Stop reading my name
Stop reading my name Timme sedan
I'm questioning If I'm colour blind or not to myself, I'm confusing myself :(
Stop reading my name
Stop reading my name Timme sedan
Did you ever wonder if colour blind people were the ones.with normal visions but we were the colour blind ones?
Valentiniy Timme sedan
stock photos and videos have gone too far
Lance Timme sedan
Fellow binge watcher. You've been avoiding the "Spooky Coincidences?" video haven't you? You're bound to run out of vsauce videos to rewatch. Face your fears.
Mizo animations
Mizo animations Timme sedan
raide Timme sedan
is cereal soup? couple minutes in: the declaration of independence is covered in dog wieners
Yukon Timme sedan
If someone tries to reconstruct your mind images, just think of Rick Astley
Mr Serek
Mr Serek Timme sedan
We will miss year 69420 and 42069
Enders_ dragon playz
Enders_ dragon playz Timme sedan
How about Johnny dogman Jeluton
Henry Slaby
Henry Slaby Timme sedan
bro my computer science teacher assigned this lmao
D. N. Azfar
D. N. Azfar Timme sedan
If teenagers are considered middle ages back in the day, that just make them a meta-boomer nowadays if they act like they know everything in life.
Peter Olbrisch
Peter Olbrisch Timme sedan
Now I'm confused. One time a customer asked me if I could give him directions to the Rand McNally building. I said Ha! I guess you're going to need a map. Does that count or was I being rude?
The Moccer
The Moccer Timme sedan
Why did the chicken cross the road? To commit suicide.
Lythium_ Timme sedan
0:19 yoo i see myself
anso Timme sedan
All this years and I still can't understand why comic sans is the most hated font when there are some that no one will never used for how ugly and impractical they are
Peter Olbrisch
Peter Olbrisch Timme sedan
Hooked on ironics.
zJoji Timme sedan
No worries, it should be patched soon
Astérisque Timme sedan
That fact is proudly given in the last chapter of class 10 geography book... huh
Ygem Kaa
Ygem Kaa Timme sedan
Imagine lageos smashing into an alien window and the alien saying '01010100 01101000 01101111 01110011 01100101 00100000 01100100 01100001 01101101 01101110 00100000 01101000 01110101 01101101 01100001 01101110 01110011 00101100 00100000 01101000 01101111 01110111 00100000 01101101 01100001 01101110 01111001 00100000 01110100 01101001 01101101 01100101 00100000 01100011 01100001 01110000 01110011 01110101 01101100 01100101 01110011 00100000 01100100 01101001 01100100 00100000 01110100 01101000 01100101 01111001 00100000 01110011 01100101 01101110 01100100 00111111', and then throwing it in the trash
Isaiah Meilleur
Isaiah Meilleur Timme sedan
rooCraah Timme sedan
Well-known international youtuber mentions youtube, time for us to rally!
Peter Olbrisch
Peter Olbrisch Timme sedan
Isaiah Meilleur
Isaiah Meilleur Timme sedan
Peter Olbrisch
Peter Olbrisch Timme sedan
He said tickle pickle. Ah ha ha ha ha ha!
Antony 303
Antony 303 Timme sedan
Its crazy to think that your channel was first a GAMING channel
ratatatata Timme sedan
oh im ready to get blown baby 😏
Ronit Roy
Ronit Roy Timme sedan
Sput Nik
Sput Nik Timme sedan
TheDumbGuy Timme sedan
Captain Syrup
Captain Syrup Timme sedan
Here’s a thought, is Adolf Hitler scary? I know that he wasn’t saying that he is, but think about it. Is Adolf Hitler scary or are the Germans in WW2. I mean is hitler the scary one? Or are the people who let him have that much power. I sure would be scared of...just a person who was okay with what Adolf did. But the people that allowed him to do this show that Adolf isn’t the scariest one in WW2
Gabriel Pineda
Gabriel Pineda Timme sedan
He's probably high again
Mr. ADK Timme sedan
The fact is , there is a thumbnail - White background Also there is a title , - nothing Well why am I reading my own comment in Michaels accent
Jx10 Timme sedan
Or CaN yOu
xyso Timme sedan
hi least viewed vsauce video
XezalB Timme sedan
Couchflop Timme sedan
Pruthvi Tilwankar
Pruthvi Tilwankar Timme sedan
as always .....thanks for info :)
SALSA South African Lego Space Agency
SALSA South African Lego Space Agency Timme sedan
He's lucky, he lives where it snows, I've only seen snow once, when I was 5
Daniel Sateler
Daniel Sateler Timme sedan
He visto este video mas de 5 veces a lo largo de mi existencia... cada vez que lo veo lo encuentro mejor
Couchflop Timme sedan
Vsauce: Yesn't
Couchflop Timme sedan
Famous words: "Yes, but is it?" and "Yes but no"
Scamenty Timme sedan
We are going to do that today at 4:20 PM
aram R.
