King Louie. Also, Mickey Rooney was in The Fox and the Hound, and he was a very big star.
Versus Fate
Versus Fate 18 timmar sedan
You're amazing
C S 18 timmar sedan
Wow, such a good video I didn't know if I wanted to watch! Great effort and message!
Hannah 18 timmar sedan
10:45 Paul McCartney is British? What’s he doing here?
MorteLise 19 timmar sedan
Absolutely in awe of the editorial decision to have Belle's Enchanted Christmas play in the background of every mention of the Eisner quote.
Simon Pelletier
Simon Pelletier 19 timmar sedan
Contrapoints : hey Jenny, wanna voice JK Rowling? Lindsay : hey Jenny, wanna voice JK Rowling?
C. Law
C. Law 19 timmar sedan
There’s always seemed to me to be something paradoxically really racist about grouping together everyone on the planet who isn’t white into the single category “PoC” and ascribing them all one single (assumed!) collective set of thoughts, desires, and wishes.
cookieaddictions 19 timmar sedan
I have watched this so many times. 🤌🏻
Mous3kteer 20 timmar sedan
It's absolutely killing me that the email at 6:14 has the label "Legal/Wolfcock" on it. Beautiful inbox organization!
TheSaiyanPrincess89 20 timmar sedan
I still can't believe this is over a fucking Raya tweet. Dear God, what has happened to this world.
Chrystal Mc Kenzie
Chrystal Mc Kenzie 20 timmar sedan
mochipengin 20 timmar sedan
oh dat shirt doe 🔥
Maren Russell
Maren Russell 21 timme sedan
Can it PLEASE be the end of Tom Hooper musicals. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE🙏🙏🙏🙏
asummer6dbz 21 timme sedan
"monetized Video" does not proper grammar make, ms lawyerly person
Joshua Bonesteel
Joshua Bonesteel 21 timme sedan
"You seem determined to dislike her." Almost like the plot needed her to.
Eugenious Productions
Eugenious Productions 21 timme sedan
Can I sample some of this to make a short about something that happened to me and my friends recently? The context is different but the same sentiments were extended from others
GolemIHardlyKnewEm 21 timme sedan
Sam Biddle was right
CrazyKungfuGirl 21 timme sedan
Can't wait to find out which superhero movie is going to be our "Hello Dolly"...