first name last name
first name last name 9 timmar sedan
6th Apr 2020 it broke
Leander Dau
Leander Dau 9 timmar sedan
The amount of times I've fallen asleep with a completely different SEpost video and woke up halfway through 3 hours of garlic bread flight footage is beginning to concern me.
Sanjida K
Sanjida K 9 timmar sedan
0:16 spaz attack
Rhebucks x Zerivela
Rhebucks x Zerivela 9 timmar sedan
ASCII is a 7-bit codec not a 8-bit one
C M Tippens
C M Tippens 9 timmar sedan
60-something, grew up in TX, watched the original cartoon-like Batman series, learned it as "Batman smells, Robin laid an egg. The Batmobile lost a wheel..." I don't remember the end. Hardly watched The Simpsons (can't stand it).
Lincoln Worsham
Lincoln Worsham 9 timmar sedan
11:47, my favorite moment.
Ian Brown
Ian Brown 9 timmar sedan
Brilliant and crystal clear as usual Tom. Well done, keep the great work up.
Hugurs 9 timmar sedan
JohnHenry Mills
JohnHenry Mills 9 timmar sedan
5:22 lostalgia
Chris O'Grady
Chris O'Grady 9 timmar sedan
Almost a year later at 27,592,700 views it's still exactly correct. This extreme number of views also makes me wonder what the effect on the youtube algorithm changing the title has. Maybe it pushes the video to more people every time something is edited.
Brian Bertram
Brian Bertram 9 timmar sedan
Im probably wrong, but maybe the rule for a social media influencer to disclose ads on yt is for younger audience, I would be inclined to believe "adults" would know what an ad is and that the influencer probably doesn't care about the product or game or whatever. Idk
从 Deadpoppin 从
从 Deadpoppin 从 9 timmar sedan
mall? beurveh bruh bruv bruh bruv rherbrndläsäsäsääsasäaäaäaääaäaäaääaäasää öå
ntm4 9 timmar sedan
I agree Tom, that punchline could've used more color.
Kooliboi 9 timmar sedan
Everyone is commenting about the Ad break but I use **block ** may or may not be what you think it is
Mia Hinojosa
Mia Hinojosa 9 timmar sedan
Hugoton peeps ??????
nrylee 9 timmar sedan
I would love to see the analytics for this video.
LucasWerewolf 9 timmar sedan
In Norwegian we have Æ Ø Å as the last three letters XD
Dinero, Inversión y Rock & Roll
Dinero, Inversión y Rock & Roll 10 timmar sedan
I think you shouldn't have to disclose anything, but the double standard is troublesome.
officer Bush
officer Bush 10 timmar sedan
0:38 "electron gun" think of the possibilities wait .... isn't that a tas(z)er?
Jim Whitehead
Jim Whitehead 10 timmar sedan
The UK restrictions on political advertising only restrain challengers, since officeholders or famous people need only appear at functions looking good, to get tons of free publicity, to boost their personal brand. Politicians know this and use it everywhere.
Matthew Napoletano
Matthew Napoletano 10 timmar sedan
What do you mean you had to turn it down, it was perfect with "Jeremy Clarkson's Lottery of Death"! Frankly at times Top Gear seemed like a death lottery for them with some of their ideas
K Taylor
K Taylor 10 timmar sedan
Sorry Tom it’s not going to be fixed by the redevelopment, I’m a train driver and I’ve just had the briefing on the Kings Cross changes and platform 0 is staying, platform 10 is going, platform 11 will re-numbered to become the new platform 10
Op Pixels
Op Pixels 10 timmar sedan
Laughs in adblock
S M 10 timmar sedan
2:05 Is that Jamie Oliver coming up the escalator?
Marcus Daughtry
Marcus Daughtry 10 timmar sedan
A video about trying to find the subject for a video? Freaking brilliant! You still taught us new things.
SkaroniumHunter 10 timmar sedan
Yay! Dr who reference at 0:17 when it says vote saxon
Pumpkin 10 timmar sedan
scot is getting old
Kooliboi 10 timmar sedan
Imagine how chaotic it would be if you lied about there being a servo down the road
S Raut
S Raut 10 timmar sedan
This is the video you keep seeing and wanting to watch, but never get around to it.
