Josiah Oaklin
Josiah Oaklin 15 timmar sedan
Who else can smell the grass through the video
Bob Thompson
Bob Thompson 15 timmar sedan
I was convinced that they spin the stone to make it go STRAIGHT like a bullet leaving a rifled barrel. Apparently I'm wrong but not so fast! Would it be fair to say that a stone with no spin would have an unpredictable path while spinning it creates a predictable path albeit curved??
Angry Birdo
Angry Birdo 15 timmar sedan
6:38 Bob double chinning lol
DIY Channel
DIY Channel 16 timmar sedan
Hi everyone, I am looking for a diagram or an explanation of the 2 stroke engine that was used in motor bikes for racing. The engine has 1 or 2 exhaust valves that shut off to hold more in the compression stroke. This is different to the power valve. Thank you
Lee Wen Fong
Lee Wen Fong 16 timmar sedan
Young version of Matt Damon
PaPa POVEY 16 timmar sedan
Aron 16 timmar sedan
what happens if you DIE? - Smarter Every Day 248
MK 16 timmar sedan
These rocks remind me of Tom and Jerry cheese
ekujj13 16 timmar sedan
Stop using the term, "gun violence". Violence is violence. When we say we want to stop "gun violence", we're saying violence is okay, but "gun violence" isn't. Besides, the problem exists within the heart.....not in the hand.
Nate Schneller
Nate Schneller 16 timmar sedan
You can actually see a faint shock vapor collar around the baseball. You normally see those on fighter jets. Unbelievable stuff!
Bdubs0921 16 timmar sedan
My tae Kwon do class has a bob just like that
YetiK 16 timmar sedan
One like = I prayer for bob
Bob Thompson
Bob Thompson 16 timmar sedan
There was a guy at bike week in Daytona who had one of those backwards bikes. He said he would pay anyone $100 if they could ride it ten feet. He never had to pay anyone while I was there. I swore I was going to go home and build one, practice and go take his $100. I ride motorcycles, often in challenging situations at a high level. I now know I cannot do this, I would never have thought learning to ride the backwards bike would ruin 50 years of muscle memory of riding motorcycles. You may have saved my life.....seriously.
Dennis Premoli
Dennis Premoli 16 timmar sedan
I think this was a great parenting example. He immediately called the kid back and pointed out that he should always secure the gun before moving in front of it. I'm willing to bed he's gonna remember that lesson for life.
PaPa POVEY 16 timmar sedan
Love it, watching Gold Rush Bearing Sea while under the Bearing Sea in Alaska... Well not quite under it themselves since it's undisclosed
berfin korkmaz
berfin korkmaz 16 timmar sedan
Guillermo Barroso
Guillermo Barroso 16 timmar sedan
This was 9 years ago
WinterHell 16 timmar sedan
This cracks me up every time I see it.
Migueltravis49 4
Migueltravis49 4 16 timmar sedan
How about the 250mph bat with the 1000mph baseball
ShadyVlogz 16 timmar sedan
Crazy how he sounds like a French person speaking English (when played backwards)
Mister C F
Mister C F 16 timmar sedan
Throwing 1000 MPH baseball on a person's head would be instant death!!!
Jake Contreras
Jake Contreras 16 timmar sedan
The guy in the yellow shirt was there to teach me when I went through in late 2009. funny seeing his face and hearing that voice again.
Syed Nadeemahmed
Syed Nadeemahmed 16 timmar sedan
Manuver like atom around nuclus that what you need in real fights
Carlos Ortega
Carlos Ortega 16 timmar sedan
Lol, that throwback, "you can tell its an aspen, cause it is". You're awesome Destin!
Hunter Bradley
Hunter Bradley 16 timmar sedan
My dad served many years in the marine corps
motbus 16 timmar sedan
at 5m50s you can see the aie breaking away from the ball. thats awesome
Connor Roberts
Connor Roberts 17 timmar sedan
If the mirrors are at the same angle until you get low enough wouldn't time be the same and alternate timelines be the same as well but the farther we go the less time we get to catulate it to the regular time? @SmarterEveryDay can you explain this please or any one can.
Tomás de Lima Freitas
Tomás de Lima Freitas 17 timmar sedan
So Luke is about 80 now. Boy, is he lively and strong. Edit: HE WAS FLIPPING 90 YEARS OLD at the time of time video. Unfortunately he's no longer with us as of may 2020. What a man after whom to look.
Brendan Doria
Brendan Doria 17 timmar sedan
“I use the faucet to wash my hands.” “I use the faucet to examine the turbulence of the water.” Which ones destin?
Thomas Leonard
Thomas Leonard 17 timmar sedan
Imho, getting us to use iot IS all about control of all of us. These companies are not out to make your life easier, it is about controlling your thoughts and behaviors so that they have control. Agenda 2030. Not conspiracy, fact of how you will be controlled in the future.
Dmitriy Chernoshey
Dmitriy Chernoshey 17 timmar sedan
Obi-wan Kenobi: "Use the snatch block, Luke! It increases the force!"
Mj Verostek
Mj Verostek 17 timmar sedan
4:59 that ear looks like a face with its tongue sticking out
i dont kno
i dont kno 17 timmar sedan
The ceo I believe was like excited to tell you all about this
ekujj13 17 timmar sedan
Why aren't we spending big money to get more male nurses?
