Jon_Bee B0mb1n
Jon_Bee B0mb1n 14 timmar sedan
"Stunt" grenade?
Noah Lane
Noah Lane 15 timmar sedan
If this is all we get for cutscenes this is bs
Babba Benji
Babba Benji 15 timmar sedan
Firstly, what kind of Thermite hard breaches a soft war? Secondly, look at how short mosi looks!
RabbitBreed1 15 timmar sedan
I'm sorry but this guys English is chewed to hell..I can barely translate..I love RB6 help me understand 😅
Collyn Brainfuck
Collyn Brainfuck 15 timmar sedan
doc should learn to quick peek lol
Dylan 15 timmar sedan
Are they playing airsoft?
Fernando Pérez
Fernando Pérez 15 timmar sedan
Este personaje es un insulto para Argentina
Im a Fish
Im a Fish 15 timmar sedan
man i want a R6 animated series it would be cool af
Med Amimir
Med Amimir 15 timmar sedan
Who is hearing this in 2021?
IneptBear 15 timmar sedan
I dunno how but Mira jsut looks so Spanish, they did a good job with her design
yuitr loing
yuitr loing 15 timmar sedan
Bruh, poor Castle, he's becoming more weak
Huntoo Hamling
Huntoo Hamling 15 timmar sedan
It's a shame they haven't even touched on some of the 100+ guns still available and just stick to recycle the same guns over and over.
Premium 15 timmar sedan
Rip maestro
yuitr loing
yuitr loing 15 timmar sedan
Kevin Quayle
Kevin Quayle 15 timmar sedan
ive played this game its brillant try it
IneptBear 15 timmar sedan
Those jackets hardy and Sam had were fly
marina b
marina b 15 timmar sedan
I love losing my elo because of ddossers
Quan Nguyen
Quan Nguyen 15 timmar sedan
The power of Criest compares u!!
Bin Eleyas
Bin Eleyas 16 timmar sedan
The game I couldn't finish. I still have the longing to to complete this part of the series. And to my opinion, Ezio Auditore's Triology will always be more addicting than all upcoming AC series.
Hiphen 16 timmar sedan
Restored footage of the effects of office politics in Ubisoft Montreal division colorized
Leyenda a
Leyenda a 16 timmar sedan
The best watch dogs 1
Spoopy Chicken
Spoopy Chicken 16 timmar sedan
The reason ash didn't die when Kali shot her in the head, it's actually 'cause her ear wasn't part of her headshot hitbox.
Johnny Regularhand
Johnny Regularhand 16 timmar sedan
Wait so if they aren’t using real bullets how her ear get nicked? I gets its cgi, story and stuff but curiosity is calling is there some sort of lore for this or is this a cool cinematic
BlackStar plays :o
BlackStar plays :o 16 timmar sedan
The 2021 reboot of Captain America Civil War
GamesDum 16 timmar sedan
why is kali taller then ash? both have the same height!!!
RoCk-N-PaRtY 16 timmar sedan
In my reality. They don't make anymore Assassin's Creed games instead they are making more combat based games that have similarities to AC
Felipe Cobos
Felipe Cobos 16 timmar sedan
Someone is wating for bandit, for me he is like a God in r6
FeenMiS 16 timmar sedan
need the damn acog
WeebTheCuber 16 timmar sedan
im just think of how many times they have to repair this map
Benjamin Obringer
Benjamin Obringer 16 timmar sedan
Landlord 16 timmar sedan
Where’s showdown ? Doomload ? Hack servers ?
Adrian Ćorić
Adrian Ćorić 17 timmar sedan
Getting your ear flicked by a paintball. Just bandage it. Getting hit by a metal fist. Nothing.
Kendrick Carter
Kendrick Carter 17 timmar sedan
I can't wait for this but I know there is going be one person that ruins all this.
aqeela ali
aqeela ali 17 timmar sedan
Dominion series? What does that mean?
William C
William C 17 timmar sedan
Kali and Ash both have studied each other’s hit box
Zak Attree
Zak Attree 17 timmar sedan
If anyone touches my boy mozzie or Chanda there ded o me
StealthoSlavo 17 timmar sedan
It's official boys, after over 5 years of being released. Spetsnaz, does not exist (except tachanka).
Abderrahmane Elkamal
Abderrahmane Elkamal 17 timmar sedan
another 80gigs update ? ..
Ayden miranda
Ayden miranda 17 timmar sedan
Ps4 does not get to test the rainbow stuff pc is favorite
AJz eggz
AJz eggz 17 timmar sedan
This just shows that if ash mains don't get what they want they have a fit
_Glaz Main_
_Glaz Main_ 17 timmar sedan
Thermite hard breaching a non reinforced wall. Of course balanced passive steals the show
arcade warrior
arcade warrior 17 timmar sedan
Kali should have done us all a favour domed ash then herself male everyone alot happier 2 horrible ops out a decent game
ThetrueCaptain Doggo
ThetrueCaptain Doggo 17 timmar sedan
Dang that’s crazy they finally added team killing
M1 Abrams
M1 Abrams 18 timmar sedan
They should of made the operator irish, just for IRA purposes
Justice For Alexeï
Justice For Alexeï 18 timmar sedan
We still wait for the recruit elite skin
Rolland Agan
Rolland Agan 18 timmar sedan
When this games gonna release?
