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Very good idea the FOLLOW ME CAR !! All big and medium airports should have FOLLOW ME CARS.
chicagoman58 19 timmar sedan
Excellent analysis!
Cody Nemo
Cody Nemo 19 timmar sedan
Also this doesn't actually show the need for two people in the cockpit. The checklist completion can be checked automatically, and a computer can read them out, hell the computer could even do the appropriate actions itself.
The Wiz
The Wiz 19 timmar sedan
Honourable bravery extends to air traffic control for their heroic assistance in this incident! Sadly air traffic control are often our unsung heroes whenever we are airborne, the crew members and all involved have truly overted total disaster in my opinion, it's an absolute miracle I say that nobody was either injured or tragically lost their life's due to fallen debris over Denver!
Clarence McGregor
Clarence McGregor 19 timmar sedan
Actually it is quite fortunate that the engine failed right away as it could have been somewhere over the Pacific.
Cody Nemo
Cody Nemo 19 timmar sedan
The most important question is how the hell can a fanblade still come loose after so many accidents involving it and thus so many guidelines to check them all all the time.
6.4 HemiDriver
6.4 HemiDriver 19 timmar sedan
IIRC, Denver's runway 16R/34L is the longest runway in the US at 16,000 feet (3 miles).
Cody Nemo
Cody Nemo 19 timmar sedan
"remained calm and professional" This reminds me of that one video where the flight attendant screams BRACE in such a panicked and shrill voice that i was getting anxious at home.
jim121272 19 timmar sedan
This "Not turning opposite the dead engine" nonsense is a myth that needs to end right here, right now. After hundreds of hours giving dual in light twins, and thousands in jet simulators (as well as real jets), I can unequivocally say that it DOES NOT MATTER which direction you turn after an engine failure. I have yet to see an airplane that behaves any differently as far as turning with an engine out. You have a rudder and ailerons to counteract any SLIGHT yaw or bank variations that may occur.
Mikey B
Mikey B 19 timmar sedan
Wow .... respect to the pilots, crew ATC & passengers in this astonishingly eventful & frightening flight ...... & thank you Cpt Joe for taking the time to walk / talk us through the procedures that helped save the lives of so many people ✈️💯
SoosV 19 timmar sedan
Cutting an airplane to one pilot would be a plus buy using less fuel. This can be augmented by AI capable of flying, instrument controls, and landing the plain by itself and on-ground pilots that can fly the plain by drone controls and running checklists from the ground. The pilot in the plane should be nothing more than the captain of the ship making sure that everyone else is doing their job with complete take over capability if needed. With deep learning AI, the fuel consumption and aircraft steward
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DigitalGM UK 19 timmar sedan
That was super analysis, glad I found you 👍 new fan 👏👏💪
Classy Chassey Car Hop Trays
Classy Chassey Car Hop Trays 19 timmar sedan
Looks like a war zone, had to be terrifying as hell for the people on the flight. I know it has always been one of my worst fears. Car hop trays from amazon, stay safe.
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Jamie Dodson 19 timmar sedan
Great breakdown of CRM and ATC teamwork. ☺️
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Cs Pruitt 19 timmar sedan
Well done Sir.
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Everybody knows that hard landings are the fault of the mechanic that changed the seat belt on 34D.
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I love this channel. so informative!!
Najee GHANIM 19 timmar sedan
Thanks for the explanations, What could have happened if the debris hit the plane fuselage or wing (God Forbids)
Albert OConnor
Albert OConnor 19 timmar sedan
Not one news outlet noted that the other P&W engine functioned just fine. Hmm
SKBenergy 19 timmar sedan
@ 4:59 is a video clip from one of my videos...very interesting :) !!!!
Albert OConnor
Albert OConnor 19 timmar sedan
Pilots with multi-engine rating are trained in proper procedures for engine failure. Comparisons of this to Sully Sullenberger is laughable, he lost ALL engines at takeoff, back then there was no training for his “event”, this pilot losing an engine and returning to a safe landing is what he trained to do.
Jerome Thiel
Jerome Thiel 19 timmar sedan
Learned that as a nuclear operator in the navy. You have to continuously train for emergency situations. The initial responses need to be automatic, quick, and correct. You only get that through repetitive training and drills. Once the initial actions are taken to place the situation in as safe a condition as possible, you then break out the books and perform the followup actions to either continue to "safe" the situation, or to recover from it, or (usually) both. Kudos to the pilots and crew. And even the passengers deserve credit. I guarantee the passengers knew something was up, but there doesn't appear to have been massive panic, which doesn't help anybody.
