King Nate
King Nate 21 timme sedan
What was His laugh after he says drop to zero around 13:38
TheDarkcyde81 21 timme sedan
Whatever quicksilver is attached to is in his sure of speed. That's why people he rescues don't have liquefied organs from G forces
Tyler Peterson
Tyler Peterson 21 timme sedan
10:20 This is why you are NOT #1.
Xayln 21 timme sedan
ego literally said hes a celestial tho..?
TheGamingRaptor :D
TheGamingRaptor :D 21 timme sedan
Is it weird that I liked the movie? Yeah I'm weird.
Mike Droz
Mike Droz 21 timme sedan
I'll bet you a homemade sandwich that the last remaining character that Paul Bettany is alluding to is none other than Charles Xavier played by Patrick Stewart
HYSTERIA 0161 21 timme sedan
The more the world apeases China and their childish demands the more communist China will become. They need to be told, NO CHINA! If you don't like it you don't have it.
Dan Sheets
Dan Sheets 21 timme sedan
I miss Peter Fonda
B. Don
B. Don 21 timme sedan
Congratulations Voss
TheDarkcyde81 21 timme sedan
All the action figures about these forbidden characters are made in China
Dare1100 21 timme sedan
Y'all are hella shady and I love it
Jim Szalewski
Jim Szalewski 21 timme sedan
Quicksilver just fast forwarded
Aaron Stevenson
Aaron Stevenson 21 timme sedan
Must’ve taken a while to translate those CCP talking points
Philly Sidhe
Philly Sidhe 21 timme sedan
What a way to find out the UK censors parliament sketches.... Been living here 33 years 😅
stoked ska
stoked ska 21 timme sedan
Isn't Rick's wife in s3 e1? He's going back in his memories and he goes to the garage, back to the day he discovered interdimesional travel. Another Rick comes in through a portal and tells him he's the last Rick to discover it and he tells his wife science isnt for him. The other rick comes back and kills his wife.
John Abrahamsen
John Abrahamsen 21 timme sedan
Missed an obvious because scotty doesn't know moment at @4:03
Clutch Avery
Clutch Avery 21 timme sedan
Clinicalistic 21 timme sedan
Pretty sure Hercules has Satan in it😂
Smokin_Phat_ Dabs
Smokin_Phat_ Dabs 21 timme sedan
In short, it's because of China's Dictatorship we can't have nice things. Nuff said.
Brandon Baillie
Brandon Baillie 21 timme sedan
Who let MT out of his basement studio!?
Louis T
Louis T 21 timme sedan
Username Unknown
Username Unknown 21 timme sedan
YO this episode was a banger
SirCaruso 21 timme sedan
Anyone know where to watch episode 7 without paying for it? 123movies don't have episode 7 yet :/
Joshua Benson
Joshua Benson 21 timme sedan
Jows 21 timme sedan
when we first entered the basement I thot that miphisto was siting in the basement
T.J. Webster
T.J. Webster 21 timme sedan
Walker Riley
Walker Riley 21 timme sedan
There WAS one empty book holder in the Library.......
Jaysin 21 timme sedan
Why even be concerned about their opinion if they want to censore it then it can be their efforts that ruin everything. Don't make us suffer for their opinion.
Dominique Madison
Dominique Madison 21 timme sedan
Twin keys, that are joined on the cover of the book... just saying.
gaming with juju
gaming with juju 21 timme sedan
you want to watch me play Charlie Charlie on zoom
Gavin Ramlall
Gavin Ramlall 21 timme sedan
China censoring stuff like the devil in media is kind of ironic considering the chinese government wants to eliminate an entire religious group......
Keyden Petersen
Keyden Petersen 21 timme sedan
Mt needs a daily segment haha
kshawtab 21 timme sedan
Bang?? 🤢🤮
Colin Lewis
Colin Lewis 21 timme sedan
Is it just me or are all of the Marvel movies on Disney+ glitching like wandavision now? Maybe it’s just my internet connection?
Julian Janish
Julian Janish 21 timme sedan
China doesnt have disney plus
jalabi99 21 timme sedan
"It was Agatha all along..." Princess Leia: "WHAT?!"
Athena Tran
Athena Tran 21 timme sedan
Gf: “Honey, who’s on the phone?” Erik: “Just Jake from State Farm babe” 😂
Raul Meza
Raul Meza 21 timme sedan
Erik & MT that was entreating AF you guys should do this more
DaJon James
DaJon James 21 timme sedan
Ethan Nasser
Ethan Nasser 21 timme sedan
I hope you can reach out to Rob from ComicsExplained to come on one of these episodes.
caleb cook
caleb cook 21 timme sedan
i got a question if caps shield gets wrecked by thanos eru sword why didnt mjoilner make a dent in caps shield every time it hits it
BigBoi Bassing
BigBoi Bassing 21 timme sedan
If Wanda is a witch and Agnes is a witch how does China allow this it’s witchcraft
SimaticS 21 timme sedan
Cant people use a vpn in country’s that Disney + is banned in?
