Aaron Kelly
Aaron Kelly 7 timmar sedan
Having Jeremy Fielding in your presence will actually make you smarter. I bet his kids will have trouble with their brains no longer fitting in their heads by the time they go off to college.
James Heffer
James Heffer 7 timmar sedan
please do all of your sponsor takes in that angry hyped up voice haha, brilliant xD
Skullduggery 7 timmar sedan
Oh god the slomo noises of the noodles colliding sound disgusting
ThisIDWasAvailable 7 timmar sedan
Can we all just take a minute to appreciate how much more epic the slo-mo sound guy made this?
rene cabrera
rene cabrera 7 timmar sedan
I’m not to addicted to watch this kind of videos,but honestly I enjoy it watching it,you got me.
A Green Aborted Fetus.
A Green Aborted Fetus. 7 timmar sedan
Okay chat what's 2+2?
tsartomato 7 timmar sedan
moooooom dad is screaming about his benzine grass trimmers again!
Endorfin Fishing
Endorfin Fishing 7 timmar sedan
High speed grass slapping!
Wehex 7 timmar sedan
water bottle and its cap
Peter Taylor
Peter Taylor 7 timmar sedan
This is the same experiment they did to prove a piece of lightweight foam insulation could destroy the leading edge of the Columbia space shuttle.
문지환 7 timmar sedan
Imad K
Imad K 7 timmar sedan
I want a book with your screaming voice on audible
Poop Me
Poop Me 7 timmar sedan
i feel like i returned to the 2000s lmao
Golf & Tesla
Golf & Tesla 7 timmar sedan
interesting video. Thanks
OGBrycein 7 timmar sedan
Destin, this video was incredible! It was really just having some fun with friends, but the sound design of the slow-mo, the incredible graphics, and the amazing cracked-out-on-coffee commentator voice were phenomenal. You really went above and beyond with this one! Excited to see more of the content you create for us!
christopher dodd
christopher dodd 7 timmar sedan
I never thought I'd be a bit sad seeing a piece of string get chopped up.
Hypertin 7 timmar sedan
18:59 That is the fastest knuckleball I have even seen in my life
gamefreak3072 8 timmar sedan
I love the closed captions. "Laughs like a man who's definitely touched hot things in the past"
Xaracen 8 timmar sedan
youre Destined (lol) to be the next MK announcer
Yomomma163 8 timmar sedan
Jesus loves you brochachos
Rowxah 8 timmar sedan
Im sorry but these are called whipper snippers
Lyroi 8 timmar sedan
FlyingHangman 8 timmar sedan
"In Australia they call it a strimmer".... shows a chart that shows 93% call it a whipper snipper I mean, really..... does strimmer really sound like something an aussie would say?
Gijs van der Sandt
Gijs van der Sandt 8 timmar sedan
imagine you and your buddies making a video on a weedeater wars on a saturday afternoon, these guys are having so much fun it's great
wefinishthis now
wefinishthis now 8 timmar sedan
I can't believe no-one else has asked yet (or I haven't seen asked) if you could now shoot it at both a wooden baseball bat and a metal baseball bat to see how the ball would deflect, be damaged and/or the bat be damaged. Also curious for a later video on what is the fastest theoretical pitch a human (and/or animal) could achieve.
Matthew Smith
Matthew Smith 9 timmar sedan
Its just the tip
Having a brain is overrated
Having a brain is overrated 9 timmar sedan
Comedy in the future: WEEDEATER
Raahul SD
Raahul SD 9 timmar sedan
It's loved and interesting💥💯😎
White92Guy 9 timmar sedan
The fact that Destin forgot who he chose and conceded victory to Jeremy despite his choice being the Sharp Square.
Peter Ebel
Peter Ebel 9 timmar sedan
thought this was gonna be about stoners on edibles fighting
James Latta 2029
James Latta 2029 9 timmar sedan
is it just me or does the razor core look like a really long worm in slow mo
Thomas Borasky
Thomas Borasky 9 timmar sedan
sounds like wet noodles
Feffo 9 timmar sedan
probably the "fire" is just compressed air in between the ball and the glove, heating up and igniting into plasma
Mkgaring animates
Mkgaring animates 9 timmar sedan
People: hmmnn Smarter everyday: hmmmmmn Italy: why are u guys confused its very simple
William Thomas
William Thomas 9 timmar sedan
What happens to the leftover waste?
Brecht Baeyens
Brecht Baeyens 9 timmar sedan
grey blob
12many4you 9 timmar sedan
Awesome voice is awesome
Malte Deck
Malte Deck 9 timmar sedan
Alexander Reißner
Alexander Reißner 9 timmar sedan
The Wife in the Picture and your wife look the same
Mine Crafter5837
Mine Crafter5837 9 timmar sedan
I vote for grey blob
Mine Crafter5837
Mine Crafter5837 9 timmar sedan
jomo350350 9 timmar sedan
but who is the enemy?