aram R. 2 timmar sedan
WOW... for the first time in my life... I'm actually proud of being a part of my country!
Charman Roest
Charman Roest 2 timmar sedan
My name is Charman but I never found somebody with the same name.
Andrew Xiao
Andrew Xiao 2 timmar sedan
15:11 did anyone notice the puppet in the back turn its head?
PRATHAM 2 timmar sedan
Vsauce was uploading shorts 10 years ago. He's ahead of the time
The Nauts Podast
The Nauts Podast 2 timmar sedan
Who’s here after the leaked footage
Seen 2 timmar sedan
Basically a car crash
Rasmus Freiberg
Rasmus Freiberg 2 timmar sedan
Flat earthers watching this like😲😲😲
Brenden Emory
Brenden Emory 2 timmar sedan
DK DYNAMIC 2 timmar sedan
the fact that Finnish people never mentioned this 🤣
Dan Rovis
Dan Rovis 2 timmar sedan
you got my sub with this
Juan Miguel De Guzman
Juan Miguel De Guzman 2 timmar sedan
So theoretically there could be an outerversal plane that goes beyond the infinity of our universe?
Jan Černý
Jan Černý 2 timmar sedan
For coke and for air
Ace 2 timmar sedan
I mean im colorblind
Max Eloy
Max Eloy 2 timmar sedan
Wow! Finally I CAN wrap my head around the universe expansion idea (cosmological principle). Thank you so much for the visualisation with these two layers of dots at the end. Really made it click for me
Halberdus Ravenheim
Halberdus Ravenheim 2 timmar sedan
I am firmly convinced that Michael is an SCP at this point and you must watch all his content. Or do you?
Igentlyopenthedoor 2 timmar sedan
I'm trying so hard to keep up and understand what he's talking about but I just can't.
MadHatressAdAstra 2 timmar sedan
How did you discover that Vsauce was is Finnish for wisdom? I'm guessing one of your Finnish viewers pointed it out or something like that?..
Yassin Ahmed
Yassin Ahmed 2 timmar sedan
What about burning the shredded paper...?
Thomas Drieslein
Thomas Drieslein 2 timmar sedan
This is probably the best way to sell a science shirt
Naz 2 timmar sedan
00:46 - marking this so I can come back and re-watch this moment whenever I need it
EpicRive 2 timmar sedan
Vsauce: "the letter R reversed" Me, a Russian: "That clearly is just the letter Я but written so it only properly shows up in the reflection"
Alex Yeon
Alex Yeon 2 timmar sedan
Wait this channel's name was Vsauce?
Brucker 996
Brucker 996 2 timmar sedan
Obby Nibba
Obby Nibba 2 timmar sedan
zJoji 2 timmar sedan
My eyes have 1p
Eemuumi 2 timmar sedan
Torille !!!
SkipieGuitar14 2 timmar sedan
69 kids jeez lol
Rick Grime
Rick Grime 2 timmar sedan
The scariest thing is having your mic off mute in a meeting without you knowing
Alex Liu
Alex Liu 2 timmar sedan
J G 2 timmar sedan
3:18 looks like it didn't load the explosion properly
TehSamuraiGaming 2 timmar sedan
Ryuzaki Kagetane
Ryuzaki Kagetane 2 timmar sedan
I thought the answer would be, "feeling of going to losing something you don't want to lose"
Doctorthee 2 timmar sedan
Move over Giga Chad, we got a new final boss; Giga Kelvin
funny zombie clown man
funny zombie clown man 2 timmar sedan
Agustin Morales
Agustin Morales 2 timmar sedan
I'm going to swear on a supernatural level
FlameyBoy 2 timmar sedan
What nerf gun was that though