Winter Soldier
Winter Soldier 21 timme sedan
It should be “the Chinese No Ghoul Rule” 😏🤣
Bulus Shabbaz
Bulus Shabbaz 21 timme sedan
The fact that an American corporation capitulates to a communist country is fracking horseshiz
Hadoken L
Hadoken L 21 timme sedan
Did you just say FRA-GIL-A It says fragile
Craig Bryson
Craig Bryson 21 timme sedan
The people of China are the ones making Grogu toys lol
Robert Montoya
Robert Montoya 21 timme sedan
Winnie The Pooh, Winnie The Pooh Chubby little cubby all stuffed with fluff He's Winnie The Pooh, Winnie The Pooh Willy, nilly, silly old bear
Finley Mccourt
Finley Mccourt 22 timmar sedan
Anyone se the blood on the back wall in the basement
bigtmane8 22 timmar sedan
I'm still getting house of M vibes....... I think quicksilver IS quicksilver from Fox... I think the actor Paul Bettany was referring to is professor X Patrick Stewart.
Aiden Lawrence
Aiden Lawrence 22 timmar sedan
"It was China all along"
DylanTanner 22 timmar sedan
Bang Cotton Candy Flavor
Zack Kuresa
Zack Kuresa 22 timmar sedan
Whenever Doctor Strange is mentioned, I rarely see Mordo being brought up in conversation. I wouldn't be surprised if Mordo is working with Agatha at some point. Mordo plays such a major part of Doctor Strange' story its hard to be overlooked
freddie peplow
freddie peplow 22 timmar sedan
talking about the uk thing, we have shows like have i got news for you and mock the week, where we just make fun of all the things the government is doing
that guy
that guy 22 timmar sedan
You are analyzing the absolute shit outta this.
Jess From Mars
Jess From Mars 22 timmar sedan
okay well now i care about this movie
Rony David Rodriguez
Rony David Rodriguez 22 timmar sedan
Everyday more and more I begin to think this channel is sponsored by big daddy Disney.
Braulio's Show
Braulio's Show 22 timmar sedan
But surturr in thor is literarily a fire devil
luffy5699 22 timmar sedan
i'm with china on homosexuality.
D Lud
D Lud 22 timmar sedan
Yeah I thought Thors mind was a central peril in the film
Monty Burnham
Monty Burnham 22 timmar sedan
You lied about when that Paul Bettany interview happened. That is from weeks ago (if not longer)
Josh Monzo
Josh Monzo 22 timmar sedan
Voss is straight?
Overlord Braedon
Overlord Braedon 22 timmar sedan
I expected if they did do mifisto then it would be canceled in china
Steve Frankel
Steve Frankel 22 timmar sedan
I don't think Pietro is Señor Scratchy. Recall when Even Peters knocks on Wanda's door, they cut to Darcy and in the background you hear the Hex perimeter alarm. Even entered the Hex from the outside.
Kate Fitzpatrick
Kate Fitzpatrick 22 timmar sedan
first rule of a witch world is don't eat or drink ANYTHING. looking at you Edmund Pevensie and your insatiable Turkish Delight craving.
K N 22 timmar sedan
Ya'll know many Chinese use VPNs?
Mz Jetson
Mz Jetson 22 timmar sedan
I've noticed (so far) that Agnes and Billy are the only two in WestView that wears their watches on their right wrists.
Yanill Sanabria_NerdyGlam
Yanill Sanabria_NerdyGlam 22 timmar sedan
What about Hawkeye holding the soul stone in Avengers Endgame?
Chad Smith
Chad Smith 22 timmar sedan
I normally love your content, but taking the piss out of Gina Carano was a gaslighting cheap shot
Backfire First
Backfire First 22 timmar sedan
The Bifrost being related to the Tesseract? Heck no. It can be a quick cut to sometime else when he DID use the Bifrost, like when he jumps off the plane and Bifrosts away.
Commander Cassius
Commander Cassius 22 timmar sedan
M: p
Lola96brick 22 timmar sedan
Valentines is B/S.... we always wait till the 15 to get discount chocolates 🥳.
Aden Ayub
Aden Ayub 22 timmar sedan
That nice guys was a major throwback holy shit
andrew williams
andrew williams 22 timmar sedan
Wow he nailed that guess on Agatha harkess
Odious 22 timmar sedan
i think given a bit more time and lead up the cut out scene would have been far more poignant and memorable than them sat on a hill taking. especially with those little easter eggs hidden in there.
Herson Valle
Herson Valle 22 timmar sedan
You see black panther in the pile of bones in egos world
Tschele 22 timmar sedan
10:12 BOOoOooOoOoOoOooOoOOoOo!
Madcircle01 22 timmar sedan
AhHhHhHhHhH MT I love him
MasterTainment 22 timmar sedan
And I love YOU.
Battle toaster 64
Battle toaster 64 22 timmar sedan
whos been pulling every evil string its been china all along
Tim Mayer
Tim Mayer 22 timmar sedan
Kind of like America, if you speak out against out or question, you get censored on Socialist Media