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Nill Data
Nill Data 18 timmar sedan
And you thought apple couldnt get any cheaper
초딩 18 timmar sedan
스트형 혼나기시르면 배댓으로 만드러줘
Mark Noldy
Mark Noldy 18 timmar sedan
I wonder about a non-MagSafe case...
RUN DABREAD 18 timmar sedan
@3:52 I see more "grip-able"
Sam Jones
Sam Jones 18 timmar sedan
Well i use SE 2020 right now
47 Buddhists
47 Buddhists 18 timmar sedan
*covid* be hittin
PROBOT PLAYZ 18 timmar sedan
Every small youtubers dream😔😔😔
Giridharan Aravindan
Giridharan Aravindan 18 timmar sedan
Searching for comments that is ten years old
shams wajeh
shams wajeh 18 timmar sedan
Environmentally friendly lol yea right
Enoch Boakye
Enoch Boakye 18 timmar sedan
6.5 million views less than 24hours
Mayank Shenoy
Mayank Shenoy 18 timmar sedan
MKBHD: Square sides make it more grippable... Also MKBHD: 3:52 😂😂😂 Great review though anyway 🔥🔥
Trey's Garage
Trey's Garage 18 timmar sedan
How does apple continue to sell us garbage repeat non innovative phones and yet we still buy it makes no sense
William Wang
William Wang 18 timmar sedan
Mag wallet is a joke. It's auto lose wallet in apple style kind a thing. It's useless . Pretty descent for charger. Iphone cover.. not so much
Jean-Pierre Richardson
Jean-Pierre Richardson 18 timmar sedan
Best use of magsafe (aka wireless charging), interactive cases that use the phones power. Maybe cases that light up, or show your notifications or something. Oh wait. Samsung already has that? I guess it'll be "new innovation" on the New iPhone 15, Pro, Max, S, Ultra, 5G....
Raamiz 18 timmar sedan
Do the MagSafe chargers work with older iPhones too?
Arun Rao
Arun Rao 18 timmar sedan
2:07 "SISSY-FUSS" 😂
Julia Red
Julia Red 18 timmar sedan
Apple: "Introducing MagSafe" more like MagLoose to me. not gonna stick my wallet to it. never
Carver Beagle
Carver Beagle 18 timmar sedan
yas. Iphone 12 ala carte
Jose Marra
Jose Marra 18 timmar sedan
Hi Marques Thanks for the video. Could you please review the Segway Ninebot Go Kart?
Julia Red
Julia Red 18 timmar sedan
iPhone 12 is out! Meaning the iPhone 11 range are going to be cheaper Now I can finally afford the iPhone X I mean iPhone 6 🙂
Kanval Tikku
Kanval Tikku 18 timmar sedan
Why couldn't it be USB-C at both ends !!!
Otniel Erdei
Otniel Erdei 18 timmar sedan
Does the new magsafe charger work with iPhone 11?
Karthik Vijapurapu
Karthik Vijapurapu 18 timmar sedan
Thanks for zooming the peeling off the screen - therapeutic!
R C 18 timmar sedan
Coming soon....... .. KIDNEY UNBOXING experience...
Milan Stuhlsatz
Milan Stuhlsatz 18 timmar sedan
Won‘t most people who already have the USB-A wallbrick also have the USB-A to lightning cable? Everybody is acting like these old bricks are completely without use for the new iphones because of the inclouded usb-c cable.
Дмитрий Купреев
Дмитрий Купреев 18 timmar sedan
Black lives matter
Flipi !
Flipi ! 18 timmar sedan
Love from India
Bryant Santos
Bryant Santos 18 timmar sedan
3:51 my heart stopped for a sec😭😂
Nihal Shroff
Nihal Shroff 18 timmar sedan
I like the Android Version of this segment. An Apple tech charging and Android. HAH!!!! im fan of the iphone design.
Abdul Quavi
Abdul Quavi 18 timmar sedan
Every wireless charging phone is magsafe compatible. Such a fail on apple's side.
Mohamed Albaiti
Mohamed Albaiti 18 timmar sedan
If Apple really care about environment they should’ve stopped making new lighting cables and start using the usb c for the new iPhone 12 instead because usb c is more common now!
Therealdeal3000 18 timmar sedan
We all know they did this for the money and not the environment
Blackfire 14
Blackfire 14 18 timmar sedan
Like If u’re in 2020 SEpost home mood :
NIHAR RANJAN 18 timmar sedan
Is this voice over from future ? lol 🤣
Mohammed Somai
Mohammed Somai 18 timmar sedan
In fact the MagSafe charger has gripped on the back of the Pixel 5 because that phone's back is made of metal (Stainless Steel if I remember well) and magnets love metals whether it is an Apple metal or Android's :p
El Albatross
El Albatross 18 timmar sedan
3:01 my iPhone 11 didn’t come with a type C brick, it did in fact have a type A brick. Maybe the pros did?
Bil Moha
Bil Moha 18 timmar sedan
MKD your actually really biased. With your platform you should say that this isn't right. All other phone provide a Charing brick, headphones etc. This is complete bullshit. And I've had enough watching this show.
