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Bonk !
Bonk ! 4 timmar sedan
9:14 I don't do that... but I should because when i come back my th10 base got 3 stared by a th 12 and i lost 33 trophies (while i only win 5 by attack pushing trophies is hard...)
shanta chongbang
shanta chongbang 4 timmar sedan
I am newbie in coc. I want to know how to keep extra magic items. Yours are 11 in 5!! How to do?
Ferrán Calderon
Ferrán Calderon 5 timmar sedan
Which town hall are you?
Orafu Da
Orafu Da 5 timmar sedan
28:51 “he has the poison blast [...] there, visually” The same happens at TH13 when the TH inferno is upgraded. The bomb under the TH appears to be there, visually, but then doesn’t go off. Edit: I just checked, and even my TH14 with the level 1 TH weapon already has the poison bomb unlocked. I mean, TH12 / 13 already had a bomb, so they are not taking that away at TH14. (Just disabling it while the TH weapon is upgrading, as before.) And they needed something that would be upgraded with the TH weapon upgrades at TH14. The TH inferno is already strong, so they made the TH weapon upgrades upgrade the poison bomb effects.
Orafu Da
Orafu Da 5 timmar sedan
27:25 “he’s actually gone with the cannons first, which is really interesting ...” Looks like that guy still has TH11 cannons and mortars. And level 1 scattershots. Maybe this is a strange attempt at engineering the base? I mean, he has maxed walls. 🤷‍♂️ And then he realized that leaving cannons / mortars / scattershots behind doesn’t help him all that much. So he probably started upgrading the cannons *before* going to TH14, and has some time left on them now. And busy builders. Doh! 🙄
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Pradeep More 5 timmar sedan
No troops only cc and and secie machine and spells
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It was so so so helpful ... 🤩
the first one
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Finally he upgraded his walls to use his rune.
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You just have to press archers and barbarians at the same time and ist will split up perfectly
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New update is trash
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Judo plz make e video of clan donation.After new update.Max base get max troops.Rush base get low level troops.It’s a major problem
Omg oj
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rushing the town hall alone IS BAD VERY BAD but if you upgrade offense and defense a bit it not bad
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I want to join your team too but i have 🏆1900
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I love to rush my base. In 1 or 2 months I’m now TH 10
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My clan name is OVER//POWER
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Hello judo you will not believe me I got you in my dream. We both encountered a same problem in an attack a TROLL BASE.
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I think that using trash building as some sort of tank is a good idea
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Works well easy triple, thanks.
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What about e dragon in opponent cc
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Should i be conserned that my loot cart has 8 mill of gold and elixir after 1 attack
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Imagine a base not even Town hall7 max but in 14 th
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Just wanna say, ur content is absolute class bro❤️ keep it up 👍🏽
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I also found my friend 😎
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Let him attack in peace and have some patience man. You kept on confusing him,let him focus ?
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How to built and design bases ? Can you make some videos on it?
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Yeah, first spam success that doesnt require luck or brain surgery like the other 2 challenges "solutions"
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I showed this and the queen walk guide to my cousin who used a level 3 queen CHARGE in war :_:. Hope they understand now. Btw, thats for the vid! Amazing!
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Judo: I should of protected the queen more Archer queen: I feel abandoned Barbarian king: partying
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Abhi's Mythological World
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TH 14 : I'm about end this man's whole career
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