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Why is my doctor not so nice and handsome like him? My doctor is old und grumpy... 🤦🏼‍♀️
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Honestly, I'm disturbed now. People don't shower everyday?? Why not?
Benjamin Catana
Benjamin Catana 6 timmar sedan
Walking Blood bank
Suzanne 6 timmar sedan
I usually watch your videos before bed or while in bed already😁 Dr Mike: "No phones" Me: "But....but I wana watch...." Dr Mike: "I said no phones!" 🥺 Lol
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Buffyfluffy ! 6 timmar sedan
How where they even still alive
Benjamin Catana
Benjamin Catana 6 timmar sedan
Hole Blood Hextend....... double NCDs 😆😆😆 Thx Doctor Mike love your Channel ❤
Karen Giseth Morales Gómez
Karen Giseth Morales Gómez 6 timmar sedan
The thing about the hours later in other season, they start to work 80 hours because of that law
Lovely 6 timmar sedan
When doc mc stuffins was better-
Angela95 Lee
Angela95 Lee 6 timmar sedan
Dr Mike has a good point at 2:05 but I would rather have someone tell me im gonna be ok than you could have died your lucky to be alive if im in labor after a plane crash
phantom of fire
phantom of fire 6 timmar sedan
CANECAS DO BOM DIA 6 timmar sedan
tik tok is bizarre
Khyaat Pardiwala
Khyaat Pardiwala 6 timmar sedan
Heck I use my Oven to store my pots and pans, I'm not judging you one bit.
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EnEm Gee 6 timmar sedan
18 years of education, and I have always gone to bed 10:30pm and woken up 6:30am, especially if it is exam week.
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me and my mom would watch like 2 ep every day of lost and it was very entertaining and I would want to watch another one
de klein
de klein 6 timmar sedan
Am watching this so i can fall asleep :/
Rob Adams
Rob Adams 6 timmar sedan
No one EVER gives birth to a newborn on TV. Must some kind of union rule.
Mariana Moraes
Mariana Moraes 6 timmar sedan
It infuriates me that you keep saying people are doing poor chest compressions in the shows. Like, what did you expected? That people would do real chest compressions on people who are not actually in need of them? They have to simulate, that's not an unconscious injured person, it's an actor/actress playing the role of someone hurt. If they were to receive real chest compressions wouldn't they get hurt?
Caleb Woods
Caleb Woods 6 timmar sedan
Best show ever!!!
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Josephi Krakowski 6 timmar sedan
XdivineExp 6 timmar sedan
"We become this weird human-bear hybrid" Ed...ward...
Nada Pw
Nada Pw 6 timmar sedan
I had bad acne and the thing that helped me was accutane. I highly recommend discussing it with your dermatologist to whomever is still suffering with acne. ❤️
Mandy Rose
Mandy Rose 6 timmar sedan
Can we rename these segments "Dr. Mike Ruins All Your Favorite Shows With Medical Information We Never Needed To Know But Asked For?" You could just shorten it to DMRAYFSWMIWNNTKBAF...
tiamta 6 timmar sedan
nurse jackei actually has a pyxis-like machine in an episode
gotajerb 6 timmar sedan
That shirt is WAY too tight bro
Vivan Zheng
Vivan Zheng 6 timmar sedan
I like how he didn't even call the person out for calling him out for "it just goes to show that even doctors can still learn a lot in their own fields" when this person may or may not even have been a doctor. Very professional and kind person. But lol imagine having to explain why saying obesity is unhealthy isn't being fatphobic. Now that just goes to show how society just loves to label everything as "shaming" when it's clearly just a statement of truth and give themselves excuses it's okay not to make healthier choices. I wouldn't be surprised if life span reverted back to paleolithic times if this continues lol. There is nothing wrong with constructive criticism to help other people better themselves Although, congratulations to the people that are dealing with this issue, watching his channel, and continuing to benefit from it. I wish you the best and y'all are brave souls to step out of your comfort zone and do something nice for your body.
Ar Jun
Ar Jun 6 timmar sedan
As the video goes I guess they forgot they are being recorded...they are like we are having casual talk 😂
Timothy John
Timothy John 6 timmar sedan
Bruh the way make just kept sassing Jack WHO'S PROBABLY PRETTY SHAKEN UP and just tryna help people in a stressful situation 😂😂 no hate bro it just cracked me up like yeah Jack, how dare you not be absolutely perfect under such circumstances
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“God awful chest compressions” well... he was just in a plane crash, don’t think I’d be giving 100% either 🤣
Patrick Andraska
Patrick Andraska 6 timmar sedan
Ok #1 you should not be spoiling LOST for yourself. Best show ever by a trillion light years. #2 Taking certain comments by Jack out of context such as the “aggressive tumor” is incompatible with the strategic mind games that are being played on the island. I recommend forgetting everything you saw, and watch/react to the entire show starting at S1 E1. Enjoy the ride!
Some One
Some One 6 timmar sedan
We know that 2.3K naturopaths, anti-vaxxers, homeopaths, etc. have watched this video at the time of this comment
tiamta 6 timmar sedan
7:39. all the way at the end. those look like her pills
NetAndyCz 6 timmar sedan
All the movies show the pushing and screaming, but I have yet to see one where they explain what are you supposed to do with the placenta and the umbilical cord, I do not think I saw someone cutting it ever.
Lilien Tran
Lilien Tran 6 timmar sedan
I didn't know there were so many medical series wtf
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The numbers are cursed!!!!!