Andy Hamilton
Andy Hamilton 19 timmar sedan
Never understood why planes dont have cameras outside so the pilots can see conditions of the wings and engines.
Howard Wright
Howard Wright 19 timmar sedan
Excellent job by the crew and the ground crew at the tower. You all saved many, many lives!!!
The Wiz
The Wiz 19 timmar sedan
The captain and 1st officer should be awarded honorary medals for their heroic bravery by President Biden! Their quick thinking to shut off the fuel valve for the right wing of the plane has possibly no doubt saved everyone onboard thank goodness! Although it's just a waiting game at this point to ascertain the initial findings from air accident investigation teams along with the FAA after examing the flight recorder to build an accurate picture! Hopefully shouldn't take long, thank goodness everyone was ok and nobody got injured or possibly worse on the ground! A miracle if you ask me!
Juan Luis Garvía Ossio
Juan Luis Garvía Ossio 19 timmar sedan
order... jejeje
American Striper
American Striper 19 timmar sedan
N772UA. Interesting registration.
Trevor Murphy
Trevor Murphy 19 timmar sedan
One more thing this is why Planes have dual motors it’s not for more power it’s for in case shit happens
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Can't climb higher but can land on my table absolutely, thank you captain Joe.
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Ronald Cuie II 19 timmar sedan
Amen. Very very nice. Please keep coming out with more vlogs!!
Trevor Murphy
Trevor Murphy 19 timmar sedan
I’m wondering why is this in the media it’s not really news worthy my dad flew on WestJet and the engine fell off the wing before they got off the ground never even hit the Ottawa paper never seen it in the news Remember people accidents happen
Albert OConnor
Albert OConnor 19 timmar sedan
There old pilots and there are bold pilots, but there are no old bold pilots.
Eduardo Campos de Oliveira
Eduardo Campos de Oliveira 19 timmar sedan
Great video
homie789 19 timmar sedan
Europeans are always so far ahead of this side of the pond. Such a simple and effective thing yet so foreign to us.
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Marc Kyle 19 timmar sedan
You missed the opportunity to say 'brace, brace, brace' at 0:22!
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I lived in colorado to a city next of denver I just have to cross the street and I am in Denver and it's all over the news
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Great analysis bro!
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if a peice of airplane falls in my yard im keeping it finders keepers
Anonymous 42
Anonymous 42 19 timmar sedan
I’ve flown on this same airplane ✈️ at least once... I still have my boarding passes lol... kind freaky tbh. Thank goodness no one was hurt
TJand08 DOES GAMING 19 timmar sedan
Fuel ÷ engines ÷ oxygen in that attitude
Pastor Nezuko
Pastor Nezuko 19 timmar sedan
If I was that pilot, I'd be writing my will while talking to flight control about the dead engine
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So... the engine broke. Got it.
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Cody Nemo 19 timmar sedan
Something is up with your audio.
Julie Lemming
Julie Lemming 19 timmar sedan
I Am Amazed How The Pilots Are So Calm WOW!!
랑우 19 timmar sedan
You’ve got a hole at right wing!
Fernando Scotelaro
Fernando Scotelaro 19 timmar sedan
Amazing explanation!! Cheers from Brazil.
Daniel Vedberg Sekulic
Daniel Vedberg Sekulic 19 timmar sedan
We should be real glad this wasent worse then it was, thank the designers for making it possible to fly on 1 engine, that said engine that exploded didnt take the whole wing off or start a raging fire.
PETER ZARI 19 timmar sedan
Can't believe this is on trending. Your channel is huge Joe.
Jin Zhang
Jin Zhang 19 timmar sedan
Good video and commentary. I have two main questions - 1. A few veteran pilots have made a critique why the pilot did not do an immediate left hand turn first and had to communicate with ATC first about their intentions. Again - going back to your sequence - Aviate, Navigate, and Communicate. Shouldn't Aviate mean an immediate left hand turn even BEFORE communicating with ATC? 2. I am curious what flight control changes the pilot may have encountered due to the engine explosion. Is it plausible he may have lost hydraulic control? Or could there have been damage to the aileron, flaps, flight control surfaces adjacent to the engine? Also, even the whole feel of landing a heavy jet with one engine - is there additional rudder input needed or does the flight computer automatically adjust for this such that landing on one engine is no different from landing with both engines working?
NathanPlayz 19 timmar sedan
It was a random equipment malfunction.