Kyle Chan
Kyle Chan 18 timmar sedan
I genuinely don't understand why a wireless charger would have a magnet, isn't the point of a wireless charger for convenience? You kind of lose a bit of that when you have to yank the phone off the charging pad everytime.
doeke j
doeke j 18 timmar sedan
When placing the wallet on, does apple pay stil work?
Epic gamer
Epic gamer 18 timmar sedan
Why is this in my reccomended and marques's intro is weird
F0RMiD Z 18 timmar sedan
When your trying to make your mom see you as an Adult
Wilson Hix
Wilson Hix 18 timmar sedan
iPhone 12 came out
Alberto Giavani
Alberto Giavani 18 timmar sedan
Is that Austin
Reza Ali *
Reza Ali * 18 timmar sedan
You are right 🤔, btw but im confused why still Sony launched their phones constantly every month Z, ZX, CT, XT, XTZ 😂
furgan manafov
furgan manafov 18 timmar sedan
And what do we get?
Itz Wanted Boii
Itz Wanted Boii 18 timmar sedan
Chutiya bana rahe branding ke naam pe
ravuri ramesh chandar
ravuri ramesh chandar 18 timmar sedan
Slowly Apple will be shipped with only box and device sold separately 😭
Stewart Finn
Stewart Finn 18 timmar sedan
I think magsafe could be better and third parties might well make it so. What speed/wattage does the magsafe charge the Pixel at?
OJE 207
OJE 207 18 timmar sedan
Uhhhhhhh so its the 11 with a magnet 😐 good to know.
mafia 18 timmar sedan
someone who knows nothing about phones
Dave Voerman
Dave Voerman 18 timmar sedan
Damn they look nice, wish I could afford 1
sreeraj tech b
sreeraj tech b 18 timmar sedan
Any malayalees
Rohan Srivastava
Rohan Srivastava 18 timmar sedan
Google still trying to keep it relevant by recommending it after 6 years
Harsha Bardhan
Harsha Bardhan 18 timmar sedan
Why would you need Magsafe? It's technically not wireless charging. I don't understand the point.
123junerey 18 timmar sedan
Environmentally friendly they say then why not make their phones easy to repair less phone right.
GiG Info
GiG Info 18 timmar sedan
бл красный розовый на деле , вообще не айс
شیر 18 timmar sedan
4:55 drink everytime he says review
nabajit debbarma
nabajit debbarma 18 timmar sedan
People will buy it if they change “SONY” to “Sony Ericsson ”
SkyAbdi G
SkyAbdi G 18 timmar sedan
reversing the environment, going boxy, then what taking back some features maybe till 3310 , hahahha coz there is no more room for improvement , lacking innovation, come and get me bitches , am full of ideas
mafia 18 timmar sedan
everyone slates Apple about the no charger like Samsung isn't doing the same thing lol
zimanonline Thien
zimanonline Thien 18 timmar sedan
So how about the s20 the new perfect Android phone
craig mountfield
craig mountfield 18 timmar sedan
I dont like the square shape
Bra Joe
Bra Joe 18 timmar sedan
I need Xbox I have never used one before
Jugh Hackman
Jugh Hackman 18 timmar sedan
Lemme bludgeon your curmudgeon, keep it nudgin for the fudgin!
SnowFlames 18 timmar sedan
"MAkes phone more grippable" almost slips the Phone :P
Mayur M
Mayur M 18 timmar sedan
poor apple users
Mono Bear
Mono Bear 18 timmar sedan
Elysia X.X.X
Elysia X.X.X 18 timmar sedan
Ingat.... Ada allah....
Dylan H
Dylan H 18 timmar sedan
"Magsafe" - Google & LG did that way back with Qi charging on the Nexus 4
Motörhead 18 timmar sedan
Lol for that price you can buy ultimate watercooled PC for the whole family and friends xD.
Miguel Rodriguez
Miguel Rodriguez 18 timmar sedan
so disappointed with this new iPhone, reason why I enjoyed apple products (Iphone) is because everything u want and need was in the box, now they don't give you a charger and earplugs lol. missing Steve Jobs. he's probably piss in heaven!!!
The Twins
The Twins 18 timmar sedan
amazing review bruh ✅
wutlilly 18 timmar sedan
That product red looks like coral
DarkBro 18 timmar sedan
why was this in my recommended
Long Vũ Mr Rainy
Long Vũ Mr Rainy 18 timmar sedan
Beautiful ❤️❤️❤️❤️
888JCON 18 timmar sedan
Am I crazy here.... iPhone 11 didn’t ship with a usb c yeah.
Kavita Kunjir
Kavita Kunjir 19 timmar sedan
Unbox therapy 1day 1M view 🙄 MKBHD 20 hrs 6.5M view 😎 this is our power subscribers 💪 keep your love for him 😘
10k subscribers without videos challenge
10k subscribers without videos challenge 19 timmar sedan
Fun fact: 5G will kill people
Helder Almeida
Helder Almeida 19 timmar sedan
No wonder apple is rich dumb people are buying their products at high price.
Balázs Bölöni
Balázs Bölöni 19 timmar sedan
Fortnute better
Balázs Bölöni
Balázs Bölöni 19 timmar sedan
Mohamad 19 timmar sedan
How safe environment. When everyone buys it needs already to buy a damn charger.
2K Subscribers with no video challenge
2K Subscribers with no video challenge 19 timmar sedan
*Me watching this with having no intentions of buying an iphone 12*