Slytherin Rules
Slytherin Rules 10 timmar sedan
Surprisingly I knew this (thank you QI)!
Simon Jäkle
Simon Jäkle 10 timmar sedan
Well it's not just a cheap-thougt correlation between people getting dumber (resulting in more astouned or facinated watchers or consumers) thinking the robot stuff must have improved. Also there seems to be way to much stuff in the internet (which often isn't well re-viewed oder "remastered" though). I'd improve a lot of data strings (or what you'd call them) but who would tolerate calming dry logic, simple "dull" truth? Take a look at wikipedia, where 90% of "alternative data" isn't tolerated by faint-coloured thinking dominators. And reporters and journalists are getting mentally aimed on when they post an assumption. Why don't they add some words like "this is beta information, we are only 92 percent sure". Some consuming people would like and enjoy to handicraft. Most men would need to. We get enough ' that stuff. Modern perfection won't properly breathe. But who "sinks down to my level" anyway...
Donnie Catalano
Donnie Catalano 10 timmar sedan
I collect balsamic vinegars, so yes, I confirm real (good) vinegar is hard and expensive to make
Invertland Productions
Invertland Productions 10 timmar sedan
What on earth, this is amazing
jan Utali
jan Utali 10 timmar sedan
It's never not spot-on. Miracles are apparently absurdly common
J R 10 timmar sedan
I want to watch Clarkson’s lottery of death tho
Obi-won Kenobi
Obi-won Kenobi 10 timmar sedan
its starting to get out of tune
borntochill 10 timmar sedan
This Video Has 27,575,503 Views 27,575,503 views •Apr 6, 2020 still works.
Draqonboy 10 timmar sedan
Can we point out how great the "The Basics" sound is?
Dorothy Sanders
Dorothy Sanders 10 timmar sedan
The stiff shingle randomly balance because toilet erroneously guess against a nosy burglar. grotesque, tightfisted bait
ERRORcode 12
ERRORcode 12 10 timmar sedan
I don't use social media but I've never used 2 spaces after a period in my life
Bow-Tied Engineer
Bow-Tied Engineer 10 timmar sedan
it's spot on here.
Lucas On
Lucas On 10 timmar sedan
Imagine being so interesting that a video about yourself running out of ideas for videos is still interesting
Kelly OShea
Kelly OShea 10 timmar sedan
"Junket" as you call them are very popular with Doctors. Given by big Pharma.
Francesc Meneses
Francesc Meneses 10 timmar sedan
I have a paranoia with the number 27, I see it everywhere and youtube recommended me this video now when it has 27 M of views xd
Juan Salgado
Juan Salgado 10 timmar sedan
Going back to using howdy 🤠
Brendan Cross
Brendan Cross 10 timmar sedan
1936 Z UTC February 25 2021, title is off by 25
Noah McGaffey
Noah McGaffey 10 timmar sedan
Anemoia is nistalgia for a time youve bever known, i thinks its applicable
Kelly OShea
Kelly OShea 10 timmar sedan
That's a great question. Why is that???
Fernando Murrieta
Fernando Murrieta 10 timmar sedan
27,591,949 views and the title is still right 🙂👍🏻
RemizZ 10 timmar sedan
Your job will get a lot easier, but only to the point where the AI can also create a person from scratch that tells the story for you in a fictonal world it generated. Novels will be written by AI and I don't know if I like it.
Furn 10 timmar sedan
We'll never be a able to count time with 100% accuracy
Graham Palmer
Graham Palmer 10 timmar sedan
Next video: going for a paddle on Dogger Bank.
Tiypo 10 timmar sedan
There was that bizarrely square iceberg back in 2018, so "The White Cube at the End of the World" isn't so much an impossible thing as it is one that was missed.
Zlokquay 10 timmar sedan
I wonder if the Mist Challenge was misremembering something about the game Myst.
Kitty No!