Søren Jensen
Søren Jensen 9 timmar sedan
In my experience, you need the right size kW weed eater for the job and a string with a linear density that matches the kW. And if the weed is too stiff and the job site allows it: a 3 or 4 point steel blade. The less noisy string / shape also looked interesting.
Rizwaan 10 timmar sedan
My fighter was sharp square Edit: let's goooo victoryyy
Carl Lübbke
Carl Lübbke 10 timmar sedan
That was the most intense tournament I've seen in a long time
Calvin Roberts
Calvin Roberts 10 timmar sedan
I passed by someone else watching this video and thought you all were auditioning for announcer jobs on Discover Channel's "Robot Wars". Wow.
Jean Du Preez
Jean Du Preez 10 timmar sedan
I love how Destin has that child-like amazement right through the tour. You can see his passion for rockets.
由奈 10 timmar sedan
instructions unclear started ww3
Eli Haugh
Eli Haugh 10 timmar sedan
I love how we are watching weed eaters with different lines fight to see which is better! Like this is the most dad like thing I have ever done lmao
Tearstone Actual
Tearstone Actual 10 timmar sedan
Are your vocal chords okay, Destin?
Oscar Hines
Oscar Hines 10 timmar sedan
A decade of education. Amazing series. Can’t thank you enough for all you’ve taught us over the decade, and can’t wait for future amazing content. You mustn’t have been thinking this series would do so well, right? Again, Thank You.
Christoph Hennerbichler
Christoph Hennerbichler 10 timmar sedan
Could you start a Fire by smasching some Candy over Petrol?
Dexter Thorne
Dexter Thorne 10 timmar sedan
There needs to be a rematch of the same tournament except switch which weedeater line device its was on previously to the other, or make a brand new tournament line up but each fight has 2 rounds so you can switch devices for the line to see how much of the difference the directional change per line will have on the fight. :D
Ben Owzinsky
Ben Owzinsky 10 timmar sedan
Hey Destin, revisit this but look at comparative cross sectional area at each stage of the game. I think you'll find an interesting correlation.
Howl 10 timmar sedan
Why am I so proud that I called the winner? Hahaha
Ritesh Kokanay
Ritesh Kokanay 10 timmar sedan
Charlie Nancarrow
Charlie Nancarrow 10 timmar sedan
Did you know that storing your “whipper snipper” line (that’s what we call it down under) in water, it stops it getting brittle!
Rias Gremory
Rias Gremory 10 timmar sedan
i wanna see weedsmoker wars
lowlight 10 timmar sedan
where do i buy sharp square
Gerben van den Berg
Gerben van den Berg 10 timmar sedan
استغفر الله العظيم و اتوب اليه
استغفر الله العظيم و اتوب اليه 10 timmar sedan
Limuel A. Cleofe lll
Limuel A. Cleofe lll 10 timmar sedan
What happend if you got speed of light?
Gym Zilla
Gym Zilla 11 timmar sedan
How can people dislike this??
TheWolli1234 11 timmar sedan
Now this is what I call content
iyub khan
iyub khan 11 timmar sedan
A horror Tesla..
beethoven2949 11 timmar sedan
I always wondered why do they not make these wires out of just metal? like a piano wire? Is it because the weed whacker business is like the printer and ink model and they make more money selling the refills for weed whackers ? You guys should try piano wire really sharp and dangerous and I'd assume would last longer 😊😊😂😂
John Bergeron
John Bergeron 11 timmar sedan
You failed to inform me that you were going to charge me to watch this video very misleading and I flagged you as such
RJJFavorites 11 timmar sedan
One mans “snatch block”is another mans “swing cheek pulley”.
Derek Reno
Derek Reno 11 timmar sedan
Still on the weed trimmers I see.
Malcolm Davies
Malcolm Davies 11 timmar sedan
Why does Destin sound like the Power Thirst guy?!?! Great video!
Xxraven2342 11 timmar sedan
When you took off your wing shaked.
Ummf 11 timmar sedan
The coolest grandpa in town
BlunderingFool 11 timmar sedan
I thought this was actually about weeds. Not STRIMMERS.
Lord Sparks
Lord Sparks 11 timmar sedan
Okay so this is fascinating but please tell me you don't snap your spaghetti in half when you cook it. You only did that for effect, right? Right?
Sohan j.s
Sohan j.s 12 timmar sedan
Try using 20 leather gloves to catch the super sonic baseball
Jan Muurling
Jan Muurling 12 timmar sedan
Love the heavy metal voice!🤘
kulartüp 12 timmar sedan
I hope micheal reeves does‘nt see this
Cesar Ordonez
Cesar Ordonez 12 timmar sedan
This has been in my recommended like 8 times. So I guess I'll finally watch it
TeamWnJ 12 timmar sedan
Nobody: Boys at the sleepover:
Dandik Atölye
Dandik Atölye 12 timmar sedan
I choose triangle
Noah Nipperus
Noah Nipperus 12 timmar sedan
3lbs of pecans for $20 is so metal it's infinite
Noah Nipperus
Noah Nipperus 12 timmar sedan
This video deserves amazing. Thank you for making every single one that I've seen