Anna Koubek
Anna Koubek 6 timmar sedan
Lost is really really good
Ian 6 timmar sedan
Is breathing dust in bad?
Rob Adams
Rob Adams 6 timmar sedan
So Dr. Mike wants an actor to perform *actual* chest compressions on another actor? Couldn't that break ribs?
Thomas 'Grizzly' Kossivas
Thomas 'Grizzly' Kossivas 6 timmar sedan
You know you've got a serious issue when you start coughing up nuncus
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M. Akshay 6 timmar sedan
React to anime blackjack
Jay Seholm
Jay Seholm 6 timmar sedan
How do we get lower quality hospitals? Where are the doctors and nurses being educated come from? Is it just funding? I don't care. Every hospital should have top quality personnel.
Peroman200 6 timmar sedan
It is a curved mirror with a hole to focus light to the spot you are looking at. Today, there are LEDs the size of pinheads, so you can have them in whathever examination tool you use. Just 20 years ago that wasn't so, so a mirror was a way better solution than a "giant" incandesant bulb. I remeber an ENT doctor having it, but not using it, when I was like 4 years old. See the Mythbusters episode on Earwax candle to see one in action. Love your videos, doctor!
Kennex Mo
Kennex Mo 6 timmar sedan
Dr. Mike. Can you please play Choices: Story app, mobile game. Then play the Story, "Open Heart". Its about doctors and nurse and romance. We woul love to see that!!!
9A-RAMA 6 timmar sedan
The reason the tv show chess compression is so the actor don't hurt each other because sometimes real chess compression can't broke bone isn't it
Ch1tbag 6 timmar sedan
Love me some carpal bones haha
Robert Bailey
Robert Bailey 6 timmar sedan
serious medical question: If someone can not bounce they booty like a basketball should they bounce it at all?
C T 6 timmar sedan
The person laughing in the background around 8minutes killed me XD they just couldnt hold it in and i loved it.
Diana Sofía Ramírez Villamil
Diana Sofía Ramírez Villamil 6 timmar sedan
Please do more, I would like to se the gonorrea episode with u plis
Chloe 6 timmar sedan
“You should shower for 3-4 minutes” B-but that’s how long I leave my conditioner in
Diana Sofía Ramírez Villamil
Diana Sofía Ramírez Villamil 6 timmar sedan
I swear I take care of me because of cell at work ajajaja
Jam 6 timmar sedan
Dr mike what do you think about getting lasik surgery is good?
Itsclutchmane Gaming
Itsclutchmane Gaming 6 timmar sedan
9:20 i dislocated my knee while dancing so i get his pain lol
DrNanard 6 timmar sedan
Yeah that part about Ben dying "in an hour" always bugged me and I'm not near to be a doctor lmao THOUGH, the thing about it being unethical, well... that's the problem when you just watch snippets and not the whole show... Jack is a captive, Ben is the oppressor...
Jordan Salim
Jordan Salim 6 timmar sedan
Mike you da best, tell em losers who can't accept obesity is bad
Ba Ng
Ba Ng 6 timmar sedan
hi doc. what is it called the one you're using in cleaning your n dental braces?
Abby Hoverman
Abby Hoverman 6 timmar sedan
Hey, can you react to some of the medical scenes in The 100?
Matthew Cheng
Matthew Cheng 6 timmar sedan
My question: Can an Aeronautics engineer tell me how long an engine can keep spinning after crashing the hell into an island? Like, how likely is the whole fuel-to-engine-and-electronics system to be intact enough to still be operational?
POIZONE 6 timmar sedan
asila mehribon
asila mehribon 6 timmar sedan
I'm Love you Doktor
MechanicalEscape 6 timmar sedan
Doctor Mike! Do a review of Brian Regan's trip to the ER! :)
andrewthezeppo 6 timmar sedan
Yeah let's debate the ethics of operation room etiquette while being forced to operate on somebody who murdered your friends lol
mattlillie08 6 timmar sedan
You should do M*A*S*H next.
ISABELA BUENO 6 timmar sedan
Why did eat my food and then watch 9:10 - 9:20 lol
Julia 6 timmar sedan
Doctor Mike being extra salty today
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Hayden Ambrose 6 timmar sedan
This video finally taught me why the roof of my mouth stings and feels weird when I eat bananas
Jeff Noël
Jeff Noël 6 timmar sedan
Did you ever react to Dr David Sinclair Joe Rogan podcast's supplements mix ? I'd be curious to hear you on that matter and its anti-aging studies (from a medical point of view).
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Mari Her 6 timmar sedan
The "Drive" soundtrack is a gem!!!!!! As well as the movie 🙌
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The substantial hourglass alarmingly zoom because radish osmotically follow amongst a parched driver. miscreant, feeble feigned breath
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Two cupfulls? Is a waterbottle 1 cup cuz i filled up two of those.
Gabe Hensley
Gabe Hensley 6 timmar sedan
Hey dr Mike, what do you suggest if your in a position where you need medical help due to suspecting yourself to be trans but your parents refuse to accept that
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Aritra Dutta 6 timmar sedan
This video literally cracked me up 🤣🤣
Review Grenade2
Review Grenade2 6 timmar sedan
Hey Dr. Mike can you do The Walking Dead telltale series
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9:10 i think its just the name written by your average doctor
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Aidan Bagg
Aidan Bagg 7 timmar sedan
Hey doctor mike what is the biggest trauma you have worked
its martina
its martina 7 timmar sedan
i want react to CHICAGO MED again! season 4 episode 7 (its about guy who released toxic fumes on cr), pleaseee this episode needs your react