Michael Williams
Michael Williams 19 timmar sedan
Bottom line is the 737 Max is UNSAFE.
Joe york
Joe york 19 timmar sedan
Can't believe it wasn't a spirit
stites outdoors
stites outdoors 19 timmar sedan
My money is on a comp stall
Nobuta 19 timmar sedan
I can’t believe Boeing didn’t have that vital detail in the training guide!!!!!!! Omg!!!! So preventable
Nobuta 19 timmar sedan
What I’m worried most now is that because of corona and the airlines suffering financially, that airlines won’t retire old planes that need to be retired or doesn’t do safety checks as thoroughly (because everything costs money, staff to pay and train, cost of replacing parts, etc) and the possible consequences from that (engine failure that recently happened, etc)
Nobuta 19 timmar sedan
Yes do not cut corners. Safety first. Most important to CUSTOMER
J L 19 timmar sedan
Excellent video/explanation. I’m curious. The plane would have been full of fuel since it just took off for a 7 hour flight. I have not heard any mention of fuel dumping prior to landing. I assume that did not occur? It would seem with an event such as this there would have been consideration to dump the fuel. Just asking and not sure of the procedures.
Truth N Politics
Truth N Politics 20 timmar sedan
Thank U For Your Vids. They Are Very Educational and Fun. I am A Newly , Aspiring Pilot and these vids are just Great
Float Uphill
Float Uphill 20 timmar sedan
I worked for a Boeing vendor. Their quality control is non-existent I used to like flying Boeing planes because I enjoyed the thrill. Airbus was too safe. Boring
Richard Anderson
Richard Anderson 20 timmar sedan
Having been on a plane with an inflight emergency and emergency landing at KCI, the training of the crew and ATC really does show through.....particularly in keeping all involved calm and focused. The only complaint from the event I was involved in was they had to off load the passengers in the middle of the runway at - 5 F in a strong wind, and then waited for 20 minutes for buses to arrive. If you've ever seen how penguins survive the winter in Antarctica (packed tightly in a group), I can now testify it works.
IMJP4 20 timmar sedan
Bring some diapers for the crew and the passangers!!!..
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United treats their engines like they do their passengers. With neglect and abuse.
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Nice job Joe.
VIRTUS VII 20 timmar sedan
having been a part of a aviation crew (helicopter) i can say with confidence I wouldn't fly on an airline with only one pilot in the cockpit. not because I doubt that pilot but because the checks and balances as well as working through emergency procedures effectively as well as the calming effect a teammate can bring is the best possible environment for continued success. even if AI ever becomes good enough to do it all on its own, a pilot will still be required in my opinion
Somoni Sak
Somoni Sak 20 timmar sedan
3 years later:tesla roadster becomes a follow me car
Philip Roseel
Philip Roseel 20 timmar sedan
Thanks, Capt Joe, great video.
Yahia Wanis
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a 777-200
Yahia Wanis
Yahia Wanis 20 timmar sedan
I see in the news
Fire Star 718
Fire Star 718 20 timmar sedan
263 - 180 = 83
Thomas Gaines
Thomas Gaines 20 timmar sedan
As a flight instructor in small general aviation airplanes, I find it easier to control in a strong cross wind. I still approach in a crab but over the numbers I find it no problem, for instance, in a left cross wind , to straighten out with right rudder and left aileron to control the drift. I'm not worried about knocking an engine off of the wing. If the wind changes, I can do a little dance. If I think my feet point the nose and my hands stop the drift, I can usually get a smooth touch down or go around if I don't like it with immediately available power. It's a straight wing airplane. No swept wing issues.. . On the Airbus 320 are you in danger of scraping an engine with that technique? I'm sure that the passengers might feel the dance in a long fuselage more than I do sitting on the vertical, lateral and longitudinal axis.
Mike Munley
Mike Munley 20 timmar sedan
Thank you so much for this video, Joe. I love the analysis and the video and audio. Great job. I really look forward to the NTSB report. P.S. Been working for the company that made those engines since that engine was built. Very glad everyone was safe, looking forward to a root cause.
Joe Bledsoe
Joe Bledsoe 20 timmar sedan
Any landing you can walk away from is a good landing!!!!!!
Daniel Millán Garzón
Daniel Millán Garzón 20 timmar sedan
I just realized that your tie clip is a Concorde! Excellent video, by the way. I've never seen that cloud but I clicked on the video because it seemed interesting to me. Now I have learned something new :D