Kitty No! 10 timmar sedan
Nooooooooooooooooooooo. The title was not accurate. By a difference of 17. My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined. I clicked on it again and it's accurate again. My day is saved and I am now ready to die peaceful
NotAdmm 10 timmar sedan
5:22 There is a german word "sehnsucht" which describes this feeling. Its direct meaning as a "longing and nostalgia for a far-off home one has never visited," :)
thomasking55 10 timmar sedan
Good effort guys. These visuals occur in NTSC VHS perhaps however PAL VHS I’m thinking throws in slightly different things. Our machine had a worn pinch roller which gave colourful bars at the top. My Grandad’s aerial had permanent ghosting, and if you weren’t poor living with mono linear audio, the HiFi audio would crackle with the picture snow. Who remembered to adjust their tracking?
Matthew Lebo
Matthew Lebo 10 timmar sedan
What is this, a crossover episode?
Amanda Thekid
Amanda Thekid 10 timmar sedan
Ever in a dream, realised your dreaming and realise your eyes are closed irl, then for the rest of the dream you literally cannot see because your eyes in the dream keep closing out of your control and when you try to open them you open your eyes irl and wake up?
Lilac Dreams MLP and HRT
Lilac Dreams MLP and HRT 10 timmar sedan
Me: I have eight minutes to watch a video let's see what pops up in my recommendation Also me: this looks cool Me again: I don't have that long..
HL B 10 timmar sedan
*sees Scott in something other then just a red shirt “wait, that’s illegal”
Christian Pathfinder
Christian Pathfinder 10 timmar sedan
It only seems rude if you're an older person who hates everything.
Laura Dionne
Laura Dionne 10 timmar sedan
No way! it is!
Sonia Apodaca-Harms
Sonia Apodaca-Harms 11 timmar sedan
So much great info. So glad I found your channel!
M Wright
M Wright 11 timmar sedan
Why can’t miners learn to code?
Kanakotka 11 timmar sedan
I'm sad that the scene from Kung Pow isn't here. It's the best scene of advertisement that's not an advertisement clearly played as a joke.
Borat Sagdiyev
Borat Sagdiyev 11 timmar sedan
it isnt broken, it's just corrupt, just like how they sabotage like/dislike ratio's.
Matthew Talbot-Paine
Matthew Talbot-Paine 11 timmar sedan
I can imagine you making a video called the only beach where you can hear the sea and the video reveals that all the beaches are technically 1 or that the sea isn't the sea
Alex 11 timmar sedan
you can just say rigged like a slot machine. they're designed the same way. gives you just enough to think you're winning
jony prepper israel
jony prepper israel 11 timmar sedan
Slough looks as it sounds
plica06 11 timmar sedan
Best one for me was about the long forgotten British Moon Landings?!!!!
Herbert Landschmid
Herbert Landschmid 11 timmar sedan
isnt ground normal in europe?
miinyoo 11 timmar sedan
I don't even think it's spooky or new. Just better than previous renditions. People have been using this tech for a while now and it's sometimes difficult to spot.
Foxygamer0101 11 timmar sedan
*Onety-one* ;-;
Crow of Crius
Crow of Crius 11 timmar sedan
Since lockdown is keeping us down, why not talk about the lockdown, for posterity basicly. I think every 50-100 years there is a major event in the world that will shape the lives of millions, and they usually get documented and talked about later, "in the history books". What I mean maybe the video dont have to be "about lockdown" but more about how humans adapt to changing situations and events. Maybe in another 50-100 years there will be another global event, and we will use skills and practices we learnt during covid lockdown. You know. I think there is a video there, about the generational experience.
Peter Ebel
Peter Ebel 11 timmar sedan
dude has quite a scar
TetrisKid48 11 timmar sedan
the law is forcing these dinosaurs to be extremely funny looking
Wenzel Keil
Wenzel Keil 11 timmar sedan
the word for that nostalgia is called 'Sehnsucht ' in German
Laszlo Fyre
Laszlo Fyre 11 timmar sedan
I'm declaring that my feet hurt, yet again.
Mark Salzwedel
Mark Salzwedel 11 timmar sedan
Funny, but just before you played the 30 Rock clip, I got a SEpost ad interrupting. I was going to be really impressed.