NotDrunkJustDrifting 17 timmar sedan
It might just be me, but it makes me so happy seeing the people in charge of food genuinely really care about what the crew likes
System South
System South 17 timmar sedan
I admire Bob and his stoicism
SIS BRO 17 timmar sedan
That looks so FUN !
farouk gamal
farouk gamal 17 timmar sedan
dude there is literally fire around the ball
piffman90 17 timmar sedan
That MIT shirt is pretty awesome
Lenny Sharke
Lenny Sharke 17 timmar sedan
Am I officially a nerd now?
motbus 17 timmar sedan
he Justin. How is your sister? long time no see
Asad Marji
Asad Marji 17 timmar sedan
"Put it right next to your name" Pauses.. "You put my name on it?!"
Andrew P.
Andrew P. 17 timmar sedan
That Tommy TuTone reference at 14:28 was appreciated.
Dewi Yanti
Dewi Yanti 17 timmar sedan
I Love Marine From Amerika This All Just Vor Me Alone . 🛳
Dmitriy Chernoshey
Dmitriy Chernoshey 17 timmar sedan
A man is only as strong as how many snatch blocks he's got.
Ebizzill 17 timmar sedan
its broken.
Moos Games
Moos Games 17 timmar sedan
lol bro, you have come a looooooong way from then to now :D
Cheese Farmer
Cheese Farmer 17 timmar sedan
"Thank you for saving my life susan, I owe you a hamburger"
Elax Gamer
Elax Gamer 17 timmar sedan
When i saw this vid i immediately thought about the boy saying (spageti) lol
Da BJ 17 timmar sedan
They do it so they can see sharply because they can't move their eyes to counteract their movement.
Kyle A
Kyle A 17 timmar sedan
awwww. Look at baby Destin
rongirt 18 timmar sedan
This is the what happens when the boss can relate at every level rather than having no practical experience and a degree and being rewarded with a highly responsible job for passing exams...well done...great video
Jeffrey Masi
Jeffrey Masi 18 timmar sedan
I watched the whole video I was in a trance watching that baseball go through Bob and all of those gloves. And I also love the idea of the guardian bicycles! Thank you fellas I will subscribe.
mark 18 timmar sedan
Got this recommended after 12 years XD
Class Act
Class Act 18 timmar sedan
Yes but thanks to Divorce Rape, Fathers are no longer in the home and the kids sit in front of the screen all day.
Just Some Guy
Just Some Guy 18 timmar sedan
I watched the beginning of the video 3 times and never saw the colors you were referring to. I'm not colorblind so I have no answer as to why.
DizzyDish 18 timmar sedan
Raising those kids in the right way...... GOOD JOB.
DizzyDish 18 timmar sedan
Thank GOD for the people who are willing to work the farms and create the food stuff that we buy at the market AND DO NOT forget the Truckers who get it from the farms to market.... GOD BLESS EACH AND EVERY ONE OF THEM......
Aleksander juznic
Aleksander juznic 18 timmar sedan
Theultimateppman -
Theultimateppman - 18 timmar sedan
What was the warp behind the ball
Mike Oxlong
Mike Oxlong 18 timmar sedan
How is this video 8 years old? Looks about 3 years old max
Андрей Клюев
Андрей Клюев 18 timmar sedan
You have to make a steel ball with the same size like baseball!!!!
Jadon Blackburn
Jadon Blackburn 18 timmar sedan
Not the weed I thought of
alex hebert
alex hebert 18 timmar sedan
Mean drinking game: Every time someone says “yes sir” take a shot
John Casa
John Casa 18 timmar sedan
Your an idiot
Gunter Flunder
Gunter Flunder 18 timmar sedan
You can use pressurized hydrogen and a longer canon tube to get the base ball considerably faster than that. But maybe, the air in front of the projectile could become as hard as a concrete and tear it into pieces.
Austin Texas Law
Austin Texas Law 18 timmar sedan
That’s crazy I always preferred a totally different style of glove
maddogtannen69 18 timmar sedan
omg im scared
Bread life
Bread life 18 timmar sedan
its like playing with controls inverted
Chris Harper
Chris Harper 19 timmar sedan
Oil under compression will ignite. Maybe that caused the fire?
Yt swetz
Yt swetz 19 timmar sedan
You need a disclaimer at the beginning for head phone users get ready for a lawsuit
Cody Li
Cody Li 19 timmar sedan
That woman is something else, she is amazing. Huge respect to everyone who does this for a living, honestly.
Crazy Karen
Crazy Karen 19 timmar sedan
Knuckle ball
Samuel Pearlman
Samuel Pearlman 19 timmar sedan
gonna break your wrist, Destin!
Crazy Karen
Crazy Karen 19 timmar sedan
I wanna prank my sister with one of those by hiding it behind a door and when she opens it the baseball hits her in the head.
Asma Angel
Asma Angel 19 timmar sedan
“...So either A) he knows some science we don’t, or B) he’s a warlock and this is all black magic” Yeah I’m gonna have to go with B.
Zak Kohler
Zak Kohler 19 timmar sedan
My first smart every day
yendor8201 19 timmar sedan
custom made multi-layered, basket-weave gloves? same approach for testing?
UniQuE TV 19 timmar sedan
wow, that is insane, imagine even thinking of that
Will IAM
Will IAM 19 timmar sedan