Stas Byelov
Stas Byelov 18 timmar sedan
stop killing mah boi Doc!! ><
Giorgi Zaseishvili
Giorgi Zaseishvili 18 timmar sedan
who watching 2021?
spaz 18 timmar sedan
Where's cav ??
J C 18 timmar sedan
I wish ghost recon would be more like this
Дарига Абылкаирова
Дарига Абылкаирова 18 timmar sedan
Lupu 18 timmar sedan
I want Harry s Jacket like RN!It s soo awesome
PixelatedGamer 18 timmar sedan
Medic, Adrez PT, TeamJella why are you locked in this comment section?
Rystal Vitt
Rystal Vitt 18 timmar sedan
ik right. LOMA.
Jose Angel Rentroia
Jose Angel Rentroia 18 timmar sedan
Everything happend so fast: Ash punch Kali in the face, sledge push Thermite away, Caveira push Sledge, Blitz try to separate Cav from Sledge, mira take ash back, Hibana apier for a fraction of second, Doka is there just watching the caos
Jimu Li
Jimu Li 19 timmar sedan
Yoooo, seeing as how large rainbow is now, imagine if they end up splitting into two divisions and end up forming different orgs
Prideluxe 19 timmar sedan
Pulse went from a near ace to the first one to die this time
Jose Angel Rentroia
Jose Angel Rentroia 19 timmar sedan
Ash LITERALLY just read my mind
aoran zhu
aoran zhu 19 timmar sedan
Ash getting nerfed, u can now only hear from ur left side
Kick Ass
Kick Ass 19 timmar sedan
SilentNeon 19 timmar sedan
if this is op in lobby’s i think the nerf should be not being able to kill or injure players its just for gadgets
INFINITEA 57 19 timmar sedan
The night armour is a dlc crossover with for honor kind of like Sam fisher
Davenzoid 19 timmar sedan
I love how the ceiling lights reflected on Finka's mask match the color of her in game effect when she roids up
Weeb Is Love Weeb is Life
Weeb Is Love Weeb is Life 19 timmar sedan
Sheer Heart Attack (シアーハートアタック, Shiā Hāto Atakku) is Killer Queen's second type of bomb, featured primarily in the arc Sheer Heart Attack. This treaded automatic bomb detaches from Killer Queen's left hand, so any Stand abilities activated upon it are reflected onto Kira's left hand. Because Sheer Heart Attack is attached to Kira's left hand, the primary bomb can still be used when Sheer Heart Attack is active. It is completely autonomous and has a great range, so Kira can safely engage Sheer Heart Attack and move a great distance away while it carries out its duties. It seeks out whatever the warmest object in the vicinity is,even changing targets the second a warmer object appears; upon reaching its target, it automatically induces an explosion with power and blast size equivalent to the heat of the target. If Sheer Heart Attack's explosion was set off by a non-human source, it will continue to seek out targets until it explodes from a human. Like Killer Queen's first bomb, Sheer Heart Attack's explosions remove all physical evidence of the target. The body of Sheer Heart Attack is nigh-indestructible, withstanding countless blows from Jotaro's Star Platinum,but can still be affected by non-damaging Stand powers and cracked if pulled apart at the mouth with tremendous force. Its main drawback lies in its autonomous nature, which will sometimes prevent Sheer Heart Attack from prioritizing killing Kira's intended human target(s). Secondly, since it needs to explode from making contact with a human target to fully dissipate, should Sheer Heart Attack need to be deactivated while actively seeking a target, the user must physically return in the range of Sheer Heart Attack to deactivate and retrieve it. Furthermore, Sheer Heart Attack can continue to be active even after Kira's hand has been cut off, seen when he uses this to escape Josuke and company. Cutting off his hand even gives Sheer Heart Attack more power, as well as the ability to withstand even Echoes ACT 3's 3 Freeze.
Ryan Studulski
Ryan Studulski 19 timmar sedan
I apologise in in advance Ubi, but please put other ops in the lead position and win other than Ash. There are more ops that have really great leadership qualities not that I need to tell you that, but come on, why keep on rewarding the toxic Ash playing fanbase. Let other ops take the spotlight, and let other ops win and beat Ash, she needs to learn a lesson in losing anyways. Harry would agree with me, Rainbow is about diversity, hence the name and overusing Ash as the teams leader is damage to that promotion. Please heed this concern, as I'm positive most of us viewers have the same.
Juan Carlo Saquin
Juan Carlo Saquin 19 timmar sedan
Jean Reno r6 version
Matias Duarte
Matias Duarte 19 timmar sedan
Reconnecting 19 timmar sedan
Looking forward to these new “stunt grenades” lol
Lit gamer
Lit gamer 19 timmar sedan
Wes Carroll
Wes Carroll 19 timmar sedan
You know my BLOODLINE is going to die out waiting for that dlc.........🙄
Palynzer 19 timmar sedan
Amazing game UBI.
Abdulaziz Almansour
Abdulaziz Almansour 19 timmar sedan
Sam-pie 20 timmar sedan
Tom Clancy (from the dead): Please just let me be at peace Ubisoft: now your super secret task force is having public tournaments available on tv worldwide lol